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Rockstar Logo Black Out and White Out Tees Now Available

Now in stock at the Rockstar Warehouse, the final two tees featured in our Social Club t-shirt giveaway, the Rockstar Logo Black Out Tee and Rockstar Logo White Out Tee. These monochromatic additions to the Rockstar Apparel Collection at the Warehouse will also be available for your Grand Theft Auto Online character later this month. Meanwhile, a series of desktop wallpapers, social backgrounds and avatars directly inspired by them can be found at the Rockstar Downloads page.

Knuckleduster Tees Now at the Rockstar Warehouse

The latest arrivals in the Rockstar Games Summer 2017 T-Shirt Collection are the Knuckleduster Tees - now in stock at the Rockstar Warehouse in two styles – the all-over Knuckleduster pattern and the Knuckleduster Pocket Tee as seen below. The Knuckleduster design is also now available from the Rockstar Games Downloads page as a series of desktop, mobile, social media, and tablet backgrounds, as well as avatars. And next week you'll be able to unlock the Knuckleduster Pocket Tee for your GTA Online character (stay tuned to the Newswire for more details on that). Also at the Warehouse this week, get 30% off select items from the GTAV Collection between now and August 4th. This includes:  GTAV Tee | GTAV Logo Tee | Love Fist Tour Tee | Trevor Philips Industries Tee | Los Santos EST. 1781 Tee | Xero Inflatable Blimp | Pin Set & Badge Bundle | Fatigue Merryweather Security Cap | Lifeinvader Mouse Pad | iFruit iPhone Case Offer valid only on while supplies last. Offer valid on select GTAV merchandise products only and does not include games. Offer does not apply to previous purchases, credits, or gift cards. Discount applied before shipping and taxes are added (if any). Offer valid through Friday, August 4th, 2017, 11:59pm EST.  EST is local time in New York City, USA.  Offer cannot be redeemed for cash.  Details of offer are subject to change and may be canceled without notice. Previously:Rockstar Noise Tees Now Available at the WarehouseRockstar Class of '98 Tee Now Available at the Rockstar Warehouse

GTAV Original Artwork: New Michael, Franklin & Trevor Art Plus Much More Now Available for Download

The brand new artwork of Michael, Franklin and Trevor as well as the flirtatious Vinewood Girl art that appeared this past Friday as part of the release date info update and trailer launch for Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – are all now available as digital downloads in our usual wide variety of formats. We’ve also updated the archive of available GTAV digital artwork to include a mother lode of previously unreleased illustrations including a few of the oddballs of Los Santos and Blaine County that appeared in the latest trailer like Maude and Dr. Friedlander – plus a wide range of GTA Online artwork from the past few months as well. Hit up to grab all of the new artwork released as desktops, smartphone and tablet backgrounds, avatars, icons, Twitter and Facebook covers and more.  

Original Grand Theft Auto V Artwork: Fame or Shameless

This week's additions to the Grand Theft Auto V original artwork collection prove that there are no limits to what some people will do to achieve wealth and notoriety in Los Santos. Despite an alarming lack of discernible talent, Tracey De Santa does her best to put on a brave face as she auditions cheerfully for the variety show Fame or Shame. By the same token, ignoring any complaints on his highly questionable lending practices and aggressive vehicle repossession policies, Simeon Yetarian stands defiantly in front of his Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership.    Grab either (or both) in a large variety of downloadable art sizes and formats - including wallpapers and backgrounds for desktop and mobile devices, Facebook Timeline Covers, Twitter Covers, buddy icons and avatars at We'll have more GTAV artwork releases for you throughout the Winter. Previously Released GTAV Original Artwork: To Have and to Hold | Franklin & Chop on Guard | Friends. And Family | Michael. Franklin. Trevor | Official Cover Art | Cash and Carry | The Trunk | Stop and Frisk | Franklin and Chop | Vinewood | Trevor | Beach Weather | Pest Control  

Original Grand Theft Auto V Artwork: To Have and to Hold

This week's set of official digital releases to the original Grand Theft Auto V artwork collection features the heads of the De Santa household. Amanda strives for serenity by striking the Vrksasana pose (one of the more traditional yoga positions recommended by Master Instructor Fabien Larouche) while Michael prepares for decidedly less transcendental stress relief, with the aid of a modified and high-powered Carbine Rifle outside of Lester's Garment Factory. Get them in all the requisite downloadable art sizes including wallpapers and backgrounds for desktop and mobile devices, Facebook Timeline Covers, Twitter Covers, buddy icons and avatars over at Look for more GTAV artwork releases to the official artwork collection throughout the fall.   Previously Released GTAV Original Artwork: Michael. Franklin. Trevor | Official Cover Art | Cash and Carry | The Trunk | Stop and Frisk | Franklin and Chop | Vinewood | Trevor | Beach Weather | Pest Control | Friends. And Family. | Franklin & Chop on Guard  

Original Grand Theft Auto V Artwork: Franklin & Chop on Guard

This pair of official widescreen artwork releases showcases a couple of Franklin Clinton's most trusted companions. On the streets of Downtown Los Santos it's the ever faithful (and trainable) Rottweiler, Chop above, who by the looks of things is quite capable of reducing set-tripping Ballas to a pile of purple scraps. While on the rooftops across from FIB Headquarters, it’s the equally intimidating and deadly accurate Heavy Sniper Rifle equipped with 6-armor piercing rounds and a laser scope to assure overtly aggressive FIB helicopter pilots realize they’re barking up the wrong tree by invading Franklin’s air space. You can grab both of these in our wide range of downloadable art sizes including wallpapers, backgrounds, Facebook Timelines, Twitter Covers, buddy icons and avatars over at Stay tuned for more GTAV artwork releases soon.   Previously Released GTAV Original Artwork: Michael. Franklin. Trevor | Official Cover Art | Cash and Carry | The Trunk | Stop and Frisk | Franklin and Chop | Vinewood | Trevor | Beach Weather | Pest Control | Friends. And Family.  

GTAV Official Site Update: Full Visitor’s Travelogue, Social Club Features, My Blaine County Video and More

There’s only a few days left until your West Coast trip begins – and today the Visitor’s Travelogue has been filled out with a view of more activities to expect from the bustling city of Los Santos to the exciting outdoors action of Blaine County.   Lovely Accommodations Sponsored by the Blaine County Board of Tourism – watch their new commercial ‘My Blaine County’ – and browse a range of living options to suit your lifestyle from single-family homes in the heart of Los Santos, to rural mobile trailers in Blaine to a dream mini-mansion in Rockford Hills.   Sightseeing & Celebrity Faded starlets, troubled celebutantes and aggressive, costumed street performers - you never know who you're going to bump into on Vinewood Boulevard. Come see the sights and sounds for yourself, or jump aboard the Vinewood Star Tours bus to have a struggling actor narrate as you take a guided tour of the landmarks and homes of the rich and famous while sitting on an un-airconditioned bus.   24-Hour Conveniences Stores  You'll find the roads of Los Santos and Blaine County packed with accommodating convenience and liquor stores, open around the clock for your last minute needs. Stop into your local 24/7, LTD service station or Rob's liquor store - the tills are always filled with cash to serve you.   Opportunity for the Upwardly Mobile This is a land of great opportunity. Cash is king in these parts - and ambitious and hard-working business people can make some big bucks if they know the right people and the right enterprise to get hooked up with…     Today’s official site update also reveals how you can enhance and extend your criminal career in Grand Theft Auto V with exclusive features strictly for members of the Rockstar Games Social Club – including the unlockable Assault Sub Machine Gun, the blazing Annis Elegy RH8 sports car and unique haircuts for Franklin, Michael and Trevor to sport around town. Social Club members will also be able to access the deep suite of Career stats and player checklist features to monitor everything from heist performances to BAWSAQ investment portfolios and compare progress and accomplishments against Friends through special leaderboards. Social Club members can also share in-game mobile photos online via Snapmatic and qualify for exclusive discounts on select in-game purchases through   Hit up for more info and stay tuned for Social Club exclusive features for Grand Theft Auto Online to be announced soon.     Plus a set of new Screens added to the gallery as well as brand new official GTAV artwork – depicting Trevor, Franklin and Michael on The Hunt – now available for download in mobile and desktop sizes at 

GTAV Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

The Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue has just been updated with special new sections highlighting why this west coast destination is a fitness buff's paradise, along with an overview on law enforcement and security for your peace of mind, and previews of the exciting music and television entertainment in store this fall...   Security & Peace of Mind The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible, while private security firms like Gruppe 6 and Merryweather Security have a financial interest in saving your assets. Sponsored by Ammu-Nation – Protecting Your Rights.   Fitness & Relaxation Vanity is at an all-time high and we're an athlete and fitness buff's paradise. Fancy a bit of tennis? We've got world class courts and stiff competition. Into cycling? Grab a bike for a lovely ride along the Los Santos beachfront or a punishing path through the mountains and hillsides of Blaine County. Or take part in a challenging triathlon of swimming, running and biking designed to pit egomaniacs against each other in a test of who exercises professionally the best. Sponsored by EGO CHASER Energy Bars - an energy bar that's all about you. Watch the commercial! Exciting Music & Entertainment  For those stuck in traffic, tune in to the Los Santos radio dial for a wide range of music styles to choose from - check out radio station previews of Radio Los Santos and Channel X plus Rebel Radio, East Los FM, West Coast Classics, Fly Lo FM and Vinewood Boulevard Radio. Stay tuned for more radio station previews to come. In the Home Entertainment section, you can watch a special preview of CNT's Fall TV Line Up, with clips from The Underbelly of Paradise, Impotent Rage and Moorehead Rides Again as well as a sneak preview of Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force, the upper-middle class super hero team coming to Weazel TV’s family values entertainment programming this fall.     This week's update also includes brand new artwork of Lester (who you might have noticed a few times in the latest Official Trailer and in an awkward moment during the GTA Online Gameplay Video) added to the Art & Downloads page - plus 8 new screenshots of surf, skies, racing, riding and gunning all added to the Screens page.     Previously: Exclusive Country Clubs, Local Artisans, Serenity & Wellness... Visit Los Santos & Blaine County


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