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GTA San Andreas, Midnight Club LA and Table Tennis Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward Compatibility

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis are now all playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. Digital game owners have instant access to these titles on Xbox One, which can be downloaded from the console's “Ready to Install” section. Physical game owners just need to insert the game disc into their Xbox One, and from there will be prompted to download the game. For those yet to experience any of these classic Rockstar titles, they are all available for purchase directly from the Xbox Store, using the links below. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Midnight Club: Los Angeles | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis  

San Andreas, Midnight Club: LA and Table Tennis Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

3 Classic Rockstar Titles Available on June 7th
A distinguished trio of Rockstar Xbox 360 titles are coming to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog next week on Thursday, June 7th: the west coast GTA classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the breakneck high-speed racing Midnight Club: Los Angeles and the fast and fluid competition of Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis.   Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas After escaping the pressures of life in Los Santos, Carl Johnson returns home after his mom's murder to find his family falling apart, his childhood friends all heading towards disaster, and corrupt neighborhood cops framing him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. Both the original Xbox release and the Xbox 360 version of San Andreas will be backward compatible. Save games from the original Xbox version will not transfer, however owners of that version will get the upgraded Xbox 360 version of the game, featuring higher resolution, enhanced draw distances, and Achievements.   Midnight Club: Los Angeles Race at breakneck speeds through the streets of Los Angeles in a collection of real-world tuners, muscle cars, exotics and superbikes. Customize your vehicle with the best after-market performance parts and custom kits. Both the original version and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition - which adds the iconic South Central area along with new vehicles, aftermarket parts, music and races - will be compatible on Xbox One.   Rockstar Games presents: Table Tennis Experience the unmatched intensity of real-world competitive table tennis with an authentic physics engine and intuitive gameplay that mimics the exhilarating experience found in true international competition. Choose from 11 distinct characters, each with their own style of play, and guide them to ultimate victory by mastering all the shots and techniques, including power shots, heavy spin and precision accuracy.   On Thursday, digital game owners will have instant access to the games on Xbox One, so they can download them from the “Ready to Install” section of their Xbox One and play at will. Physical game owners can just pop the Xbox 360 game disc (or Xbox game disc as well for San Andreas) into their Xbox One and download the game.

Player-Created GTA Online Jobs Throwback to the Days of Smuggler's Run, Manhunt and Midnight Club

Our latest collection of nostalgic, player-made GTA Online Jobs feature some classic entries in the Smuggler's Run, Manhunt and Midnight Club franchises. For these trips down memory lane, don't forget to bookmark them on Social Club for easy access next time you boot up GTA Online. If you have any Jobs of your own that were inspired by Rockstar titles, feel free to share them with the Social Club community in the comments section or tag them with "throwback" on Social Club to make them easy to find.MIDNIGHT CLUB Night riders take on the Point-To-Point Midnight Club: LA Race Midnight Club: LA by blinkydude (PC) This Point-to-Point Race, created by Blink 182 Crew member blinkydude, takes you on a ride down Vinewood Blvd. and lands you right off Sam Austin Drive. Keep the Time of Day set to Night and Vehicle Class on Super to give this race the most authentic homage to Midnight Club: Los Angeles. While the Race may seem to be relatively straightforward, missing the hidden finish line could cost you the win. As you make your way down Sam Austin Drive, head into the gates of the last mansion on the left and drive straight into its garage for your photo finish. The Midnight Club by DJxDONUTS (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) This race by OFFICIAL CIA member DJxDONUTS takes us on an exciting rainy night ride from Pillbox Hill to Del Perro Beach. Filled with tons of challenging twists and turns, you would never guess that this is only the second race made by this creator. While you're zooming your way through the streets of Los Santos, heed warning: the final jump to the finish line could drop you straight into treacherous waters, thus costing you the race. As you fly through the air, lean your car to the right so as not to miss out on your big win. The LS Midnight Club III by AleNann95 (PS3 & PS4) The creator of this Lap-based Race advises that "Speed and Skill are the requirement to arrive 1st". Lined with well-placed carriages, ramps and tight corners through the nightlife of Los Santos, you'll need all your driving tricks to win here. Stick to the Sports vehicle class and night-time default – then fill the lobby and enjoy this nostalgic neon run.   MANHUNT Stealth and strategy go hand-in-hand during Oblivion2500's Twisted Warehouse LTS. Twisted Warehouse by Oblivion2500 (PC)“Old Train Station by Water River inspired by Manhunt.” This LTS created by DERP Enterprise member Oblivion2500 takes place in Downtown Los Santos around the abandoned warehouses between Vespucci Blvd. and San Andreas Ave. Finding a non-melee weapon is the key to victory, but can be tricky. A lone Heavy Sniper is hidden inside the warehouse, and has a handy window nearby to scope out your enemies. Alternately, you can make your way to the east side of the map to grab up the Sawed-Off Shotgun. Knowing the location of the best weapons is one thing, surviving the trip is another… Manhunt LS by goon_taylor (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)“Stab, chop and shoot your way freedom” in this fast paced Deathmatch created by the leader of The Fiendish Fellows. This Job takes place at the construction site located on the corner of Alta St. and Vespucci Blvd. - giving it a real abandoned apartment complex feel.  The map is mostly filled with melee weapons but if you head towards the center you may find yourself in possession of one of the two Sawed-Off Shotguns. Don’t get too comfortable taking cover as the Spawn Points in this Job are spread out all over the map and you may soon feel the cold press of a Pistol to the back of your skull. Manhunt by M0NZT3R_COX (PS3 & PS4) The Crew Leader of M0NZT3R made this melee Deathmatch map as a "Tribute to the infamous James Earl Cash". Atmospheric from the get-go, the crumbling indoor set up creates a claustrophobic tone, with dark, enclosed spaces and tight corners illuminated with foreboding red lights to navigate around. There's plenty of melee weapons to protect yourself with, but surprises can leap from the shadows in the dim lighting. The Job has been created with strategically-placed Dumpsters and Concrete Blocks creating a maze-like arena that amps up the tension.   SMUGGLER'S RUN Taking the explosive leap in NO_FUN_ALLOWED's Smuggler's Run land race Smuggler's Run by NO_FUN_ALLOWED (PC) Part of Smuggler's Run's enduring appeal is the plethora of vehicles at your disposal during your lucrative career as a cargo smuggler. Single Dads' Crew member, NO_FUN_ALLOWED has created a Job with all of these options and more, including Coupes, Dune Buggies, Off-Road heavies and Motorcycles. Racing from the Palomino Highlands to the Pacific Ocean, the Point-to-Point track puts you against up to 10 players along dirt tracks and cliff-top paths. When played as a GTA Race there are a variety weapons and Pick-Ups to collect along the way, but you'll need quick reflexes and a good aim to pick your opponents off. Smuggler's Run by grey1225 (PS3 & PS4) Delivering illegal contraband requires navigating sharp twists and challenging ramps in this Lap-based Race from Manhunt Executioners member, grey1225. With a vast range of vehicle classes to choose from, including Motorcycles, Muscle cars, Off-Road vehicles, Sedans, Sports Classics and SUVs, you'll be thrown in to a Race that combines steady supplies of rockets against some steep cliffs edges and narrow turns. This one also covers a good mix of landscapes giving those of you that like to mix your roads a decent taster of different tracks. Smuggler's Run by The_Greenhorn (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) This two team Capture, created by the leader of The Greenhorn Crew, harks back to the Turf War missions of Smuggler's Run by pitting you against a rival gang, as you fight to capture a briefcase of precious cargo. Delivering the goods back to your Capture Point is the aim but in between the two camps and surrounding the payload is the local law enforcement, keen to stop you in your tracks from either land or air. The map is played on rocky, desert terrain, but you'll be supplied with Off-Road vehicles to make your way to the center of the map. However, with bullets flying fast through the air and danger from all sides, be careful not to get caught in the mayhem.      If you've spotted or created an epic GTA Online Job themed around one of our games, a certain mission or even your favorite movie, be sure to tag it #throwback on Social Club and drop us a link either here in the comments or via Mouthoff, so we can check it out. Previously:Player-Created GTA Online Throwback Jobs Inspired by Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire & Red Dead RedemptionPlayer-Created GTA Online Throwback Jobs: Inspired by Missions from Vice City & MoreSan Andreas Anniversary Throwbacks

Tear Up Liberty City and Rally Your Crew for Battle during our Social Club Multiplayer Event Weekend

As we get ready for the very first Grand Theft Auto Online events coming this fall, now's the time to rally your Crew and brush up on your online target practice in the last Social Club Multiplayer Weekend before GTA Online's release. Join us on Sunday August 25th from 12-4PM ET for a day of gunslinging, shoot dodging and car chases as we battle unsavory, rival varmints in Red Dead Redemption, dose up and dress down for some Max Payne 3 Bullet Time action, and of course take it back to Liberty City's mean streets with GTAIV and Episodes from Liberty City. For those of you looking for a bit of shelter from the storm of gunfire we’ll also be playing some off-stream Table Tennis and Midnight Club Los Angeles throughout the afternoon. Triple XP will be in full effect for Red Dead and Max from Friday morning through Sunday evening – while the live stream will run from 12-4pm EDT / 4-8pm GMT on Sunday. To chat with us or just observe the action like a good voyeur, you can visit our Social Club or Twitch pages.  Live Streaming Schedule: 12-1pm Grand Theft Auto IV 1-2pm Max Payne 3 2-3pm Episodes from Liberty City 3-4pm Red Dead Redemption Prizing Details: Aside from the pleasure of soaking up the triple XP and getting together with old friends and enemies, 20 randomly selected winners will receive a GTAV Logo Tee, GTAV stickers and some Rockstar logo stickers as you enter to win all weekend long on the Social Club.  Bonus XP: Triple XP will be live for Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 from Friday morning August 23rd through Sunday evening August 25th. Gamertags/IDs of Rockstar Players: PlayRockstar (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Max Payne 3 on PC and Mac) PlayRockstar2 (PS3 / Xbox 360) PlayRockstarPC (GTAIV on PC)

The Rockstar Alumni Concert Calendar: Summer Music Festivals Edition

  With summer kicking into gear, it seems like there's more music festivals on offer than ever all around the world - with a wide array of eclectic outdoor summer concert extravaganzas providing the chance to see many favorite bands you may have heard on Rockstar game soundtracks over the years.   From the Kings of the Mic Tour with a line-up of legendary rap acts ranging from 'West Coast warlord' Ice Cube to recent R&R Hall of Famers Public Enemy... To the 'shock therapy' delights of the Masters of Madness Tour which brings the spectacle of seeing Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson on stage performing together... To perennial summer season festival favorites like Reading and Leeds in the UK (this year featuring Rockstar alums like Nine Inch Nails, Major Lazer, Foals, Sick of It All, and David Rodigan), Summer Sonic in Japan (featuring The Stone Roses, Living Colour, John Legend, M.I.A., and Busy P), and of course Lollapalooza (this year with The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Major Lazer and more). Outside of the big grand stage festivals, there's also plenty of legends touring their own headlining shows all summer long like Heart's Wilson sisters and KISS taking their circus show around the globe - and plenty others. Below is a handy list of many of the currently active touring artists, and as always feel free to post any others or your personal concertgoing experiences this summer in the comments section below...   Accept ("Balls to the Wall" on V-Rock in GTA: Vice City Stories) 7/11 Vizovice, CZ @ Masters of Rock 7/12 Ballenstedt, DE @ Rock Harz Festival 7/13 Balingen, DE @ Bang Your Head 8/09 Derby, UK @ Bloodstock Open Air 8/10 Murcia, ES @ Leyendas Del Rock   Agnostic Front ("Victim in Pain" on LCHC in GTAIV) 7/31 Munich, DE @ Free and Easy Festival 8/01 Moravska Trebova, CZ @ Fest Pod Parou 8/02 Wacken, DE @ Wacken Open Air 8/03 Granichen, CH @ Open Air Granichen 8/06 Hamburg, DE @ Club Logo 8/07 Rotterdam, NL @ Baroeg 8/08 Püttlingen, DE @ Rocco del Schlacko 8/10 Villmar, DE @ Tells Bells Festival 8/11 St Maurice De Gourdans, FR @ Sylak Open Air 8/14 Bochum, DE @ Bahnhof Langendreer 8/15 Hameln, DE @ Sumpfblume 8/16 Dinkelsbuhl, DE @ Summer Breeze Festival 8/17 Cavallino-Treporti, IT @ Camping Union Lido 8/18 Jesolo, IT @ Camping Union Lido   Alice Cooper ("Go to Hell" on Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 in GTAIV) 7/10 Fort Wayne, IN @ Embassy Theatre 7/11 Merrillville, IN @ Star Plaza Theatre 7/13 Council Bluffs, IA @ Stir Cove, Harrah's Council Bluffs Casino & Hotel  7/14 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre 7/15 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre 7/18 New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre 7/19 Albany, NY @ The Palace Theatre 7/20 Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues 7/26 Brno, CZ @ Kajot Arena 7/29 Saarbrücken, DE @ Saarlandhalle 7/30 Hanau, DE @ Amphitheater 8/01 Slupsk, PL @ Rock Legends Festival 8/03 Wacken, DE @ Wacken Open Air 8/04 Lichtenfels, DE @ Schützenplatz 8/06 Lokeren, BE @ Lokerse Feesten 8/08 Corpredy, UK @ Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2013   Cypress Hill ("How I Could Just Kill a Man" on Radio Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas) 7/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Festival Pier at Penn's Landing 7/12 Mansfield, MA @ Comcast Center 7/13 Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater 7/14 Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach 7/17 Charlotte, NC @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 7/19 Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Live 7/20 Atlanta, GA @ Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood 7/21 West Palm Beach, FL @ Cruzan Amphitheatre 7/23 Tampa, FL @ Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds 7/24 Pensacola, FL @ Pensacola Bay Center 7/27 The Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 7/29 Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre 7/30 West Valley City, UT @ USANA Amphitheatre 8/01 San Francisco, CA @ America's Cup Pavilion 8/02 Irvine, CA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 8/03 Chula Vista, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre 8/04 Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino   Depeche Mode ("Personal Jesus" on Radio X in GTA: San Andreas and "Everything Counts" on The Wave 103 in GTA: Vice City Stories) 7/11 Bilbao, ES @ Bilbao BBK Live 2013 7/13 Lisbon, PT @ Optimus Alive Festival 7/16 Nîmes, FR @ Festival de Nîmes 2013 7/18 Milan, IT @ San Siro 7/20 Rome, IT @ Stadio Olimpico 7/23 Prague, CZ @ Eden Arena 7/25 Warsaw, PL @ Stadion Narodowy 7/27 Vilnius, LT @ Vingis Park 7/29 Minsk, BY @ Minsk Arena 8/22 Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre 8/24 Tinley Park, IL @ First Midwest  8/27 St. Paul, MN @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fairgrounds 8/30 Atlantic City, NJ @ Ovation Hall at the Revel Casino   Emicida ("9 Círculos" in Max Payne 3) 7/12 Curitiba, BR @ Curitiba Master Hall 7/13 Florianópolis, BR @ P12 7/14 São Paulo, BR @ Espaço das Américas 7/20 New York, NY @ Central Park (Brasil Summerfest) 7/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl   Heart ("Barracuda" on K-DST in GTA: San Andreas and "Straight On" on Liberty Rock Radio in GTAIV)  7/19 Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theater 7/21 Burgettstown, PA @ First Niagra Pavilion 7/22 Cuyahoga Falls, OH @ Blossom Music Center 7/23 Toronto, ON, CA @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre 7/26 Elizabeth, IN @ Horseshoe Southern Indiana 7/27 Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Theater 7/29 Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia 7/30 Noblesville, IN @ Klipsch Music Center 8/01 West Allis, WI @ Wisconsin State Fair 8/14 Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 8/15 Dallas, TX @ GEXA Energy Center 8/17 St. Louis, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 8/18 Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theater 8/20 Englewood, CO @ Fiddler's Green Amphitheater 8/22 Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater 8/23 Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater 8/24 Indio, CA @ Fantasy Springs Resort Casino 8/26 San Diego, CA @ SDSU Open Air Theater 8/27 Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl 8/28 San Francisco, CA @ Americas Cup Pavilion 8/30 Ridgefield, WA @ Sleep Country Amphitheater   Iron Maiden ("2 Minutes to Midnight" on V-Rock in GTA: Vice City and "Run to the Hills" on Liberty Rock Radio in GTAIV) 7/10 Malmö, SE @ Malmö Stadium 7/13 Stockholm, SE @ Friends Arena 7/16 St. Petersburg, RU @ Ice Hall Palace 7/18 Moscow, RU @ Olimpyski Stadium 7/20 Helsinki, FI @ Olympic Stadium 7/24 Bucharest, RO @ Piata Constitutiei 7/26 Istanbul, TR @ BJIK Inonu Stadium 7/29 Prague, CZ @ Eden Arena 7/31 Zagreb, CR @ Arena Zagreb   Jane's Addiction ("Been Caught Stealing" on Radio X in GTA: San Andreas) 8/09 Scranton, PA @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/10 Hartford, CT @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/11 Darien Center, NY @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/13 Saratoga Springs, NY @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/14 Mansfield, MA @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/16 Bristow, VA @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/17 Holmdel, NJ @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/18 Wantagh, NY @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/20 Toronto, ON, CA @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/22 Tinley Park, IL @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/23 Noblesville, IN @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/24 Clarkston, MI @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/25 Cincinnati, OH @ The Shoe, Horseshoe Casino 8/28 Dallas, TX @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 8/29 The Woodlands, TX @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013   Jill Scott ("Golden" on The Vibe 98.8 in GTAIV) 7/12 Detroit, MI @ Fox Theatre 7/13 Chicago, IL @ Petrillo Music Shell (Taste of Chicago) 7/15 Vienna, VA @ Filene Center, Wolf Trap Nation Park Center for the Performing Arts 7/20 Indianapolis, IN @ Indiana Black Expo 7/26 Cincinnati, OH @ Macy's Music Festival   John Legend ("Greenlight" on The Beat 102.7 in GTAIV) 7/12 London, UK @ Yahoo! Wireless Festival 2013 7/13 Rotterdam, NL @ North Sea Jazz Festival 2013 7/16 Copenhagen, DK @ VEGA 7/21 Hamburg, DE @ GroBe Freiheit 36 7/23 Munich, DE @ Kesselhaus 7/24 Luzern, CH @ Blue Balls Music Festival 2013 7/27 Oeiras, PT @ Parque Dos Poetas 8/10 Osaka, JP @ Summer Sonic Osaka 2013 8/11 Tokyo, JP @ Summer Sonic Tokyo 2013   KISS ("Lick It Up" on V-Rock in GTA: Vice City Stories and "Strutter" on K-DST in GTA: San Andreas) 7/10 Lethbridge, AB, CA @ Enmax Centre 7/12 Edmonton, AB, CA @ Rexall Place 7/13 Calgary, AB, CA @ Scotiabank Saddledome 7/14 Saskatoon, SK, CA @ Credit Union Centre 7/16 Regina, SK, CA @ Brandt Centre 7/17 Brandon, MB, CA @ Keystone Centre 7/18 Winnipeg, MB, CA @ MTS Centre 7/20 Cadott, WI @ Rock Fest 2013 7/23 Sudbury, ON, CA @ Sudbury Arena 7/25 Ottawa, ON, CA @ ScotiaBank Place 7/26 Toronto, ON @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre 7/27 London, ON, CA @ Budweiser Gardens 7/29 Montreal, QC, CA @ Bell Centre 7/31 Saint John, NB, CA @ Harbour Station 8/01 Halifax, NS, CA @ Metreo Centre 8/03 Saint John's, NL, CA @ Mile One Centre 8/04 Saint John's, NL, CA @ Mile One Centre 8/07 Gilford, NH @ Meadowbrook 8/09 Verona, NY @ Event Center, Turning Stone Resort & Casino 8/10 Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena 8/12 Portsmouth, VA @ nTelos Wireless Pavilion 8/13 Simpsonville, SC @ Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park 8/16 Orlando, FL @ Amway Center   Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Free Bird" on K-DST in GTA: San Andreas and "Saturday Night Special" on Liberty Rock Radio in GTAIV) 7/10 Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie 7/11 Spring, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 7/13 Charlotte, NC @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 7/14 Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Pavilion 7/17 Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center 7/19 Burgettstown, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion 7/20 Noblesville, IN @ Klipsch Music Center 7/23 Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre 7/24 Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Theater 7/26 Gilford, NH @ Meadowbrook 7/27 Bethel, NY @ Bethel Woods 7/28 Mashantucket, CT @ MGM Grand Theater 7/31 Clearfield, PA @ Clearfield County Fair 8/02 Davenport, IA @ Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds 8/03 New Buffalo, MI @ Four Winds Casino Resort 8/10 Washington, MO @ Washington Town & Country Fair 8/11 Midland, MI @ Midland County Fair 8/14 Englewood, NJ @ Bergen Performing Arts Center 8/15 Westbury, NY @ Theatre at Westbury 8/16 Hyannis, MA @ Cape Cod Melody Tent 8/29 Milwaukee, WI @ Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary at Summerfest 8/31 Pueblo, CO @ Colorado State Fair   M.I.A. ("Galang" and "Fire Fire" in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition 7/21 Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 8/10 Tokyo, JP @ Summer Sonic Tokyo 2013 8/11 Osaka, JP @ Summer Sonic Osaka 2013   Major Lazer ("Jump Up" on Electro-Choc and "Anything Goes" on RamJam FM in GTAIV) 7/10 Helsinki, FI @  Secret Location 7/11 Trencin, SK @ Pohoda Festival 7/13 Endhoven, NL @ Extrema Festival 7/19 Calgary, AB, CA @ Mad Decent Block Party 7/26 Toronto, ON, CA @ Mad Decent Block Party 7/27 Philadelphia, PA @ Mad Decent Block Party 8/02 Columbia, MD @ Mad Decent Block Party 8/03 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Mad Decent Block Party 8/09 Atlanta, GA @ Mad Decent Block Party 8/10 Brooklyn, NY @ Mad Decent Block Party 8/14 Cannes, FR @ Les Plages Electroniques 8/16 Sankt Pölten, AT @ Frequency Festival 8/17 Biddinghuizen, NL @ Lowlands Festival 8/20 Ibiza, ES @ Amnesia 8/22 Charleville-Méziéres, FR @ Cabaret Vert 8/23 Reading, UK @ Reading Festival 8/24 Leeds, UK @ Leeds Festival 8/25 Paris, FR @ Rock En Seine 8/31 Dallas, TX @ Mad Decent Block Party   Nine Inch Nails ("The Hand That Feeds" in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and "1,000,000" and "Discipline" in Midnight Club: Los Angeles) 7/26 Naeba, JP @ Fuji Rock Festival 8/02 Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza Festival 8/09 - 8/11 San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands Festival 8/15 Hasselt, BE @ Pukkelpop Festival  8/16 Biddinghuizen, NL @ Lowlands Festival 8/18 Hockenheim, DE @ Rock'n'Heim Festival  8/23 West Yorkshire, UK @ Leeds Festival 8/24 Paris, FR @ Rock en Seine Festival 8/25 Reading, UK @ Reading Festival 8/28 Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum 8/29 Zurich, CH @ Zurich Open Air 8/31 - 9/01 Philadelphia, PA @ Made In America Festival   Public Enemy ("Rebel Without a Pause" on Playback FM in GTA: San Andreas and Thrasher: Skate and Destroy) 7/20 Fraga, ES @ Desierto De Los Monegros 7/26 - 7/28 Penrith, UK @ Lowther Deer Park    Queens of the Stone Age ("Little Sister" in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition) 7/18 Benicassim, ES @ FIM 2013 7/20 Sesimbra, PT @ Super Bock Super Rock Festival 8/02 Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza 8/03 Bonner Springs, KS @ Wireless Amphitheater 8/04 Council Bluffs, IA @ Stir Cove @ Harrah's Casino & Hotel 8/05 Sturgis, SD @ Broken Spoke Campground 8/07 Edmonton, AB, CA @ Shaw Conference Center 8/08 Calgary, AB, CA @ Stampede Corral 8/10 Squamish, BC, CA @ Squamish Valley Music Festival  8/15 Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks 8/17 Universal City, CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre 8/31 - 9/01 Philadelphia, PA @ Made In America Festival   Snoop Dogg ("Deep Cover" on Radio Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas and "Press Play" in Midnight Club: Los Angeles ) 7/11 Novi Sad, RS @ Exit Festival 2013 (with Bloc Party and more) 7/14 Frauenfeld, CH @ Openair Frauenfeld 2013 8/06 Amsterdam, NL @ Heineken Music Hall   Slayer ("Raining Blood" on V-Rock in GTA: Vice City) 8/02 Viviero, ES @ Resurrection Festival 8/06 Copenhagen, DK @ Vega Main Hall 8/07 Stockholm, SE @ Grona Lund Tivoli Outdoor 8/09 Oulu, FI @ Jalometalli Festival 2013 8/10 Oslo, NO @ Oya Festival 8/11 Derby, UK @ Bloodstock Open Air 2013 8/15 Kiweit Hassel, BE @ Pukkelpop Festival 8/16 Biddinghuizen, NL @ Low Lands Festival 8/17 Hamburg, DE @ Elb-Riot Open Air Festival 8/18 Herford, DE @ X Rockfest  

July 4th Multiplayer Weekend: Four Days of 3XP in Red Dead and Max Payne 3 Plus Sunday Live-Stream Play Session

  Update: Triple XP and Sunday's multiplayer event have ended. Thanks to everyone that joined in, whether in-game, to watch the stream and chat or just dropping by to enter the sweepstakes!   Four days of bonus XP begins our Independence Day multiplayer Social Club weekend starting at midnight on Wednesday evening Eastern Time July 3rd in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. Then on Sunday the 7th from 12-4pm Eastern, we'll be live-streaming and playing Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, Max Payne 3, Table Tennis, Midnight Club Los Angeles and Red Dead Redemption with a Rockstar-hosted chat for four hours both on Social Club and at our Rockstar Twitch page - and giving away 20 Grand Theft Auto V prize packs of tees and stickers.   The times below show our live-streaming schedule, and you can expect us to also hop into some Table Tennis matches and Midnight Club races throughout the afternoon. Gather your Crew mates as Max Payne 3 leaderboards will be live with the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist.   Live Streaming Schedule 12-1pm Red Dead Redemption 1-2pm Grand Theft Auto IV 2-3pm Max Payne 3 3-4pm Episodes from Liberty City   20 GTAV Prize Packs — Enter Thursday- Sunday! If you're interested in winning a GTAV t-shirt and stickers, this weekend is your opportunity as 20 prize packs will be up for grabs. Enter anytime Thursday through Sunday for the opportunity to receive a GTAV Logo Tee, plus some GTAV stickers and a package of various Rockstar logo stickers. To enter, visit the Social Club multiplayer events page and fill in your details under the "Sweepstakes Entry" tab. Be sure to click "Confirm". Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on Monday.   Gamertags and IDs to look out for during the afternoon: PlayRockstar (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Max Payne 3 on PC and Mac) PlayRockstar2 (PS3 / Xbox 360) PlayRockstarPC (GTAIV on PC)  

Rockstar Multiplayer Memorial Day Weekend with 3XP

Update: Triple XP is live for Red Dead and Max Payne 3 until Tuesday morning. And thanks to everyone that joined in Saturday for the six hour playsession, including those chatting, watching and entering the sweepstakes on the event page, and those that were playing in-game. Get ready for a mighty weekend of multiplayer action coming up including Triple XP activated all weekend (Friday through Monday) for Red Dead and Max Payne 3 as well as an epic Social Club community live-streaming play session happening this Saturday May 25th when you'll be able to face your friends – and us – in your favorite Rockstar titles. Feel like taking speed runs in Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Ordered Race? Check. Want to light up someone in a rival Crew? We'll be in full attack mode with Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. We're also featuring Table Tennis, Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City, all from 12-6pm EDT / 4-10pm GMT. If you were feeling the expansive format of our previous multiplayer Saturday, we'll be at it again but to up the ante we're playing in all six games during all six hours. We're also featuring one solid video stream all afternoon so you can follow the action without fumbling between two channels. We'll also have some exclusive limited edition Grand Theft Auto IV Prize Packs to give away. Three Grand Prize winners will receive a full size GTAIV dart board, pool cue with case and chalk, Swingers foam finger, Tw@ Internet C@fe mouse pad, a Statue of Happiness figurine, a pin set, license plate, coasters and stickers. If you don't win a Grand Prize, entering still puts you in for the second random drawing for one of twenty runner-up prize packs, each containing a Rockstar t-shirt, GTAIV coasters, a Tw@ Internet C@fe mouse pad and stickers. Enter on Social Club on Saturday May 25th, and good luck to all. Again, we'll be playing all six games during all six hours. The schedule below only reflects what you'll be able to watch on the video stream that'll appear on our Social Club and Twitch pages during the afternoon. GTAIV, 12-1pm EDT / 4-5pm GMT (Streaming on PS3) EFLC, 1-2pm EDT / 5-6pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox) Max Payne 3, 2-3pm EDT / 6-7pm GMT (Streaming on PS3) Table Tennis, 3-4pm EDT / 7-8pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox 360) Red Dead Redemption, 4-5pm EDT / 8-9pm GMT (Streaming on PS3) Midnight Club Los Angeles, 5-6pm EDT / 9-10pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox 360) Gamertags and IDs to look out for during the afternoon: PlayRockstar (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Max Payne 3 on PC) PlayRockstar2 (PS3 / Xbox 360) PlayRockstarPC (GTAIV on PC)  

The April Rockstar Multiplayer Event: Recap with Fan Videos, Prize Winners and More

Cheers to ShenmueSaga for capturing a saga indeed of gameplay footage from the event. The April Rockstar Social Club Multiplayer Event was an all-new epic live-streaming edition hosting a six-hour Saturday marathon session on April 13th. Along with action-packed multiplayer across such Social Club Event staples as Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption, we also pulled the tarp off our muscle cars and dusted off the old ping pong paddles for a nostalgic go of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Table Tennis with Social Club fans. You guys certainly seemed happy to see these old friends on the stream. For those who may have missed out or are ready for more - we'll be looking to do it again this month, stay tuned for news soon on the May edition. The first port of call was Max Payne 3 for a round of Run and Stun in Branco Headquarters - part of an eclectic playlist that featured some of the more recent DLC game modes and introduced Last Man Standing and Team Last Man Standing game variants, which some of you may remember as featured modes from previous events. In one match, our PlayRockstar2 fought hard on Xbox 360 but couldn't quite stay in check with MARK ALAN DARK, who edged out Wicked9Klown 55 Points to 49. Those two would continue to be a thorn in PlayRockstar2's side, both wielding the IA2 AR assault rifle with surgical precision. Meanwhile, PlayRockstar was knee-deep in a Team Deathmatch in Nova Esperança on PS3. Opting for a heavy Loadout with the M4, dual 9mm and Weapon Double-Dealer, our Dev went up against ToniMessia, Mike921, hajisaito-san and Blitzard219 of the Shine Thugz Crew (whose stunning Parisian pride Emblem we featured a while back in The Crew Cut). PlayRockstar fought a hard match but the Shine Thugz gang French fried us in the end, winning 78-44. Over on PC, PlayRockstarPC and porosenok85 went right down to the wire in a thrilling match of Run and Stun - the mode where one player assumes the role of the villainous troll Saci and the rest try to survive his onslaught. Playing as Saci ourselves, we were leading with three minutes to go, looking good, in control and poised to take the win. However, when Wizard88 picked up a kill with the PT92, it opened the gate for porosenok85 to embark on a last-ditch rampage and pip our player to the post 322-268. PlayRockstar didn't stand a chance against the sting of illyaillya's stun gun. For the second segment of the event, PlayRockstar2 stepped up to Table Tennis on Xbox 360 while PlayRockstar took to the streets of Midnight Club: Los Angeles. With only a paddle and a point to prove, PlayRockstar2 went on a metronomic rampage, slicing and smashing towards consecutive wins against sirwaltjabasco and VineWooD_HD, giving up a mere three points along the way. With the move to Ranked mode, our Dev ran up against a veritable boss in BL4CKJOK3R. Playing as the Solayman character and wielding levels of spin that might make Congressman Stubbs proud, BL4CKJOK3R beat us in straight sets, only dropping a single point in the process. Kudos. On the streets of L.A., PlayRockstar buckled up and into an ’88 VW Scirocco and lined up against a stacked field of hungry competitors. Despite bringing a knife to a gunfight as we faced off against some high-octane Lambos in our humble hatchback, PlayRockstar came in a respectable seventh, with MDK_SaCk_LuNcH (XBL GT), MRWAFFELHATER_2 (XBL GT) and xXxPR3D4T0RIxXx (XBL GT) taking first, second and third respectively. Next, we traded in our German import for an American Standardbred as we switched over to Red Dead Redemption on both Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayRockstar2 kicked things off with a round of Grab the Bag alongside - among others - Newswire regular illyaillya, who managed their team's only capture. The stars of this particular show were xGBUx27Xanax, with a very impressive three captures; and BradPitt_v2v (XBL GT), who clocked up 19 kills - nine of which were headshots. Not to be outdone, our PlayRockstar2 was Top Player in the following round with 13 kills and two captures of their own. CommanderCaZa also encountered PlayRockstar2 in a ruthless kind of mood during the course of the event, and uploaded the footage to YouTube for everyone to enjoy: We closed out the day's extravaganza in Liberty City, starting with a GTA Race at the start of Bawhan Dash alongside Dazed_Mong, BALISTIK_BLAZE (XBL GT), shot_yr_melon (XBL GT) and others, quickly battling for the lead with IMdeNMEofDEATH (XBL GT). Things were looking good for us until an errant lamppost nudged our Comet into a spin. We fought back with offensive driving and machine gun fire, and almost pulled back into contention, before running into Dazed_Mong's (XBL GT) roadblock. With dreams of victory shattered after taking a bullet to the head, we had to settle for the ignominy of chasing down the finish line on a Faggio. PRIZE WINNERS Congrats to lucky sweepstakes winners of our coveted Rockstar Prize Packs which included some vintage original collectibles. WolfskinKiller, CoolMarquis97 and drew713 will each be receiving an MCLA remote control car and seat belt cover, a pool cue set and Statue of Happiness from GTAIV, playing cards and dice from Red Dead Redemption, a Max Payne 3 bullet pen and flask along with some stickers. Runner-up prize packs featuring t-shirts, stickers and the aforementioned playing cards were awarded to TonyMontana166, Superpicl, MarkusGathome, BabyfaceKane, Mr_Kevin01, Darkflame_666, webby1990, VacationSuit, TechnicalH1, Krette, Jpbever, tallbailey, bobthekiller666, cooljodegekke, psnmexican, Nickster8000, s0undst0rmz, FRA1Z3R, weeniewhacker14 and CircusRock. For all else, remember you can still pick up some of those items over at the Rockstar Warehouse store now while supplies last. Thanks again to everyone who joined in the event and those who made the most of Triple XP all that weekend on Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. A last special shout to the Red Dead Dogs Crew who kept the party going that weekend long after the live-stream ended, tearing it up in Max Payne 3, Red Dead and GTAIV, as this slick compilation video attests. Solid work, gang. Stay tuned here at the Newswire for details on future Social Club events soon. In the meantime, check out a few of memorable screens from the April blockbuster along with the roll call of everyone who attended, according to our records. 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