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The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle

For the next two weeks, we'll be partnering with Humble Bundle to offer a selection of Rockstar PC titles as part of the Rockstar Games Humble Bundle, with 100% of the proceeds from Rockstar Games going to support the Rainforest Alliance. Donate just $1 to receive Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Max Payne and Manhunt. Contribute more than the average donation to also receive Bully: Scholarship Edition, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 2. Donate $15 or more and you'll also receive Max Payne 3 (which includes all the downloadable content), along with versions of GTAIV and L.A. Noire that include all available downloadable content for those titles. To take advantage of this unique opportunity to support a charity that does really amazing work across the globe and enjoy a great collection of classic Rockstar PC titles, visit Offer ends February 12th, at 1PM ET. The Rainforest Alliance is a global nonprofit organization tackling today’s urgent challenges -- climate change, social inequity, rural poverty, and biodiversity loss -- through creative, pragmatic collaborations in agriculture, forestry and tourism. For more information, visit or @RnfrstAlliance on Twitter.

Rockstar Warehouse PC Digital Games Sale

Splash that holiday cash at the Warehouse to complete your Rockstar Games collection with 30% off select PC Digital Downloads and get a second game, or bonus GTA$ for free. Now through New Year’s Eve Sunday December 31, take advantage of the sale to dive into or revisit classic GTA titles on PC - from Claude’s criminal capers of GTAIII all the way up to the sprawling West Coast saga of Grand Theft Auto V, plus the full Max Payne trilogy, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Manhunt and more. The only PC downloadable title excluded from the sale is the brand new L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for HTC Vive. Plus when you buy PC Downloads of GTAV at the Warehouse you'll have the option to add on a bonus GTA$2.5M free to pad your Maze Bank account and help you attain the tools of the trade to save the world in the recently released Doomsday Heist. For completists, we’ve also created three special bundles to help you round out your Grand Theft Auto collection.Grand Theft Auto Collection: includes GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, and GTA Episodes from Liberty CityGrand Theft Auto IV Bundle: includes GTA IV and GTA Episodes From Liberty CityGrand Theft Auto The Trilogy: includes GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas   Offers valid on only. 30% Off discount offer valid on select downloadable PC/Mac games only. Offer excludes pre-orders and L.A. Noire games for HTC Vive. Offer not valid in Russia. Limitations may apply, offer may not be available to all users, and quantities per user may be restricted. Bonus downloadable PC/Mac game or Cash for Grand Theft Auto Online with downloadable PC/Mac game purchase offer valid on select downloadable PC/Mac games with MSRP of $14.99 or higher and excludes game bundle products. Selection of available bonus items with downloadable PC/Mac game purchase may vary based on product purchased. Bonus items are delivered as digital codes and will be emailed upon completing your purchase. You will not be able to cancel your order once it is processed and your bonus digital code is sent. Offer does not apply to previous purchases, credits, or gift cards. Discount applied before shipping and taxes are added (if any). Offer valid through Sunday, December 31st, 2017, 11:59pm ET. ET is local time in New York City, USA. Offers cannot be redeemed for cash. Details of offer are subject to change and may be canceled without notice.

Now at Rockstar Warehouse: Camo and Razor Tees Plus 30% Off PC Digital Games

The newest additions to the Rockstar Apparel Collection are the Camo and Razor Tees. The Camo Tee comes in both white and black, with a kind camouflage pattern emblazoned on the front, while the Razor Tee features the ‘made in the UK’ pink Rockstar razor blade on black. All three tees have a small Rockstar Games logo on the back, just below the neckline. Grab these for your personal wardrobe now at the Rockstar Warehouse, and look for them to be available to unlock for your GTA Online character soon. These designs are also now available to adorn your desktop, mobile or social backgrounds via the Rockstar Downloads page. Also at the Warehouse this week, get 30% off all digital PC titles, including Grand Theft Auto V, as well as classics like Vice City, San Andreas, Bully: Scholarship Edition and others. Plus save on PC Shark Cards for Grand Theft Auto Online with 10% off the Great White, 20% off the Whale, and 30% off the Megalodon. Offer valid on only. Offer does not include any physical games or merchandise. Discount on select PC Shark Cards valid for Megalodon, Whale, and Great White PC Shark Card products only and will be delivered by email as digital codes upon completing your purchase. Offer does not apply to previous purchases, credits, or gift cards. Discount applied before shipping and taxes are added (if any). Offer valid through Friday, September 1st, 2017, 11:55pm EST. ET is local time in New York City, USA. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Details of offer are subject to change and may be canceled without notice.

Bully: Scholarship Edition Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward Compatibility

The Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, the story of Jimmy Hopkins and his quest to work his way up the social ladder at Bullworth Academy, is now backward compatible on Xbox One. Digital game owners now get instant access to the game on Xbox One, so they can download it from the “Ready to Install” section of their Xbox One and play it at will. Physical game owners can just insert the Xbox 360 game disc into their Xbox One and download the game. Your original Bully: Scholarship Edition game saves will also transfer if you have saved your game to the Cloud Saved Games feature on Xbox 360. If you don't already have it, the game is available to purchase directly from the Games Store on Xbox One. Previously:Bully: Anniversary Edition Now Available for iOS and AndroidRed Dead Redemption Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward Compatibility

Save 20% on All Digital Downloads at the Rockstar Warehouse Thru December 31st, 2015

If you're looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers for fellow GTA fans, or ideas on how you might spend that post-holiday loot, the Digital Downloads section of the Rockstar Warehouse is currently offering 20% off all PC and MAC Downloadable games. Move quickly and pick up the latest generation of Grand Theft Auto V on PC at 20% off to fully enjoy the ongoing Festive Surprise 2015, and you can get 20% off of all PC Shark Cash Cards to help support your Yacht Life aspirations as well. Also save on classics like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, GTA III, and Bully along with Rockstar fan favorites like L.A. Noire, Midnight Club II, and much, much more. Visit the Warehouse today - sale ends Thursday, December

GTA Online Creator: Fan-Made Rockstar Throwback Jobs

We recently took a look at a fan-made GTA Online playlist of created Jobs inspired by scenes from The Warriors and asked fans to share any Jobs they may have made in homage to favorite films or even our own games of yesteryear. For Rockstar fans feeling nostalgic, here’s a roundup of a few player-made Creator Jobs that came to our attention that have either been made in direct tribute to or are otherwise certainly reminiscent of classic Rockstar titles like Manhunt, Midnight Club, Smuggler’s Run and more. Check ‘em out and feel free to bookmark them for a play. ALL EYES ON YOU Carcer City by Zayvorne (Team Deathmatch) By day, Textile City appears to be a colorful tapestry of fabrics and commerce. As darkness descends and the rain starts to fall, the lawless streets of this trader's square suddenly run red with bloodshed. Small arms weapons are gathered near the center of this map, but venturing further out to the eastern fringe you'll discover a few hidden surprises to aid you in putting on quite the show for viewers at home. MANHUNT by staggeredguitar (Deathmatch) Staggeredguitar invites players to "stab, bat and brutalize in this close quarters Manhunt style map". The narrow alleys and tight corners in downtown Rancho cement an unnerving atmosphere where you find yourself having to make careful choices about when and where to climb in pursuit of your prey. Touching down in someone's backyard, you may find yourself overrun by an enemy lying in wait or encounter a Molotov cocktail crashing down upon you, leaving no place to avoid the flames. If you enjoy this one, be sure to also check out Staggered's other Manhunt nods, MANHUNT (URBAN BEATDOWN) and MANHUNT (PIER PRESSURE). DOWN & DIRTY Smuggler's Run by Ackidapacki  (Land Race) “Drug smugglers are moving a larger shipment of product that has arrived in Paleto Bay. The thing is: the buyer is in Los Santos. First car there gets the payday of their lives.” There are four vehicle classes available for this endurance testing jaunt - Muscle, Off-Road, SUVs and Vans. While the Race begins on the smoothly paved west Highway 1 near Paleto Bay, things suddenly take a rural turn via a sharp left angle leading back into the Paleto Forest. Shooting straight up to the zigzags of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, you'll find many opportunities to send an opponent spiraling off a hillside into an unforgiving ravine below. As you return to the civilization of Elysian Island and Banning you will literally smash through the gates towards the finish line but be mindful of the last few turns along the off-road trail in Rancho. You may be far from the northwest wilderness but you're just a sharp cut-off away from eating dirt. Smuggler's Run by giftedhanz19  (Capture) This dry and barren stretch of desert wedged between the West Vinewood Hills and the Zancudo River pits "two teams to fight over an already occupied bag of goods", per creator giftedhanz19. By "already occupied" he means you will be interrupting a transaction in progress and the local yokels will not take too kindly to two groups of interlopers invading from the northern and southern parts of the map. Use all manner of off-road vehicle to make your escape but avoid the open roads as that will make it far easier for greedy pursuers to close the distance and snatch back the goods you've stolen. BRING THE PAYNE   Max Payne 3 by GroveSTHome (Team Deathmatch) If you spent countless hours battling it out within the posh corporate hallways and spacious lobbies of Branco Headquarters or exchanging gunfire along the rooftops of Club Moderno in Max Payne 3, this Created Job located in the attractively modern and remote confines of the Kortz Center offers up some of the best elements from your favorite Bullet Time shooter. Whether you're posted up in one of the many exterior stairwells, doing strategic sweeps with the Buzzard Attack Chopper or creeping through the hedge maze you'll have more than enough ample opportunities to keep the blood flowing and the bullets flying. Hold: Gang Wars by Hiroshio  (Capture) Also channeling the spirit of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer is a clever Capture by Creator Hiroshio, who seems to have a clear vision for this intense West Vinewood to Chamberlain Hills battle. Hiroshio states, "Your initiation into the gang consists of stealing. We've gotten word that multiple shipments of weapons and cash have been delivered. Steal these shipments and drop them off at our HQ. These shipments will be heavily guarded. Our gang members don't know you yet so they will shoot you on sight. Also beware of rival gang members. We're not the only ones who know about this." Los Santos may be quite a bit northwest of São Paulo but the challenging bag placement and vicious NPC Gang factions will make you start fiending for pain killers in no time. ROCKSTAR SoCAL CLUB Midnight Club by Geordieboy89 (Land Race) This large circuit around the city, appropriately set in the dead of night, contains many strategic jumps and potential explosions. Starting out in centrally located La Mesa, you make your way east from Murietta Heights past several landmark locations and end up going as far south as Elysian Island, rounding the trek back to the finish line near Los Santos International Airport. The course itself is littered with wreckage and has a few ramps that are mandatory for clearance to the next checkpoint. For two decidedly different Race experiences, switch to motorbikes on your second playthrough and watch out for those unforgiving highway road signs. Midnight Club by Licky106  (Land Race) This pedal to the metal, tire tread destroyer starts out in Rockford Hills, cutting a seismic fault line through West Vinewood, Burton, Richman, GWC and will even turn a few snooty heads near the Golfing Society if you opt to run this course during the daylight hours. Along this circuit, you'll encounter no less than four deceptively placed, razor sharp right turns that are specifically designed to promote car-on-car collision. If you are approaching one of those said turns amongst an armada of fellow racers, it may behoove you to let them race ahead directly into the turn and then nimbly skate by the twisted pileup unscathed. SCHOOL DAZE Bullworth by festivecave (Team Deathmatch) It should come as no surprise that a Social Club member who is enrolled in the Bullworth Alumni Rockstar Crew would endeavor to recreate the campus hijinks of Bully in GTA Online. With the campus at the University of San Andreas Los Santos serving as the backdrop, you can duke it out with your most contentious classmates to prove who's the BMOC. Bully by AVERIX72 (Deathmatch) With plenty of melee weapons in plain view and only a few firearms scattered sparsely around this one, it'll be a recess-style mad dash to gain the upper hand in this chaotic DM. Lure opponents out to the center of the ULSA track-and-field stadium to show them the grass isn't the only thing getting mowed down today (you may also notice a cameo appearance from the Mower - a little nod to Jimmy Hopkins' many labored hours of detention).   If you’ve made or have come across any other fun homage Jobs whether based on a nostalgic Rockstar title, a favorite GTA mission or a classic film or TV show, share them with the community in the comments below – or send them our way directly to check out via mouthoff. GTA Online Creators can also feel free to tag #Throwback to your creation and we'll be looking at those in the future too to easily find and play them. Previously:35th Anniversary of The Warriors: Check Out the GTA Online Fan-Made Warriors Inspired Playlist

Rockstar Sale on Xbox LIVE this Week

Now through Labor Day Monday, September 3rd - Xbox LIVE Marketplace is running a special limited-time Rockstar sale offering some great deals on DLC content and select full Games on Demand. So if you're tempted to get back on the job to crack one more case in L.A. Noire, have been meaning to get yourself that Explosive Rifle for Red Dead Multiplayer, never did get a chance to try Undead Nightmare, or have been holding out on obtaining those new Max Payne 3 Local Justice maps - now's a good time. There's also sales on both of Grand Theft Auto IV's DLC Episodes, and on Bully and Midnight Club L.A. as Games on Demand. Check the full list of deals below:   • Max Payne 3 Local Justice at 38% off • L.A. Noire DLC at 50% off  o The Naked City  o A Slip of the Tongue  o Nicholson Electroplating  o Reefer Madness • Red Dead Redemption DLC at 50% off  o Liars and Cheats  o Legends and Killers  o Undead Nightmare Pack  o Undead Nightmare Collection  o Lasso Avatar Item  o Undead Mask • GTAIV DLC at 50% off  o The Lost and Damned  o The Ballad of Gay Tony • Midnight Club L.A. Games on Demand for 25% off • Midnight Club L.A. South Central Ultimate Content Pack at 52% off • Bully: Scholarship Edition Games on Demand for 25% off

Rockstar's Romantics

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a little tribute to some of the classic romantics from across the roster of Rockstar titles - from roguish bachelors to Latin lovers to hormonal high schoolers. Weigh in on the poll to let us know your all-time favorite - or let us know in the comments section if your lothario of choice didn't make the cut.Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV) From Eastern Europe with Love... Even though he puts most of his effort in trying to win over Kate, the maiden of the McReary clan, that doesn't stop Mr. Bellic from trolling the internet for tail.Jimmy Hopkins (Bully) Now if he had spent as much time hitting the books... At Bullworth Academy, Jimmy Hopkins certainly played the field. A serial flirt who moves between cliques with the greatest of ease.Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) Before the ladies were blowing up Niko's Badger in GTAIV, there was another preeminent GTA ladies man - Carl "CJ" Johnson from San Andreas.John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Up there as an all-time heartthrob, the ladies definitely seem to love cool John Marston. A rugged reformed outlaw and a truly loyal husband, during his epic quest, Marston is driven by a love for his family, and avoids the many temptations of the frontier. And when Abigail is turned into a flesh-eating zombie in Undead Nightmare, he does what any gentleman would - he ties her up and goes searching for the cure... Fernando Martinez (Grand Theft Auto Series) The Romeo of the radio dial, Fernando Martinez got his start as a roving reporter during the heyday of Vice City's beloved power ballad station, Emotion 98.3 and has been a paragon of relationship advice for decades since.Max Payne (Max Payne Series) Last but not least, lest we forget the softer side of Max Payne - hardboiled as he may be, he was not immune to the charms of Mona Sax in the series' sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, dubbed "a film noir love story". Alas, quite lucky with a dual-weld automatic pistol - tragically unlucky in love. {poll:51}


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