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The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle

For the next two weeks, we'll be partnering with Humble Bundle to offer a selection of Rockstar PC titles as part of the Rockstar Games Humble Bundle, with 100% of the proceeds from Rockstar Games going to support the Rainforest Alliance. Donate just $1 to receive Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Max Payne and Manhunt. Contribute more than the average donation to also receive Bully: Scholarship Edition, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 2. Donate $15 or more and you'll also receive Max Payne 3 (which includes all the downloadable content), along with versions of GTAIV and L.A. Noire that include all available downloadable content for those titles. To take advantage of this unique opportunity to support a charity that does really amazing work across the globe and enjoy a great collection of classic Rockstar PC titles, visit Offer ends February 12th, at 1PM ET. The Rainforest Alliance is a global nonprofit organization tackling today’s urgent challenges -- climate change, social inequity, rural poverty, and biodiversity loss -- through creative, pragmatic collaborations in agriculture, forestry and tourism. For more information, visit or @RnfrstAlliance on Twitter.

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward Compatibility

The intersecting sagas of Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City¬†are¬†now all playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. All versions of the game, including Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, are compatible on Xbox One. Digital game owners have instant access on Xbox One, so they can download Grand Theft Auto IV directly from the ‚ÄúReady to Install‚ÄĚ section of their Xbox One and play at will. Physical game owners can just insert the Xbox 360 game disc into their Xbox One and download the game. Your original game saves will also transfer if you have saved your game to the Cloud Saved Games feature on Xbox 360.¬† Anyone who doesn't already have Grand Theft Auto IV can get it from the Xbox Store on Xbox One, along with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. To celebrate, we‚Äôre hosting a special giveaway of rare original GTAIV collectibles and gear. One lucky Social Club member will win a GTAIV commemorative prize pack pictured below, including the GTAIV Dartboard, Pool Cue, Statue of Happiness, License Plate, TW@ Mousepad, and a collection of GTAIV Tees. 10 Runners-Up will receive a GTAIV License Plate and TW@ Mousepad. Enter now at Social Club. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void in certain countries and where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older. See Official Rules and Privacy Policy for eligibility details. Entry period ends Monday February¬†20th 2017. Previously:Bully: Scholarship Edition Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward CompatibilityRed Dead Redemption Now Playable on Xbox One with Backward Compatibility ¬†

GTA Online Rockstar Livestream: Playing GTA Throwback Jobs with their Creators

Update: Thanks to everyone in the community who tuned in and joined us in chat. You can watch the archived full stream in the video player above or at You can also check out select highlights at Stay tuned for more broadcasts to come. Join us today at 4PM Eastern (9PM BST / 1PM Pacific) here and on the official Rockstar Twitch channel for a special Flashback Friday edition of our GTA Online official livestreams series - where we'll be shooting and racing our way through Jobs from this week's GTA Throwback Jobs article featured here at the Newswire. Rockstar Devs will be playing along with members of the GTA community and we've invited some of the very Creators who made these creative Jobs inspired by classic GTA games and missions to come play along with us and join us on Skype to talk about their creations. Make sure you follow us on Twitch and Twitter to get notified the moment we go live and also for info on future livestreams. You can look forward to some great episodes in the near future with artists from the GTAV soundtrack and other special guests.

The Independence Day Social Club Multiplayer Weekend Recap with Fan Videos, Prize Winners and More

Thanks to Social Club stalwart ShenmueSaga for capturing the PS3 happenings of the entire event. This past Independence Day weekend, the Social Club community soaked up four days of 3XP in Red Dead and Max Payne 3 and celebrated with Chihuahua Dogs and Rocket Launcher bombs bursting in air across the skies of Liberty City in GTAIV during our four-hour Sunday live-stream official play session. We salute everyone who participated, from those that got in on games in the Social Club Playlists to the spirited community commentators on our Social Club Mutliplayer Events and official Rockstar Twitch pages. Beginning the afternoon in Red Dead, our own PlayRockstar hopped on the PS3 to join in with y'all for some Hold Your Own action. With the Rebeldes facing off against PlayRockstar's Walton's Gang, it was a vicious battle for the bags. After Walton’s Charles_R_Fan got the party started with a head shot on Kiscserko, teammate Gondia grabbed and promptly delivered an enemy bag, giving Walton’s Gang a 1-0 lead. Almost immediately, Charles_R_Fan stole another Rebeldes bag and, as with their comrade, quickly dropped it off at home base. After a little aggression from miller1945 and ToiletRoll22, Charles_R_Fan made a move on the final sack and went for it, helping shut out the Rebeldes 3-0. It was the first of a few rough showings in RDR for PlayRockstar; at one point, teammate Captain-bOnEs pushed us right into the bullets of alacran-Cabrera which unfortunately and ignominiously resulted in a buckshot to our backside.    Meanwhile, over on Xbox LIVE, the Miners and Cattle Rustlers engaged in an action-packed Gang Shootout at Tumbleweed. Miners inkybuseko, Pauloxspx and F1ftySevenCHEVY (XBL GT) each helped their team of breakers to an early lead. The Cattle Rustlers refused to give up however and with sinkablejaymen and SubovonHD going on hot streaks, they wound up taking a huge lead and winning, $4,400 to $2,950.   First on the docket for GTAIV on PS3 was 10 minutes of Deathmatch at Liberty City's own shining beacon of independence, Happiness Island. Within seconds, ThFcMaSoN93 snuffed out YungLive201, followed by the execution of Kiscserko at the hands of kozirekPL. UnAm9564 got on the board by wiping up TheLandofSmeg, but before having a chance to reap the spoils, PlayRockstar showed 'em how to make $15 the hard way - by looting the pockets of the dead. With a minute to go, we lost an (up to that point) fun showdown to ThFcMaSoN93. On a mission, we fearlessly walked towards daffyair3864's bullets like we had divine intervention on our side and ultimately wound up taking seventh place. TheFcMaSoN93 won with 55 kills and $5,708, UnAM9564 wound up in second with 46 kills and $4,995 and kozirekPL placed third with 43 kills and $4,616.      The hits kept coming in Xbox 360 playing Deathmatch - this time with a bats-only affair paying tribute to the boys of summer or possibly a little déjà vu for GTAIII fans who recall the South Side Hoods mission, Rumble. Looking for action after we endured an intense battle with LukinhasBR2 (XBL GT), xSILVER BUllETx (XBL GT) surprised us with a hit right to the gut and we went down like Frazier in the 5th. Elsewhere, RIP 3AZY (XBL GT) was hitting for average, knocking out the likes of Baseballstar04 (XBL GT), xSILVER BUllETx and illyaillya. We did have some highlights, including a critical beatdown of LCardoso17 along the lovely backdrop of the waterfront as well as a pummeling of WinnyWingz, good for a fourth place overall finish. CreepyEyeball proved to be the sultan of swing, winning with $2,292 and 21 kills, followed by IRISH ROCKSTAR (XBL GT) ($1,925 and 17 kills) and xChiefGreenBudx (XBL GT) ($1,622 and 15 kills).            On the PC front, we jumped into a tight game of Cops 'n' Crooks. Fellow Team 2 member BlazedYouUp420 picked up ClichexUsername (love that handle) in a Sultan RS and, in a remote area, impressively stumbled off two cliffs right into the action. Welcomed with gunfire, they were quickly shot up by Ethanh59. OG Mafi30si42 (GFWL GT) peppered PlayRockstarPC and the boss was taken out, resulting in a first round win for Team 1. In the second round, where the cops become crooks and vice versa, PlayRockstarPC dropped BlazedYouUp420 off on Shinnecock Ave in Broker, where a cherry red Infernus awaited. Tailing PlayRockstarPC towards the fleeing criminals, BlazedYouUp420 pulled off a killer ramp jump, getting them just near the enemy. Seconds later on Stillwater, BlazedYouUp420 got Ethanh59, OG Mafi30si42 and UnwornDiagram04 (GFWL GT), thus taking out the boss. Team 1 still pulled off the win by a razor-close $1,320 to $1,300.You can check out this game as well as a solid GTA Race in the video below, courtesy of BlazedYouUp420: Looking to take our PS3 shootouts to a more tropical clime, we dialed up a round of Max Payne 3 Gang Wars at the São Paulo Bus Depot. Assigned to Tropa Z, Chapter 1's Grab the Bag began with PlayRockstar getting decimated at the hands of the-shooter8-ghi (PSN ID). After getting owned a couple of times, Crachá Preto’s TonyB-Killing stepped it up with Fast5Jonny and, with strong showings from brino0713 and the-shooter8-ghi, Crachá won the round with ease, 74-39. It took even less for them to claim Tropa Z’s checkpoints in Chapter 2 as pumps-pimp and brino0713 took all five in just over a minute.     For Chapter 3's Takedown, pumped for the challenge of taking down hard target brino0713 and helped by the new acquisition of pumps-pimp on our team, Tropa Z stepped it up. pumps-pimp went on an absolute tear, finding and murdering brino0713 and suddenly we were within reach, 2-1. It took nearly three minutes into Chapter IV's Short Fuse before Tropa finally planted a bomb. With just 10 seconds to go and Cracha Preto still unsuccessful at diffusing our planted bomb, BMOR21216 was uncomfortably close. With an assist from Orainxx, PlayRockstar shot them down and our Tropa Z squad won the round and headed to the final Survivor chapter tied at 32. It was a close one all the way through but, despite pumps-pimp hanging in solo for as long as possible, Crachá Preto edged Tropa out for the win. Ill-Myth led Cracha with 34 kills, followed by the-shooter8-ghi with 32 and brino0713 with 28.  In a Team Deathmatch in the rundown alleys of Hoboken on Xbox LIVE, PlayRockstar2 fought for the DeMarcos with the likes of zachman329, SoA_Danis2000 and more. Fellow soldiers Nicolasrezende, Xx.Joao180.xX and ElUBERGOOBER all got some kills in before we even left our spot. ElUBERGOOBER spat major bullets into Superpicl not once, but twice - and with two minutes down, the DeMarcos had a 22-10 lead over the Punchinellos. Superpicl had some better luck against us, using the duel PT92s twice before we stepped to them. Before we could even get started, we found ourselves on the wrong end of the luck of the Irish as IR1SHBERSERKER thwarted our dreams of revenge with an IA2 AR and soon after, IRISH ROCKSTAR got us with the M4 Assault. Despite a mid-round hot streak from the Punchinellos, our resilient DeMarcos worked their game considerably and won 122-101. Top Player honors went to Nicolasrezende, who had 30 kills, followed by SoA_Danis2000 with 28 and ElUBERGOOBER with 27.  ShenmueSaga pulled double duty with this additional capture of the Xbox 360 side of things as well. We then turned our attention to Episodes from Liberty City on Xbox 360 with a Team Deathmatch in Lost and Damned. Repping Team 2, PlayRockstar 2 spied IRISH ROCKSTAR shotgun blasting Nick1997ml (XBL GT) and, as we were about to make our move CreepyEyeball crept out of the shadows to take us and Nick1997ml out. Team 2's Superpicl delivered sweet justice to both enemies immediately after. This seemed to spark a murderous renaissance for the group, with strong showings from Do you have PSN (a very curious XBL GT, heh) and Nick1997ml. However, once Disco_OB and dionislaw broke Team 1’s killing silence, it was all over from there and they wound up taking the win $8,571 to $5,339. CreepyEyeball led the way with $3,056 and 30 kills.  Sticking with the Team Deathmatch theme in Lost and Damned but this time on PC, Claunator started what would be a hot streak for Team 2 with two consecutive kills, first on BaysideCloth1 (PC) and then VisaliGP. After Extronique decommissioned VisaliGP, Team 1 finally got on the board when BaysideCloth1 took out Extronique. Still, Team 2 dominated most of the game until in the last couple of minutes when things started to click for Team 1. PlayRockstarPC and BaysideCloth1 both picked up their games considerably and wound up making a narrow comeback, winning $3,382 to $3,054.   Wrapping the day up on PS3 with a three lap GTA Race on The Ballad of Gay Tony’s Meltdown track, much of the race was spent with ReeKFleX and cdh-89 (PSN ID) battling it out for first place. Meanwhile, after a pretty rough start, PlayRockstar was elated to see JCHD28 flip over a guard rail and opportunistically jumped his place. Back up ahead, ReeKFleX only got better with time, recording a first lap of 01:21:27 and a second of 01:18:24. They just managed to nose the win with a time of 04:13:90, followed closely by cdh-89 with 04:17:41. XAlexTM had to work hard for a third place finish with a time of 04:28:05, with FFWmsleah07 (PSN ID) trailing just a second or so behind with 04:29:31. EYES ON THE PRIZE   As always, our Social Club Multiplayer weekend also brought the spoils of scoring some much sought after GTAV prize packs as well. Congrats to all of the following sweepstakes winners, who will each be receiving a Grand Theft Auto V logo tee as well as a pack of GTAV and Rockstar stickers: applsaucebandit, ArtemB1988_US, Darthblaker7474, cjvogel23, DSTakumiDerp, Diesel311, noobpwner95, T-Vercetti, sattizahn, bang508, NinJaeS, Gtchy1230, MVmattyP, IxFail, Rafioso, Hooggaan, shivkat, swatriotcntrl, scarface910 and Gookyd.   Thanks to everyone who helped make this most recent Social Club Multiplayer Weekend a killer time. GimletGreenDog and his Crew, the Red Dead Dogs put together a highlight vid of the day showing Social Club playlist action from their perspective that we also recommend checking out. Be sure to stay tuned to the Newswire for details on our next Multiplayer Weekend as well as for first details on GTA Online coming soon - and in the meantime, check out some screens that highlight the happenings of the 7th, followed by a roll call of all the players according to our records:   Previously: Event Recap: The Rockstar Multiplayer Memorial Day Weekend   .SNoTNoSE. ___Antoha___ ___Mac___ _KenBlock43_ _M_Khan_ _Paw3l_ -_Titan_- _Vagg_ -0_O-Mister-T_T- 0utcast 1337Pilot 52Fasty 7000zelda 7777777park 8-Balls aaeh35 Aarbron Aaron_Forsaken aaroncete aaronhun abashedwish14221 abbeylakew abdoul23alg abhijeetchamp abon159 abrokian acbezio aceofspades327 Achim_Rittner AcidGenome aD_AGONY ADN_Lisardo AdonisXVII adziem90 Aeustion Agamakus AGENT-DON AgentElliot19 AgentMcQueen Agentwoods209 ahetFIN AirheadOz Aivaras_J_24 akatonik Akio8788 aks2007950 alacran-Cabrera alanico alanrl182 albanivan Albert_Mwugabi alblack7 Aledreads2509 AlejandroS_M Alex_silent Alex11235 Alex4987 AlexD333 alexmilchev alexrdh ALFA_89 alflex621 Alford.T.OCP AlicceA aliendoughnut Allstar360 alnyorker18 Alo4562 alperomo Alpha_Tango101 alpha-mon1 AlwaysThereOG Alysslander Amil21 AMMikey AN1MAL4LYFE anakin202 AnAwfulPlayer ancuoli andrazcerni andrecorts AndresJRdz andreverts android499KSA Andrymetal95 Andy315x AndySmokes420 andyzelka angrysascha98 Anime2001 ANJ9686 Anna_from_Russia Annie520 Antistrax antnthonyguiness ant-oine666 Antonin15300 ANTONIO1247GOD-R antonio329 AnXiouLyX anykey3 Apexx_iPredator APILLy applsaucebandit Arayx77 archiefaz1 ArchieGoodwin argenteuil95100 Ariel_Massacre Arjunjyo ArkusAmine armando16041 arrogantflight33 arshadasaaf Arteceus1376 artem98989898 arturPmorais Aru_Windrabbit asdf1144 asdfgh47673 ASeductiveCow AshHousewares Assassin277 Assassin86_rus_ Asterisk27 atown_74 Atrax09 australopiteco2 AVEPLAYA AWES0MEPR0DIGY Axel_vr123 AXL_COKE axl133 axlstyx57 ayaanian AydenF Aydoleun AyoStephy_ azerty07 ba2ng15 BadPrenup BadruM1 BagofFriedRice BAMxBAM bangastyle69 BarackObama458 BarackObamasack Bardock617 BarnesFlip Bart97 bartek2419 Baszert Bauce351831 baxterlil baydmeg bazar12345 Bazfoo Beamshorle666 beastlychannel26 beatthedevil56 Beaumac beca2146 BeeRod Behemoth70 Belikas8 benday beni0097 benpacky berries_odingle best_one bettershanuu Big_E559 Big_John995 Big_mafia Big_Red024 big_thought BIG13POP BIG8SMOKE8 BigBlackNick BigBobsDad bigboss2050tm bigboy20592 BIGBUDS_ROCKSTAR BigDoczipper biggaryk Biggdaddy2047 BigGild bigjay2011 BIGMIKE4EVA bigoud82 BigREDgrin BigSmokeMC bikinisntchmnstr BirdieCrazy bitOFsumfinXTRA Bizerker21 bl4ktout BlackCore1 Black-Kevin Blacksteve777 BladaOdesit BladeX_91 BlahblahIV BlazedYouUp420 bledar-74 BleedingShock BlessingYou101 Blips150 blkassassin106 blonz65 blood1951 BloodBiscuit89 Bloodfather98 Blueice12 BluenoteSmiley Bobbath BobbyGonda BobHobol bobinator79 Boblebricoleur_6 Bogdanofff BoochArt BornToKickAsss Bountyhunter141 BoZo_88 bradleyg313 bradyfan_12 braieni BreakinEvil breizh295 brian1mcc brianmasterg brino0713 Brisia brokenwiners BrooklynsAlabama Brunno0 BrutalBrillo BryanW94 Btot-1 bubbaoreily Bubbles69 bullit100 bulls1135 bumbaclotbarbie Bunholelio Burchmore5000132 BushkaUK busslightyear buycki BVBRey BVXSMCMXCIII C0nn0rrr Cabrille cadaneil99 Caduceus8077 CAKEMAN69 Cali_Icon Call_Me_Joker Callaghan18 callo-pr camilogutierrez9 CammySutra CamoHD canek765 cannedleprecon85 capone30horse Captain_Gertcha Captain-bOnEs CaptainObivious carditese CarJackCrack CarlitoKhaled Carloromerodoe carlos_CZ carlosd1979 CarlosJF7 CarolinaGirl2001 caste581 Catastroph3 CawdRud ccespedesg CChaminare cdman17 ceasarsalad100 ced67HD ced880513 Cediquitous CEDR98 CELLOO Cemetpuu_MOSH cenful cereal33 Cesar-Braindead cesaretinterest Cgta2196 chaitu0793 Chajbi Challenger02HUN ChaoticiLLusion Charles_R_Fan Charls_Orton ChedderRounds CheezaOne ChereeZ CHEROSO1 ChezzAB ChicagoEnigma Chiefgreenbud chip101453 chipset900 CH-mg1991 chris_MOGZY Chris2744_GTA ChrisCalico chrisli128 chrrrr_PL chuckchewem ChunLisBuns420 cincinatibowtie CireGames cjdinenno cKy4life ClicheUsername ClitorisWarior cloom5S5 Cmarra32 CMH_Predator coco1261 CoffeeBlack82 Coleyman434 columboh22 comandanter3 CombatW1zard comealive91 ComptonBoulevard computerman9 ConZor Cookiesmilk coolandrew92 cooljats cooljodegekke copperrobber Corey1612 corindiclose3 CorndogJenkins corridoskickass Couregex CousinDanny CptEks crazy-carstylez crazykral CreepyEyeball Crimeminister25 Criptos CristobalVr CRN7112 CrocodileYoungD Cryptomemetic CuddlyBunnie2 cupra2366 curtis206 Cyberdyn d10nislaw d1rty. Dabblex daddio666 dae220 Daffy72 dagi001 dakisabi damcro99 dampsergio damsvitryo Dang266 Dangerous52 daniel10069 daniel259441 Daniele94BB Danielt1234 DANIS2000 darealking DariusRGSC Dariya02 dark_james darkdenny77 Darkhero105 darkling692 Darkman624 darkZigzag DarthBumfluff DarthCvrnda Dastaan81 Dave2301 Daveblenner david557384 davulka2 dawid170301 DC6100355 DeadDoctor47 DeadEyeStanley deadlinex Deagle-gueko Deanoroo Deaproth Death6745 deathevreywhere DeathKnight99 DedShtaket dedulia91 DeeDeePeru deez_nuttz Delta_squad DeltalianDude DeltaSquad49 demonkero DenDen17 Derbackmanish Deschy DeviantPuppet24 dewlah DG1911 dhill07 didier777 Didrikzen DieCobros Dier11 Diesel311 Diirty45 DIIXONZzz DiJey_ dilaann Dino_jaram diogobugnar Disco_OB DisgruntledNinja disneylandfan Disorientorium DJALLSTAR713 Djcampbell djgerardo DJGM1974 DJGREEN_RANGER djporlapaz dkilla54906 dlink001 Dmc212 dnm2705 Doctor_HV Dogtanian84 dolchi21 Dominaek don_kacper Donga4Fun donkebulldog DonMax386_CL donte0608 Dr_Tom123 dragon89200 DravinClaw DrawingBeatle26 DRAY_K-47 DrDuality DredHed420 dropabombonem DropDeadOmix drunkenJza DryMaverick DuckEggX ducklord3000 Duffman2jet duk_leon Durasyde durdur926 duskyshark80 dutchgamer98 dutchriot125 DutchStoner DXO1Daniel dylamie dylribe eco__naten eddieandy Edge_1337 eDiN20 edmcflurry11 Edu.Oliveira eduardo_bm Eduing Edvinhellberg edzons911 EelsInCaves Egb6364 egerus23 eGLynx EKA047 EKU799 el_serpe El1capo_PR Elcangry035 eldubayew Electrix64 ELeCtRoSh0ck3R EliteGameist Ellanek Ellocomotive elnimio eltraca ema6991 Emanuel_Berger emiliano-soprano Emoboyv1 EmptyShells encaflownester Engine718 Epethetic Epic_Astro Epic_Show Epilef Erebus_RVN erebus8 erevans erick030212 ErnestoRock eslo18 Ethanh59 EtoZheFomin EvanDaPope evanderito Evarift Evgeni19848650 Evil_Grishka evilgeneral4 excutedgear99 ExDannabis Exiilion ExiledGerm11 eXoNecro ExPheonix Extisis ExTraq Extreme_FuriouzX Exx818 Eye_Kon F9oOoL11 faabio05 fab1qaz FabioLive.IT fabryRock fake2556 Fallen_Angel1993 Fan1wwe Fantastic_Mr_Cat Fapburn Faria0808 Faris8- Farouest Fash30 Fasio_Vita Fatcat214 fatri-35 FearNoArt83 fernbush fexmorjrs Fickle9 FILIPINOFINGERZ2 fillpereira Fionnathon FireFighter227 FirstOwned Fisciletti FixedQuear fizzypop10123 FlameingSkull201 flapjackdaddio FlashFire666 FlavioSsantos FlimSurpuissant Flippers1807 flprogamer FootikFR ForceableMass foxbat5595 Foxcon84 Fr0stlight Fr8shaker FRAN_PS3 Frank_Frost Franskens freddy1thebear FreeKilll97 Freffo FugetSudo_Jr fujiyama17 fullBirkan Funkworkz FunMeatPie Furiiousxvbix furley293 futbolkeeper g1002678 gabriel9102 GabrieLGame gabrielzinho1234 Galarzaa90 GallifreyDog gamekid443 GamerFeuer gamerjogo Gamerphile GameVerslaafdAY GamingRAPTRcom gang-rastas-01 GANGSTERS_MARCOS GarethTaylor Gargle_My_Marble gargolocks2 Garzzini Gavina806 gazidagestan GC-Guido GCXConker Gelato1313 GeneralBeans Genesicity GermanScientist GetAwayDriver001 Ghorindel GHOSThardcore13 ghostsilencer giganticbartez89 gigarata GimletGreendog GimmoGali giustpeyn1 GLASIV Glass_Run_Feed GlowingHemank_27 gman33 GM-Shenmue gnoeroe go4live GODS-BEAST Gondia Gonzales123 GONZALEZZZZZ Gookyd goredzilla GoronBrawler gorox54096 grachamoncha G-R-A-N-D GrandComet GrandeGarcia grandpa-of-pain GrandTheftAutoV. GrandTheftSponge grantnp greatkiller69 GreekGTAPlayer greeny357 grievingbath8543 GRKMSNNB Grotanol GRUBZKILLA_7223 GTA_5_Italy gta_san gta5chrisgta5 GTA5Videos GTAboer GTAfan_forever GTAFan127634 GTAIV_King gtaiv1977 GTAjunkie330 GTAMAN342jk gtamann_fanboy gtamaster10wire Gtamen GTAplayer169 GTASABigfoot gtav_official gtav2012 GTAV69 GTAVArtem013 GTAVicLife GTAVSupportWW GTAYVL Gubozakativatel GuidoCP guilllll Guitarista1978 gulhos gunmetaldeedeee gunnergarcia guriga80 gustavo.david HadgHog HalfBloodKing Hallidayo halloweenghost HAM361 Hammer-dance HaPpYDaZe419 HARD_BART HardcoreN13gha hardstep95 Haroldx3 harriet_pum HarvestRoad haserot26 hashemnight Haskell420 HattorisYRes HatTrickMan headcrash69 Heat_Meiser HeavyMetal688 HeavyTomato Hendrinn henke_123 Henu-88 Hewllak Hexodas Hfor_4 Hhigorsouza HIBMFL hidingKILLER hihuve hitlove Hmmmm_Nice_Bike holmarben homeg65 HonorKilling HoodWookin HorseChokef HOT_KIMERA Hotinfa hottracer88 houndcircus Hundeath HunMaccs HUNRicky hunteranick 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The April Rockstar Multiplayer Event: Recap with Fan Videos, Prize Winners and More

Cheers to ShenmueSaga for capturing a saga indeed of gameplay footage from the event. The April Rockstar Social Club Multiplayer Event was an all-new epic live-streaming edition hosting a six-hour Saturday marathon session on April 13th. Along with action-packed multiplayer across such Social Club Event staples as Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption, we also pulled the tarp off our muscle cars and dusted off the old ping pong paddles for a nostalgic go of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Table Tennis with Social Club fans. You guys certainly seemed happy to see these old friends on the stream. For those who may have missed out or are ready for more - we'll be looking to do it again this month, stay tuned for news soon on the May edition. The first port of call was Max Payne 3 for a round of Run and Stun in Branco Headquarters - part of an eclectic playlist that featured some of the more recent DLC game modes and introduced Last Man Standing and Team Last Man Standing game variants, which some of you may remember as featured modes from previous events. In one match, our PlayRockstar2 fought hard on Xbox 360 but couldn't quite stay in check with MARK ALAN DARK, who edged out Wicked9Klown 55 Points to 49. Those two would continue to be a thorn in PlayRockstar2's side, both wielding the IA2 AR assault rifle with surgical precision. Meanwhile, PlayRockstar was knee-deep in a Team Deathmatch in Nova Esperança on PS3. Opting for a heavy Loadout with the M4, dual 9mm and Weapon Double-Dealer, our Dev went up against ToniMessia, Mike921, hajisaito-san and Blitzard219 of the Shine Thugz Crew (whose stunning Parisian pride Emblem we featured a while back in The Crew Cut). PlayRockstar fought a hard match but the Shine Thugz gang French fried us in the end, winning 78-44. Over on PC, PlayRockstarPC and porosenok85 went right down to the wire in a thrilling match of Run and Stun - the mode where one player assumes the role of the villainous troll Saci and the rest try to survive his onslaught. Playing as Saci ourselves, we were leading with three minutes to go, looking good, in control and poised to take the win. However, when Wizard88 picked up a kill with the PT92, it opened the gate for porosenok85 to embark on a last-ditch rampage and pip our player to the post 322-268. PlayRockstar didn't stand a chance against the sting of illyaillya's stun gun. For the second segment of the event, PlayRockstar2 stepped up to Table Tennis on Xbox 360 while PlayRockstar took to the streets of Midnight Club: Los Angeles. With only a paddle and a point to prove, PlayRockstar2 went on a metronomic rampage, slicing and smashing towards consecutive wins against sirwaltjabasco and VineWooD_HD, giving up a mere three points along the way. With the move to Ranked mode, our Dev ran up against a veritable boss in BL4CKJOK3R. Playing as the Solayman character and wielding levels of spin that might make Congressman Stubbs proud, BL4CKJOK3R beat us in straight sets, only dropping a single point in the process. Kudos. On the streets of L.A., PlayRockstar buckled up and into an ’88 VW Scirocco and lined up against a stacked field of hungry competitors. Despite bringing a knife to a gunfight as we faced off against some high-octane Lambos in our humble hatchback, PlayRockstar came in a respectable seventh, with MDK_SaCk_LuNcH (XBL GT), MRWAFFELHATER_2 (XBL GT) and xXxPR3D4T0RIxXx (XBL GT) taking first, second and third respectively. Next, we traded in our German import for an American Standardbred as we switched over to Red Dead Redemption on both Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayRockstar2 kicked things off with a round of Grab the Bag alongside - among others - Newswire regular illyaillya, who managed their team's only capture. The stars of this particular show were xGBUx27Xanax, with a very impressive three captures; and BradPitt_v2v (XBL GT), who clocked up 19 kills - nine of which were headshots. Not to be outdone, our PlayRockstar2 was Top Player in the following round with 13 kills and two captures of their own. CommanderCaZa also encountered PlayRockstar2 in a ruthless kind of mood during the course of the event, and uploaded the footage to YouTube for everyone to enjoy: We closed out the day's extravaganza in Liberty City, starting with a GTA Race at the start of Bawhan Dash alongside Dazed_Mong, BALISTIK_BLAZE (XBL GT), shot_yr_melon (XBL GT) and others, quickly battling for the lead with IMdeNMEofDEATH (XBL GT). Things were looking good for us until an errant lamppost nudged our Comet into a spin. We fought back with offensive driving and machine gun fire, and almost pulled back into contention, before running into Dazed_Mong's (XBL GT) roadblock. With dreams of victory shattered after taking a bullet to the head, we had to settle for the ignominy of chasing down the finish line on a Faggio. PRIZE WINNERS Congrats to lucky sweepstakes winners of our coveted Rockstar Prize Packs which included some vintage original collectibles. WolfskinKiller, CoolMarquis97 and drew713 will each be receiving an MCLA remote control car and seat belt cover, a pool cue set and Statue of Happiness from GTAIV, playing cards and dice from Red Dead Redemption, a Max Payne 3 bullet pen and flask along with some stickers. Runner-up prize packs featuring t-shirts, stickers and the aforementioned playing cards were awarded to TonyMontana166, Superpicl, MarkusGathome, BabyfaceKane, Mr_Kevin01, Darkflame_666, webby1990, VacationSuit, TechnicalH1, Krette, Jpbever, tallbailey, bobthekiller666, cooljodegekke, psnmexican, Nickster8000, s0undst0rmz, FRA1Z3R, weeniewhacker14 and CircusRock. For all else, remember you can still pick up some of those items over at the Rockstar Warehouse store now while supplies last. Thanks again to everyone who joined in the event and those who made the most of Triple XP all that weekend on Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. A last special shout to the Red Dead Dogs Crew who kept the party going that weekend long after the live-stream ended, tearing it up in Max Payne 3, Red Dead and GTAIV, as this slick compilation video attests. Solid work, gang. Stay tuned here at the Newswire for details on future Social Club events soon. In the meantime, check out a few of memorable screens from the April blockbuster along with the roll call of everyone who attended, according to our records. Previously: Winter Social Club Events Recap: Multiplayer Mayhem Across Liberty City São Paulo and Armadillo   ..Thai.. .Senzoro. .Vihor. ___Antoha___ _CtP_checkm8inc _Diluzion_ _igorkent_ _Paw3l_ _Pentti_ _simous_ _Vagg_ 07celio 1_michael_1 1000DS000000 1031ken 10marcor 12andres12 1337Pilot 1REDRUM 1supermiguel 234metalhead 23xavier69 34zimisawesome 4stuffmoments 503chosen1 564ewarren 62douglaspizzas9 6322241441252 6789898 6robert6 727Skyrocket 777novosib777 A_Drunk_Tree a9v1j6 aag555 aapenkop123 AaronKeene aash05 AAT71FALI ab7rei ABAKIDD abbaddon64 abdouHA abhishek1989 AbinSeb ABOTOMAXIMO abotrap Abraham310 abrokian ABU_SUFYAN ACA333man AceHood23 Acelil AceSeven ACHEAT Acidicraft acr_project acvium01 Addopaddo ADighADi adiletnail Adityarao786. adiwalsh AdMorgan ADNPOTRO adri-28nebraska adrianv384 Adry999 adumonti adzarb Aenique afrobenevolence Aganius agent_TAC0 agent060100 Agent101102 AgentMcQueen Agey1010 agomaty2 agp36vrn5 ahetFIN ahmed_vip_2014 ahmedahmed1 Aidster56513 AJ_Malloy Akabourrin Akas101009 AKIRA_KOKORO19 akku360 Akounltd97 akshay146 alacran-Cabrera aLbaTRoS67 alberto8928 albo_asesinoo albrain73 Alden15 aldiwanji alee4520 Aleksey3380 ALeKsIWarrior AleksVr Alektronnik Alex_Metze alex123258 alex1843 alex89gold Alexander.COOLer alexej1993 alexis4657 Alexistrane Alexlaki86 alexmetalrock AlexVasRus alexxmetalrock Alfonzo92 AlfordTerrace AlicceA alig1990 Aligmoney alleypuppy AlliianZ allilele allkik allsop1986 Allstar360 Ally1123 allyouwantis11 Almaz173 Alonsocats ALPERO alphawolf700 altairnomer1 AltoXn Alves. 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Official Grand Theft Auto Radio Playlists on Spotify and iTunes

As a service for all GTA fans on Spotify as well as for those who‚Äôd like to easily browse and find their favorite tracks from Grand Theft Auto radio history on iTunes, we‚Äôve gone ahead and compiled the official set of playlists below, with tracks from all the music stations featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City and more. Please note that this is all the music from these stations that's currently available on each service ‚Äď some songs don‚Äôt yet exist on either Spotify or iTunes, but we‚Äôre hoping to be able to add the original songs within our control where possible soon.¬†And for those nostalgic for some of the commercials from these games, be sure to check out The Advertising Council repository if you haven't before - a proper collection of radio adverts from the archives of LC, VC and SA's historical radio dials... ¬† Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City A reflection of the diverse sounds of Liberty City, the epic in-game soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto IV¬†and Episodes from Liberty City¬†features 19 unique music stations with everything from modern East Coast hip-hop to Eastern European pop. These playlists also include the adrenaline-pumping additions in The Lost and Damned as well as the club anthems and rare disco classics featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. ¬† The Beat 102.7 Spotify iTunes The Classics 104.1 Spotify iTunes Electro-Choc Spotify iTunes Fusion FM Spotify iTunes IF 99 Spotify iTunes The Journey Spotify iTunes JNR Jazz Nation Radio Spotify iTunes K109 The Studio Spotify iTunes L.C.H.C - Liberty City Hardcore Spotify iTunes Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 Spotify iTunes Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 Spotify iTunes Radio Broker Spotify iTunes RamJam FM Spotify iTunes San Juan Sounds Spotify iTunes Self-Actualization FM Spotify iTunes Tuff Gong Radio Spotify iTunes The Vibe 98.8 Spotify iTunes Vice City FM Spotify iTunes Vladivostok FM Spotify iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The music of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack spans the entire FM radio dial of the West Coast during a particularly influential period in American music and culture. From Willie Nelson to Public Enemy, Rick James to Humble Pie, Soundgarden to James Brown, En Vogue to Black Uhuru... ¬† Bounce FM Spotify iTunes CSR-103.9 Spotify iTunes K-DST Spotify iTunes K-Jah West Spotify iTunes K-Rose Spotify iTunes Master Sounds 98.3 Spotify iTunes Playback FM Spotify iTunes Radio Los Santos Spotify iTunes Radio X Spotify iTunes SF-UR Spotify iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Take it all the way back to the 80s and take the Vice City radio dial with you wherever you go - from the soul stylings of Fever 105 to the chart-toppers of Flash FM to V-Rock's headbangers and more. ¬† Emotion 98.3 Spotify iTunes Fever 105 Spotify iTunes Flash FM Spotify iTunes Radio Espantoso Spotify iTunes V-Rock Spotify iTunes Wave 103 Spotify iTunes Wildstyle Pirate Radio Spotify iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto III The first entry in the Grand Theft Auto series to mix licensed music tracks with original ones created specifically for the game, Grand Theft Auto III's soundtrack is the perfect complement to the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City - rock out to Salvatore Leone's favorite arias from Double Cleff FM, Toni's glory daze tunes from Flashback 95.6 and more. ¬† Double Cleff FM Spotify iTunes Flashback 95.6 Spotify iTunes Game Radio FM Spotify iTunes Head Radio Spotify iTunes K-Jah Spotify ¬† Lips 106 Spotify iTunes MSX FM ¬† iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories¬† In addition to including popular mainstays like Double Cleff FM, Head Radio and Lips 106, this 1998 incarnation of the Liberty City radio dial also features the world music stylings of Radio Del Mundo as well as DJ Clue's The Liberty Jam. ¬† Double Cleff FM Spotify iTunes Flashback FM Spotify iTunes Head Radio Spotify iTunes K-Jah Spotify iTunes The Liberty Jam Spotify iTunes Lips 106 Spotify iTunes MSX 98 Spotify iTunes Rise FM Spotify iTunes Radio Del Mundo Spotify iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories The saga of the Vance family's rise to power in Vice City features over 100 songs from the iconic early 80s, including Flash FM's pop smashes, V-Rock's¬†metal¬†anthems and Wave 103's new wave hits. ¬† Emotion 98.3 Spotify iTunes Espantoso Spotify iTunes Flash FM Spotify iTunes Fresh 105 FM Spotify iTunes Paradise FM Spotify iTunes VCFL Spotify iTunes V-Rock Spotify iTunes The Wave 103 Spotify iTunes ¬† Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars While not stations in the traditional sense with hosts and commercials like the above entries in the series, we'd be remiss if we didn't include the available selections from the instrumentally infused soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. ¬† Anvil Spotify iTunes Deadmau5 Spotify iTunes DFA Spotify iTunes Prarie Cartel Spotify iTunes SinoWav FM Spotify iTunes Ticklah Spotify iTunes Tortoise Spotify iTunes Truth & Soul Spotify iTunes Turntables on the Hudson Spotify iTunes ¬† Previously: Love Fist's Original 1986 EP is Now Available on iTunes 10 of Our Favorite Music Videos from the Vice City Soundtrack Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums from Liberty City Stories Now Available on iTunes Grand Theft Auto III: Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums Now Available on iTunes

Join Us April 13th for an Epic Rockstar Games Multiplayer Event

Update: This event has now concluded. Thanks to everyone who joined us. For all those who've been asking about the next chance to throw down online with Rockstar, clear your schedule for this Saturday afternoon April 13th as we'll have six hours of non-stop Rockstar Games multiplayer action. Prepare for a blockbuster event beginning at noon EDT / 5pm BST playing ALL of our multiplayer titles from the past few years including Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City and by fan request even a dose of Table Tennis and Midnight Club Los Angeles, so brush up on your ace top spin moves and polish up those customized hot rods. Plus we'll have Triple XP ticked on all weekend long in both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. In Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, you'll also notice updated selectable playlists as well as the permanent and free unlocking of two new multiplayer modes: Last Man Standing and Team Last Man Standing (available after the event in the playlist Last Stand). Some of you may remember getting a sneak peek at the modes many weeks ago during another multiplayer event, and now they're here to stay. Can you outlast the comp? Prove it starting this Saturday. And what would a Social Club multiplayer extravaganza be without some rare and exclusive prizes? Three lucky sweeps winners will be randomly selected out of all the entries submitted all weekend long, and each will receive a package with the following gear... Winners will receive a rare Midnight Club remote control car and seat belt cover, a GTAIV pool cue set and collectible Statue of Happiness, Red Dead playing cards and dice, a Max Payne 3 Bullet Pen and Flask, plus assorted stickers. Plus when you enter you'll also be in the running for 1 of 20 runner-up prize packs, each with a Max Payne 3 t-shirt, deck of Red Dead Redemption playing cards, a Grand Theft Auto V sticker, a Vice City Tenth Anniversary Edition t-shirt and Rockstar stickers. Enter all weekend, and good luck! After you enter the sweepstakes, watch and chat about the action as it unfolds on the Social Club Multiplayer Event page and on our channel. Here's when we're playing: Max Payne 3, 12-2pm EDT / 5-7pm BST Midnight Club Los Angeles and Table Tennis, 1-2pm / 6-7pm Red Dead Redemption, 2-4pm / 7-9pm Grand Theft Auto IV, 3-5pm / 8-10pm Episodes from Liberty City, 4-6pm / 9-11pm Gamertags and IDs: PlayRockstar (PS3 & Xbox 360) PlayRockstar1 (PS3 Only) PlayRockstar2 (Xbox 360 Only) PlayRockstarPC (PC Only) We always attempt to get everyone in for a few games, but please be patient and have fun playing with and against your friends while we're working our way toward your name. Let us know if you end up uploading any GTAIV event videos to Social Club TV, or if you're broadcasting your own game stream live online over the weekend, and we might include it in a future recap.

Winter Social Club Events Recap: Multiplayer Mayhem Across Liberty City, S√£o Paulo and Armadillo

During the Winter months of January and February, our¬†Multiplayer Events calendar featured some insane action as we joined the Social Club community to pay a series of bloody trips to the killing fields of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption multiplayer while also getting down with modes from Max Payne 3's last serving of DLC - the Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack. Read on below for a full recap of the last four events. For those asking about¬†the next chance to play online with Rockstar,¬†let's just say keep your calendar clear for next Saturday the 13th¬†- we're working on a special weekend event playing ALL our multiplayer games from the past few years (including Midnight Club LA and Table Tennis), plus rare prizing, bonus XP and more - details will be posted on that next week here at the Newswire. Saturday February 23rd saw over three hours of nonstop action in Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City modes. On Xbox LIVE,¬†our dev GwRockstar3 began the first GTA Race of the day in 8th place and was off to a slow start on the water. While iixxgearsxZz (XBL GT) and Akinks102 (XBL GT) battled it out for first, we were showing some rust on the turns. However, it was our good fortune that the pack had trouble on the rocks, allowing us to move into fifth place. Towards the end of the first lap we were up to second, trailing only CartmanMBK. In the midst of illyaillya shooting down iixxgearsxZz, we took a ramp jump squarely but after running into a buoy, things went south fast. We went from blasting through the open waters to backing up¬†that little boat like we were docking the Staunton Island Ferry. After course-correcting, we were neck and neck, trading fire until iixxgearsxZz went soaring over a seawall whilst we smacked directly into it, Looney Toons style. Our dreams of a comeback dashed, CartmanMBK took first with 3:03:73 while illyaillya came in a close second at 3:08:16 and tehzombiekiller took third with 3:16:50. Switching over to The Lost and Damned on PS3 with a spirited game of Witness Protection, henriquedematos of NOOSE sent a clear message to The Lost by decimating Kiwi-OGSF. A little later on, AerialRumble (PSN ID) successfully crept up on our own PlayRockstar in a cruiser, but since their roll was a bit tooo slow, we were able to retaliate. After some stunting on our hog, we struggled to locate the mark¬†buckshot_SLMC in our scope, resulting in one of the state's witnesses making it safely to headquarters. As a consolation though, Kiwi-OGSF was able to take 'em out later. A lot of back and forth throughout the entire round, DoE-BLaCK-413 was able to blast bd93hu and Reality_Cheque while Lugnut_SLMC (PSN ID) was on a tear airing out Unam9564, Playrockstar and HoboPiss all in a row. With two state's witnesses already delivered safely for testimony, things weren't looking too hot for The Lost. bd93hu stepped it up to nab buckshot_SLMC and then DoE-BLaCK-413. Down in Chinatown, we thought we had a shot at the third and final witness but DoE-BLaCK-413 was able to interrupt our grand plans. The round ended in a tie with $1500 per team and standout players being DoE-BLaCK-413 (11-2) and Lugnut_SLMC (6-4). Some action-packed footage of the February 23rd event, thanks to trusty ferguson99. On February 7th, we had a full day doubleheader featuring both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption multiplayer and with Triple XP switched on for both. We kicked things off with new modes from the recently released Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. Over on Xbox LIVE, our guys started the afternoon off in the S√£o Paulo Bus Depot with Time Attack, one of the pack's four new modes. Similar to a regular Deathmatch, each kill in Time Attack is also worth one point except the sooner your next kill is, the more points you get - after ten seconds it goes back to one. MaxPayneDev2 had the inaugural kill on Blackdragon365 by way of the M4 assault. Proof that this new mode can truly be beneficial when used right, 17 seconds into the game MaxPayneDev1 had 2 points and 33 seconds in they had 26. Soon after, Dev2 and Yimlet wielding an M4 got the lead out on Killakrull (XBL GT) followed by Yimlet's and Dev1 Benedict Arnold's assault on Dev2. After continual abuse, Killakrull put out a Vendetta on Dev1 but the latter used the UAR-21 to let the former know they weren't having any of it. Moments later,¬†Kyle17, armed with¬†dual Auto 9mms, and Blackdragon365 decided to collabo on a bloodbath against RobbieDenero who whacked Blackdragon365 soon after. In the end, our devs let the competition know they intended not to tread lightly: Dev1 finished in first with 158 points, Dev2 came in second with 109 and Kyle17 finished in a distant third with 88. Heading over to the Tiet√™ River Docks on PC, we had a great round of the new Marked Man mode, which gives incentives for winning and surviving Vendettas. Dev1, with a ragtag avatar rocking sweet shoulder pads, had a tough time out of the gates against Wizard 88, who initially dominated our guy 3-1 with the help of a 1911 and Sneaky Burst. With that in mind, Dev1 had absolutely no qualms getting together with RavenCreed's dual 608 Bulls to eliminate Wizard 88. A few minutes into the action, Dev1 utilized the MINI-30 to come out and blast AXL_COKE while Kapparol whipped out their double PT92s to obliterate RavenCreed. After working with Wizard 88 to make Kapparol disappear, Dev1 turned around and ventilated 'em. With less than three minutes left, Antoha thumped sunshineoflove69 and Kapparol used the PT92 to settle a longstanding Vendetta against Dev1, evening their encounters to 5-5. In the final minute, Wizard 88 went on a tear against our dev hitting 'em twice in a row, while RavenCreed had some success with the 608 Bull against sunshineoflove69. Wizard 88 easily won the match with 69 points, Dev1 came in second with 47 and RavenCreed third with 36. An excellent Team Deathmatch went down in the North Favela on PS3 as Natural-killer and Dev1 joined forces to put Comando Sombra on the board by taking down sandman2020. After Natural-killer, bonnevilleslim (PSN ID) and Dev1 all teamed up to bully VIEJO_PICAO (PSN ID), sandman2020 ran up two consecutive kills on our dev. With around three minutes left and Comando Sombra taking a narrow 35-31 lead, the very active Natural-killer rocked Takashini1 by way of the Auto 9mm and the latter soon after took down Dev1 with the RPD. At the two minute warning, the ever-trailing UFE still had plenty of game time to defeat their opponents. Despite SpaghettiCat and sandman2020 outright owning Dev1 (3-0 and 7-1 respectively), thanks to excellent play from mohaiken (PSN ID), jordanamos and top player Natural-killer, Comando Sombra eked out a 55-52 victory. Watch Dev1 maneuver through the treacherous Tiet√™ River Docks and beyond. ¬† After an hour break to re-set, re-group and re-up, we headed way out West for Red Dead Redemption online modes. Starting things off on Xbox LIVE with a Gang Shootout in Tumbleweed, Kyle17 and papanesta of Rebeldes fought the Lawmen - and the Lawmen won. At go, VIKING XCIV headshotted papanesta and DeadmansGun offed Kyle17, stealing the kill from RedDeadDev2 in the process who had worn him down. The next Gang Shootout, between Rebeldes and the Cattle Rustlers, was a little more even. VIKING XCIV this time aimed some good old Nordic aggression towards Kyle17, papanesta hollowed the noggin of Deo Vindice (XBL GT) and VIKING XCIV overachieved by taking the head of ThFcMaSoN93, but not before the latter wasted DeadmansGun. The Cattle Rustlers took the win while the poor Rebeledes just could not catch a break - and unfortunately for them, things did not get better. With the help of VIKING XCIV's $2350 and 47 kills and liltijuana's $1250 and 25 kills, the Rustlers took the match with ease. We then were off to the races, first in Carrera Del Diablo. C8K8 Snake (XBL GT) waited about a nanosecond before removing the head off of Dev2's horse, Godfather-style. After getting back into the groove, Dev2 shot lilimaiden's (XBL GT) horse in the¬†arse, allowing them to climb from the back towards the font pack. After taking out C8K8 Snake's horse, we had a shot at gold. Towards the last checkpoint, the dead awake (XBL GT) pulled away for the win, with Dev2 and Panaparez (XBL GT) taking second and third. Moving to Corona's Paradise, there was a steady front pack of cowboys for a long while until Armiis tripped up Fat Boy 816 (XBL GT) and lilimaiden got a successful shot off of C8K8 Snake's horse just before a checkpoint - Dev2 soon assisted the latter in taking out the winning Armiis. Our guy was in second place but had no time to enjoy it as Mort4l decimated their horse, taking Dev2 to seventh place. lilimaiden wound up taking first, Mort4l in second and the dead awake pulled into third. ¬† On PS3, Walton‚Äôs Gang and the Marshals had a bang up time in a Gang Shootout in Armadillo. With the likes of¬†LarsDK¬†and RedDeadDev1 fighting for the former and MajorDirt and German__79 for the latter, we were ready to go. Right from the jump, the Marshals were just a little quicker to the draw ‚ÄstMajorDirt‚Äôs hit on¬†LarsDK¬†and Serok-Apo's defeat of¬†Reality_Cheque¬†helped them beat Walton‚Äôs Gang in the showdown. Back in town, Cesar-Braindead ¬†let ‚Äėem know what kind game it was going to be when they shot up burakhan98 (PSN ID) two times in a row. After some more domination by the Marshals, including¬†MajorDirt‚Äôs execution of¬†Serok-Apo¬†and another kill for Cesar-Braindead, Walton‚Äôs Gang started to show some life. Out of nowhere,¬†LarsDK¬†was on fire ‚Äď not figuratively, literally on fire. Still,¬†LarsDK¬†was able to withstand the burn and the assault of Brooklyn Jay and took out him and¬†Reality_Cheque¬†before finally getting silenced by getarealjob and their Schofield from 21 yards out. With a few minutes left, Walton‚Äôs Gang had a big surge was up $2650 to $1900. Though it looked like things could be over for the Marshals, lewdbeetle14470 did not get the memo as they blew off pen1985‚Äôs noggin. This opened up the floodgates to some big hurt for Walton‚Äôs as¬†Cesar-Braindead,¬†German__79¬†and¬†Reality_Cheque¬†all got their kill on. Suddenly, with less than two minutes to go, the Marshals were back in the lead and this time, things would stay that way. Walton‚Äôs Gang wound up losing $5,000 to $2,850 with¬†Cesar-Braindead¬†earning top player honors ($1450, 29 kills). ¬† Check out Dev3's stream from our Red Dead event in February. ¬† Back on January 25th, we took to GTAIV's Liberty City for a three-hour event across all three platforms featuring multiplayer modes from the original game plus those from both The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony - all while Social Club members furiously entered the event sweepstakes hoping to score a coveted GTAV prize pack of official game t-shirts and stickers (read on for a list of all our winners). Starting things off with a good ol' fashioned LC Deathmatch, BrunoMaineti (PSN ID) began by promptly annihilating X_BrunoSantos_X (PSN ID), prompting a brutal domino effect of frags. The latter sought and won revenge, followed by a rampage by LuccasEVanessa (PSN ID) ‚Äď first on Xx_STUD_SWAG_xX (PSN ID) and then again on BrunoMaineti. While our dev, PlayRockstar11, did have a nice execution of Xx_STUD_SWAG_xX with a minute to go, it was the impressive BrazzaBros who got the win with a solid 15-8 showing. ¬† On the PC side of things, longtime fansite's GermanScientist joined us and thereafter edited together some sweet footage of the day's GTA Racing and some 32-player Team Deathmatch at the airport. For some vehicular mayhem, we sought to decide who would be the top man-with-a-van with a ridiculous running of the Moonbeams (give it a watch at 10:50 in). Twelfth place finisher GWRockstar1, who initiated the slow ride, just couldn't match the 'speed' of Taxidriver555 and Romakasi, who came in first and second respectively. Kudos for being the fastest utility vehicle drivers of the day. ¬† Meanwhile, our GWRockstar3 hosted a decidedly more breakneck heat on Xbox LIVE pushing the speedy Comet in a GTA Race - starting out in the wrong lane was a decent strategy for avoiding the initial bumper to bumper, but after missing a key checkpoint we were in for a long game of catch up. After just two laps, our Dev was in 10th place and KiLL3REliTE1265 (XBL GT) and gtaiv2528 were battling for first, with the former eventually taking all the glory. ¬† PS3 Deathmatch action from last Friday's GTAIV Event, courtesy of MichaelDK2 aka LarsDK. ¬† Moving from the Worst Place in America to the subtropical climes of South America, our January 11th Max Payne 3 event a couple weeks earlier served as the kick off for an entire weekend of Max Triple XP. With the opportunity to win custom controllers or a PC gaming mouse - emblazoned with the victor's Crew Emblem and Gamertag/PSN ID - as well as unlocks for the Arcane Skull, Demonic Skull and Wedding Skull Masks on the line, the competition was fierce. We began with a Team Deathmatch in the ruins of the Tiet√™ River docks - and right off the bat, ThaSupremeBeing came a knocking on MaxPayneDev1‚Äôs door with two melee attacks in a row, followed by a Vendetta shutdown with the 9mm. Sick of their team's dry spell, Dev1 took it all out on PointlessSole4 (XBL), the G6 being the instrument of vengeance. After getting roughed up a bit, scrawnytommyboyz eliminated ThaSupremeBeing with the UAR-21. ru55ells used a UAR-21 to blast Dev1, one of many times this fearsome soldier got the best of our guy on the day. Moments later, PointlessSole4 stepped up and helped Dev1 get revenge on ru55ells by way of the SAF .40. After vxTheStrangerxv effectively used the 9mm and M10 on PointlessSole4, Comando Sombra took the win 79-51 with ThaSupremeBeing getting top honors off the strength of 29 kills. Next, we traveled to Canal de Panama for a straight up Deathmatch and, within a minute, tensebat99303 offed Dev1 not once but twice. Needing to nip such embarrassment in the bud, Dev1 soon settled a Vendetta via a double Micro 9mm offensive. After getting double teamed by tensebat99303 and GazGaz38, Spanky_H4m took revenge on the latter with the help of an AR. KDawg50 ended the firefight with an M10 blast on our Dev but it was too late to garner top honors - as Spanky_H4m blew the competition away with an impressive 54 kills. ¬† Check out footage of Dev1's stream during our January Social Club Max event. ¬† THE WINNERS ¬† On top of all the online action, congrats are in order to all our sweepstakes giveaway winners over the last couple of months. In January, OG_Murk and juggernaut1246 won the customized Crew controllers while Knuckles987 took home the custom mouse during the Max Payne 3 event (runners-up SuperSoviet, laZardo, Wiggler, DynamicPandora and mattchant are all receiving Max Payne prize packs). For the GTAV t-shirt and sticker prize packs from the January 25th event, big congrats go out to lucky winners cuteygirl, OG_zyx, EmpireRob, zombie-eater12, Pat723, gordman32, Jamespbyng, ZeR0_JoreN, d-real-noob and crimped. Wear and use 'em well, all. ¬† The two Grand Prize Winners from the February 7th event were LarsDK (Red Dead Redemption PS3 controllers) and LAgamer4life (Max Payne 3 PS3 controllers with the Crew emblem for the Mp3 Killers Crew). Runners-up RestNP1eces86, oO_HeKuT_Oo, Captain-bOnEs, BobaFrench, Romboid45, BravHY, richard_hung-lo, gothic-spaz, young713Rob and bikinisntchmnstr all scored prize packs, each including a Max logo tee, Rockstar Machine tee and Rockstar stickers. The following winners from the event on February 23rd will be steeped in Los Santos, Liberty City and Vice City pride when they receive their Grand Theft Auto Prize Packs: Mr_Shocker__, leaseeeeeeeeee, laZardo, IrishCipher33, TIAGOBRIOSO, McSeries23017, pennycartoon, Krabyng, Cartoon_Badman and Trish85. ¬† We look forward to seeing you all in effect for more Social Club action starting next weekend - again, stay tuned for details about what's in store next Saturday the 13th. In the meantime, check out a few choice screens below from all of our Winter events as well as the roll call of everyone who got in on the fun according to our records. ¬† Previously: The December Social Club Multiplayer Events Recap ¬† .Frost. .Konstantin. .xFORSEx. ___Antoha___ _Assassin_95 _bearing_ _coolbaer_ _Cynder_ _Dimasok_ _minecraft_ _MouseCop _Paw3l_ _riffraff_ _simous_ _Vagg_ 000pluto000 007-Junior 0555090094 0ttomanSON 0utlaw75 1_michael_1 10marcor 10rooney10messi 10trenes 11BPuller 1225555 123ismail 1310crash 1337Pilot 13city 1418jamesbond 14MAX88 170_kg 1Alien1 1lmostro 1st3digits_519 1stAvenger1 1stPurpleCore 211Tony138 26290101 295JosePablo824 2pakko 302boyracerducks 30Bands 313newcomer 322Mario1007soci 36danieleric 3I3EPb 3urdoc 400Scorpion 41hc12 427sir 4chorom 4live16 545cfy 5520055200 573W1E 666Ganibal666 666miku666 727Skyrocket 7434120 76Impala 7799222 79brianoliver 84Nikobelic123 87bob87 8-Balls 901goonkiller 9370wn3d8y41337 999gta999 A_Drunk_Tree a_samwa A1Y-NAB a1z2e3r4t5 A61TS1967 A700MB700 aalonn Aaron_Vigrass -aaron-xd- ABAKIDD abdullah24 abdullahkassim abelquiroz AbeSapien07 abimelec12 AbinSeb abo_hagos Aboxyx7 abrokian abs001 absalomlegion ABTOBO ABU_SUFYAN abuumar242 ACanadianGuy acbezio AceDaProducer AceHood23 AceLeatherFace Acelil ACEMC1982 AceSeven AceShot74 acidburn541 acidgos acidicEmanuele Acid-Reign Acidubnukleik ACmanishMZ acsi14 ad1289 adam240282 adam9308 Adamdds adamfredrick18 Adamhk1 adammount AdamsD_88 AdAmSKI75 addidas80 Adeptus008 Adityac Adityarao786. admiraljackbar69 ADN_Lisardo Adnkiss ADNPOTRO adrian.ipate adrian_asta adrian_gta_love adriancito190 AdrianMakowski Adriano333 adrianodespair adricskoll Adyhotea Aero4smith7 aexrex afrobenevolence Afrokangaroo Afroshroom Aganius Agent_Death agent_TAC0 Agent460 agentbigzombie AgentMcQueen Agentxjohnson AguiaNegra AH-64_NightWingz ahetFIN ahmadoshade AHSTR8G Aire83 AirheadOz airplane.Aj aissa1509 AJ_Malloy a-jax1991 ajjanosi AJonToast AK47DYNO Akan22 AKELLA8816272 Akende 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Andrey7313 Andreyz andriysonrisas Andro1d_Den Andy315x andy4789 andyboss96 andyboy2001 andyfactor AndyGanteks Anfersen angel181 AngelGuillen angelik1982 angelmx08 AngelofDeath770 AngeloLlanos ANG-GERIAN AngryHylander AnimalFPS AnimalMother93 Anirban10 Anisir ann1ckdavid anonymoushacks Anonymouz-420 anormalx Another13days AntacidPrune antbcfc Antdavies Antdog510 Antho54Fr Anthony1227 anti41 Antonaras555 antonio4231 AntonioJuniorG7 ANTONU1 antrxkiler AnXiouLyX Apex-Predators APOPHISita AppleSmasher3 aQisDD AraabMuzik73 Arabmoney69 Ar-agent Aravix arbiter178 Arbiter22228 ArcaneAD ArcaneEvent Archangel_69 Archangel0934 arda557 ARDIAN-SON-GOKU Argodey_ESP ARIELKGoon Arioch23 arlalukas ArmandoMendez ArmistanBanes Armoredrooney ArmoredTeeth armstrongmaroni arnisimor Arnooow arnoutsy arod9991 aronhg77 ArRoW11 artem77776 artem77776zebra4 Arthurparty ArtOfFlight360 arturfauro AsapGsi ASBOpaul asc250 ASC-Gh0sT Ashleymassacre23 ashraftnt AsianMafia95 Asiman1991 aslam007 Aslan_Ibiev assasingame 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Don911 Donald_Darko donekro dongadonga DonHenar0 DoniusG DonMax386_CL Donnie171 DonnyJoe DonRufyno DonSteer DonVercotti DoodlesR1 DopieYopie dorell doublegdj Doug163 DougBoat Douglas0709 Doyle50 Dr.Dude.PhD Dr.Emmerich Dr.Kest DR.PHILY Dr_Iezie Dr_neguinho Drabsy87 Dracolinch Drag0nSlayer dragon775 dragon89200 dragonrich Dragoonwoolf drakecombs dramacomedu92 dravaahaan DravinClaw Draw240 DrawingBeatle26 DrawnMan DRAY_K-47 Drayus dread2204 d-real-noob DREAMSTER901 DREDD696 Drew00785 drewb_drewb drewprusso DrezzyFRZR Driftking786 drinsky Dro_II dron112whistle DropDeadOmix DruciaQPL DRUZZRIN Drwho2222 Dry_Rub DrZ_artist Drzjay09 DrZywiecStone dsaint76 dsv10soad dsz400 DT0213 DTNGoldCobra dttm667 DUBKEV98 DUCK_O_BUCK Duckhost Dudecoft dudegtafan5 dudesterism dudewithbigGunz Dudon5 dudufodaogames Dugito duhdante duk_leon Dukduk dukes4550 dungasubaru DunnFox DurkBomb duss90 DutchStoner duude_182 dvahagn Dwight089 DWinchester77 dydylebg Dylan1423498 dylan92i dylandyz dylribe dynaboook 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ThuthukaD ThwNYCgangstarr tifloow Tifosi_Loria tiger4pills tigerle51640 tijukano93 timbo247 TimEldred19 timenop106 timethy Timetraveler_1 tiMINgila83 Timmahh88 TimmyMW3 timo23187 timtim9999 tinchonga TinSpace149 tiringthepigpen Tirnovskii titanflex TiTi8383 Titigoujou Titoux93 TJdbacks2001 TkAirSpacE tkeats TKnHappyNess TlaZiPeX tlove5571 tmate44 TMGxGuNShOtZx tmizzle11 tmjaged Tmk_35 tmlndnr722189 TMStanley27 tmw214 TnT_Santu Tobi2811 TobiasMatias tobsyy Toecutter9008 toftish toku-mj TollboothSonny tomahawkNrifle tomas123company TomerA077x TOMERGOLD13 Tomguy101 Tommekk79 tommolondon tommy_pit Tommy77tom tomspl85 tomyyomy Tonight92 toniolevrai Tony_gramo tony5361 TonyGalmor TonyGRC Tonykx250 TonyMontana166 TonyMotana6 ToNy--StArK92 tonytaylor too_addicted2U toomlac torbido1 Toriks toro63 torpedo36 Torres. torrres0619 Torset92 TortillaMajor torty40 toshil99 TotaLBloodMan TotalGamezHD Totopolis TouchedExpert ToughHijoThePuta toxiccaNNabis TraindriverS tramplevirus Tranefff tranet11 Transporter-K96 TRBjpn TRD-MonsteR Tree-stumpsz trepleh Trevorphillips56 TreyPsycho TriatomicEnd2 TribalTexas3957 Tricky0103 TriggerHappyexte Triniboystyle Triphixa TripleXJam Tripple3Ace Trish85 Tr-istanbuLLs trixman250 Trogdor_32 TrojanGreendog TrollSaaN tron161 trostol troubledProgrip9 truedeth1 trueGTAfan truehotskull TrybeGZA Tsirapo Tsuki-Tsuki T-tapout Tudor03 Tueurdenul Tuganator67 TUJUMAO tukasasuit Tulio_Silva tupac_ice_cube12 TurboTV Turbzbnasty Turci90 TurtleShotz tuty100 tweelly twinkietje Twinkling twisteD_UK twitchyb1t TXpittbull txster tyawn3786 Tygais tynoli tyranthz tyuo97 tzadik2rro U.Taker UbinS3rved UCHIHA_MARQUEZ ucla2014 Ufearme606 ugabuga8 uggovatt ugliestVETAL3334 ugliestvlad00013 UglyBob1337 UKraider2 ulkolv ultimatejb Ultra_Gizmo_64 Ulvepupp un1q94 UncleFrunkus uncontrolabelz undead_Voltron UNDEADDEL UNDEADxBOSS UndErCoVerr- Underdog04 Uneeq1 unionrags Unjoursansfin UnjustlyRuler Unknown_kai UnknownDarkAngel UnknownWebUser unktomi Unsentgod UPTGhost11111 uRaBIGJOKE URASODOMITE uri.94.k UrielBuzzi urimaru23 urreallystupidHA ursinhobeetle usmanmirza uss875 utingme utz-ro Uzzymannn786 V0LCOM97 V1LLA1N93 VADHAL VAGNETT0 vahid05 vaidotas1452 vailot2020 Vaissiere VALENTINGALEA Valera42088 valex1803 ValiNetRomania Vampeth Vangogen vanya_47 VANzer15 VariableAgaa Varithrax varitosetien varnaut123 VasMarston vdek01 Veddag vegas-v12 VeinStain vekinaj vela4331 VelhorudeSka vengefulhouses70 VengenceVapourX Ventralbeef Vercetti_87 verette Vertig00 veselatorba vezzo93 vgestep vhpmmm vialanoy viceguy97 viciogames vickvans Victor_3rd victor8686 VictorAlesi victormina ViejoPelao viforban vigorousmeal ViiniciuS_157 Vikke999 VIK-T. 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