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GTA Fan Vids: Cunning Stunts, Co-Signs from Mad Dogg and More

This week's roundup of fine Grand Theft Auto fan vids features a pair of top-shelf stunt montages, some impressively expedited character sketch work, an inspired GTA Online homage to Patrick Bateman and a pair of music videos presented by or co-signed by some rap legends. Stumble upon or make a GTAV clip of your own? Feel free to drop it in the comments or send it to us at GTAV Stunt Montage by BenBuja Machinima’s BenBuja, whose previous work includes the excellent 100 Ways To Die in GTAV, now brings us a collection of miraculous ways to survive seemingly impossible jumps, inverted aerial scenarios and unlikely pool drops in this stylish and meticulously crafted montage that will likely have you saying 'whoa' more than once. GTA 5: Stunt Montage III* by Hazardous (*embedding disabled) As a race and chaser to that one, Hazardous returns with his third stunt video installment, literally busting through television screens (see 00:14) with vehicular barrel rolls and incredible landings. At one point, he uses Trevor to pull off a pretty dramatic belly flop but perhaps an even more impressive use of the stunt plane is his upside down flight through the traffic filled tunnel beneath Fort Zancudo. If you enjoy these types of physics-defying displays, be sure to check out GTA 5: Stunt Montage I! and GTA 5: Stunt Montage II! as well. For something a bit more on the humorous side, Hazardous' Sh!t GTA 5 People Say is good for a quick laugh at the overheard amusing rantings and off-hand comments made by the colorful residents of Los Santos and Blaine County. Love the part at about 2 minutes in where a muscle-bound braggart at the Del Perro Pier tells his friend "I just got my third-degree black belt, so... I'm really excited to hurt somebody" - only to get promptly knocked the f**k out by good old Franklin.    Realistic GTAV Drawing - Franklin by HelenD4TT Here's an impressive time-lapse sketch of Franklin with Chop at his side drawn meticulously by artist HelenD4TT. Helen lays down some heavy lead (or graphite), penciling in detail across the page and even makes a point to lay down an extra sheet of paper when working from left to right as not to smudge any previous line work or shading.     Los Santos Psycho by BaileyPoints "I live on Bay City Avenue, in Apartment 45..." BaileyPoints is really getting into his GTA Online character. Perhaps a bit too in-character in this awesome little American Psycho parody.   Smoothe Da Hustler - Grand Theft (Produced by DJ Wally) Many may remember Brooklyn's Smoothe da Hustler from his bona fide 90s rap classic "Broken Language" - it's dope to see his latest official music video visualized with the aid of some appropriately grimy GTAIV footage from the streets of Liberty City thanks to the machinima skills of creators such as xturkishdelight, B4WZeR, BezTehz and MldnightClub.   GTA5 Fans! INCREDIBLE- Must Watch -> "@StonieMuss:Overwatch has made another vid ICE, hope you like it.” #The5th — ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) October 30, 2013 GTA Online - ICE-T - The 5th Bringing things back over to the Left Coast, SnM and his Crew Overwatch Elite have been busy creating their own GTA Online music video tributes to various 1990s Ice-T records - and this week even got a big co-sign from the O.G. himself on Twitter as you can see above. Make sure to check out their other Ice-T music vid for "Cramp Your Style" with the Overwatch Crew lamping in their Los Santos pad and pulling off robberies with a bullet and a smile. Also don't miss: The latest entries (five, six and seven) in DefendTheHouse's Mythbuster series put some helpful survival tips to the test, including how to hitch a ride on a Luxor Jet using a BMX, whether you can tase a shark, and tactful ways of evading police pursuit.  Social Club stalwart German Scientist returns with parts two and three of his In Detail video series. A viral sensation making the rounds this week: Angry GTAV Granny who appears to take out her frustration with the local utility company's latest price hikes by engaging in a few Trevor-like rampages. Is that you, Grandma Philips?   Previously: GTA Fan Vids: Epic Chase Sequences Plus Timelapses, Mythbusting and More  

Rockstar Throwback: A History of Rockstar Game Intros (Found on YouTube)

Respect to YouTube user laurigun1, an apparent longtime fan and dedicated collector of our titles, for putting together this pretty comprehensive trip down memory lane compiling a video tour of our signature animated Rockstar intros that have appeared at the start of our games since the late 90s. Including intros that even we haven't looked at in a while from our rarer titles like Thrasher: Skate and Destroy and Surfing H3O - as well as those that you'll recognize as having greeted you upon loading up each Grand Theft Auto title, it's a nice little nostalgic compendium. Bear in mind that the video is over a year old, which is why you won't see ones from L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3 in there. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments which you remember most fondly...     Related:Rockstar Games Bonus Beats video montage

The 365 Songs Project by Chris Sands

We’d just like to take a moment to send a special shout to Chris Sands – who recently dropped us a note via mouthoff to let us know about his inspirational story and about his incredible music project, “365 Songs”. You may have heard of Chris before as the BBC had covered his battle with a rare brain tumor, via the 2010 documentary “The Man Who Can’t Stop Hiccupping”. Chris writes to us:“...we found out I had a brain tumour, so I had brain surgery, leaving me with a cool scar but also leaving me numb over most of my body, I couldn't walk for a while. I'm on the mend now and have got most of my feeling back. I'm still a quite numb down my left hand side and especially in my left hand which leads me to why I am writing this email. I'm a musician, not a very good one but I love to play music, after the surgery I was laid in the hospital bed and I thought I would never be able to play guitar or piano or anything again. I was in tears listening to all my music on my PSP, the only thing that kept me going was Beaterator, I could sit there and though I struggled to even hold the PSP properly for a while, I could sit and craft the songs that would pop in to my head using it. After getting out of hospital I picked up the guitar again and was just about able to record small parts using the mic and the vocal record function, then copy and paste them and write parts over them. It was just what I needed to help me recover. So now I've started a project to write a song a day for a year and most of my songs have been recorded on my PSP using your excellent program.” Truly amazing, inspiring and humbling. And better still, the tracks he’s been recording are really, very well done. We’re particularly fond of this catchy tune – “a story about a man on a horse”, entitled “The plAIN and mountAIN” recorded on Day 73. Please everyone check out his site at All the best to you, Chris – please keep up the awesome work, best of luck with the remainder of the project and stay well!

Jay Electronica – Unreleased Beaterator Instrumental

Jay Electronica, who’s been blowing up airwaves this year here in New York and worldwide with his breakout Just Blaze-produced anthem, “Exhibit C” – was one of several artists who passed through the Beaterator Lounge a few months back to test out the beatmaking abilities of Beaterator for PSP. Digging through our files, we came across this unreleased original beat he whipped up that day live on the spot in just a few minutes flat.  Simple, bass-heavy and vocals-ready with a funky electronic cascade to it… check it out: Previously:Beaterator: Artists Series Video Part 2, Hands-On with Pete Rock, Buckshot, Twista, Jay Electronica and More Beaterator Exclusive Preview at VMA Weekend in NYC  

Beaterator Breakdown: Looping Around the Competition (iPhone / iPod touch) (Part Two)

Rounding up our two-part series, Looping Around the Competition, <LINK WILL BE ADDED ONCE PART ONE GOES UP are a few more tips for Beaterator for iPhone and iPod touch.  Mastering every aspect of the interface will allow you to create some very dynamic mixes.  While Part One <LINK WILL BE ADDED ONCE PART ONE GOES UP explained how to get the most out of the Loop screen and the Loop Picker, this second half  will show you how to split loops and use effects:  Splitting Loops - Sometimes you may want to use just part of a loop – for example the first bar of a 2-bar baseline.  Beaterator lets you do this in two ways. You can tap and hold any bar of a loop to remove it and either split the loop in two. You can remove one of the bars at the start or end of the loop. If you remove say, the third bar from a 4-bar loop, you end up with two loops – one 2-bar loop and a 1-bar loop.  You will often find yourself removing one or the other.  Then you can place loops after the part of the loop that is left. (Splitting loops is an easy way to tweak your song if it doesn't sound quite right.) You can also use Copy and Paste to duplicate individual bars of a loop.  Any loops in a Muted Track will not be pasted, so by muting all but the track you are working on (or you could just solo the track), you can copy a section using the Copy and Paste button, then define the area to paste, and continue defining an area and pasting as much as you want. (Use the Cut, Copy and Paste features to move bars around with ease.) To mute a track, tap its track number.  The speaker icon will change to muted, and the track will darken.  To solo a track, simply tap and hold the track number. Effects - Subtlety is the key with using effects.  They can really bring a song to life, but they can also ruin it.  It often helps to mute other tracks, or solo the track you are working on, so you can hear exactly what your current effect is doing to the track.  Any effect you add to the Master Track will affect all eight tracks in the song.  When you start a New Song from the Main Menu, you will find that an effect has been placed in the Master Effect Slot for you already, so you can experiment straight away.  You can remove or replace this effect by tapping and holding the effect. (Tap and hold an effect to bring up the option to remove it from your song.) The reverb on the Master Track, however, will only affect the tracks you specify with the Reverb Send for those tracks.  If a track has Reverb Send set to zero, it will not use your Reverb Effect.  To add some reverb, select a Reverb Effect in the Reverb slot on the Master Track, and adjust the Reverb Send for any tracks you want to affect.  Then while playing the song, go back to the Reverb slot on the Master Track and experiment with the Control Pad.  Keep experimenting with all aspects of Beaterator to master the interface and create right beat for you. With Beaterator, you can often just slide things around and button mash until you have a happy accident, but as you get deeper into things, you’ll find these advanced tips can really help you set yourself apart from the crowd.  If you haven’t picked it up yet and fancy using our little beatmaking app to whip up some gems, head over to the App Store to get it today – priced at only $2.99 for a limited time.  <REMINDER FOR ME TO CHECK THE PRICE TO SEE IF IT HAS CHANGED BEFORE WE PUT THIS UP> Previously: Beaterator Breakdown: Looping Around the Competition (Part 1) <LINK WILL BE ADDED ONCE PART 1 GOES UPBeaterator Breakdown: The Power of the Synth Editor (PSP)Beaterator Breakdown: Getting the Most out of Trigger Velocity (PSP)Teaching Music with Beaterator (PSP)

Beaterator Breakdown: Looping Around the Competition (iPhone / iPod touch) (Part One)

The dynamic functionality of Beaterator for iPhone and iPod touch easily allows anyone to create powerful and innovative mixes.  Mastering the art of looping will propel your content above the competition, and help you stand out amongst the crowd when uploading your masterworks to the Beaterator Community at Rockstar Social Club.  Here are some tips that will help hone your looping skills: A Starting Point - The Loops screen is a great starting point for making a song.  Play around with the various Templates – found in New Song on the Main Menu – until you find one you want to work with.  Spend a little time jamming to get a feel for the arrangement of loops, and replace or remove any you don’t want.  Then tap the 'Record' button and start jamming for real.  In no time at all, you will have recorded the basics and can then go to the Song screen to do some finer editing. (Selecting the right Template is the first step to getting your musical creativity flowing.) The Loop Picker - Use the Loop Picker at the bottom of the screen to change which loops you will place in each track.  Whatever loop is shown there will be the loop you place down when you tap in the song.  The available loops for the track you tapped will be slightly brighter, and all the current loops for each track – that is, the loops displayed on the Loop Picker bar – are brighter still.  While in the Loop Picker, you can tap a loop to preview it.  If you want to change the loop, tap and hold a loop to remove it, and tap the empty loop slot to browse for a replacement. (Experiment with different loops until you find the right rhythm.) In addition to these tips, use the Transport Slider to quickly scroll to other parts of the song.  Access the Transport Slider by touching the small horizontal line icon on the top of the Loop screen or Song screen.  Also, don't forget to make use of the Mute Tracks feature when you are working on specific parts of a song, especially when working with effects.  Remember to keep it simple!  If your song starts to sound bad, you might be mixing too many loops together at that point, or even mixing loops that don’t sound quite right next to each other. Stay tuned for more looping tips in the future.  If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, head over to the App Store and cop it – it's only $2.99 for a limited time - get on it! Previously:Beaterator Breakdown: The Power of the Synth Editor (PSP)Beaterator Breakdown: Getting the Most out of Trigger Velocity (PSP)Teaching Music with Beaterator (PSP)

DJ Kiva Delivers BTR8ION: World's First Album Created on Beaterator for PSP

The crew at Dubspot were among the first to recognize the potential of Beaterator for PSP, working with us to reach out to schools using Beaterator as a music production teaching tool.  They also created some great instructional videos to help the crew come to grips with some of Beaterator's more advanced features. Just to prove just how powerful and versatile Beaterator is, Dubspot's DJ Kiva has created an entire album using Beaterator - and it's awesome. Set up like an old school mixtape, Kiva uses Beaterator's sequencer, sampler and tools to mix up live instrumentation, spoken word, vocals and samples to create a smooth collection of beats ranging from classic old school hip-hop to head-nodding reggae, deep house, subatomic dubstep basslines and more. Listen and download BTR8ION at Kiva's Soundcloud account Video Tips Series by DubspotTeaching Music with Beaterator

Beaterator: Video Tips Series by Dubspot

The good folks at Dubspot, the premier music school specializing in electronic music production & DJ’ing located right near our home base here in NYC, have been touring schools across the country using Beaterator as a tool to help educate kids on the fundamental aspects of music theory and composition. Now, on the official Dubspot blog – they’ve gone a step further and put together their own series of very helpful and informative instructional videos taking you through some of the more advanced mixing and music creation features of Beaterator for PSP.   There’s 8 vids in total in the series ranging from mastering effects like Reverb, Delay, and Filter – to more advanced features like Loop Slicing and Sampling Live Instruments – and even the finer points of using the Synth Editor to create what they call a “Dubstep Wobble” (as featured in our most recent Beaterator Breakdowns installment). Check out to see the full set of clips – and also check out some episodes from their nationwide schools tour here.


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