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#WARSTOCK Special Vehicles Rockstar Editor Video Contest Winner

    Just one of the excellent Special Vehicles action sequences from Welwelkouill’s winning clip – chock full of blasting Rocket Voltics, Ramp Buggy launch pads and more. Warstock Cache and Carry called out to Los Santos' greatest filmmakers to help showcase their new inventory of Special Vehicles, and to no surprise, the Rockstar Editor community delivered the goods. The bar for creativity and the penchant for carnage both reached new heights, with many of you pulling off stunts that previously seemed unimaginable. Congratulations to Welwelkouill for winning the grand prize with "IMPORT–EXPORT".  Aside from etching their name in the annals of Rockstar Editor contests, Wel will receive the customized Director's Chair, the highly coveted GTAV Varsity Jacket complete with a Director's patch and the illustrious Rockstar Editor trophy. WINNER IMPORT–EXPORT by Welwelkouill The art of the music video is a tough one to master, but Welwelkouill hits all the right notes in this bombastic Special Vehicles montage set to the Welcome to Los Santos track "Fast Life." The dancehall jam proves just the right pick for this over-the-top Los Santos tour, complete with adrenaline-filled Voltic drag races, Ramp Buggys and Phantom Wedges serving as high-octane launch pads with some truly awesomely edited action sequences. Topped off with flashy clothes, fast cars and death-defying stunts, IMPORT-EXPORT deservedly takes the top spot.  RUNNERS-UP Our two runner ups, BloodLust180 and jKashh, will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and deluxe prize pack with official GTAV gear and collectibles. UNFORGIVEN #WARSTOCK by BloodLust180 Love is a dangerous drug and BloodLust180 risks life and limb to get her fix. In this explosive revenge thriller, BloodLust savages through waves of masked mad men in a race to save a kidnapped lover. The chase flows from the seas through the deserts as this previously acclaimed editor eviscerates foes from behind the wheel of a Ruiner 2000.  #WARSTOCK by jKashh jKashh and The BadWolf Council Crew may be dressed to the nines, but their antics are straight up dirty in this funk-infused adventure powered by B.T. Express' "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)". Packed with slick transitions and scenes worthy of Vinewood blockbusters, jKashh and company outdid themselves with this one. HONORABLE MENTIONS: While we can only award three entries, we'd be remiss if we didn't show some love to a couple of other honorable mentions: REDEMPTION by Jaymz_Death After a failed escape attempt, Jaymz_Death and his car stealing partner in crime are given an ultimatum: rot in prison or complete a dangerous task for a billionaire megalomaniac. Take a stab at which option they chose. FEEL THE SAME by The-DST This femme fatale has got a thirst for mayhem and a bevy of Special Vehicles to help her dish out some pain.   Previously:GTA Online: Import/Export Now Available#ImportExport and #FestiveSurprise2016 Snapmatic Photo Challenge WinnersWatch the Winning Video of the #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest: "Sellin' Dope" BY BILL_BENEDICT

The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with Bikers

The streets of Los Santos are swarming with some of the baddest Motorcycle Clubs and independent riders you’ve ever seen and as proof, we’ve gathered some of the best videos, GIFs and Snapmatics from members of the GTA Online community. Zadrium and other members of the prolific REBL Crew got right to test driving some of the vehicles, weapons and businesses from the new update. Similar to his work on the Western-themed Ricochet that we featured in August, Zadrium perfectly captures the tone and feel of what it means to be an outlaw. Only able to sit idle around their Clubhouse for so long, members of Western Brothers MC take their bikes for a twilight ride. Watch for a solid melee attack at the end, causing a rival member of The Lost to eat dirt. There's no better way to spend your day off than racing through traffic on two wheels. DeejayJeanP of Logic Films suits up and puts the new Shitzu Hakuchou Drag bike through its paces across the sunny streets of Los Santos.   This new grenade launcher is a handy little gun. A "biker" in his own right, Redditor AllUpNSmoke demonstrates what a capable little killing machine the new Compact Grenade Launcher can be in this GIF. With a bank shot even Michael Jordan and Larry Bird would be envious of, AllUpNSmoke takes it from behind cover and off the wall for nothing but death.   Even those with the roughest of edges can't be hardcore all of the time. From the throne of his Faggio Mod, Vine's Koopapoopascoopa proves that under all that macho posturing is just a man in heart-emblazoned boxers. Biker Melee Duel w/ estrangedhd #GTAV #PC #Bikers #SnapmaticArt @RockstarGames — Alex (@iAlexBullet) October 5, 2016 May the best man live. Snapmatic veteran AlexSniperBullet and estrangedhd demonstrate one way to settle beef on the muddied up trails of Southern San Andreas. Wrooom! Pew-Pew! #GTAOnline — Freddy Los Santos (@FreddyLosSantos) October 4, 2016 Poppin' fools and wheelies simultaneously, FreddyLosSANTOS shows off the new Nagasaki Chimera and Sweeper Shotgun. After hosting the Mac Miller livestream last month, Kevin LaSean (aka XpertThief) stuck around Rockstar HQ long enough to get a sneak peek at GTA Online: Bikers. Watch as he and realrosesarered get a taste of that biker life. #GTAOnline Bikers DLC Live Stream (with @Gtamen) — GTA Series Videos (@GTASeries) October 4, 2016 They've got legs. It didn’t take long for the gang at GTASeriesVideos to put this little dance number together, demonstrating kicks worthy of any Rockette. Loving this #BikersDLC — Sariska (@Sistoska) October 4, 2016 She's got the looks that kill. Don’t be fooled by the fishnets and mascara, Snapographer Sariska will make roadkill out of you.   Papa Wolf reborn! Thank you @rockstargames Thank you! #gtamccommunity #gtabikers #gta #gta5online #banishedbreedmc #rockstargames #videogames #xboxone #gta5 #bikersunite #bikerdlc A photo posted by Earl P. Wolf (@impapawolf) on Oct 4, 2016 at 4:44am PDT ImPapaWolf has seen some things. This is one grandpa you don’t want to cross.   #RGIndonesia #GTA5indo @rockstargames . tendangan si madun. #GTA #rockstareditor #rockstar #gamerindo #gamerindonesia #crew #gtaonline #gta5online #gtavonline #GTA5 #gtav #pc #ps4 #steam #bike #game #gaming #motorcycle A photo posted by Gallery | R Gamer Indonesia (@rgamerofficial) on Oct 4, 2016 at 9:29am PDT Keep in your lane. rgamer official isn’t the most welcoming biker in Los Santos and proves as much by holding ground with a melee kick. checking out the new #BikerDLC with @Wendy_Rich_UK...#GTAV GTAOnline#iGTA #intoLS #AsylumMC @RockstarGames — aDaM (@CaPn_bOnEs) October 4, 2016 CaPn_bOnEs takes a break from cracking skulls to bask in the glow. Have any excellent GTA Online: Bikers content you'd like to share with us?  Be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below.  Previously:Cunning Stunts Come Alive: Incredible Saves, Vehicle Showcases & More From the GTA Online CommunityCunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and More

Fan Vids Round-up: GTA Online Cunning Stunts Showcases, When Nature Calls & More

The latest collection of Fan Videos showcases folks working wonders with GTA Online: Cunning Stunts, some of Los Santos' finest auteurs continuing to dazzle with the Rockstar Editor and more. This round-up features a beautifully-shot piece that will leave you wanting to run straight to Vespucci Beach, new music from an old friend, and a graphic Western homage. Check out these and more visual treats below.   GTA 5 - Cunning Stunts DLC | Vehicle Showcase #2 by EvolveStunting   Last seen at the Newswire in February with some impressive BMX trickery, the Evolve gang is back at it with their second Cunning Stunts vehicle showcase. Having already released one Cunning Stunts showcase, watch this time around as these stunters take it to the limit and get top level performances out of the ETR1, RE-7B, BF400 and all the rest.   Low Tide (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor Machinima) by Logic-Films   As a collective, Logic-Films are known primarily for stylish showcases of GTA Online vehicles. This time around, editor Drowsy mixes things up with a tribute to summer. Set to XY & O's song of the same name, the video - according to the group's blog - was "inspired by different photographers/video makers who do very beautiful lifestyle/travel work." With mesmerizing sunrises, enticing waves and shots of Los Santos beach bums in their natural habitat, the warm and sunny vibes of this clip make for a perfect epilogue in the last fleeting days of summer.   Power Unlimited - GTA V Rockstar Editor by K Mountilla   K Mountilla sent us this tribute to the vehicles of Los Santos, captured during a PS4 car meet and sporting a deep roster of cars and motorcycles from GTA Online. K combines sexy close-ups, first-person POV and shots that change velocity, dancing along to the soundtrack. Particularly exhilarating is this lightning-fast sequence from behind the wheel.   GTA V - When Nature Calls (Rockstar Editor) by Duggy   Previously featured at the Newswire, for his use of GTAV as an inspired backdrop for Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot soliloquy - this time Duggy addresses the seemingly innocent and victimless act of relieving oneself in the woods. Watch as Michael peacefully breaks the seal, only for it to give him the scare of a lifetime. Think the Fighting Trees from The Wizard of Oz, only weirder...   Mission Music [Original] by SquidPhysics   Long-time Rockstar theme song cover wizard Squid Physics, known for epic one-man-band versions of the music from GTA III, GTAV and everything in between, has decided to branch out into the world of originals. First releasing the theme from an imagined GTA set in Las Venturas in June, Squid then released this music which is supposed to be the accompaniment to an imaginary Grand Theft Auto desert mission. Broken into three parts - "a stealth bit, firefight and getaway" - this piece at times has hints of Middle Eastern, Western and even free jazz influences. Also worth a listen is Squid's recent Vice City-inspired theme, which uses the original as a starting point and takes it to maximum levels of funkiness.   GTA V - Ricochet [Rockstar Editor Short] by Zadrium   The REBL Crew's Zadrium is responsible for this homage to the Western film genre. Kicking things off with "Man with a Harmonica" (off the staple Once Upon a Time in the West and by Spaghetti Western soundtrack king Ennio Morricone), it's evident from the start that the standoff won't end in a handshake, even when the soundtrack shifts to Andrea Bocelli's "Con te Partirò," a song with a rich cinematic history of its own.   Lampshades (PC Rockstar Editor) by Lu Iggy   Modest Mouse fan Lu Iggy took inspiration from the video to their 2014 hit "Lampshades on Fire" and the result is an excellent reimagining. Mr. Iggy, who's The Raid made it into a previous Newswire round-up this past March (definitely check out Part 2 here), uses a similar cutting style as the original and takes it a step further with all sorts of unsavory characters.   GTA Online: Sumo by Channel V   Inspired by the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo itself, Channel V's tribute to the GTA Online Sumo Mode features two Vapid Slamvans wrestling it out for supremacy. The producers put some brilliant touches on this one - from the use of the Oriental Theater location in Downtown Vinewood to the Eastern-flavored soundtrack and clever nods to Shiko (the routine stamping of the legs by Sumo wrestlers for intimidation), to the full grappling bout. Also Check Out:ROWYCO (GTA Greenscreen Project) by KurryhuhnGTA Z - Zombie Apocalypse Ep.5 (Rockstar Editor Cinematic) by DuggySabre Turbo Custom Showcase (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor)' by Logic-FilmsGTA - Drift Tampa [Rockstar Editor Showcase] by MüzBravado Youga Drift Sessions by L.S. DriftsWindsor Drop promotional video. (GTAOnline) by Mathewisonfire If you've been creating some serious Rockstar Editor visuals and would like to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at   Previously:Fan Vids: "Tilt Shift", GTA Vice City "Pet Stuffers", "Keep Your Friends Close" & MoreRockstar Editor Powered Videos: "The Hunt", "GTA vs Predator", "Siren" & More

Watch the Winning Video of the #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest: "Sellin' Dope" by Bill_BENEDICT

Building a criminal empire is no small feat; building a silver screen masterpiece that documents the endeavor ain't easy either. Shout out to every filmmaker from the Social Club community who submitted their creative criminal antics to the #CEO Rockstar Editor contest. After watching every single entry there can be only one winner: a huge congratulations to Social Club member Bill_BENEDICT for his grand jury prize winning entry, “SELLIN' DOPE.” Along with inalienable bragging rights, Bill will be receiving the customized Director's Chair, the super rare GTAV Varsity Jacket complete with Director's patch and the coveted Rockstar Editor trophy. So kick back on your Office couch, pour yourself an Executive-style liquid lunch, and enjoy these #CEO winner, runner-up and honorable mention entries.   WINNER SELLIN' DOPE by Bill_BENEDICT The lifestyle of a successful Los Santos CEO is a fast paced cocktail of glamour and danger - details Bill_BENEDICT delivers with gusto in his prize-winning vid featuring luxurious Yachts and choppers, fast cars, beautiful women, tense glimpses of Buy missions with drop point flares burning, and stacks endlessly accumulating in the CEO's Office. However, it is not just the content of this video that made it the judges' favorite, but the fantastic visual style, employing impeccable composition, innovative camera tricks and lighting effects to make exceptional use of the Rockstar Editor tool. Bill also exhibits a keen understanding of how to edit to a soundtrack, matching the style and pacing of his clip to the titular song. RUNNERS-UP The two talented runners-up, ChronicBuzz187 and -tdr81, will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and deluxe prize pack of official GTAV gear and collectibles.   WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND by ChronicBuzz187 A radical departure in style from Bill_BENEDICT's entry, ChronicBuzz187 is more Terrence Malick than Tarantino. Atmospheric lingering vignetted shots (including a masterful sequence depicting a Brickade Sell mission), a nuanced narrative about a CEO with a target on his back, and a hypnotizing soundtrack courtesy of The Hics. Be sure to watch through to the end for a brooding finale that ruminates on the true cost of a life of crime.     HY LIFE by -tdr81 An arresting opening POV shot makes for a clever framing device in -tdr81's whirlwind story of the trials and tribulations of a Southern San Andreas criminal Organization mastermind. While -tdr81’s CEO is out living the good life, his henchmen meet a myriad of missteps in their attempts to move high-priced Contraband. In the end however, the CEO takes extreme measures to make sure the job gets done.   HONORABLE MENTIONS Don’t miss a few fantastic honorable mentions that are definitely worth a watch. BE A CEO by --EVOLUT7ON-- Watch as --EVOLUT7ON--’s villainess makes her dreams of being the ultimate consigliere a reality, stylishly stealing and hacking her way to fortune and just as fiercely fighting her way to freedom. GTA - THE CEO by ThePhantomMoose In order to pull off the successful acquisition and distribution of Contraband, painstaking planning is necessary. ThePhantomMoose takes us for a walk in the shoes of a CEO who knows how to run his empire, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in the process. #CEO CASH KINGS LS IN FINANCE AND FELONY by DmC213Cash Kings LS Leader DmC213 rounds up his Executive staff for the ultimate takeover of the Los Santos underworld. With all the mischief and mayhem the Crew cause on the city streets, it can be hard to stay under the radar of the LSPD - leading to a climactic standoff.   Previously:The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest (Announcement)Presenting the Official Music Video for "Wanderer" by Little Dragon (Rockstar Editor Contest Winner)

Cunning Stunts Come Alive: Incredible Saves, Vehicle Showcases & More From the GTA Online Community

The GTA Online Community has risen to the occasion of capturing great footage and Snapmatics of all things Cunning Stunts. From folks like XpertThief maneuvering all the crazy loops and turns of Rockstar-created Stunt Races to GTASeriesVideos showcasing the vehicles, below are some of the most entertaining clips, GIFs and Snapmatics we came across.     Fresh off the official Rockstar Cunning Stunts live stream they did with us a couple of weeks back, the gang from Achievement Hunter continue the thrills and hilarity in a stream of their own. AH go through Racing Alley, Turbine, Downtown Loop and Threading the Needle, all part of what appears to be their new favorite GTA Online update.     From GTASeriesVideos, here's a showcase of the three newest Cunning Stunts vehicles, with a full walkthrough of all customization options AND a showcase of the interior view and performance on the streets of Los Santos. If you're in the market for something with power and considering the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, MTL Dune or Vapid Contender, check this video out. You can also peruse some other recent rides our old friends tested out here. I can't Believe I made that epic recovery #GTAOnline #CunningStunts @louis_1993 #PS4share — Alton Mclawhorn (@Altonmcla) July 27, 2016 About halfway through Point to Point Stunt Race Zebra and sitting in fourth place, Alton Mclawhorn (aka 911 NYC Crew Leader nikobellic250000) clipped a fellow racer mid-jump, a circumstance that easily could have taken him out of contention. Instead - and to his surprise - Alton stuck the landing and moved into first place. Watch here for the full Race and Alton's ultimate victory. That save though... #GTAOnline @RockstarGames — Broughy (@Broughy1322) July 25, 2016 Racing maestro Broughy1322 also found himself in a bit of an airy situation. After completely overshooting a jump, Broughy hung tight through several revolutions and was able to straighten out post-landing and regain composure. That was indeed one hell of a save. New Vapid Contender! #GTA #GTAOnline #GTAPhotographers #CunningStunts #RockstarGames — Cassy (@CassyKathy) July 26, 2016 Seasoned GTA photographer Cassy adds to her ever-growing collection of jaw-dropping snaps, setting up her fresh-from-the-factory Vapid Contender in a proud pose for this abstract shot.     XpertThief aka KevinLaSean was quick off the mark in testing out the latest bunch of Stunts Races and new vehicles in a recent live stream. Alongside RealRosesAreRed and other friends, Kevin plays through Forest, High Flier and others. Check out a recording of the full broadcast above.     Staying calm under pressure, SAEVARM3 harnesses the power of their inner wallrider to stage a remarkably elegant recovery behind the wheel of an Annis RE-7B in the Super Stunt Race East Coast.     Tiff92Productions' flamboyant "helicarpter" jump on new Stunt Race Zebra looks to be setting them up for a rough landing. Amazingly, Tiff escapes unscathed and lives to stunt another day. The new MTL Dune looks so sick :))#gta#RockstarGames @RockstarGames #mtldune#cunningstunts — czechgamehunter (@czechgamehunter) July 26, 2016 Geared up and ready to rally, czechgamehunter takes the MTL Dune for a spin on the dusty roads of Blaine County.     MODESTMOUSE89 risks it all with a perfectly timed shortcut -- complete with a barrel roll -- to blitz past two other hopeful racers in East Coast. By their own admission, they only managed to land this trick once, so you might want to think twice before trying this one at home!     With a penchant for highlighting new GTA Online vehicles, Logic-Films and DeejayJeanP are back, this time honoring the sleek and powerful Emperor ETR1. Deejay intercuts flattering angles of the ETR1 with beautiful shots of a sun-soaked San Andreas to show the obvious appeal of this new Super.   If you've got any excellent Cunning Stunts or Rockstar Editor clips you'd like to share with us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below. Previously:Cunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and MoreNew Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts

Cunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and More

Death-defying drops, audacious overtakes and white-knuckle wall rides are all in a day's work for the stunters of Los Santos. Thanks to Cunning Stunts, racing has well and truly been taken to the next level. There's been no shortage of awesome clips, GIFs and snaps showcasing the new content. We've rounded just a few great ones for you below, so buckle up and check out what the GTA Online Community has been up to so far as you get ready for more stunt-ready vehicles and wild original Races coming out this week:     After kitting out the new Desert Raid and RE-7B with his signature green Crew color, Jelly puts his new Super car to the test in epic fashion, grabbing the W on the Downtown Loop and East Coast Stunt Races.     Vikkstar123 and The Sidemen explore the dizzying heights of Maze Bank Ascent before trying their luck with the Western Gargoyle on Vinewood Downhill in this hilarious clip. Enjoy as they try to prevent JJ from winning at all costs. Cool guys don't look at explosions, and Sights Ov Gta is no exception to the rule. Clearly up to no good, Sights flees the scene in style on his shiny new Western Gargoyle. What an overtake! #CunningStunts #GTAOnline #PS4share — ScavengerX3 (@ScavengerX3) July 12, 2016 A smart and smooth overtake leaves two competitors for dust as ScavengerX3 and their Progen Tyrus quite literally live life on the edge. Amazing Recovery from GrandTheftAutoV Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Kappamari pulls it back from the brink with an utterly fantastic save on the devious downhill portion of Plummet to put themselves back in contention.      An unconventional shortcut proves fruitful for self-professed "God of Needles" TezzaMcJ, who avoids the traffic to storm from 6th to 1st in a matter of seconds.   A photo posted by Grand Theft Auto V (@gtafiveonline) on Jul 13, 2016 at 11:43am PDT Proud new RE-7B owner gtafiveonline holds on to his Annis after carefully navigating a ring of fire above the streets of LS. Como pilotar con estilo. #GTAOnline #CunningStunts #GTAOnlineCunningStunts #PS4share — Mi nombre es Sueño. (@Icadrian) July 12, 2016 Icadrian's quick reflexes and a timely nudge from a more unfortunate opponent result in the slick avoidance of a collision and a neat side-flip flourish. View post on Happy coincidence or well-timed, cunning tactic? Either way, redditor Pho3nixR3mix's cheeky tail-swing puts paid to any dreams of victory their fellow racer may have been clinging on to.  If you've got any excellent Cunning Stunt clips you'd like to share with us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below.

The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest

It's time to get the public relations arm of your GTA Online Organization spinning with a piece of cinematic propaganda to play at the AGM and distribute to shareholders and partners. And while cheery stock footage of families waving and co-workers shaking hands may be the traditional approach for such corporate videos, we're looking for a more accurate representation of the types of aggressive venture capitalism your enterprise specializes in. We’ve got some slick prizes fit for any underworld boss to feature in his or her Executive penthouse, so gather your trusted staff and show us what your Organization is made of. THE CREATIVE BRIEF Now that both GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and Executives and Other Criminals have launched, we're looking for short films made purely with the Rockstar Editor showcasing your Organization's criminal endeavors. Be it a specific story or action sequence showing how your Organization exercises a hostile takeover, or a ‘push it to the limit’ style music video montage detailing how you dominate in ruthless and risky business - get creative! Remember that you must feature content from GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and/or Executives and Other Criminals in addition to meeting the other requirements detailed below. THE PRIZES The grand prize winning director will receive three exclusive prizes each customized with their Social Club ID. For the first time ever, we are giving away the Rockstar Editor trophy bearing the Rockstar Editor logo, to sit proudly on the mantel of our winner alongside future BAFTAs, Oscars and Palme d'Ors. As if that wasn't enough, the winning director will also be calling the shots for their next epic from the comfort of a customized director's chair, bearing the winner's Social Club ID and the Rockstar Editor logo. Finally, the ultra-rare and exclusive GTAV Varsity Jacket will be yours to wear on set or on location. It also will be customized with your Social Club ID on a special custom patch confirming your status as an award-winning Rockstar Editor auteur. Two runners-up will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and a deluxe prize pack of official GTAV gear, as well as being featured here at the Rockstar Newswire. HOW TO ENTER Entering the competition is easy. Simply create a video in the Rockstar Editor on PC, PS4 or Xbox One and publish it to Rockstar Games Social Club via the in-game menu. Make sure to tag your video with the word "#CEO" to enter it into the contest. You can either do this in-game or via the My Videos page on Social Club. A few important points: Your video must feature content from GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and/or Executives and Other Criminals. Your video must be between 2 and 5 minutes in length. Your video must be published to Rockstar Games Social Club and tagged with the word '#CEO' between now and 11.59pm ET on July 18th, 2016 to be eligible. Your video must be made entirely using the Rockstar Editor. We know that many advanced Rockstar Editor video creators like to use additional third party editing software, but in order to keep this competition fair for all entrants, we require that you only use the Rockstar Editor in producing the video. After viewing all qualifying entries, Rockstar Games will pick the winner by taking into consideration adherence to or interpretation of the Creative Brief mentioned above, entertainment and artistic value, editing quality and overall creativity. Stay tuned for the winners announcement later this summer. Void in certain countries and where prohibited. See for official rules and eligibility details.  

Fan Vids: "Tilt Shift", GTA Vice City "Pet Stuffers", "Keep Your Friends Close" & More

Kick back and enjoy a collection of superb and imaginative fan-created videos, including some choice selections powered by the Rockstar Editor, along with ingeniously animated showcases. This latest collection features a story told in miniature, the return of SquidPhysics' musical symphonies, an epic animated GTA: Vice City teaser and plenty more... Tilt Shift by ehmaysi Video creator ehmaysi collaborates with music artist Spencer Whatever to paint a subtle story using the Rockstar Editor, creating a tilt shift camera effect (previously seen in GTA Series Videos's A World in Miniature). This project is just one in a series of on-going installments in ehmaysi's 52 Weeks, 52 Videos project, described as "a year-long project to keep the content coming." Martian Blues already caught our eye and we're looking forward to seeing more from his channel in the future. GTA London 1969 Cover by SquidPhysics Master instrumentalist (and occasional rapper) SquidPhysics returns once again to show off his smashing version of the London-based GTA classic. On this track, he enlists the talent of vocalist NiamHanlon for added authenticity. Also, in case you missed it, his recent cover of the GTA2 theme is a bit of melodic nostalgia not to be missed. GTA Vice City - Pet Stuffers from Simon Tibbs Whether your favorite commercial on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was Yuppie and the Alien or Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts, you're sure to enjoy Simon Tibbs' animated take on an Emotion 98.3 staple. According to Simon, Pets Stuffers is his all-time favorite GTA radio ad and he utilized After Effects, Illustrator and a little Cinema 4D to create this spot-on visual accompaniment. K.I.A - GTA V Rockstar Editor by BloodLust180 Fans of Bloodlust180's previously featured video M.I.A will love the follow up in the 'Paint It Black' series. Exploring the aftermath of Wolf's failed mission, this episode has Wolf declared K.I.A from the get-go. With Merryweather representatives entering the shadowy dealings and prominent community member Gtamen voicing the mysterious interrogator, it's up to ash0191's Siren (making a guest appearance) and her team to uncover the truth... VICE CITY: Keep Your Friends Close - First Teaser by Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the '80s Video creator Majami Hiroz got in touch with us via Mouthoff to share this awesome First Teaser for their forthcoming animated series. "Keep Your Friends Close" uses stop motion techniques to animate the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kubrick Set into a flawless vignette, backed up appropriately by a brilliant 80s soundtrack. If you've missed the earlier Announcement Teaser, don't forget to check it out for another sneak peek of what's to come. The Doe by _-Chy-_ Employing the scenic vistas and rolling hills of Los Santos and Blaine County as the backdrop for this lushly shot piece, video director Chy tells the story of a doe's journey across dangerous terrain to honor a friend's memory. Chy also includes a special message in the video description to viewers that's worth a read. Also Check Out:CROFTEA Let's Play GTA V - Episode ONE by CROFTEACustom Classics Car Show by MamaSnugglesGTA Online | Benny's Dundreary Virgo Classic Showcase by St1ck GamingGTA V Online | SHADOWS OF LOVE by KOKONITOS VIDSMartian Blues by ehmaysi If you've been creating some serious Rockstar Editor visuals and would like to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at Previously:Rockstar Editor Powered Videos: "The Hunt", "GTA vs Predator", "Siren" & MoreCosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & MoreAction Drama in Vinewood, Legendary Warrener Restoration, Music Videos & More


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