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The GTA Online Heists Experience: Early Impressions

While you're counting down the days to the impending launch of GTA Online Heists, a select few members of the press worldwide had the chance to play through an entire Heist start to finish, to give you a sneak preview this week of what you can expect when the brand new 4-player cooperative Heists arrive in GTA Online on March 10th. Head on over to the respective sites to hear about their experiences in full, and check out some sample quotes below: "Our overall goal was to break into a laboratory, steal their data, and get out clean, splitting up $540,000 in the process. It featured five setup missions and then the heist itself, and from start to finish it took us almost exactly three hours. I’m confident we could get that down to two-and-a-half or even two flat with an experienced, well-coordinated team, but the point is that these long-awaited four-player online heists are meaty and, in our initial experience, very different from anything else in GTA 5." - IGN "Precision's needed to survive and thrive for higher scores and rewards, but you're still going to howl with laughter when someone stacks it. For us, it was the accidental parody of Planet Terror's chopper blade decapitation which diced team members waiting to get to the chopper. Or a neck and neck race for pole position during an impromptu race ending in explosive carnage due to an (im)perfectly timed train rolling across the road." - Gamereactor You can also read others' experiences with Heists at Meristation, Gameswelt and Power Unlimited. And check out glimpses from some of the Heists that have been posted to our official Instagram.   A video posted by Rockstar Games (@rockstargames) on Mar 5, 2015 at 7:59am PST     A video posted by Rockstar Games (@rockstargames) on Mar 6, 2015 at 9:29am PST Previously:Adversary Modes, Daily Objectives and More New Updates Also Coming to GTA Online March 10thOnline Heists Coming March 10

IGN Preview: What's in Store for GTA Online

For the final chapter of IGN's 3 exclusive Grand Theft Auto V previews this week, the crew went hands-on with GTA Online on the new platforms. Here's what they had to say after experiencing 30 player pandemonium in both Third Person and the new First Person Mode across a series of Races, Deathmatches, LTS battles and an epic 30-player Capture Job featuring a desperate effort to deliver a Journey RV halfway across the desert hounded by a gang of bikers, a chopper and … a fire truck: "30-player activities – whether played in first-person or third – add an incalculable amount of mayhem to the game that’s already the current heavyweight championship belt holder for most manic multiplayer game out there. You may want to start a recruiting drive to build out your Crew sooner rather than later." Read the full preview, including details of the all-new character creator at   Today, we've also added more than 70 1080P screenshots from this week's previews to the official GTAV site for your perusal. And of course, stay tuned for more details in the days ahead about Grand Theft Auto V's arrival on PS4 and Xbox One later this month. Previously:PS3 to PS4 Comparison Video & New IGN Feature InterviewIGN Delivers New Details - First Person Experience Revealed

Grand Theft Auto V for PC Interviews and Impressions: "This Absolutely Plays Like the Ultimate Version"

With just a few days to go until the launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, select press across the globe have had a chance to experience Grand Theft Auto V in 4K at 60 frames a second. Read on for a quick sample of their thoughts and head to their respective sites for full impressions, new screenshots, and interviews with the development team about the road to the ultimate version of Grand Theft Auto V. PC Gamer’s hands-on impressions: “I played the PC version for the first time recently... this absolutely plays like the ultimate version... I swore a hell of a lot (in a good way) at the gorgeous skylines during my hands-on. This is a handsome game... First of all, 60fps makes a hell of a difference. You can’t get this in any of the console versions, so on that level alone makes GTA 5 PC the superior version. Seeing this extraordinary environment run so smoothly while you’re driving through it is a treat... This is GTA 5 as I've always wanted to see it. The rich weather and day/night effects make this approximation of Los Angeles feel far nicer than the real thing... This looks insanely good... If you've never played GTA 5 and have been waiting all this time for the PC version, what a genuine pleasure you're in for... It's all ahead of you. If, like me, you're going back to Los Santos, it looks like it'll be more than worth the return journey on PC." Read more at: IGN’s preview delves into many of the new features and options available in the PC release… On GTAV PC's graphical detail: "Depending on your hardware GTA V on PC also supports resolutions “up to 4K and beyond” and this brings an incredible amount of additional clarity to the world, both close up and particularly over long distances... Parachuting high above the Mount Chiliad side of the Alamo Sea I note Los Santos’ tallest buildings are not only completely visible from this distance, but amazingly crisp. Impressive, considering they’re nearly the entire length of the map away at this moment." On GTAV PC's deep customization and settings options: "Rockstar has also baked in a wide selection of options that players can fiddle with in order to either increase performance or visual fidelity, one of which is a city density slider which allows us to determine just how bustling streets and footpaths are and how busy the city can be around us at any given time." On the Rockstar Editor video creator feature and its unique Director Mode: "Some of the video content that players will create with more time to hone their productions will no doubt be fantastic, especially now that Rockstar has augmented the system with a new option it has dubbed Director Mode. Director Mode will allow us to stage elaborate scenes and control characters and animals, adjust weather and time of day on the fly, and trigger actions like gestures and dialogue phrases. Players will also be able to warp to different locations around the map and activate in-game cheats." Read more at: Check out GameSpot for an exclusive interview with GTAV PC developers ‘What New Things Should You Expect in GTAV PC?’ as well as their video feature explaining GTAV PC’s Video Editor and Director Mode. And James and Dan from GTA V o’clock are joined by PC Gamer’s Sam Roberts for a special episode on GTAV PC which you can watch below: Check out more impressions and interviews around the web and around the globe at Gameswelt (German), Meristation (Spanish), 3D Juegos (Spanish), Jeuxactu (French) and more. In addition to a wide array of graphical and technical upgrades, Grand Theft Auto V for PC includes all Rockstar-created content for Grand Theft Auto Online including Heists, available on day one; a brand new Los Santos Radio station called The Lab featuring all new music from the album "Alchemist & Oh No Present: Welcome To Los Santos including the two singles "Play It Cool" and "Lock & Load"; and the all new Rockstar Editor for advanced movie making and sharing. For those who've pre-ordered the digital version of the game, pre-loading is already underway. Digital pre-orders are still available via Rockstar Warehouse, Steam and other digital retailers. Make sure to pre-order GTAV PC before game release in order to get $1,200,000 in in-game money (as well as a bonus $150,000 for use in GTA Online if you pre-order the digital download version).  

The First Grand Theft Auto V Hands-On Preview - Part of GTAV Feature Week at IGN

Head over to IGN all week for exclusive Grand Theft Auto V feature stories starting with their first hands-on impressions of the game. Read the entire feature to see what they had to say after playing a selection of missions and exploring just a bit of what Los Santos and Blaine County has to offer, plus check out a selection of new screenshots and look for more GTAV coverage from them throughout the week.   Additionally for our French and German speaking fans, check out hands-on previews from JeuxActu and GamesAktuell:

Worldwide Grand Theft Auto V Previews

Earlier this week, you got the opportunity to get better acquainted with the trio of Michael, Franklin and Trevor via our triple set of brand new Grand Theft Auto V trailers. Today, gaming sites worldwide that recently saw the game firsthand are providing their insights, impressions and new details including...   Los Santos and Blaine County: Our largest open world yet - by far - and spanning vastly diverse cultural and geographical areas, the entire world of Grand Theft Auto V is open from the very beginning of the game to explore. Visitors to the greater metropolis of Los Santos and the countryside of Blaine County will encounter faded celebrities, meth heads, party people, violent gangs, hikers, bikers and every other manner of colorful denizen. You'll be able to traverse everywhere from the tops of the mountains, through the streets of Los Santos and to the depths of the ocean floor. Below is an excerpt from The Telegraph about their first view of the game's world:   "A helicopter hovers gently in the midday sun, the whumph of its rotor-blades blending into an ambient, dream-like score. A man stands in the open fuselage of the chopper, peering down on a vast expanse of dusty wilderness. Countless dirt tracks wriggling through green hills like snakes. Mountain peaks looming over the brush. The sea stretching out to a beautiful cerulean horizon. As far as the eye can see; a detailed, enormous, bewildering landscape. This is Blaine County, a vast scrubland just outside of the fictional west coast city of Los Santos, a garish, hyperactive pastiche of Los Angeles, California... We were told Grand Theft Auto V was going to be big --purportedly enough virtual acreage to fit in the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV and GTA: San Andreas-- but being told doesn’t quite prepare you for the sheer scale of the thing. And this is a just a small chunk of brushland, a speck on a map that, for the first time in the series, is completely open to you from the very beginning."   Michael, Franklin and Trevor: Three playable protagonists - Michael, Franklin and Trevor may live in different parts of town, have their own issues, attitudes, lifestyles, desires and goals - but they do know how to work together. They also each have their own unique skillsets to bring to the table when it's time to get the job done. From Destructoid's piece 'Grand Theft Auto V: Everything is Bigger and Better':   "It's important to note that the gameplay never stops while you're switching characters. You'll jump into whoever you've selected even if they're in the middle of driving a vehicle. All three characters have their own lives, own circle of friends, enemies, associates, and hobbies and they'll be living out their life while not in the player's control. When off mission, you can play as any of these characters or even just focus on one the entire time. It's up to you, but you'll want to play as all three if you want to experience everything possible as there will be things that only certain characters can do. Each character has their respective roles. It was pretty cool to see the player shoot off the rocket as Trevor, and then switch down to Michael just as the rocket hit its target. You're going to want to switch between characters to take advantage of their skills as the enemy AI has greatly improved. Cops will try to flank you, get to higher ground, and communicate with one another, all in an effort to make for a fun challenge."   Heists: Petty crimes, hustling and stealing cars can only get you so far in Los Santos. To score big, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will work together to pull off grand Heists - big, multi-part missions that require careful preparation, recruiting, and precise (and often explosive) execution. Cash is king in GTAV and while there will be plenty of ways to acquire and spend it - heists are the way to earn the big bucks. From GameSpot:   "What makes a good heist sequence so exciting? Not the kinds of elegant, stealthy heists that you might see in films like The Thomas Crown Affair… Think more along the lines of the bold, explosive heists that you see in films like Michael Mann's Los Angeles crime epic Heat. Sequences like these often end up involving gunfire, but that's not what separates a great heist scene from an average one. What really pulls you in to a scene like this is the sense of planning that the criminals have put into it, the awareness of all the coordinated, moving pieces that have to work together to pull the job off successfully, and the tension of not knowing if things will go off without a hitch, or if everything will fall apart. This is the kind of heist sequence that GTAV aims to let you experience… For the bigger jobs, you'll also be able to build out your crew beyond just the three core protagonists, perhaps hiring additional drivers or other specialists who have their own skill levels and who take a cut of the overall score that's proportionate to their skills. Will you go with cheap help who take a smaller cut but might botch the job, or will you put together a costly but skillful group of seasoned professionals? Instead of just playing through an action sequence that might remind you of a scene from one of your favorite crime films, you might get to do something closer to designing your own incredible heist sequence. Eat your heart out, Michael Mann."   'Recreational' Activity:  The open world of Grand Theft Auto V is not just massive in scale, but will offer more to get into than ever before. For recreation, play a bit of golf or tennis, zen out with some yoga or cycle through the countryside... For adrenaline heads, parachute over the city, or customize your Cheetah and take it to the streets to race suckers for money... Or earn cash the old fashioned way, by taking it - whether by ripping off liquor stores or by buying and taking over businesses that will earn you dividends... Even minding your own business having a stroll you may meet one of Los Santos' weirdos, junkies, drunkies, or starlets and find yourself off on a wild misadventure you never expected... From CVG / GTAV O'Clock:   "And yet there's still more to tell... your cars can be given paint jobs, new wheels, window tints, grilles, spoilers, plus you can upgrade suspensions, engine and brakes - handy if you've pinpointed, say, an Infernus that you think could be a useful getaway vehicle. You can customise weapons too, adding laser sights, scopes, silencers, and high capacity magazines. This is particularly relevant during the prep stage: you might find one weapon is good for clearing rooms, or another better for stealth, and as you earn more cash, you can develop and improve that weapon so that - by the time you head into the key heists - you have best, most specced-up firearm available for the job. Oh, and just to round things off, you can customise yourself as well, with haircuts and new clothes, or by dropping into a tattoo parlour between missions. (We spotted one on Vinewood Boulevard, close to the Chinese Theatre.) It doesn't stop there. You can pick up hitchhikers, do stunt jumps and flying challenges, take part in yoga, golf, tennis or bike races, and - despite Rockstar being coy on this up until now - buy property too. Houses, garages and businesses can all be snapped up, providing a useful, additional revenue source that drip-feeds cash over time. Rather neatly, there seemed to be the suggestion that the men would remain true to their characters too: twentysomething Franklin will like the idea of buying a nightclub more than Michael, who might fancy investing in a marina."   Combat: Game Informer's special series of previews today include individual pieces on The Art of the Heist, Touring the Open World and Putting Your Personal Stamp on Grand Theft Auto V - as well as some first details on the evolution of combat and gunplay mechanics via their story, Running and Gunning in GTAV. An excerpt:   "The core combat of Rockstar games has evolved quite a bit since Grand Theft Auto IV released in 2008. Red Dead Redemption streamlined the cover system first implemented in GTAIV, made gunfights more visceral thanks to the animations provided by the Euphoria technology, and introduced the slow-motion Dead-Eye mechanic. Max Payne 3 took the combat even further with destructible environments, kill cams, a last stand mechanic, and more natural feeling movement when you're running and gunning. For Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar is taking the lessons learned from all of its previous games to bring the combat into the future. The first thing I notice when Franklin and Michael open fire during a heist gone wrong is the smoothness of the transition animations. The characters move effortlessly in and out of cover, while taking care to avoid exposing themselves to incoming fire. A library of new animations also introduces a combat-ready jog that makes it easier to shoot from the hip and even allows players to run, aim, and shoot at the same time. Players can also drop into a combat roll at the press of a button... Melding these improvements together, Rockstar aims to offer the best gunplay the series has ever seen." For video previews, don't miss the aforementioned GTAV O'Clock special preview edition as well as Rev3Games' video preview which is embedded below: Look for more GTAV previews on gaming sites around the web and around the world today which also include a host of new screens from the game - including many international previews linked below. We'll have all of the newly released screens compiled and available tomorrow in high-res at   France: | | | Germany: | | | | | | | | | | Games Aktuell | VideoGamesZone | GameZone |  Spain: 3DJuegos | Meristation | LaPS3 | HobbyConsolas | Vandal | IGN Benelux: Insidegamer | Power Unlimited | 9lives | | Gamekings | Tweakers | IGN Italy: | | | | | IGN Scandinavia: | Gamereactor(DK) | Gamereactor(SE) | Gamereactor(NO) New Zealand: Gameplanet  

Grand Theft Auto V Previews from Around the World including a Full Week of Features at IGN

After Game Informer's preview last week, outlets around the world had their chance to check out Grand Theft Auto V. IGN's week of exclusive content kicked off yesterday with their impressions of the game so far: “One thing’s for sure, the most exciting aspect of GTA V is not just the way it promises to shake up the open-world genre, but also the freedom and flexibility it promises… Grand Theft Auto V could be the benchmark by which all other games – not just open-world games – will be judged against.” IGN's preview can be found here. Their editors also sat down for a roundtable discussion about the game, and they've got a full week of additional coverage planned - including a live extended Rewind Theater for Trailer #2. To see the full week of content as it unfolds, just click here.  UK's Guardian newspaper also got an in-depth preview of the game as well: "This is Grand Theft Auto V, the latest title in a series that has dragged video games kicking and screaming onto the cultural agenda. GTA has always been about possibilities. That is why it is so exciting to see the series return, amid the indie titles it has inspired, and the Triple A titles that have grown up in its shadow. Grand Theft Auto has always sought to push at what game worlds are, it is inarguably ambitious." Read more at and check out links to previews from a bunch of international sites below, as well as a roundtable discussion the guys at Game Informer conducted.   US, UK and Australia: IGN | The Guardian | Game Informer France: Libération | JeuxActu Germany: Spiegel | Games Aktuell Italy: Multiplayer Belgium and The Netherlands: InsideGamer | | Spain: | MeriStation

Game Informer’s GTAV Cover Story

  Here it is.  Look for the full 18-page story to debut this afternoon via their digital app. The print edition will begin landing in subscribers’ mailboxes this week and at newsstands next week Friday November 16th.

Max Payne 3 PC: New Screens and Details Plus Exclusive Interview with PC World

Max Payne 3 for PC features a wide range of advanced graphics options, including scalable high-resolution textures and character models, as seen in this new batch of screens, each of which can be viewed in full 2560x1578 high-definition glory on-click or over at the official Max Payne 3 site.   Also check out today's brand new interview with PC World, where we discuss many fine points of Max Payne 3 for PC, including the excerpt below:   What are you doing to take advantage of the powerful hardware available in a PC? As you can see from the specs list, we’ve worked hard to make sure the game will run smoothly on a wide range of PC builds. But it’s when you get towards the top end of that range that you can really push a game to its limits, and the game will look and run incredibly on the most advanced current machines around at the moment and well into the near future. You’ll find that screen resolution is scalable, there’s triple and even sextuple monitor support which helps to run higher screen resolutions, there’s various anti-aliasing options, scalable water quality, scalable shadow quality, increased detail for characters and vehicles and a scalable texture filter that further increases visual quality. We’re also supporting DX11 with Max Payne 3, with features including Hull/Tessellation/Domain Shaders (which adds curvature to the character/vehicle models), Gather4 (for optimized shadow sampling / FXAA), Geometry shader / Stream Output and DX11 texture samplers to name a few.   As you can tell, there’s a lot for PC fans with higher-spec hardware to sink their teeth in to. [Link:] Check out our updated range of minimum to maximum tested system specs here and at LOWEST TESTED SPECS Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHZ or AMD Dual Core 2.6 GHZ, or better 2GB System RAM NVIDIA® GeForce 8600 GT 512MB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 3400 512MB RAM LOW RECOMMENDED SPECS Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) Intel Dual Core 3GHz or AMD equivalent 3GB System RAM NVIDIA® GeForce 450 512MB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 4870 512MB RAM HIGH RECOMMENDED SPECS Windows 7/Vista (32 or 64 bit) Intel i7 Quad Core 2.8Ghz or AMD equivalent 3GB System RAM NVIDIA® GeForce 480 1GB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 5870 1GB RAM HIGHEST TESTED SPECS Windows 7/Vista (64 bit) Intel i7 3930K 6 Core x 3.06 GHZ or AMD FX8150 8 Core x 3.6 GHZ 16GB System RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680 2GB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 3GB RAM Max Payne 3 will be available for PC internationally next week Friday, June 1st - with our first PC Multiplayer Event kicking off the following Sunday the 3rd (and many more all to be announced all summer long). If you have any specific questions about your gaming rig, please feel free to hit up our Support Team at, or via email at If you have any general questions otherwise about PC version features, you can hit us up at and we'll be happy to have a look. Also stay tuned for the Official PC Trailer coming soon...      


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