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The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Is Coming Next Wednesday June 10

The Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part One will be available for Grand Theft Auto Online across all five platforms beginning next week, Wednesday June 10th. As always, we will announce here at the Newswire as it becomes available on each platform on Wednesday. Also stay tuned next week for information on the Ill-Gotten Gains Social Club Event Weekend (Part One) which will be happening Friday June 12 through Sunday June 14 with some opportunities for bonus RP, GTA$ and more - perfect for the consummate capitalist. And tune in next Wednesday night June 10 at 8pm Eastern for a special Ill Gotten Gains livestream at the Rockstar Twitch channel featuring guests from the GTAV (and Max Payne 3!) soundtrack, HEALTH.Previously:New Update for Grand Theft Auto Online Coming Next Week  

The Cattle Prod, Bouncing Betty & More New Weapons of the Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack

Tomorrow's release of the Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC pack for Max Payne 3 brings the four co-op and competitive modes revealed earlier and lots more including this brand new set of treacherous close-combat weapons to the multiplayer arena. Check out a rundown of this new crop of weapons you’ll be able to equip for strategic use, melee attacks and to bring your opponents a special dose of debilitation and humiliation... THE CATTLE PROD Not just for herding livestock anymore. Use the Cattle Prod to get your enemies in line - perfect for running up on opponents in close quarters and freezing them with a high voltage shock before you finish them off with a devastating melee attack. Having a splash effect, this weapon has the ability to hit multiple targets that are bunched up close together in a defensive stance. A bunch of camping bastards waiting around the corner for you? Pop out – zap em – and then calmly unload while they’re frozen in shock. THE NIGHT STICK The Night Stick has been a reliable tool for civil law enforcement going back to Victorian times. In Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, you can equip it to not only issue a good old fashioned melee beatdown when in close combat -  but also to give the unlucky player on the wrong end of the stick a spawn disadvantage – poor vision, low health and stamina. The Night Stick is particularly useful in team games, where a teammate can get an easy kill on a respawned player.   THE STUN GUN The stun gun is an ideal weapon for incapacitating your enemy. By temporarily cutting off muscle movement, your adversary will be utterly helpless. Capable of making contact from a short to medium distance range, your target will drop to the floor instantly, giving you the ability to end them with ease. The stun gun is especially useful against players with above-average health, such as Takedown targets in Gang Wars or those using the Big Dog and Unstoppable Bursts.    PEPPER SPRAY Pepper Spray can be a dastardly and beneficial tool. Equip it in one hand with a trusty firearm in the other, and spray it in enemies’ faces to temporarily blind them. Then bring the pain. The Pepper Spray has the same blinding effect as the strongest level of the Hangover burst.   THE BOUNCING BETTY A brand new projectile, the Bouncing Betty is quite the versatile weapon. If you like to snipe, just tactically place a Betty where you think enemies will attempt to sneak attack you and they will be toast. Another helpful strategy is to place them in high traffic movement areas, such as doors and entrances, guaranteeing you some kills. This weapon is also great for Gang Wars during capturing and protecting rounds. The Betty might be smaller than a breadbox but it is capable of some very rewarding destruction.   The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack will be available tomorrow for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 on PC and PSN in North America (this pack will be available for PS3 players in Europe on January 30th). Of course, Rockstar Pass owners will receive this content at no additional charge.   Previously: Deathmatch Made in Heaven's Four New Modes: Dead Men Walking, Run and Stun, Marked Man & Time Attack Max Payne 3 Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Coming January 22nd

Deathmatch Made in Heaven's Four New Modes: Dead Men Walking, Run and Stun, Marked Man & Time Attack

Tomorrow's Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer features four electrifying new multiplayer modes, including the much-anticipated Dead Men Walking two-player cooperative mode. In additional to Dead Men Walking, which puts you and a friend up against an endless onslaught of adversaries, there also the new Run & Stun mode featuring Captain Baseball Bat Boy's mischievous nemesis Saci, Marked Man which adds vendetta fueled multipliers to traditional Deathmatch and a new Time Attack mode which awards bonus points for successful kill streaks in a competitive free-for-all.   Check out the feature below for a preview of all four new modes, complete with screens from each one, and look for details on the new weapons and Items included in the pack later today.   Previously:Deathmatch Made in Heaven Max Payne 3 DLC Is Coming January 22nd

Deathmatch Made in Heaven Max Payne 3 DLC Is Coming January 22nd

On January 22nd, we’ll be bringing you the final Max Payne 3 DLC pack for all platforms and it’s an action-packed doozy stuffed with new co-op and competitive modes, plus other awesome treats for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. Stay tuned in the coming days as we’ll be revealing what’s in the Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack in greater detail – but as you can see in the pack’s official artwork above, Max and Passos will no doubt have their hands full… The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack will be available in all territories on January 22nd for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 on PC and PSN in North America (this pack will be available for PS3 players in Europe on January 30th). Of course, Rockstar Pass owners will receive this content at no additional charge.   Previously: Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Out Now: Details on New Weapons, Items and More... The Maps of the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Pack  

Rockstar Game Tips: Utilizing the Weapons and Loadout Items in Hostage Negotiation and Painful Memories

Now that both the Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation and Painful Memories DLC packs are out in the wild (get the full lowdown here and here in case you missed them) we've been checking out how the best players in the community use the new Bursts, weapons and Loadout Items to their advantage. Taking this into account, along with input from the top players at our dev studios, here's our tips on how to make the most of your arsenal. The M24 is the first bolt-action sniper rifle in the game and provides impressive stopping power at long range for those accurate enough to wield it. We recommend equipping the Supressor to mask its distinctive sound and protect your position, even though that slightly impairs the range. The IA2 AR is one of the most powerful and accurate assault rifles in Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and it's best used to keep enemies at bay from around mid-range. While it's fire rate means it not as efficient up-close, you may want to consider a punchy side-arm like the Sawn-off or the 608 Bull for those intimate encounters. The UAR-21 is a good all-round assault rifle with a particularly fearsome fire rate that makes it more effective up close than some others. However, that does mean you're going to get through plenty of ammunition so we recommend adding the Extended Mag attachment, along with the Barrel Upgrade and Gas Systems kit if you can spare the Loadout weight. Highly accurate across mid to long-range and with plenty of ammunition in reserve, the IMG 5.56 is a solid choice for those large, open maps like Canal De Panamá and New Jersey Cemetery. The Explosives Burst provides plenty of bang for your buck at all three levels, with the following benefits: Picking up sizeable multikills at Level 3 is all about positioning, as enemies will only drop explosives if you can see them when you activate the Burst. A smart player will use this to get an intimate round of Last Man Standing off to a devastating start, or to take out an entire enemy team as they cluster to take a checkpoint, in Gang Wars. If you're playing Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, try finding a high vantage point, such as the helipad on the Rooftop of the Moderno, to broaden your view of the battlefield. At Level 2, the Explosives Burst grants ammunition that deals explosive damage as well as the damage inflicted by the bullet itself. The resulting splash damage makes it a formidable crowd controller, so look you use it when enemies are cramped together in tight spots, or have been funneled into a bottleneck. At Level 1 you can booby trap all existing bodies for the opposing team, so think of it as sweet revenge whenever your team has suffered a sudden loss, perhaps following a hostile Level 3 Weapon Double-Dealer. The Hangover Burst leaves your enemies with that morning-after-the-night-before feeling, impairing the vision, health and Adrenaline of the next six opponents that spawn. The precise effects are as follows:   It's hard to think of a situation where this won't come in useful, but we'd especially advise using it whenever you and your Crew are adjusting to a defensive position, such as while planting a bomb or capturing a crucial checkpoint. The Heavy Helmet is well worth considering for any heavier Loadouts you roll with: it provides 75% protection against head damage and is only slightly heavier than the standard Helmet. The Bomb Suit offers superior protection against ballistic and explosive damage but that comes at cost, as it is also one of the heaviest Loadout options. As the name suggests, it's extremely effective for those times when the frags are flying, like when planting bombs or claiming heavily-guarded checkpoints, and it also offers sturdy protection against players partial to an RPG. The Intimidation Mask strikes fear to the heart of any enemy inside your field of vision (within 10 meters) and increases the time it takes for them to reload their weapons - an effective antidote any time you find yourself against players wielding the Sawn-Off. Sick of your Crew mates popping that decisive shot into an enemy when you've already done most of the dirty work? The Calculator will grant you a kill for every two assists. A good way to see if you should be equipping this or not is to check through your match reports at the Rockstar Social Club. If your assists count is around 50% of your kill count or above, then you should be equipping it in your Loadout. The Hip Flask serves a dual role: not only does it counter the effects of the Hangover Burst (what makes you bad makes you better) it also protects you from a single sniper rifle round. It's a good item to equip in those situations where you're most susceptible from range, such as when planting a bomb or trying to survive assassination in Gang Wars. The Betting Slip is a great way to earn cash and should boost the coffers for when you hit levels 20 and 40 and there's more hardware on offer than your pockets allow. Now that you've had some time to test out these Loadout Items, as well as the new maps in the Hostage Negotiation and Painful Memories packs, let us know in the comments if you've any fresh strategies of your own.   More Max Payne 3 Game Tips:Rockstar Game Tips: Learn from the Max Payne 3 Leaderboard Legends Rockstar Game Tips: Working Together to Drop Bags in "Delivery" Harnessing the Social Club Arsenal Feature to Power your Max Payne 3 Loadouts Working Together to Plant Bombs in Gang Wars' "Short Fuse" Mode

Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Out Now: Details on New Weapons, Items and More...

Available today across all platforms, the Painful Memories multiplayer DLC for Max Payne 3 packs plenty of punch with four new maps, two new avatar factions plus a host of new items for your arsenal. The pack is now available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 on PlayStation Network and PC. Players who purchased the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass can download the pack free of charge. The Rockstar Pass is currently available for 2400 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $29.99 on PSN/PC. Here's a rundown of what you can expect in the pack: NEW MAPS: CANAL DE PANAMÁ, MARTY'S BAR, ROSCOE STREET SUBWAY & SHOOT FIRST Four new multiplayer maps that hark back to Max's blood-stained past, including the subway station from the original Max Payne, a new Hoboken-based location that contains the full layout from Marty's Bar and the surrounding areas and two new maps from the Panama chapter with an all new Gang Wars scenario.   NEW AVATAR FACTIONS: DE MARCOS ABROAD & UNITED SOULS OF THE PEOPLE Members of the ruthless De Marco crime family (featuring the faces of the four lucky Social Club members from our DLC Casting Event) and the vicious Panamanian paramilitary group The United Souls of The People.     NEW WEAPON: THE UAR-21 ASSAULT RIFLE + SUPPRESSOR & RED DOT SIGHT The standard military issue UAR-21 is durable, lightweight and can withstand any urban combat scenario. The rapid-fire release will increase your mobility while still providing you with the accuracy to cover the distance of the sprawling new maps.      NEW WEAPON: THE IMG 5.56 ASSAULT RIFLE + RED DOT SIGHT The IMG 5.56 can squeeze off 45 rounds a clip and is even more accurate than an AK-47. Throw in its use by military and police around the world and this is a no-brainer upgrade for your current Assault Rifle Loadout.   NEW BURST:   NEW ITEMS There are three new items in the Painful Memories pack which will help you with kills, cash flow and protection: Much more than an adding machine, the Calculator turns your assists into kill stats and pads your kill stats by earning one kill for every two assists that you tally.  Earn money for kills by your teammates with the Betting Slip. Each time one of your teammates logs a successful kill you will add funds to your coffers. The Hip Flask protects you from sniper fire and stops all effects of the Hangover Burst. Each time you spawn you'll be protected from a single round from an enemy's sniper rifle.    Make sure to check out the Painful Memories page at the official Max Payne 3 site for all the details on the new Multiplayer Achievements/Trophies and Grinds as well as some new screenshots.     Previously: The Maps of the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Pack New Avatars of the Painful Memories DLC Pack Including Lucky Social Club Member Fan Faces  

The Maps of the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Pack

In addition to the new avatars, weapons and items in the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC launching December 4th - this pack features four new multiplayer maps that hark back to Max's blood-stained past. For the nostalgic heads out there, you'll enjoy revisiting NYC's Roscoe Street Subway from the original Max Payne. If dive bars are your thing then the Marty's Bar map is for you. And for the sun-and-fun folks, you can choose between close-quarters firefights on the Shoot First map or battle it out in Gang Wars at Canal De Panamá. [click to enlarge] ROSCOE STREET SUBWAY (DEATHMATCH + TEAM DEATHMATCH + PAYNE KILLER) The Painful Memories Pack brings this landmark level from the original Max Payne into the world of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer - made even more dangerous than you remember it. The Roscoe Street station’s platforms can get you killed faster than a third rail with overpasses and stairwells designed for run and gun action and accessible bathrooms that may prove a vile final resting place. Take the fight from the tops of the subway cars down to the tracks and use columns and other available cover to prevail against your fellow straphangers. [click to enlarge] MARTY'S BAR (DEATHMATCH + TEAM DEATHMATCH + PAYNE KILLER) The area surrounding this grimy Hoboken watering hole has enough back doors, underground access points and convenient fire escapes to keep would-be campers on their toes. Known for attracting troublemakers, Marty’s bar scene offers bloody barroom shootouts, an expansive outdoor parking lot and a neighboring church that provides little sanctuary but key strategic vantage points. Equip that trusted Projectile, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or single-handed Loadout as you rack up the kills and out flank your enemies. [click to enlarge] SHOOT FIRST (DEATHMATCH + TEAM DEATHMATCH + PAYNE KILLER) The nautical deathtrap known as the Branco yacht is the scene of this map, where you'll have three sprawling floors to inflict some major damage on your opponents. Be sure to pack loads of ammo in your weekend bag - you'll need it. [click to enlarge] CANAL DE PANAMÁ (LARGE DEATHMATCH + LARGE TEAM DEATHMATCH + GANG WARS + DEATHMATCH + TEAM DEATHMATCH + PAYNE KILLER) Despite the tropical surroundings, you will not want to be doing much sightseeing in the Canal de Panamá map. With sprawling territories that call of a Sniper Rifle and plenty of kill spots, you'll be doing plenty of running and gunning. The Painful Memories pack also includes the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, two new avatar factions, the new Hangover Burst and more. Be on the lookout for more details on this stuff before the pack releases on Tuesday, December 4th (800 MS Points / $9.99 on PSN and PC).   Previously:New Avatars of the Painful Memories DLC Pack Including Lucky Social Club Member Fan FacesMax Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Coming December 4th

New Avatars of the Painful Memories DLC Pack Including Lucky Social Club Member Fan Faces

Ready for action. Presenting the members of the Max Payne 3 DLC Multiplayer Cast. From left to right, avatars bearing the likenesses of Rachel Locke, Jeremy Wallace, Louis Van Bree, and Cesar Aguirre. This past summer, thousands of  Max Payne 3 fans auditioned via a series of special Multiplayer Events for the chance to be cast as avatars in an upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC pack. The future is now for Social Club members Cesar Aguirre, Jeremy Wallace, Rachel Locke and Louis Van Bree who will each make their debut next week cast as members of the De Marcos Abroad faction in the Painful Memories Pack. Proverbial fish out of water, albeit heavily armed ones – members of the ruthless De Marco crime family have taken a South American holiday for a bit of pleasure and to conduct a transaction or two. This new faction will come with a range of avatar wardrobe options from beach attire to New Jersey goombah business chic.   Congrats once again to our cast. Cesar aka Ccssrr is a PC player from Argentina and a proud member of the Payne Killers Crew with an avatar that comes rocking his signature eye piercing. New Hampshire native and Xbox player Jeremy, also known as RiotReady, has a look perfectly cast as a tough guy soldier who knows how to handle a G6 Commando on the battlefield. Hawaii’s Rachel, known as Lucyfurr at the Social Club, is currently the top ranking member of The Dirty Jackets Crew by a handsome margin having racked up over 4M in XP and originally made us take notice while handily eliminating campers in the North Favela during our casting multiplayer sessions. Rounding out the De Marcos Abroad is a fixture here in the Newswire comments section, Belgium's Louis aka Louis1993. During casting, Louis' deadly RPD and back-yard familiarity with the Docks' rooftops made his selection and our nod to the 300 members of the one and only PCC Crew the perfect choice to round out this quartet of killers.     The second faction available in next week's Painful Memories pack is the United Souls of the People - the band of guerilla assassins that Max Payne once called "psychos with a dream." This vicious Panamanian paramilitary group pair up to oppose the De Marcos Abroad faction in Team modes on the DLC pack's Canal de Panamá and Shoot First maps which are both inspired by the single-player game's boat party level. You can of course also rock these new faction avatars in any map via Free-For-All Deathmatch as well. Expect some heavy-duty accoutrements to dress these guys up for battle with - including a serious MG Belt Bandolier, intimidating masks and clutch protective head gear. The Painful Memories DLC Pack will arrive next week Tuesday December 4th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. We'll have a bit more to show from the pack including a tour of the new maps leading up to Tuesday's launch here at the Newswire.   Previously: The Immortalized Members of the Max Payne 3 DLC Multiplayer Cast Congrats to RiotReady & Ccssrr, First Two Social Club Members Cast as Upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC Character Faces Congrats to Louis Van Bree and Rachel Locke, the Final Two Fans Cast as Upcoming max Payne 3 DLC Character Faces


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