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"LOCK AND LOAD" by SocialOfficer: The #GUNRUNNING Rockstar Video Editor Contest Winner

It’s time to honor the Rockstar Editor filmmakers who rose to the challenge in capturing the illicit and explosive dealings of this summer’s Gunrunning action. Congratulations to SocialOfficer, who will be taking home the elusive Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director's Chair and the coveted GTAV Varsity Jacket with customized Director's Patch (seen here), thanks to their Grand Prize winning entry "LOCK AND LOAD". Check out all of the chosen videos below, and look for the announcement of our #SMUGGLERS Rockstar Editor contest very soon... WINNER LOCK AND LOAD by SocialOfficer SocialOfficer portrays seemingly every little bit of Gunrunning action to compose four minutes of non-stop thrills that could serve as a veritable alternative trailer for the update. There's glorious adrenaline-pumping action shots captured from M.O.C. Missions like Data Breach, Work Dispute and Severe Weather Patterns, along with cameos from Research Technicians, Workshops, burly new Mk II weapons, Weaponized Vehicles and much more. An action montage this carefully shot and composed is a feat in and of itself - but it's the perfectly selected soundtrack of "Lock & Load" (by MNDR featuring Killer Mike from the Welcome to Los Santos soundtrack) that it was impeccably edited to that helps push this piece to unique dramatic heights.   RUNNERS-UP Our two runner ups, ii_sNipezZ01 and The-DST, will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and deluxe prize pack with official GTAV gear and collectibles for their stellar efforts. COLD AIR by ii_sNipezZ01 And now for something completely different, ii_sNipezZ01 uses the action of Gunrunning as a backdrop to tell the heartbreaking story of Vespa - a military wife who believes her husband was killed in action. Following Vespa as she struggles to cope with the seeming loss of her husband, it may not be the feel good hit of the season, but it's a truly well-made and edited piece that is unique and worthy of recognition. GUNRUNNING DECADE by The-DST Having earned an honorable mention in the #WARSTOCK Special Vehicles Editor contest, this time around The-DST levels up and dials up the insanity to 11 with a driving soundtrack that compliments everything from Bunker target practice to the considerable destruction caused at the hands of the Weaponized Tampa, Insurgent Pick-Up Custom and other militarized vehicles. HONORABLE MENTIONS: A special shout out as well to these superb quality entries that caught our eye: BRAND NEW REVOLUTION by senorkickurass senorkickurass takes a funkified approach in this effort with unique angles, sexy Dune shots and a shot with extraterrestrial vibes certain to put you over the moon. Gunrunning Strong by ShredderGG Relive the most heart-pounding moments of Gunrunning Missions through the eyes of ShredderGG, with some magnificent shots. Not the Same by SNEAKEE_P Tough as nails female bosses rule the land in this entry from BUCKET-HAT-HittaGaNG Commissioner SNEAKEE_P. Previously:#WARSTOCK Special Vehicles Rockstar Editor Contest WinnerThe GTA Online: Gunrunning Event

GTA Online Jobs On Film: Stunt Races Created by the Social Club Community

With the Stunt Race Creator now having been in the hands of the community for just over a month, we've seen a flurry of YouTubers uploading their adventures playing some of these imaginative user-created Stunt Races. Check out this round-up of a few of our favorite custom Stunt Race gameplay videos, and if you fancy playing any of these yourself, just bookmark the link below each of the videos to have them readily available the next time you head into GTA Online.     The Job:  Crazy Crossover Carnival by Evil_tuinhek (PS4) The Video: The Impossible Maze by MM7 Games Miniminter and the Sidemen play through a day one Job by Evil_tuinhek of the well-known Nonchalant Dominance Crew. This Race for up to 20 players weaves together several Crossover props (Tuinhek has used additional props just for aesthetic purposes, a creative touch that brings the Race to life), and there are also excellent opportunities for stragglers to vindictively take out leaders in this one and level the playing field.     The Job:  BEST RACE OF ALL TIME!? by Unspoken_OUCH (XB1)The Video: Creator Stunt Races & Entourage with Special Community Guests by Rockstar Broadcast Team With the audible cries of one particularly frustrated Rockstar Broadcast Team member in the background, Evolve Stunting's ohBrox and Snapmatic virtuoso Charmlessrogue have a much better go at the ginormous ramps and intense wallrides of Unspoken_Ouch's "BEST RACE OF ALL TIME!?" Watch as they, along with Viboxing and Gtamen and others, attempt to tackle this one (you can also watch the full broadcast in its entirety here).     The Job:  Collision Course by Meme4567890PSN (PS4) The Video: Top 3 Creator Maps of the Week Ep. 126 by Gtamen A walkthrough from the effusive Gtamen, who picked this map out as his favorite during the first week of the GTA Online Stunt Creator’s availability. As he puts it himself, "It's brilliant. It's f*&$%ing brilliant. I love it. It's so well done." Couldn't have said it better. This track uses the new Split Checkpoints feature to create maximum opportunity for crashes. We also like the use of the Slow Down prop to create a stomach churning mid-air break in the space-time continuum.     The Job:  Hole in one by TinyMarvelous (PC) The Video: GTA 5 Cunning Stunts: Hole in One by Spelarkivet While there's no commentary in this one, it's still worth a look for a demo of a super crisp Stunt Race. TinyMarvelous uses props brilliantly to create not only a quarter pipe transfer straight off the opening grid, but also a delicately balanced leap into a hole in one. Kudos as well for using cut out tubes to give racers who overshoot the tunnel opening a chance to re-join the Race.     The Job:  3 Stunt Monte by MTL_RELLIK (XB1)The Video: Absurd Underwater GTA 5 Stunt Race + Bonus Race! (Grand Theft Auto 5 Cunning Stunts Community Maps) by Swiftor Swiftor gets off to a rough start in this Stunt Race made by longtime collaborator Rellik. Watch as Swift deftly maneuvers through three major stunts - culminating in a major wallride, half pipe and loop tube combination.     The Job:  HARVs sTuNtPaRk by just1more_Harvey (PC) The Video: Harv's Stunt park by Random GTA V Moments If you're looking to get your Stunt Race tested out, you could do worse than to get in touch with Random GTA V Moments, who have put out a call on Reddit to test out users' Jobs and publish videos. Listen to him and his friends evaluate the Race as they play and offer some constructive feedback on the Jobs tested so far. Also check out:The Job:  Maze Bank Loop by iTwisterr (PS4) The Video: Maze Bank Loop by iTwisterr  Rockstar Games Live Stream Playlist winner iTwisterr talks us through his first 30-player Stunt Race, breaking down in detail how each section was put together.The Job:  Templar Tube Circuit by moppaking (PC)The Video: Templar Tube Circuit by Moppaking Moppaking's wordless tour of this circuit, set to a thumping techno soundtrack, is a mesmerizing exhibition in Race-craft. As moppaking explains, the track is "aimed at endurance Races, since it comes with a proper pit lane and has to be played in GTA mode for the repair kits to appear." The Job:  なんぞコレ#2 by M-at-suRi (PS4) The Video: No Fail Technical Race by Evolve Stunting An incredible exhibition by Albert Beck of the renowned Evolve Stunting Crew, as he tackles a fiendishly difficult track put together by M-at-suRi. Previously:GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film: Karin Sultan RS Rally Race, Beach War & MoreGTA Online Creator Jobs On Film: Insurgents vs Choppers, Mega Ramps & More

Fan Vids Round-up: GTA Online Cunning Stunts Showcases, When Nature Calls & More

The latest collection of Fan Videos showcases folks working wonders with GTA Online: Cunning Stunts, some of Los Santos' finest auteurs continuing to dazzle with the Rockstar Editor and more. This round-up features a beautifully-shot piece that will leave you wanting to run straight to Vespucci Beach, new music from an old friend, and a graphic Western homage. Check out these and more visual treats below.   GTA 5 - Cunning Stunts DLC | Vehicle Showcase #2 by EvolveStunting   Last seen at the Newswire in February with some impressive BMX trickery, the Evolve gang is back at it with their second Cunning Stunts vehicle showcase. Having already released one Cunning Stunts showcase, watch this time around as these stunters take it to the limit and get top level performances out of the ETR1, RE-7B, BF400 and all the rest.   Low Tide (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor Machinima) by Logic-Films   As a collective, Logic-Films are known primarily for stylish showcases of GTA Online vehicles. This time around, editor Drowsy mixes things up with a tribute to summer. Set to XY & O's song of the same name, the video - according to the group's blog - was "inspired by different photographers/video makers who do very beautiful lifestyle/travel work." With mesmerizing sunrises, enticing waves and shots of Los Santos beach bums in their natural habitat, the warm and sunny vibes of this clip make for a perfect epilogue in the last fleeting days of summer.   Power Unlimited - GTA V Rockstar Editor by K Mountilla   K Mountilla sent us this tribute to the vehicles of Los Santos, captured during a PS4 car meet and sporting a deep roster of cars and motorcycles from GTA Online. K combines sexy close-ups, first-person POV and shots that change velocity, dancing along to the soundtrack. Particularly exhilarating is this lightning-fast sequence from behind the wheel.   GTA V - When Nature Calls (Rockstar Editor) by Duggy   Previously featured at the Newswire, for his use of GTAV as an inspired backdrop for Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot soliloquy - this time Duggy addresses the seemingly innocent and victimless act of relieving oneself in the woods. Watch as Michael peacefully breaks the seal, only for it to give him the scare of a lifetime. Think the Fighting Trees from The Wizard of Oz, only weirder...   Mission Music [Original] by SquidPhysics   Long-time Rockstar theme song cover wizard Squid Physics, known for epic one-man-band versions of the music from GTA III, GTAV and everything in between, has decided to branch out into the world of originals. First releasing the theme from an imagined GTA set in Las Venturas in June, Squid then released this music which is supposed to be the accompaniment to an imaginary Grand Theft Auto desert mission. Broken into three parts - "a stealth bit, firefight and getaway" - this piece at times has hints of Middle Eastern, Western and even free jazz influences. Also worth a listen is Squid's recent Vice City-inspired theme, which uses the original as a starting point and takes it to maximum levels of funkiness.   GTA V - Ricochet [Rockstar Editor Short] by Zadrium   The REBL Crew's Zadrium is responsible for this homage to the Western film genre. Kicking things off with "Man with a Harmonica" (off the staple Once Upon a Time in the West and by Spaghetti Western soundtrack king Ennio Morricone), it's evident from the start that the standoff won't end in a handshake, even when the soundtrack shifts to Andrea Bocelli's "Con te Partirò," a song with a rich cinematic history of its own.   Lampshades (PC Rockstar Editor) by Lu Iggy   Modest Mouse fan Lu Iggy took inspiration from the video to their 2014 hit "Lampshades on Fire" and the result is an excellent reimagining. Mr. Iggy, who's The Raid made it into a previous Newswire round-up this past March (definitely check out Part 2 here), uses a similar cutting style as the original and takes it a step further with all sorts of unsavory characters.   GTA Online: Sumo by Channel V   Inspired by the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo itself, Channel V's tribute to the GTA Online Sumo Mode features two Vapid Slamvans wrestling it out for supremacy. The producers put some brilliant touches on this one - from the use of the Oriental Theater location in Downtown Vinewood to the Eastern-flavored soundtrack and clever nods to Shiko (the routine stamping of the legs by Sumo wrestlers for intimidation), to the full grappling bout. Also Check Out:ROWYCO (GTA Greenscreen Project) by KurryhuhnGTA Z - Zombie Apocalypse Ep.5 (Rockstar Editor Cinematic) by DuggySabre Turbo Custom Showcase (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor)' by Logic-FilmsGTA - Drift Tampa [Rockstar Editor Showcase] by MüzBravado Youga Drift Sessions by L.S. DriftsWindsor Drop promotional video. (GTAOnline) by Mathewisonfire If you've been creating some serious Rockstar Editor visuals and would like to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at   Previously:Fan Vids: "Tilt Shift", GTA Vice City "Pet Stuffers", "Keep Your Friends Close" & MoreRockstar Editor Powered Videos: "The Hunt", "GTA vs Predator", "Siren" & More

Cunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and More

Death-defying drops, audacious overtakes and white-knuckle wall rides are all in a day's work for the stunters of Los Santos. Thanks to Cunning Stunts, racing has well and truly been taken to the next level. There's been no shortage of awesome clips, GIFs and snaps showcasing the new content. We've rounded just a few great ones for you below, so buckle up and check out what the GTA Online Community has been up to so far as you get ready for more stunt-ready vehicles and wild original Races coming out this week:     After kitting out the new Desert Raid and RE-7B with his signature green Crew color, Jelly puts his new Super car to the test in epic fashion, grabbing the W on the Downtown Loop and East Coast Stunt Races.     Vikkstar123 and The Sidemen explore the dizzying heights of Maze Bank Ascent before trying their luck with the Western Gargoyle on Vinewood Downhill in this hilarious clip. Enjoy as they try to prevent JJ from winning at all costs. Cool guys don't look at explosions, and Sights Ov Gta is no exception to the rule. Clearly up to no good, Sights flees the scene in style on his shiny new Western Gargoyle. What an overtake! #CunningStunts #GTAOnline #PS4share — ScavengerX3 (@ScavengerX3) July 12, 2016 A smart and smooth overtake leaves two competitors for dust as ScavengerX3 and their Progen Tyrus quite literally live life on the edge. Amazing Recovery from GrandTheftAutoV Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Kappamari pulls it back from the brink with an utterly fantastic save on the devious downhill portion of Plummet to put themselves back in contention.      An unconventional shortcut proves fruitful for self-professed "God of Needles" TezzaMcJ, who avoids the traffic to storm from 6th to 1st in a matter of seconds.   A photo posted by Grand Theft Auto V (@gtafiveonline) on Jul 13, 2016 at 11:43am PDT Proud new RE-7B owner gtafiveonline holds on to his Annis after carefully navigating a ring of fire above the streets of LS. Como pilotar con estilo. #GTAOnline #CunningStunts #GTAOnlineCunningStunts #PS4share — Mi nombre es Sueño. (@Icadrian) July 12, 2016 Icadrian's quick reflexes and a timely nudge from a more unfortunate opponent result in the slick avoidance of a collision and a neat side-flip flourish. View post on Happy coincidence or well-timed, cunning tactic? Either way, redditor Pho3nixR3mix's cheeky tail-swing puts paid to any dreams of victory their fellow racer may have been clinging on to.  If you've got any excellent Cunning Stunt clips you'd like to share with us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below.

GTA Online Power Play: Playback by the GTA Online Community

Whether you're Beasted, Zoned or Doped, the frenetic nature of Power Play has already produced some incredible moments since its addition to GTA Online this week. Captured on camera by members of the GTA Online community, we've picked out some of the most replay-worthy thrills, kills and spills for you below: Müz and the REBL Crew unleash the Beast in cinematic style with a slick montage of intense Power Play action. Dom's "Living in America," which can be heard on Radio Mirror Park, is the perfect accompaniment to a bit of the ultraviolence by Müz and company. Power Play with @Gtadoll #GTAV #GTAOnline @RockstarGames — GTAFIVEONLINE (@gtafiveallday) June 22, 2016 Our friend, Brooklyn's own GTAFIVEONLINE, racks up a bloody kill against gtadoll for The Toxic Pests during some well-earned yard time at Bolingbroke Penitentiary.   Getting mullered by @handsome_h77 I had no chance! #adversarymode #powerplay #instagamer #gtasnapmatic #gtaphotographers #gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #rockstargames #rockstar #rockstareditor #psn #ps #ps4 A video posted by iC2Archery (@ic2archery) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:03am PDT Sometimes, you just know when your time is up; instead of burying his head in the sand, ic2archery gracefully accepts the inevitable as a Beasted Killer Bug moves in for the kill.   Learning to use the new power-ups effectively is key to victory - a notion expertly demonstrated by FxChannel Gaming, as he makes the most of his Zoned and Beasted moments.   POWER PLAY#GTAV #RACN #RockstarGames @RockstarGames — 真城 (@makimaki_3333) June 22, 2016 makimaki_3333 proudly displays The Boars' team colors during an extreme battle against The Cocks. LMFAO!!! Did not see this coming #EpicFail #GTAOnline #GTAV #CrimedotteMafia #PowerPlay @RockstarGames — KCs NOTORIOUS (@KCsNOTORIOUS) June 22, 2016 They say that all good things must come to an end; KCs Notorious learned this the hard way, when his Beasted power-up ran out mid-jump, setting him up for a bite of humble pie with a side of concrete. Loving the new Power Play mode! Too much fun. #GTAOnline @RockstarGames — GTA Series Videos (@GTASeries) June 21, 2016 The Beast's super jump and blistering speed abilities can be a deadly combo, especially in the right hands. The guys at long-running fan channel GTA Series Videos show us how it's done, by athletically outmaneuvering a Minigun before going in for the kill. Watch plenty of adrenaline-pumping rounds of Power Play during our official Rockstar live stream, this Friday at 5pm ET on the official Rockstar YouTube and Twitch channels. As always, if you've got any awesome gameplay GIFs or Rockstar Editor clips you'd like to send us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff, or share them in the comments below.

Rockstar Editor Powered Videos: "The Hunt", "GTA vs Predator", "Siren" & More

Rockstar Editor cinematic epics don't come more visually thrilling than in our latest fan-created video round-up; from the exploits of rogues and spies, to an episodic Mafioso family saga and a heady journey down Mount Chiliad via a GoPro-style view. Get ready for some excellently crafted narratives and visuals that tick all the filmmaking boxes. 'Siren' by ash0191 Giving some of moviedom's most infamous criminal duos a run for their money, ash0191's Siren and BloodLust180's Wolf weave a tale of crime, passion and betrayal. With an atmospheric soundtrack backing up some truly tense and explosive moments, the titular and enigmatic Siren shows off her skills and nerves, as the duo leave havoc in their wake. The cliff-hanger ending will have you champing at the bit for a sequel. This video combines footage from Xbox One and PC, enhanced with some creative usage of Story Mode mods and other clever techniques (kudos to Ash for meticulously recreating BloodLust180's character to a T in her second character slot and making use of elsewhat's Scene Creator PC mod to make both actors appear side by side in Director Mode). Also check out: M.I.A by BloodLust180 (where Ash returns the favor, playing a supporting role in BloodLust's taut short action film) GTA vs Predator! (Rockstar Editor Cinematic) by Duggy Duggy's cinematic epics continue to impress as Michael, Trevor and Franklin encounter an other-worldy force on a hunting trip. Using jdw7440's Predator mod and nnuu's Green Screen mod as a base, Duggy creates one of the most intense mashups seen to date.     'The Hunt' by OriFilmsGTA Taking over 3 weeks to create, OriFilmsGTA's short film is a chilling thriller that is well worth the watch for those seeking "tension, anxiety and a little fear". What begins as an innocent hunting trip on a sunny day for the film's protagonist descends into a menacing, frightening nightmare, when he accidentally witnesses a murder. Soon, the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted. The twist at the end, with nature lending a helping hand, is a profound touch. Mercoledi (Wednesday) by Wrinkly Blink Games The family drama heightens in Wrinkly Blink Games' latest episode of a 7-part series and loving homage to classic Mafioso-themed films. Making use of the Albany Roosevelt, Be My Valentine's outfits, oh-so-familiar musical strings and a sepia lighting filter, the life of a "made man" gets a proper nostalgic treatment. Mercoledi is the 3rd episode in the installment so far, but be sure to catch up with previous chapters Lunedi (Monday) and Martedi (Tuesday) before the next episode. GoPro Be A Hero by EK2 Going on a different tone and track is EK2's visually impressive short - seen from a 'GoPro' style view - of some "extreme downhill biking on Mount Chiliad". The upbeat soundtrack mixes perfectly with the stunning scenery around Mount Chiliad during sunrise, not to mention some seriously head-spinning views and cool bike tricks to boot.  BONUS VIDEO: Grand Theft Auto Theme Cover (Joyride by Da Shootaz) by SquidPhysics While this is obviously not a Rockstar Editor powered video, it's another amazing live-action clip from the talented SquidPhysics that we just had to share. Covering Da Shootaz' Joyride - the theme song from the very first Grand Theft Auto back in 1997 - SquidPhysics hits all the right notes, even pitch-shifting his voice to rap the verses. You can check out an ever-growing playlist of The One Man Orchestra's GTA Soundtrack covers here.   If you've been creating some serious Rockstar Editor visuals and would like to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at   PreviouslyCosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & MoreAction Drama in Vinewood, Legendary Warrener Restoration, Music Videos & More

Snapmatic Winners, Sumo Highlights and More from Lowriders: Custom Classics Week

Presenting the winners of the #CustomClassics Snapmatic Challenge that was held last week with our five favorite selections (as well as some great honorable mentions) below. Also, check out Lowriders: Custom Classics video highlights, including the official GTA Online Sessions episode of funny moments from our live stream with Carly Aquilino, Nessa, Daym Drops and Lazlow playing Sumo, racing out in fully modded Lowriders and lots more.   #CUSTOMCLASSICS SNAPMATIC WINNERS Thanks to everyone who submitted their entry to the #CustomClassics Snapmatic Photo Challenge in the hunt for the GTA$1,000,000 award and good old fashioned Snapmatic community cachet. Plenty of Slamvans, Donks, Double Barrel Shotguns, Rolled Quiffs and High Waisted Trousers graced the #CustomClassics section of the Social Club Snapmatic galleries. Congrats to our four first-time-ever winners, as well as one veteran Snapmatic champion... San Andreas Avenue by S4NT3LL173 Herb Ritts would approve. A beautifully shot black and white Slamvan snap with a rustic vibe. Complete with the Benny's Shop Truck Livery and Stack 'em Up Exhaust, S4NT3LL173's new ride is primed and ready to take it low n' slow. Dash of Shark by Basimatic The prolific Basimatic's Blacktop Bomber Slamvan prowls the waters of the LS Storm Drain. Constantly pushing the envelope with creative GTA photography, video and other creative endeavors, be sure to follow Basimatic on Twitter where she shares her amazing work day in and day out. A shoutout also goes to AXELSCHWEISS77 for this other sly shark-themed Slamvan entry worthy of honorable mention. EASY PREY! by BNadal From jaws to paws, BNadal brings us another clever vehicles-as-wildlife shot, using the Zebralicious Livery to depict an apex predator Faction Custom Donk sizing up its next meal at Procopio Beach. ALTA ST by erin7696 Rocking some brand new Lowriders: Custom Classics threads and with her Slamvan ready to roll, erin7696's GTA Online character refills her Double Barrel Shotgun before heading out for a night on the town. Awesome detail capturing the shells gripped between her fingers as she loads up here. I WANNA PLAY WITH MY NEW TOY by withoutoragainst Snapmatic photographer withoutoragainst makes intelligent use of in-game gestures and the optical illusion of forced perspective to make their new playthings appear miniature in size. Other Honorable Mentions... The new Finger Kiss Action allows MrLaughingZeus7 to sum up his player's feelings towards their new Slamvan and thread combo.  Timed perfectly, quaid86 stays out of sight to give the illusion of this Vapid Slamvan parachuting down to safety. After a quick trip to Benny's, has all the reason he needs to roll out and show off his new rims in this impeccably-framed shot. _Banksie_ proudly models the brand new Compact Rifle in concert with a tricked-out Virgo bouncing outside Benny's.   SUMO FUNNY MOMENTS HIGHLIGHTS, CUSTOM CLASSICS SHOWCASES & MORE Watch this latest official GTA Online Sessions YouTube episode for some raucous moments with Carly Aquilino, Nessa, Daym Drops and Lazlow playing the new Sumo Adversary Mode, some Destroy Last Place Races with new rides from Lowriders: Custom Classics, and a particularly hilarious bonus round of Hasta La Vista. /r/GTAV_Cruises celebrate Custom Classics Event Week by lining up their Donks down in the LS Storm Drain for an epic synchronized wave. KYR SP33DY and the Crew get into a Sumo grudge match - with characteristically ridiculous results. Kwebbelkop, Jelly and Slogoman pimp out color-coordinated Willard Faction Custom Donks and go on a spree with the brand new Compact Rifle. Check out Slogoman's perspective of the hijinks here. Trott, Smith, and Ross - collectively known as Hat Films - and their friend Sips discuss the finer points of the Panto, Sips' mum's hybrid and take part in the occasional impromptu singalong as they get into hysterics with GTA Online's latest Adversary Mode. For more Sumo shenanigans, also enjoy these vids from Swiftor, N&B Gaming and iamfallfromgrace.SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS Congratulations to the Custom Classics Sweepstakes Contest winners who have each scored a cache of GTAV prizes including the V Zippo Lighter, the Grotti Polo Shirt, the Welcome to Los Santos Soundtrack CD and more: sambogaming, Corpse_Collector, KhiDemo, HitFoxie and smoothyoungbeezy. Previously:GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics Now AvailableThe GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics Event WeekNew Inventory Coming to Benny's Original Motor Works

Rockstar Editor Powered Videos: "GTA Z", "The Raid", "Jumpers" Drop Zone Tribute & More

Sit back and enjoy this latest Newswire film festival of creative and fun videos recently made by creators with footage captured using the Rockstar Editor. The Raid by Lu Iggy Known for a consistent body of work producing short films and music videos of ever increasing ambition using the Rockstar Editor over the past few months, Lu Iggy's twelfth short form narrative project may be his best work to date. With some truly impressive stunts, subtle but effective use of filters and even a few sly bits of comic relief, Lu showcases an audacious raid on Fort Zancudo that he took on with his partner Sgt Wadsworth. The story twists and turns right until the end, and leaves you on a brilliant cliffhanger. We can't wait for the sequel... Flashback by ChaosZake ​ChaosZake shows that he's more than just an accomplished Snapmatic photographer and takes us all the way back to the early 80's in this mesmerizing early MTV styled music video set to the toe-tapping classic "Flashback" by Imagination which may sound familiar from afternoons spent cruising to Space 103.2. With help from GTA community stalwarts CaPn-BOnEs, missNxkolette, Sariska and others, he perfectly captures the aesthetic of those halcyon days - dubious moustaches and all. Zombie Apocalypse Ep.4 - S.O.S by Duggy Duggy presents the fourth installment of his amazing series "Zombie Apocalypse". Parlaying clever Story Mode and Director Mode mods such as elsewhat's Scene Director and HippieCommunist's ZombieZ, Duggy's harrowing portrait of a city gripped by a zombie epidemic is told through a series of incredible set-pieces. As Duggy explains, the video employs innnovative editing techniques to immerse the viewer: "the end sequence is actually 5 different recordings stitched together to create the illusion of one continuous scene". Sultan RS Showcase by Logic-Films DeejayJeanP and INKAKU offer some visual adoration for the recently released Karin Sultan RS in this slick presentation befitting the sharp, clean lines of the Sultan's contours. Logic-Films have a strong history of showcasing their favorite vehicles from GTA Online: check out more montages featuring the Custom Classic Slamvan, Declasse Mamba, Galaxy Super Yacht and the Albany Primo. Grand Theft Auto V - JUMPERS - MrSrdaro MrSrdaro's hypnotic Rockstar Editor video poetically portrays the perilous battle over contested land in the Drop Zone Adversary Mode. MrSrdaro hopes you appreciate the "beauty of skydiving and shooting, everything you need to know about Dropzone". Also Check OutNause - The World I Know (GTA Online) Cinematic Music Video by FullyTrollinNot Giving In by ExionCalifornia Feeling (Beach Boys) by Grand Theft Auto Music VideosBehind Your Eyes (TLMC Elysian Island) by The Lost MC Elysian IslandDallas by ClintonicsParkour: Del Perro Beach by Knife_guy productions If you've been working on your latest Vinewood blockbuster and want to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at   PreviouslyCosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & MoreAction Drama in Vinewood, Legendary Warrener Restoration, Music Videos & MoreAn Epic Rescue Mission, BMX Stunting Brilliance & More


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