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#SMUGGLERS Snapmatic Event Winners

From optical illusions to daring dogfights, the call to capture your adventures in aviation was met with truly stunning results. Thanks goes out to everyone who submitted their #SMUGGLERS Snapmatic Event entries - we're proud to present the chosen five, featuring 4 first-time-ever winners as well as one returning champion, plus outstanding honorable mentions. #SMUGGLERS SNAPMATIC WINNERS Congratulations to the five winning Snapmatic photographers, each earning a GTA$1,000,000 award for their Smuggler's themed endeavors. "Cloudy With A Chance Of Conflict" by UrBaconMeCrazy UrBaconMeCrazy's vintage-style snap sees a P-45 Nokota nimbly cutting through the dark skies above Los Santos, tearing away from an explosive battle during a Smuggler's Run Source Mission. The Nokota will be available to acquire and customize in your Hangars in the weeks ahead - stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for upcoming details. "Ghost" by The Vapid Retinue pauses in a moment of calm as the looming shadow of the Mammoth Tula casts a spectral presence in's sharp and neatly framed snap. "In The Middle Of The Heat" by Pvt.McKain With not one but two bogeys on his six, Pvt.McKain's Molotok looks to evade enemy fire and an explosive backlash in the heat of a blazing battle.  "Survival" by Basimatic With the usual flawless composition and framing that we've come to expect from the talented Basimatic, this winning shot takes warfare out of the skies and into the wild. Blending in to their background with camo gear and sporting thermal Quad Lens Combat Helmets, two smugglers fight for survival in the Paleto Forest. "Vespucci Beach" by FallenDutch The prolific and creative FallenDutch is well known for an ability to challenge the form with innovative Snaps. Taking the scenic route during a Source Mission, FallenDutch cleverly inverts perspective at the helm of a Howard NX-25 at Del Perro Pier. Look forward to adding the Howard to your personal aerial armada in the coming weeks.   HONORABLE MENTIONS "ULTRALIGHT" by Happy-heart: Cruising through the clouds, Happy-heart's Ultralight casts a picture-perfect silhouette against the San Andreas sky. "WWII" by SCHWIZ3R: Taken during a heated Source Mission, a P-45 Nokota engages the enemy over Mount Josiah. "Sky High" by Natalie-Aussie: Natalie's expertly-piloted Mogul patrols a celestial sky in Blaine County. "Pacific Ocean" by LefGosah: The amphibious Tula takes a cooling dip in the Pacific Ocean for a quiet moment of R&R. "Starling" by --EVOLUT7ON--: Colorfully juxtaposed against a purple-hued sky, a speeding Starling swoops over Banham Canyon. SMUGGLERS SOCIAL CLUB SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS BEING CONTACTED NOW If you entered the Smugglers Social Club Prize Pack Sweepstakes, make sure you're checking your email (and also make sure your Social Club-linked email account is up to date and current) as we're contacting and confirming winners via email now. Peep your inbox to see if you've won an epic collection of GTAV gear, including the Black Merryweather Security Hat, Grey Merryweather Tee, Los Santos/San Andreas Tee, GTAV Gold Bar USB, Xero Inflatable Blimp, STD Contractors Tee, GTAV Pogo Keyring and stylish GTAV Chrome Zippo. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for more opportunities to win GTAV gear and collectibles. Previously:#Smugglers Social Club Event: T-Shirt Unlocks, Contests and MoreGTA Online: Smuggler's Run Now Available

#Smugglers Social Club Event: T-Shirt Unlocks, Contests and More

THE #SMUGGLERS SNAPMATIC CONTEST You're fast becoming an expert in smuggling goods across the skyways, but your last-second escape from a flame-engulfed Starling set against a golden Los Santos sunset is a moment that needs to be preserved, immortalized, and put on display for all to see. What better way to showcase your talent for creating those incredible Vinewood moments than taking part in the #SMUGGLERS Snapmatic Event? To whet your appetite for aerial assaults, the five Snapmatics that best capture and represent what GTA Online: Smugglers Run is all about will receive GTA$1,000,000 for their efforts. So whether you're barrel rolling through the clouds manning a missile-wielding fighter jet or peddling product to some unsavory buyers, bust out the Snapmatic camera and share your exploits on Social Club to get involved. Valid submissions will need to be tagged with #SMUGGLERS on Social Club and submitted before Monday, September 4th to be eligible. Please see the Official Rules and Privacy Policy for eligibility details.  SMUGGLER'S RUN SOCIAL CLUB SWEEPSTAKES Enter the Smuggler's Run Social Club Sweepstakes for a chance to win an epic collection of GTAV gear, including the Black Merryweather Security Hat, Grey Merryweather Tee, Los Santos/San Andreas Tee, GTAV Gold Bar USB, Xero Inflatable Blimp, STD Contractors Tee, GTAV Pogo Keyring and stylish GTAV Chrome Zippo. Enter at any time between now and Monday, September 4th at the Social Club Events Page. NEW ROCKSTAR TEES IN GTA ONLINE, DISCOUNTS & MORE They say good things come in threes, so there's all the more reason to take advantage of the latest gratis Rockstar tees to land in GTA Online. Simply log in at any point between now and September 4th to unlock three shirts to match the real life Rockstar Warehouse styles released last week - the Black Rockstar Camo Tee, White Rockstar Camo Tee and the Razor Tee. Once you're done ogling yourself in the mirror, tear through the streets like the villainous prodigy you are with this eclectic selection of imposing machines, all of which are 25% off through September 4th: Anti-Aircraft Trailer Karin Technical HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Armored Boxville BF Raptor PREMIUM RACE & TIME TRIAL SCHEDULE Swim in a sea of GTA$ and RP by completing the following Premium Race & Time Trial events, live from August 29th - September 4th: Premium Race - "Gauntlet" (Locked to Super) Time Trial - "Casino" Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you'll get Triple RP regardless of where you place. To take a shot at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP payouts. PREVIOUSLY:GTA Online: Smuggler's Run Now AvailableNew in GTA Online: The Ocelot Ardent Plus Bunker and Vehicle Discounts

#Gunrunning Snapmatic Winners, New In-Game Bonuses and More

It ain't easy being the king of the underground arms trade, with no shortage of rivals aiming to take you down and the LSPD always lurking. But that didn't stop elite weapons traffickers from pointing and shooting to capture picturesque moments of their rise to glory. We're proud to present the winners of the #GUNRUNNING Snapmatic Contest, as well as some stellar honorable mentions. Congratulations to the fabulous five photogs including four first time winners and one returning champion from classic Snapmatic contests of old - each of whom took home GTA$1,000,000 for their stunning work. Check them all out below, along with a rundown of this week's updated bonuses and discounts in GTA Online. #GUNRUNNING SNAPMATIC WINNERS "Oppressor" by TheCoolDean Harnessing the power of the sun, TheCoolDean tears through the crimson sky on his rocket fueled Oppressor in this wicked Snapmatic. "Camouflage 2" by Vinewoodonfire Like a chameleon, Vinewoodonfire illustrates just how effective the new Gunrunning camouflauge options can be while waiting for the perfect moment to strike - hiding in plain sight with an upgraded Woodland Camo Heavy Sniper Mk II and draped head-to-toe in digital camo. We welcome back Vinewoodonfire to the Snapmatic champions winners' circle - their first since 2015's #illgottengains2 challenge. "D U N E" by AceSomnium In this atmospheric yet unsettling shot, AceSomnium channels their inner Frank Herbert - capturing a heavily armed patrolman traversing the hinterlands with the Dune FAV. "RUN GUNNING" by Cakesy82 Ripped from the reels of a Vinewood blockbuster, Cakesy82 and a fellow soldier in arms sprint through the woods strapped with an upgraded Carbine Rifle Mk II as death creeps up in the form an attack chopper shredding the terrain around them. "C O L O R S" by Happy-heart Happy-heart is one of the most consistent and prolific Snapmatic photographers out there, sharing fantastic work day in and out on Twitter and Instagram and we're happy ourselves to present this well-earned first Snapmatic contest win. In "C O L O R S", a rocket-powered Oppressor becomes a space ship descending upon the alien city of Los Santos. A trippy, neon-infused creation that shows masterful use of Rockstar Editor filters and saturation adjustment. HONORABLE MENTIONS "Dune FAV taking down the Titan" by AlexSniperBullet: Goliath is no match for David in this impressive Snapmatic from AlexSniperBullet, which has him rocketing past the fresh carcass of a Titan in a kitted out Dune FAV. "Weaponized Tampa" by Edgar_Draw: A perfect combination of beauty and brawn as the eponymous vehicle bursts through a sea of fire and smoke. "RUN-GUN" by Basimatic: Not one to stray from a firefight, Basimatic throws caution to the wind and hops on top of her APC to dish out punishment. "Oppressor" by TNJKRNY: Greeting the dawn of a new day high above the clouds atop an Oppressor. "San Andreas" by MiroAWhite: MiroAWhite posted up in the Shooting Range serving up some serious secret agent vibes. GUNRUNNING PRIZE PACK SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS BEING CONTACTED NOW If you entered the Gunrunning Social Club Prize Pack Sweepstakes, make sure you're checking your email (and also make sure your Social Club profile linked email account is up to date and current) as we're contacting and confirming winners via email today. Don't miss out on your chance to take home the prize pack of GTAV gear that includes the Fatigue Merryweather Security Cap, Black Merryweather Security Polo & Tee, Merryweather Security Heat Changing Mug, the Grotti Polo, Grey Trevor Phillips Industries Tee and the GTAV Chrome Zippo. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for more opportunities to win GTAV gear and collectibles. UPDATED GTA ONLINE BONUSES: LOG IN & UNLOCK THE BLACK HAWK & LITTLE LOGO TEE Starting today, log in to receive the coveted Black Hawk & Little Tee. Also, we're extending the unlock redemption period on the Blue and Red Class of '98 Tees, so just make sure you log in to GTA Online by next week Thursday June 29th to attain yours for free.  NEW DISCOUNTS AT WARSTOCK, AMMUNATION AND MORE Quality air support is essential in maintaining your thriving criminal empire. With side-mounted miniguns for passengers and a grenade launcher accessible for the co-pilot, the Valkyrie packs more than enough firepower to keep other air traffic off your tail and ensure safe delivery of your precious cargo. And if tearing through the backwoods and kicking up dust is more your speed, pick up the Coil Brawler. Receive both of these heavy hitting vehicles at 25% off through 29th. Valkyrie (Helicopter) - 25% off Coil Brawler (Off-Road) - 25% off Leaders of any criminal organization know that with the crown also comes a huge target on your back. Here's a trio of discounts designed to help you stave off the reaper. Stay bulletproof with 25% off the following items:   Body Armor - 25% off Vehicle Armor - 25% off Bullet proof tires - 25% off PREMIUM RACE & TIME TRIAL SCHEDULES Help fatten that Maze Bank account with these Premium Race & Time Trial events: From June 20th – 26th: Premium Special Vehicle Race - "Storm Drain" (locked to the Blazer Aqua) Time Trial - "End to End" From June 27th – July 3rd: Premium Race - "Spinner" (locked to Super) Time Trial - "Fort Zancudo" Launch Premium Races though the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers receive GTA$ payouts and all participants are awarded Triple RP. To participate in Time Trials, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Sizable GTA$ & RP rewards await those who can beat par time. This week's Boot button Playlist is the Bunker Series, an Adversary Mode Playlist that stages classic PvP modes like Every Bullet Counts, Slasher, and Juggernaut inside the not-necessarily-friendly confines of a Blaine County Bunker. To jump into a Bunker Series when you're already in-game, just set a waypoint to one of the three Bunker Series icons on your in-game map and enter the yellow corona.   Previously:GTA Online: Gunrunning Event - Rockstar Editor & Snapmatic Contests, In-Game Unlocks & MoreGTA Online: Gunrunning Now Available

The GTA Online: Gunrunning Event – Rockstar Editor & Snapmatic Contests, In-Game Unlocks & More

Now that the arms race is on, and aspiring gunrunners are reaping the benefits of weapons trafficking, we're upping the ante with an explosive Gunrunning community event. Jump in now to unlock bonus attire, show off your military might in #GUNRUNNING Rockstar Editor and Snapmatic contests, and much, much more: #GUNRUNNING ROCKSTAR EDITOR CONTEST Whether you're capturing a showdown from an illicit sale gone wrong or documenting subterranean survivalists from Blaine County, use those cutting skills for a chance at the grand prize in our #GUNRUNNING Rockstar Editor Contest — the ultimate symbols of cinematic validation that are the Rockstar Editor Trophy, the customized Director's Chair and the official GTAV Varsity Jacket with customized Director's Patch. Two runners-up will also receive recognition for their efforts, each taking home a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card as well as an official GTAV deluxe prize pack of collectible items. To enter, create a video using the Rockstar Editor on PC, PS4 or Xbox One and publish it to the Rockstar Games Social Club via the in-game menu with the hashtag #GUNRUNNING. In order to qualify, your video must: Feature content from GTA Online: Gunrunning Be between two and five minutes in length Be published to Rockstar Games Social Club, tagged with the word #GUNRUNNING, between now and 11:59pm ET on Monday, July 10th to be eligible. Be made entirely using the Rockstar Editor. We know that many advanced Rockstar Editor video creators like to use additional third party editing software, but in order to keep this competition fair for all entrants, we require that you only use the Rockstar Editor in producing the video. After viewing all qualifying entries, Rockstar Games will pick the winner by taking into consideration adherence to or interpretation of the guidelines mentioned above, entertainment and artistic value, editing quality and overall creativity. Stay tuned for the winners announcement later this summer. Visit here for the full list of official rules. #GUNRUNNING SNAPMATIC CONTEST & SOCIAL CLUB SWEEPSTAKES And show off your organization's military prowess in still form by entering the #GUNRUNNING Snapmatic Contest. The five Snapmatic photographers to best capture a stylish image featuring GTA Online: Gunrunning will each receive GTA$1,000,000 for their efforts. Valid submissions must be tagged with #GUNRUNNING on Social Club and taken between now and Monday, June 19th. See the Official Rules and Privacy Policy for eligibility details. You can also score big by entering the Gunrunning Social Club Sweepstakes for a chance to win a cache of GTAV gear, including the rugged Fatigue Merryweather Security Cap, Black Merryweather Security Polo & Tee, Merryweather Security Heat Changing Mug, the Grotti Polo, Grey Trevor Phillips Industries Tee and classy GTAV Chrome Zippo. Enter at any time between now and Monday, June 19th at the Social Club Events Page. LOG IN AND UNLOCK THE CLASS OF ’98 IN-GAME TEES, VOM FEUER CAP & MORE For a limited time, log in to GTA Online and unlock both the Blue and Red Class of '98 Tees as well as the brand new Black Vom Feuer Cap. Purchasing a Bunker will also score you the white Hawk & Little Hoodie - head over to for full details on how to redeem your items. WEAPONS, AMMO & VEHICLE SALE THROUGH JUNE 19TH With the ability to upgrade and customize select weapons in your new Mobile Operations Center, Ammu-Nation is offering 25% off the following newly upgradeable armaments: Pistol SMG Combat MG Assault Rifle Heavy Sniper All standard ammunition is also 25% off - resupply at a moment's notice by opening up your Interaction Menu and selecting Inventory > Ammo. As an added bonus, Legendary Motorsport is offering a 25% discount on the Vapid FMJ and the Truffade Adder. PREMIUM RACE & TIME TRIAL Face your fear of heights in this week's Premium Race and Time Trial. Live now through Monday June 19th, jump in your Super of choice for "Lift Off," a tricky Point to Point over Fort Zancudo, for a chance at GTA$ payouts (for placing in the top three) and guaranteed Triple RP just for giving it a go. Launch Premium Races though the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. Beat the par time in this week's Time Trial, "Mount Gordo," and you'll be rewarded a healthy chunk of GTA$ & RP. To participate, simply set a waypoint to the marker on your map and enter via the purple corona.     Previously:GTA Online: Gunrunning Now AvailableGTA Online: Gunrunning - Underground Bunkers, Mobile Operations Centers and Weaponized Vehicles

#IMPORTEXPORT and #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

With both the Import/Export business booming and the recent holiday season taking over Southern San Andreas, the Snapmatic community's best and brightest were on hand to document their wheelings, dealings and festive feelings. We're proud to present the winners of the #IMPORTEXPORT and #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 Snapmatic Contests, along with some stellar honorable mentions. Congratulations to the talented ten, each of whom took home a cool GTA$1,000,000 for their creations. #IMPORTEXPORT SNAPMATIC WINNERS   Kongdon by R1CHIEC Helicopters, Super cars, explosions and a Gray Crazed Ape - all the makings of a Vinewood blockbuster courtesy of RDRStrongholdLegends Co-Commissioner R1CHIEC. Road Rage Level 9000 by ChaosZake The Magnificent Team's ChaosZake gets the truck out of the way both figuratively and literally.   Pulling The 'Chute by Venzee Coupé 'chute. Opting to take an amusement ride of his own, Venzee's Ruiner pops in contrast to the blazing orange and yellow Del Perro Pier backdrop. New Gear by Nexus_cat Standing beneath the skylight of a Special Vehicle Warehouse, the Snapmatic Art Crew's Nexus_cat cuts an imposing figure in front of the BF Ramp Buggy. EXTINCTION by greatler It's Dino a Dino as two prehistoric beasts face off in the Grand Senora Desert. Other Honorable Mentions... Babyblizue by up-daz - Bullet the blue sky. Los Brutaloz Co-Commish up-daz ponied up for the ultimate protection for his new Elegy Custom Retro. . by Cakesy82 - So two heads are better than one. Bone collector Cakesy82 of the Genuine Elites Crew orchestrates a macabre photo shoot at the famous Vinewood sign but the real star is the Ornate Skull Mask. Chiliad Mountain State Wildnerness by GtaDoll_ - Gliding off into the sunset, it's smooth sailing for GtaDoll_  and her new Imponte Ruiner. T Minus Zero by quaid86 - Demonstrating the dangers of standing downwind, quaid86 feels the particularly explosive blast from the back end of a Coil Rocket Voltic.   #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 SNAPMATIC WINNERS Enchanting Forest by vegarius1 Raton Canyon's transformation into a winter wonderland is captured in vegarius1's scenic and enchanting shot. サンアンドレアス・アベニュー by Basimatic There are more than a few explosive surprises sitting under the tree in Legion Square as Basimatic kicks off the festive celebrations with a bang. Aquaman by bougazn Tripping the light fantastic, bougazn's aquatic figure is radiant in an Electric Bodysuit. Backup Sleigh II by erin7696 Pigeon Superstition Co-Commish erin7696's resourceful Saint Nick demonstrates there's more than one way to hit the skies during busy season. Del Perro Beach by DocWurst Life's a beach for DocWurst's band of Santas enjoying some well-earned R&R at Del Perro Pier. Other Honorable Mentions... Merry Snowman by JUNKieGobbO - There's no party like a snow party, especially with this frosty crew all geared up for some wintry mischief. Let's Play! by CodeBre4ker - An innocent invitation takes on a slightly sinister edge in this shot of a menacing snowman. A Festive Future by Darkshifter - Snowball fights go futuristic with the help of a festively painted Shotaro and Luminous Bodysuit. Basesnowball by EdgarLatvian - Santa has many gifts in that bag of his, one of them being a textbook swing sure to send that ball straight out of the park. Hooo Hooo Hooo by greatler - Shout out to the doubly distinguished greatler, for making the honorable mention list thanks to this inspired take on a Christmas classic. Congratulations are also in order for the winners of the Import/Export Social Club Sweepstakes: DeadeyeCrow, todd_blackburn, jsu3275, HarleysJoker696 and GTAMAN56193 Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for more opportunities to win GTAV gear and collectibles. Previously:The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2016GTA Online: Import/Export Now Available

The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2016, Plus New Truffade Nero Supercar & More

Christmas officially comes a few days early with the Festive Surprise 2016, now available in GTA Online. This holiday season includes brand new festive items in stores across Los Santos, as well as the return of all your favorites from past holiday seasons, along with a new Super class vehicle offering compliments of Benny’s Original Motor Works.  Get in the holiday spirit with new seasonally-themed Sweaters and Hats, along with all the returning classic Masks, Santa outfits and other festive clothing - all available to add to your inventory absolutely free now through January 5th. Light up the streets with colorful new Bodysuits available for purchase from clothing stores; each with illumination settings to glow, pulse or flash. Or get lit like your drunk uncle with the Firework Launcher, returning to the shelves at Ammu-Nation (and under the trees of all the good little boys and girls in Southern San Andreas on Christmas Eve) to help you celebrate the holidays in explosive style while you wait for that rare Los Santos snowfall phenomenon. NOW AVAILABLE AT BENNY'S: TRUFFADE NERO & NERO CUSTOM Coming out of the holy modification temple known as Benny's Original Motor Works, the highly customizable Nero is easy on the eyes with its sleek design and also packs plenty of zip. And keep your eyes open throughout the holiday season for more special vehicle inventory updates at Benny's, as part of GTA Online: Import/Export.   FREE UNLOCKS: BOLD PINSTRIPE SMOKING JACKET & PAJAMA SET (12/20 - 1/02) Available through Sunday January 2nd, log in to GTA Online to unlock the sophisticated Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket and Pajamas. #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 SNAPMATIC CONTEST What holiday would be complete without oversharing pictures on LifeInvader to try and make all your casual acquaintances red-and-green with envy?  Snap your new gifts, or capture a Christmas miracle and enter the #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 Snapmatic Contest. Tag relevant pics with #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 on Social Club for a chance to be one of five chosen Snapmatic photographers, who will each receive a hefty holiday bonus of GTA$1,000,000. Valid submissions must be taken any time between today and 11:59 PM ET on Monday, January 2nd. Official Rules.  HOLIDAY BONUSES: DOUBLE GTA$ & RP IN TURF WARS + 25% OFF DISCOUNTS The benefits of territorial battling continue as Double GTA$ & RP on the new Turf Wars Adversary Mode has been extended. Through this Thursday, December 22nd, stand your ground and paint your enemy's tiles at twice the profit. Be your own Secret Santa and gift yourself with any of these GTA Online items, available at 25% off now through January 2nd - featuring everything from luxury vehicles and real estate to weaponry. Vehicles: Enus Super Diamond, Nagasaki Shotaro, Resprays and NeonsAir Travel: Buckingham Nimbus and VolatusReal Estate: Eclipse Towers Penthouses, Stilt Houses and High End Apartment InteriorsAmmu-Nation: Compact Grenade Launcher, Sweeper Shotgun, Mini SMG and Compact Rifle   PREMIUM RACE: PLUMMET The latest Stunt Race to get the Premium treatment in GTA Online is "Plummet". Now through January 2nd, hit the yellow blip at Legion Square or enter via the Quick Job App on your in-game phone to compete for GTA$ prizes as one of the top three finishers. Regardless of how you fare, you'll earn Triple RP just for participating. Previously:GTA Online: Import/Export Now Available

#BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

Thanks to a fleet of new vehicles, along with new clothes and weapons to accompany a range of new illicit business ventures, GTA Online: Bikers unearthed a whole new world of creative possibilities for the Snapmatic community. Here, we proudly present the winners of the #BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge, along with some exceptional honorable mentions. #BIKERS SNAPMATIC WINNERS Congratulations to the five chosen winners of the #Bikers challenge, each of whom took home a cool GTA$1,000,000 for their efforts. Outlaws by --EVOLUT7ON-- Burn this mother down. Their new hogs parked just out of harm's way, --EVOLUT7ON-- and fellow members of The Magnificent Team set the O'Neil Ranch ablaze.  Rat King by HandsomeHustlerr Can't knock the hustle. There's no doubt who the top dog of the junkyard is as HandsomeHustlerr stands next to his Rat Bike. Grand Senora Desert by BearandGun As if the scenery wasn't breathtaking enough, BearandGun adds to the fading sky's beauty with this shot of an airborne Maibatsu Manchez. Rivals by Th3Cosmic In a roast of a battle, Th3Cosmic demonstrates this is anything but friendly as he lights up a rival compliments of the new Compact Grenade Launcher. Kickin' A** & Taking Names by AGuyWithBadLuck For AGuyWithBadLuck things certainly seem to be going his way, standing his ground with a swift melee kick to an enemy biker. Other Honorable Mentions... A Coward's Worst Nightmare by Volganor - You can run but you can't hide as long as that Grenade Launcher is in Volganor's hands. Biker Duel (Jousting) by AlexSniperBullet - There's only one duel commandment on the streets of LS and Blaine, kill-or-be-killed. This snap by Alex is so nice, it's now been featured twice. Great Ocean HWY by PoomBEKOP - Reapers MC PC LS member PoomBEKOP strikes a killer pose under the shining lights of Mount Chiliad. Angels of Chaos by ChaosZake - This group of midnight riders make their way through the San Andreas darkness on the shine of their new two-wheeled monsters. Unite and Take Over by GVJLIMA - TMGT Lieutenant GVJLIMA, Representative MissJaguar and other members of this prolific Snapmatic Crew let their Rat Bikes do the walking and Battle Axes do the talking. The Right Lighter for Every Good Biker by JohnM90 - Keeping the dangers of unconventional lighting methods at bay with protective Outlaw Goggles, JohnM90 sparks up and looks good doing it.   Previously:The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with BikersGTA Online: Bikers Now Available

Crew Cut: Top Stunting Crews, HBAG Nautical Adventures & More

The Crew Cut highlights exceptional grassroots community activity, events, accomplishments and other happenings across the thriving Social Club Crew scene. If your Crew is doing something special that you think the Social Club community needs to know about, tell us all about it at - you might see your Crew featured in an upcoming edition of the Crew Cut.  In the latest edition, check out Crews throwing grandiose car shows, real life boating with the Hillbilly Agenda, plus squads battling for supremacy in Stunt Races and enjoying all the fun and mayhem from their Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.   TOP STUNTING CREWS Since the release of Cunning Stunts and the subsequent Stunt Race Creator, Crews far and wide have been competing for the bragging rights that come with being the most dominant Crew around. Speaking of dominance, Broughy1322's Nonchalant Dominance PC Crew has racked up a stunning 45,451 wins in Stunt Races containing 5 or more competitors. Close behind in 2nd place is NoDo's PS4 Crew with an impressive 39,664 Stunt Race wins, while Content Creators PS4 also joins them on the podium with almost 20,000 wins. Props also go to TROP2CREW, NiMu-11Crew, NoDo XB1, BOSSFTW ORGANIZATION, DSKHRACERS, DANIELOREP and BOSSFTW CORP, all of whom have smashed through the 10,000 Stunt Race wins barrier. While it's clear who leads the way in terms of Stunt Race wins, Psycho Patriots lays claim to the highest win percentage overall, victorious in just a shade more than half the Races they compete in and almost double the win percentage of the average GTA Online racer. Just shy of that win rate is the formidable Advanced Crime Group with a solid 48% win rate, followed by UMAD Motorsports in the 3rd spot with 42%. THE LUCKERS CREW - FINANCING FELONIES Schwiizer101 and The Luckers Crew have gotten fully organized, putting together a Finance and Felonies-inspired video and some choice Snapmatics to let the streets of Los Santos know their daily operation is open for business. The Luckers have really gotten into the swing of things, using their corporate HQ as a solid base of operations for stocking their warehouses. CREW MEETUPS Crews also continue to coordinate and gather for other fun events and audacious outings in GTA Online. Here are just a few we've spotted as of late bringing the heat, several of whom are linked by the "low" life.  MagnarHD and the REBL Crew wasted no time in hitting as many Cunning Stunts as possible with the update's release this summer. No strangers to testing out the goods when new content comes out, our friends at REBL Crew got right to it with the release of Cunning Stunts. Leader MagnarHD was sure to get the fun the gang was having on video, loops, jumps, soccer balls and all - and at lots of great angles to boot. The Lowly Gentleman celebrate two years of getting down and classy. The ever versatile TheLowlyGentlemen, well-recognized here at the Newswire for everything from Snapmatics to all-star car meets, recently celebrated two years as a close-knit and prolific vehicle-based Crew. Member LS_Drifts commemorated this milestone by capturing an anniversary meetup, shot over three different sessions with ninety Gentlemen and a wealth of cars represented. Also worth mentioning is this beautiful vid from Ferino Design, whose slick and stylish video presentations you may remember going as far back as before the release of GTAV. This time, Ferino documents his time spent with TLG (which he refers to as the "#1 Stance and Crew Meet group on GTA Online") back in the summer of 2015. Coining this presentation as his "strike back" after a long hiatus, it covers the events and outings of an entire summer Ferino spent covertly shooting at every big Crew meetup and nostalgically ties together the very best moments of camaraderie, beauty and cars the summer of 2015 with TLG had to offer. Another one from LS Drifts, this time taking it slow-n-low with Stance Department DE. Drifts has been quite generous with his talents, putting out this video with German-based Stance Department DE. Comprised of several TLG members, STDP has been busy since their founding in July, covering several of their car and truck meets on their official YouTube channel. CoreGaming made their debut on the Newswire last August and have been going strong all through 2016. CoreGaming PS4 - led by none other than Daniel1Plainview - celebrated their one year anniversary in grand fashion, collaborating with musician Laszlo to put together this cool presentation capturing the cool vibe and bond of the Crew. Members can even log into CoreGaming's website to sign the Crew's official yearbook for posterity.    Hillbilly Agenda - ON A BOAT! Crew Leader Knoxnerd and the tight-knit collective known as the Hillbilly Agenda have established an ongoing legacy of real-world meetups over the last two years. Knox reached out to let us know the squad now has an official Crew boat, exclusively available for members to take out for a ride. Bearing resemblance to a real life Shitzu Tropic, this Sea Ray SRV220 featuring a V-cabin and a mean inboard V6 is docked in Lake Norris, TN and has been prepped by fellow Crew member and boat mechanic Stokes1214. To showcase the fun group outings on this mighty vessel, Hillbilly Agenda has created an official Boat Page on their website and even put together an elaborate Boat Operating Manual to ensure that she's handled responsibly by guests. OFF ROAD ALL-STARS ANNUAL UPDATE It's been a while since we've checked in with the Off-Road All-Stars, but in that time they've ramped up their squad with a number of new members and taken on a fresh Leader in Stevedogg51, who has long been their head coordinator for all ROAR Racing events and recruitment. The All-Stars now have a number of great events planned and are working hard to involve other notable Racing Crews, such as Cloud9 Racing and Van Society, to participate in everything from custom rallies with "a little off-road twist," to new circuits that mirror real life championships. As always, event streams are broadcast in cinematic view with full commentary, so nothing is missed. Here are a couple of standouts from ROAR's revamping: "Modern day motor racing is about speed, precision and foremost safety (Yawn). In the “Stirling Cup” we take a nostalgic trip back in time, before the clipboard and crash helmet were invented. A time where a leather flight cap and some goggles were enough to protect you from the hard tarmac and inevitable fireball should you flip your vehicle into a crowd of tweed dressed spectators, smoking pipes and checking their pocket watches." - Stevedogg51 A favorite amongst members and participating Crews alike has been the ROAR Stirling Cup Rally, which is raced exclusively in the Stirling GT. With a Le Mans-style standing start, this circuit requires players to line up vehicles in qualifying time order and run to them on cue. The fastest qualifiers have the least distance to run, as shown in the video above. Described as a "clean" and nostalgic endurance racing event that introduces new tactics to GTA Online racing, this circuit also allows slipstreaming so that players can work together on straightaways to gain faster lap times and catch up to the leaders. ROAR is also pleased to announce the second season of the ROAR Rally Championship. With twelve all new stages and vehicles, this action-packed circuit retains an authentic Rally Championship feel and is open to all Crews and all drivers. This season will include the Sultan RS and Warrener and drivers will once again be able to choose their favorite cars from the Sports class. Stages will be time-based with a standard points system, calling for competitors to establish their fastest lap time in the course and then submit a picture of their time to Crew leaders over a two week period. For some fun highlights and info on ROAR's earlier events this year, be sure to check out links to their Around Los Santos Off-Road Challenge and Off-Road Donk Meet. Previously:Custom Classics Car Meets, Arthouse Collectives & MoreA Look Back At 2015's Top PerformersCrews Living the Low Life, a Real Life Skydiving Crew & More


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