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The Lowriders Event Weekend

Buckle up for the GTA Online: Lowriders Event Weekend this Friday October 23rd through Sunday October 25th. To celebrate this week's launch of GTA Online: Lowriders, there will be exclusive new clothing available, as well as the opportunity to grab a 25% rebate on new properties to store your slammed versions of the Voodoo, and the brand new Faction and Moonbeam vehicles. There's also an Event Playlist featuring a few of the new Adversary Modes, with a huge ammo reward for completing it, so that you can have the new Machine Pistol locked, loaded and ready for whatever comes your way. Read on for all the details.  EXCLUSIVE UNLOCKABLE LOWRIDERS CAPS IN-GAME It's no good having the flyest ride on the block if you don't have the threads to match. So get lids as seen in the flyer above branded with the Magnetics, Low Santos, and of course the place where all the magic happens: Benny's Original Motor Works. These caps are only available this weekend, so be sure to log in to GTA Online all three days to collect them all. As soon as you enter GTA Online on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each cap will automatically appear in your wardrobe. If you're looking for one cap in particular, here's how it all breaks down: Friday: Magnetics Saturday: Low Santos Sunday: Benny's Original Motor Works 25% REBATE ON PURCHASES OF A PROPERTY WITH A 10-CAR GARAGE With GTA Online: Lowriders, players are now able to own up to 4 different properties, meaning the most hardcore car collectors now have room for up to 40 different vehicles. The aggressive salesmen at Dynasty 8 are offering a one-time 25% rebate on a single qualifying purchase this week. All you need to do to qualify for this special limited-time offer is have your email address registered and verified with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be a member of the Rockstar Games Mailing List and a member of at least one Social Club Crew. The cash from the Dynasty 8 rebate will hit your in-game Maze Bank account by Friday, October 30. To fulfill these requirements, login to your Social Club profile. If your profile already meets these three requirements, just visit the Dynasty 8 website in game and purchase your new pad. SOCIAL CLUB EVENT PLAYLIST FEATURING BRAND NEW ADVERSARY MODES We're making it as easy as possible to play some of the new Adversary Modes: Offense Defense and Relay. When you launch GTAV this weekend, you'll notice an Event option on the boot up screens. Simply hit the button and you'll be placed directly into the Event Playlist alongside other GTA Online players primed for instant action. Complete the Playlist and you'll earn a huge ammo cache reward as well as all the cash and RP you usually get for making it to the end. #LOWRIDERS GTA$1M SNAPMATIC CONTEST With such a wide assortment of paint jobs and modifications to get creative with in GTA Online: Lowriders, there's lot for snap-happy shutterbugs to capture and catalogue. We're looking forward to seeing how dedicated Snapmatic Crews and talented novices alike frame up their proud new rides. Don't forget to tag your Snapmatic with "Lowriders" on Social Club for a chance to be one of the 5 winners of GTA$1M and have your picture featured here at the Rockstar Newswire. XBOX 360 AND PS3 BONUSES There's also action for Xbox 360 and PS3 players to get into this weekend, with Double GTA$ and Double RP on all Races. We'll also be upping the frequency of Event Crate Drops - falling over Los Santos and containing bumper packs of weapons, RP and GTA$. Also, up until the end of the day on Sunday October 25, PS3 and Xbox 360 players get a one-time 25% rebate on any vehicle from Warstock Cache & Carry. To qualify, just have your email address verified with the Social Club, be on the Rockstar Mailing List and a member of any Social Club Crew. Qualified players will receive the rebate on their purchase deposited into their in-game Maze Bank account by Friday, October 30. LOWRIDERS SOCIAL CLUB EVENT PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAYS The Lowriders Event Weekend Sweepstakes is open now at the Social Club Events page. Trick out your own ride with a bumper pack of Rockstar Games and GTAV gear including the GTAV Air Freshener, the Rockstar Games and GTAV keychains, a GTAV engraved chrome Zippo and a copy of the Welcome to Los Santos CD for you to cruise to. Five lucky winners will also receive 2 Rockstar t-shirts and a sticker pack. For a chance to win, Social Club members can head over there now and enter via our quick-and-easy entry form. THE OFFICIAL ROCKSTAR GAMES LIVE STREAM FEAT LUI CALIBRE, SILENTDROIDD & DAITHI DE NOGLA To kick off the Lowriders Event Weekend tomorrow Friday afternoon, the Rockstar Games Live Stream will be getting started at 5pm ET with a blockbuster broadcast of Lowrider car shows, Lamar Contact Missions and new Adversary Mode fun. The Rockstar Broadcast team will be joined by special guests via Skype live from SoCal: Lui Calibre, SilentDroidd & Daithi De Nogla. Keep an eye on for more updates, or subscribe/follow us at and to get instant notifications whenever we go live.  Previously:GTA Online: Lowriders Now AvailableExclusive Unlocks, In-Game Discounts and More in the GTA Online Freemode Events Social Club Weekend

GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Part One Event Weekend Recap: Snapmatic Winners, Bonus Crate Drop T-Shirt & More

Gilded guns, unabashedly gaudy fashions, gull-winged sports cars taking flight, and hedonistic Los Santos citizens celebrating their ILL-GOTTEN GAINS¬†and greedily sopping up special opportunities to reap bonus GTA$, RP and more - it was all part of last week's GTA Online Event Weekend.¬†Read¬†on for the official winners of the Event Weekend's¬†#illgottengains1 Snapmatic contest, highlights from our action-packed Event stream with the Funhaus boys and surprise guest Lui Calibre, and¬†more.¬†Make sure to stay tuned for info on the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part Two coming soon! GTA ONLINE SESSIONS: ILL-GOTTEN GAINS PART ONE FEATURING FUNHAUS + LUI CALIBRE + LAZLOW To kick off the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Part 1 Event Weekend we were joined on the official Rockstar Broadcast Event¬†livestream by Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, James Willems, Lawrence Sonntag and Sean ‚ÄúSpoole‚ÄĚ Poole ‚Äď collectively known as FUNHAUS. Rockstar Broadcast veteran Lui Calibre happened to be visiting the FUNHAUS offices that day and joined in the festivities as a special surprise guest to put Lazlow and the Rockstar Broadcast Team to the test. Check out the vid above to see some choice highlights. Bookmark and give these featured Ill-Gotten Gains themed Jobs and challenges a try for yourself: All About the D¬†(PC):¬†Can you squeeze the Buckingham Swift Deluxe heli through the ‚ÄúD‚ÄĚ in the landmark VINEWOOD sign? Tomb of Osiris¬†(PC):¬†Jump behind the wheel of the Pegassi Osiris and test your ramp jump launch accuracy skills in this treacherous challenge inspired by Race Impossible? (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) by GRChoke. Grenade Tennis 2 by john90wood (PS4): This favorite country club pastime gets an explosive makeover. Show your¬†competition no love on the court by volleying grenades and Molotovs over a divider towards them. Holes of Glory by mkRixxx (Xbox One): A perfect chance to check out the Luxury Engravings on your sniper rifle in First Person while looking down the scope to target enemies through narrow gaps. Luxe Derby¬†(PC):¬†Inspired by MaxTorque87's Sky Derby Muscle Cars, this remake gives everyone a chance to swap pastel paint on a sky platform¬†and instantly depreciate the value of¬†each others'¬†Albany Virgo, ¬†Benefactor Stirling GT and Enus Windsor. Ill Gotten Destruction¬†(PC) "It's a big ring of death and you don't want to hit the stuff in the middle!" - Spoole. Inspired by Destruction Derby XXX (Xbox One & Xbox 360) by joeyfbaby3. Rich Man‚Äôs Playthings by -Piggs- (PC):¬†A First Person Team Deathmatch taking place on the swank lawns and opulent grottos of the Richman Mansion. Luxury Engravings recommended attire. COLLECTIBLE DESIGNER T-SHIRTS: BONUS ENEMA T-SHIRT AVAILABLE IN CRATE DROPS NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME If you missed out on collecting the weekend-exclusive quartet of designer tees, not to worry ‚Äď we‚Äôve got an additional bonus tee available starting today¬†bearing the name of one of Portola Drive's luxury retailers (pictured above). The Enema 0 t-shirt will be available in all Crate Drops for a limited time only - so jump in your Osiris or Swift Deluxe to race there first. You may also notice another new addition in the GTA Online menus while you‚Äôre heading into the game - we've made it easy to launch a Playlist full of the popular Adversary Modes - with the new Featured Playlist option on GTAV‚Äôs launch screens. There will be an updated collection of fan-favorite Adversary Modes every week, so you‚Äôll have plenty of chances to put our Adversary Mode Game Tips into practice. #illgottengains1 SNAPMATIC WINNERS Photographers were quick off the mark in taking imaginative Snaps inspired by and featuring content from the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One. Having scoured Social Club for the best, we're pleased to present our favorite selections here, each of whom receives GTA$1M. We've also included a few honorable mentions - great work to all for doing such a bang up job showing off all their spoils, including rides, weapon skins and everything in between. Wings have been earned with this sweet bullet art / car¬†pr0n¬†from¬†bee1108.fellow¬†of the always prolific¬†GTAPhotographers. Snapmatic Art's¬†quaid86¬†may have been around the world¬†on the new Luxor Deluxe but by the looks of that eponymous¬†"Red Carpet" of blood, he's the one doing the player hating. Extra style points for rocking the fresh leather fur. Hell bent in leather.¬†missnxkolette¬†knows it's all in the details as she perfectly captures her pistol's Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish - getting the light to shine on her ".50" piece just right.¬† We recently recognized zebfar's talent for cinematic adaptations and now we are proud to welcome zeb to the illustrious hall of Snapmatic contest winners for this brilliant entry, "Gulls." Using the magic of the Creator, zebfar captured this flock of seagulls¬†Stirlings¬†in repose atop Mount Gordo. There's something to be said for good accessorizing. In "I'LLGOTTENKITTY,"¬†chaoszake¬†coordinates the leopard pants with the Cheetah-skinned Windsor. Honorable Mentions... Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Snapography's eddieltu took a photo portrait of silverfox1 having a laid-back smoke aboard the Luxor Deluxe. lvc0034¬†captures the¬†sun going¬†down¬†on his¬†Benefactor Stirling GT in this beautiful shot with the LS skyline in the backdrop. Killa_Cali¬†of Tha Gallery snaps¬†mamasnuggles¬†walking away from her Virgo like a total bad ass in¬†"Classy Lady Virgo". With the help of trigger man¬†GeneralTriple777¬†and wing support from FrenchChemical,¬†I_Miss_U_Liza¬†displays just a few of the Ill-Gotten spoils in¬†"Artwork 1". banjabi¬†gets up close and personal with the detailing on¬†sadness78320's piece in¬†CAL.50. ¬† EVENT SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS We're right in the midst of contacting and verifying winners of the Social Club Event Sweepstakes gear giveaway - don't forget to check your inbox for an email from Rockstar. We've had one response so far, and still have four more prizes to award. If you don't respond within 24 hours, we'll be forced to select new potential winners, so keep an eye out... or you'll potentially miss out. Stay tuned for details on ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Part 2 and its corresponding Event Weekend in the near future.Previously:The ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Event Weekend: Part One - June 12th-14thGTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available

GTAV Soundtrack Artist Spotlight: An Interview with The Chain Gang of 1974

  In our latest GTA Online Sessions YouTube episode, we chat and play with GTAV soundtrack's The Chain Gang of 1974 ("Sleepwalking").   We recently hung out with Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack's The Chain Gang of 1974 aka Kamtin Mohager - the act responsible for one of GTAV's most signature tunes, "Sleepwalking" as heard in the game's official trailer and original TV spot. Playing some GTA Online live together on the Rockstar Twitch channel, we chatted with him about Chain Gang and what he's been up to since "Sleepwalking" first exploded across the airwaves of Radio Mirror Park. Check out the GTA Online Sessions YouTube episode above for some great highlights and read on for choice excerpts from the interview.   On coming up with the name of his band..."I started the band at the very end of 2006 and at the time I was listening to a lot of The Raveonettes - and they had a record called Chain Gang of Love. So I took that and took the birth year of another artist of mine that I love, Ryan Adams, and got "The Chain Gang of 1974". I did realize it's a bit long so I'm trying to retire the 'The' from the band name." On Daydream Forever coming out on vinyl..."We are working on it - I wish it was just a very easy thing. It's cool because I am a big vinyl nerd and vinyl is definitely back. But that also means production takes a very long time. I did get the rights for it and it's going to be coming into production very soon... its definitely going to happen this year." And on its release on cassette..."There is a kind of whole cassette thing going on right now and I just think it's a fun way to release music and continue to allow things to be exciting for the fans and listeners so we're just going to do a limited release of cassettes [in February]." On what exactly "Sleepwalking" is about..."Being emo and heartbroken, man [laughs].... No, I like writing music about that kind of stuff, its fun. I'm influenced by a lot of those kinds of bands and I think it's very universal and people can relate to it. But yeah, just about an ex-girlfriend, that's about it but... made it work. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had a song in GTAV so there we go, round of applause to her." On the writing process..."The last two records I did [2011's Wayward Fire and 2014's Daydream Forever] I worked on with one of my good buddies, Isom Innis [of Foster the People]... him and I work in a certain way that's very quick. We basically moved to Malibu and I think I went into the studio with a couple of ideas, but we just brought all our own gear, lived in the house for a month up in the hills and we came back with an 11 song record." On new project Teenage Wrist..."We want to do this thing in a very organic manner so basically we put the first single out ["Teenage Wrist"] and we were very excited how things kind of developed with it. People took notice, just randomly Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance found it and was talking about it and it was just a really cool thing to have that happen. I collaborated on the project with my good friend Marshall [Gallagher, of Swing Hero], who I went to high school with in Colorado and our drummer Anthony as well. We're having fun with it, its cool to not be in an electronic band, just be in a kind of grungy rock band for a little bit. We're getting ready to put the second single out... and then we'll be announcing the album details pretty soon." Big thanks to Kam for stopping by and also to the community for asking some really great questions in the Twitch chat. You can catch the stream in its entirety here and to keep up with Kam, check out Chain Gang's Facebook page and give a listen to Teenage Wrist's first single, "Afterglow," below:     Previously:GTAV Soundtrack: Listen to Original New Songs Added from Flying Lotus, Jamie Lidell, Freddie Gibbs and MoreThe Music of Grand Theft Auto V: Limited Edition Soundtrack CD and Vinyl Box Sets Coming this December

San Andreas Anniversary Weekend in GTA Online: Bonus RP + Featured Playlist Unlocks Throwback SA Radio Tees and More

"So you back on the block, huh?" It's been 10 years since Carl Johnson and the Families introduced Grove Street to the collective consciousness in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and to celebrate, we're honoring the legacy of San Andreas in GTA Online this weekend with an assortment of in-game bonuses, including chances to snag yourself some original San Andreas gear both in-game and IRL. DOUBLE GTA$ AND RP FOR PLAYING THE SAN ANDREAS THROWBACK JOBS PLAYLIST This weekend only, playing the "San Andreas Throwback Jobs" Featured Playlist will grant you Double RP and Double GTA$, regardless of whether you win or lose. To take advantage, simply launch GTAV and hit the "Featured Playlist" button on the launch screens, or access it via the "Playlists" section of the GTA Online Start Menu. EXCLUSIVE SAN ANDREAS RADIO STATION T-SHIRTS Look to the skies all weekend for Crate Drops containing exclusive retro t-shirts of four classic radio stations from a time when FM was king. These tees will be up for grabs in Freemode sessions, along with an accompanying trove of weaponry and GTA$ in each Crate.    Bounce FM    K-DST    K-JAH    K-Rose And for those who'd like to recapture that 90's west coast radio vibe, check out our compilations of these and other San Andreas radio stations (as well as other titles in the Grand Theft Auto legacy) available via Spotify and iTunes. IN-GAME DISCOUNTS: GREEN CLOTHING, BANDANAS, BMX BIKES AND VEHICLE SUSPENSION MODS Complete the GSF look while you're hanging with your Crew thanks to 50% discounts on all green clothing items as well as 50% off BMX bikes, bandanas and other accessories. Also get 25% off lowered suspension vehicle mods, so you can roll around Strawberry like a true Sunday Driver. #GTASANANDREAS SNAPMATIC CONTEST Whether it's repping outside the Cluckin' Bell in Davis or catching some air off Mount Chiliad, capture your San Andreas homages in a Snapmatic shot this weekend and you could win a retro prize pack courtesy of Rockstar Games. There are five packs up for grabs, each containing a San Andreas themed Basketball, Bandana, special 10th Anniversary tees, Playing Cards & Poker Chips, the Kubrick Box Set, and stickers. To enter, simply tag your best shots #GTASanAndreas on Social Club. Official Rules here. THROWBACK JOBS LIVE STREAM We'll also be playing through the aforementioned San Andreas Throwback Jobs Featured Playlist with the Social Club members who created them and other friends from Twitch and YouTube on Friday, October 24th - starting at 4pm ET. The session will be streamed live on our Twitch channel, so head over there now if you're not already a follower and click that Follow button to be notified whenever we go live and never miss a moment.   Previously:GTA Online Creator Throwback Jobs: San Andreas Anniversary Special

The Last Team Standing Event Recap: Mae and the Boys vs. The Sidemen, Snapmatic Winners and More

The stakes were high this past weekend as GTA Online players went all-in for the Last Team Standing Event, cleaning up with bonus RP, GTA$ and other exclusive rewards like the weekend-only unlockable Manhunt ‚ÄúPlease Stop Me‚ÄĚ throwback mask, making their own custom LTS Jobs with newly added Creator mode support in The Last Team Standing Update, and more. By the way, for those who didn‚Äôt get a chance to nab one of those coveted Special Crate Drops containing the rare Victory Fist tee, good news in that we‚Äôve extended them to keep on dropping all the way until this Monday October 13th and also have increased the frequency so you have a better chance than ever of catching one. Read on for a recap of our livestream showdown, as well as the winning shots in the #LTS Snapmatic Contest and more. THE OFFICIAL ROCKSTAR LTS¬†EVENT BROADCAST: THE SIDEMEN VS MAE AND THE BOYS After losing to Mae and the Boys 2-0 in the opening round, The Sidemen try to find redemption in Hawick. Tune in this week for all 4 parts over at the Rockstar YouTube channel in the GTA Online Sessions Playlist. The weekend festivities kicked off with an epic Last Team Standing livestream face-off between two teams of all-star GTA YouTubers. Mae and the Boys, led by TheMissesMae and featuring Lui Calibre, Mini Ladd and Daithi De Nogla ‚Äď took on The Sidemen, led by Vikkstar123 and featuring KSI, MiniMinter¬†and Zerkaa.¬† With Lazlow and MLG's veteran competitive play-by-play expert Chris Puckett calling the action, the teams took advantage of the new Rounds system introduced in The Last Team Standing Update to go head-to-head in the ‚Äúbest two out of three‚ÄĚ format across several new LTS Jobs. After taking the first Job ("Mount Josiah") in straight sets 2-0, Mae and the Boys continued their winning streak into the first round of match #2 in "Hawick LTS", with Lui proving to be a virtual one-man-army nabbing four out of the five necessary kills. Despite doing his best to survive by way of hanging out beachside in round 3 at "Paleto Bay", last (side)man standing KSI couldn't avoid the inevitable and Mae's Crew found themselves up 3-0 and pitching a perfect game. In "Del Perro Freeway LTS", things finally started to gel for The Sidemen as they came out guns blazing. Led by Vikk's dominating four kills, the guys were able to break their opponent's momentum and take the first round. Not taking well to the sting of mortality, Mae's squad buckled down in round 2 though and were completely flawless, forcing round 3 after a 5-0 domination. With a 1-1 tie and only Lui left alive squaring off against all four of The Sidemen, it looked like Vikk‚Äôs squad might keep hope alive with their first match win, but Lui was having none of it.¬†Going on a late round tear, Lui amazingly overcame 1v4 odds and picked off all four remaining members of Team Sidemen, finishing it off by capping MiniMinter to take the deciding round and ultimately¬†the match. Though Puckett declared it the worst choke in recent competitive gaming history, it was all in good,¬†epic¬†fun. In addition to parts one and two, we'll have episodes three and four of this LTS battle posted at the official Rockstar YouTube channel¬†in the GTA Online Sessions Playlist¬†later this week. Subscribe to get notified every time we post a video. Tremendous thanks to all eight of our guest players for being such amazing sports as well as to Chris Puckett, whose chemistry with Lazlow was on display from the get-go. We'd also to like to take this opportunity to shout out our friends in the streaming universe that hosted some great LTS-themed live streams over the weekend. Check out Jade Jolie, Garrett of Jobless Gamers (who did an all-Furore car show), and Hike The Gamer. Make any killer vids with new content this weekend? Post them in the comments so the rest of the community can check them out! AND THE WINNERS ARE... The Snapmatic paparazzi took the new bikes, car, gear and best Last Team Standing memes and let their #LTS imaginations run wild in pursuit of fame and GTA$ fortune. Below¬†are five of our favorites, all first-time Snapmatic photo contest winners who each will receive GTA$1M plus the BODYBAG license plate for their in-game vehicles. This one really should be framed and hanging at the SAGMA. BushyArtwork captures the new LCC Innovation in striking and artful black and white fashion. Entitled ‚ÄúThe Lights Go On‚ÄĚ We expected that there would be a fair amount of Manhunt tributes and re-creations happening, but the above ‚ÄúManhunt‚ÄĚ by SPLAP-FART, takes the cake. To truly appreciate it, you have to compare it to this classic screenshot from the original Manhunt release. Not only did SPLAP-FART nail an amazingly close re-creation of the pose, lighting and surrounding area, but also replicated the outfit and used the meme creator to simulate the efx including static ‚Äď and intentionally shrunk the image down in the meme creator for total surveillance camera effect. Slow clap‚Ķ We‚Äôd be remiss not to throw an honorable mention nod to veteran Snapmatic cameraman ZazDillinger who came damn close with his ‚ÄúBeg 4 Mercy‚ÄĚ attempt, and this Kill Cam one entitled ‚ÄúHe‚Äôs Behind You‚Ķ (Manhunt)‚ÄĚ by KiinGSTeR. A gorgeous sunset drenched Furore GT perfectly composed against the San Andreas waves. So lovely. ‚ÄúLago Zancudo‚ÄĚ by Vinewoodonfire. The very fun ‚ÄúHow Many Ninjas Can You See?‚ÄĚ by The_Monk52. ¬†We‚Äôll be honest. We have no idea. Tell us, Monk. Although it may be a trick question as Has333 points out in the photo comments: ‚Äúa true ninja is always stealthy, they don‚Äôt take selfies! xD‚ÄĚ ¬†On a steel horse he rides. ‚ÄúA Perfect Match‚ÄĚ by that_VIP_guy ‚Äď a very clever idea pitting an appropriately chromed-out Hakuchou beside the iconic Rockford Hills stallion statue. Honorable mention to SilverFox_2 who similarly juxtaposed the shark-like nose of the Furore GT beside the famous Vespucci Beach shark sculpture. And a few honorable mentions for some other stellar snaps... Ride the lightning. Luism1987 captures the new Shitzu in the midst of a perfect storm in ‚ÄúEquality Way‚ÄĚ. Bjodjus_LXG¬†uses the new Innovation bike, clothes and mask to channel Ghost Rider in "BACK TO HELL!" #HIGHLIFE Snapmatic winner and #INDEPENDENCEDAY runner up HairyHole¬†is back again. With (wait for it‚Ķ) "Hairy Rim Shot," Mr. Hole gets low to show off the new Furore. The sunset provides the optimal lighting for lvc0034¬†in "LCC ¬†INNOVATION". The somewhat abstract ‚ÄúThe Last Man Standing‚ÄĚ by Joe-_-Dalton¬†- an artful suggestion that after all of the bloodshed on the streets of Los Santos, the only pedestrian left standing may be the one blinking in the crosswalk sign. ¬† Congratulations as well to our 10 winners of the Event Gear Giveaway, each of whom will be sleeping tight in GTAV Bodybag Sleeping Bags, in addition to taking home a GTAV logo tee and Rockstar stickers. Confirmed winners include¬†TrueViceGamer, Seltsem, XxNT160xX, sasrawks, pharoahdogo, LOPUZZZ,¬†Jester-in-black,¬†CWB493,¬†zerohero2000 and PJBOYLOKS to be confirmed. Be sure to check your spam folder for an email from in case you have been selected as a potential winner! Finally another reminder to keep your eyes on the skies as Special Crate Drops with the rare Victory Fist tee will continue to fall through this Monday the 13th and also stay tuned for forthcoming Rockstar Verified Jobs¬†to be announced soon including the 5 selections of the #LTS Creator Competition as well as selections from the previous #FlightSchool Air Races Competition.

Crew Cut: A Crew that Hand-Delivers IRL License Plates, Plus F.C.-Themed Squads and More

In this latest edition of the Crew Cut, we take note of an exceptionally tight-knit Crew who‚Äôve developed some real friendships by virtue of their GTA Online brotherhood, as well as some 1,000 member Crews bound together by their love for their local Football Club, plus the latest Crews on Film standout videos and more. HILLBILLIES WITH HEART Good chemistry in a Crew is essential. The better connected a clique is, the better they'll be out in the trenches of TDMs and Captures ‚Äď or even watching each others‚Äô backs in the sometimes mean streets of Freemode. Formed last September 17th,¬†the¬†Hillbilly Agenda (HBAG) Crew are probably as genuinely¬†close knit as you can get.¬†Each week, Leader¬†KnoxNerd¬†sends an encouraging email to HBAG's other sixteen members. Within each correspondence comes a stat sheet (like the one above) that includes current and previous Ranks and hours played, total RP and more - a great source of motivation to push one another towards excellence.¬† Then there's the matter of the custom license plates KnoxNerd had commissioned to match those from Los Santos Customs, his of which was just featured in our most recent fan pics gallery. Knox wrote in to tell us the recent story of when¬†Tennessee resident j0hnnykn0x¬†was attending a wedding in California a few hours away from where fellow Lieutenant¬†BRAWNSON¬†lives,¬†j0hnny jumped in his car and raced down those proverbial Blaine County freeways to personally deliver his plate it to him. And despite living all the way in Norway, there are plans for HBAG Commissioner AcemanNOR¬†to receive his Crew plate hand-delivered by KnoxNerd (also a Tennessean) later this year. Truly incredible team spirit best summarized by this photo montage KnoxNerd sent our way: ¬† F.C.s INVADE THE S.C. With all the great subplots and action of this year's recent World Cup, it seems plenty of Los Santos residents have shown their allegiance to their favorite local footie teams via the Crews of Social Club.¬†Here's a spolight on a¬†few Crews dedicated to their teams that have either maxed out their 1,000-person roster or are well on their way. If you‚Äôre a fan of any of these FC‚Äôs, you may want to request an invite before it‚Äôs too late. Paris Saint-Germain F.C., the French Club that just won their second consecutive and fourth total Ligue 1 championship, are the inspiration behind the¬†Paris Saint-Germain (0PSG) Crew.¬†Founded last August just after the start of the season, 0PSG¬†are particularly proficient at Racing. Currently ranked 172nd in GTA Races (1,411 Wins), 246th in Rally Races (64 Wins/77 Matches) and 372nd in Races (8,220 Wins/14,868 Matches), 0PSG are helped by the likes of¬†Brahimax93_Csl, who leads the squad in Races (337 Wins) and is second in GTA Races (73 Wins/1.40 K/D Ratio).¬† Two Argentinian Crews are also showing their footie love. Paying tribute to the Primera Divisi√≥n league's Club Atl√©tico River Plate are the¬†CA River Plate (CARP) Crew. Racing seems to be CARP's primary strength, ranking 122nd in GTA Races (1,604 Wins/2,929 Matches), 173rd in Races (10,767¬†Wins/18,689 Matches) and 361st¬†in Rally Races. Multitalented, CARP are also¬†ranked 151st in Tennis (1,246 Wins/6,364 Points). Club Atl√©tico Boca Juniors, 30-time winner of the Primera Divisi√≥n, inspired the Boca Juniors (CABJ) Crew. Also solid at Tennis with a rank of¬†180th (1,005¬†Wins/5,441¬†Points), CABJ are also respectable racers across the board. In addition to ranking 265th in GTA Races (1,231 Wins/2,180 Matches), they rank 313th in Races (8,759 Wins/15,415 Matches), 498th in Rally Races (47 Wins/61 Matches) and 610th in Non-Contact Races (257 Wins/563 Matches). Two other Tennis-savvy Crews both show their love for Manchester clubs.¬†The¬†Manchester City Crew (MCFC) are sitting at 22nd on the Tennis charts with 799 Wins/4,063 Points. Non-Contact Racing is also a talent, as MCFC's 284 Wins/460 Matches have earned them a rank of 479th.¬†Despite everyone's respective tennis prowess, no other footie-centric Crew can seemingly match the¬†Manchester United FC (MUFC) Crew¬†on the courts, as they're¬†ranked 127th with 1,223 wins and 6,462 points.¬† With 18 League titles, five European¬†Cups and much more, Liverpool F.C. have won more European trophies than any English club. Paying tribute to them are the Liverpool Warriors (WARS) Crew, no slouches themselves in several categories. Their strongest suit is without a doubt Parachuting, currently ranked 156th with 703 Wins/2,079 Matches. WARS also are strong in the racing categories - 620th in Non-Contact Races (254 Wins/453 Matches) and 781st in Races (6,335 Wins/11,349 Matches). ¬† D.I.Y.¬†BATTLES ¬† ¬† A couple of months¬†back, we featured the CAP PILLAS (BANG) Crew's then-upcoming Head Hollowers Tournament as part of a feature on grass roots Crew events. After a month of battling that started with 21 Crews in the first round¬†(divided into parts 1 and 2)¬†and went on to some great semi-finals action, it got down to the Temple Drive Ballas (TDBG) and FVCK A NAME GANG (FANG) in the finals. Battling it out in not one but two close TDMs ‚Äď playing the Rockstar Jobs¬†Biolab followed by Governmental -¬†and led by XxSaya-ChanxX's 27 overall kills, FANG took the day 2-0 and thus were crowned champs. Congrats to FANG and all the participants as well as to HOT_KIMERA, HOT_LEDDY, HOT_PAiiN and HOT_TIGRE for putting together such a great tournament.¬†You can check out highlights of the finals in the sizzle reel above. If the¬†TDBG feel the need for a rematch, feel free to contact us at and we may be able to schedule you in an¬†upcoming Crew battle at the¬†official Rockstar Twitch channel. Meanwhile, almost a year into their formation, the LS Mafia Family (LSMF) Crew¬†are celebrating with a massive, 64-Crew birthday Team Deathmatch tournament. Currently underway in the 3rd round,¬†participating Crews are in the midst of a¬†series of best of three, ten minute battles. You can stay up to date on tourney progress here. ¬† CREWS ON FILM Here's a look at a few of the most recent Crew-focused vids that grabbed our attention. ¬† ¬† Brand new to the Social Club and already putting out awesome highlight vids are the Russian Girls Crew (G1RU) who have a simple motto explaining their common bond: ‚ÄúRussian speakers. Girls.‚ÄĚ. Led by Nikacoma, you can check out their official VK profile page as well as this four-minute stylish action clip from erstwhile Commissioner Kokonitos (who is no longer rolling with G1RU and is these days aligned with MAKAVELI‚Äôs GTAPhotographers). ¬† ¬† The Ageing Infidels (21UP) have come up with a banging GTA Online music video remake¬†of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. Put your headphones on, turn the volume all the way up and prepare to get amped on this fantastic vid. Our only question is, where's Cochese? ¬† ¬† Crew Battle¬†veteran¬†PaxSierraMike¬†and the¬†Australia Illuminati¬†free-aim off-shoot the Highway Daemons MC (HDMI)¬†pay tribute to the chopper that's beloved by many an MC, the Hexer. Appropriately set to "Blue Eyed Hexe" by the Pixies, this video certainly has a bad-ass, "don't F with us vibe" all the way through.¬† ¬† ¬† With the 2 Chainz/Wiz Khalifa collabo "We Own It" as the soundtrack, the SoITezRobo Racing (STRR) Crew is responsible for the above ode to Fast and Furious homage. The STRR¬†host¬†car meets regularly and are super¬†active over at the GTAForums Online Meetups Lobby, painstakingly put this tribute capturing the film's essence together over several sessions. Previously:Camera Clubs, Creator Collaborators and the Latest Crew Vs Crew BattlesCurrent Grassroots Events, Official Live Battle Scores and MoreLatest Live-Stream Battles, Return of the Homage and More...¬†

Crew Cut: Current Grassroots Events, Official Live Battle Scores and More

For this edition of the Crew Cut, we highlight some dedicated squads organizing their own awesome grassroots events and tournaments, recap the most recent official Crew vs. Crew live-stream confrontations and check out some excellent and creative Crew vids. ¬† GRASSROOTS CREW EVENTS ¬† The CAP PILLAS Crew's official Head Hollowers Tournament trailer. ¬† For those looking to join up with a Crew that has lots of activity, you‚Äôd do well to give a look to some of these well-organized Crews that have¬†been hosting everything from grassroots tournaments to indie Crew battles and more. The CAP PILLAS (BANG) Crew¬†for one¬†are also putting together an epic tournament where they'll be competing amongst 21 other Crews to see which one emerges as sole survivor. Organized by Leader HOT_KIMERA (who helped run a similar Max Payne 3 tournament last year), Head Hollowers is a Free Aim fight to the finish being held June 13th-15th. Watch the trailer above to see a line-up of who's participating and read the video's About details on YouTube for full info on dates, times, rules and other particulars. The Reapers of Lyfe (REAP) quite frequently post Team Deathmatch battles on their YouTube channel¬†and with over 80 battle vids since March, REAP have a prolific output that perhaps even 2Pac would have had trouble keeping up with in his heyday. Led by CallmeChaun, this outfit is currently ranked 48th in TDMs with over 2,700 wins and a 1.33 K/D. Feel free to hit 'em up, if you're not afraid of winding up another notch on REAP's belt. Another busy bunch are the TURNTUPGANG (TTUG), who have posted 40 battle videos on YouTube. With a solid 167th ranking for TDMs, TTUG are a selective gang, requiring prospective members to fill out this survey, covering everything from personal Crew history to motivations for joining. The PS3-based JAMESTOWN RANCHOGANG (JTRG) have also put up some of their bloody battles for the world to see. Always set to a blazing hip hop soundtrack, JTRG bring the pain to each and every shootout they post. And in addition to projectile competitions of the expected heavy artillery variety, we‚Äôre happy to report that Darts tournaments also seem to be in vogue. The infamous Ganja Outlaws¬†slung some miniature arrows recently on the heels of their anniversary, and the Ageing Infidels (21UP) notably held a 24-man darts contest for members only. Following a third place runoff between brothers BigDen454 and WrenchedOut24 (the latter won those bragging rights), conk12 edged out -Quper- for the big W. 21UP are holding all sorts of team building activities that members (and prospective recruits) may want to look into participating in, from a golf tournament to homebrewed Crew battles. ¬† LIVE BATTLE RECAP: Highway Reapers VS. Aegis Legion (796-749 REAP) ¬† Highlights of the REAP VS. EGIS Crew Battle courtesy of Aegis Legion. ¬† Speaking of Crews known for grassroots competitive activity, the Aegis Legion (EGIS) are also no slouches in that department ‚Äď known for hosting such events as their current Limitless¬†16-Crew TDM tournament (currently in its 2nd round of competition¬†- full details here). So when the TDM stat strong Free Aim outfit the Highway Reapers (REAP) Crew reached out for a PSN Crew vs Crew Challenge, we knew just who to line them up against. From the outset of the battle, Aegis looked to have a leg up on the Reapers in the initial Team Deathmatch on the Vespucci Shoreline. However, some player drops on both sides resulted in a mutually agreed-upon restart. This time, the resolute Reapers rallied with a calculated vengeance, nabbing a win in every other team-based game mode played for a final score of 796 over Aegis Legion's 749. The Reapers' BloodyWarlord was particularly valuable, taking a definitive lead to first place in the bike Race Farm Fresh and capturing the highly contested tank during the Verified Job, GTA: That's My Rhino. Aegis Legion can, however, walk away with their heads held high after taking the top six positions in Business Trip showing steering wheel superiority against the motorbike savvy MC. You can watch the stream in its entirety at the Rockstar Twitch archive. LIVE BATTLES RECAP: Ganja Outlaws VS. LS Mafia Family (846-754 LSMF) ¬† Ganja Outlaws proudly posted this excerpt from the very beginning of the battle where we introduced WEED‚Äôs historical glory. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†You better believe that LSMF are much better at GTA Online than they are at Skype - as evidenced by their stunning win in the contest that¬†followed the initial meet and greet proceedings. LSMF graciously posted this excerpt to their own YouTube channel. ¬† ¬† ¬† After beating the Ganja Outlaws (WEED) in a private battle, the LS Mafia Family (LSMF) Crew had the opportunity to offer a public rematch as they went live on our Rockstar Twitch channel in the most recent battle. For the Ganja Outlaws, it was the perfect way to celebrate their two-year anniversary on the Social Club as one of the O.G. Founder Crews. In a playlist consisting mostly of newly Verified Jobs, LSMF took an early nine point lead straight away on Stream Racer, a point to point bike Race created by Refuso of the Red Rum Racing (RRR1) Crew. After three rounds, the score was tied at 257 and the turning point came in That's My Rhino, which saw LSMF increase their lead from 5 to 19. From there, they never looked back, eventually winning the match 846-754. It was a high-stakes outing filled with intensity and drama - thanks to both Crews for an action-packed stream. Above you can watch a couple of excerpts from the episode that each Crew posted to their respective YouTube channels, and you can also watch the entire archived battle at Rockstar Twitch. Have a Crew beef you want to settle or just want to flex your muscle in front of the masses? Send a link to your Crew page along with your preferred platform and what makes your squad stand out to ¬† CREWS ON FILM And here are just a couple especially standout Crew-made videos that are definitely worth a watch this week. ¬† ¬† The Chaos From Above (CFAL) Crew continued the popular trend of re-enacting Hollywood favorites in GTA Online and went down¬†a less traveled road... "Holiday Road"¬†a la National Lampoon's Vacation. Scored to audio clips from the movie and driving a customized Dundreary Regina that is pretty darn close to the Griswold's family station wagon, the only thing that seems to be missing is Christie Brinkley¬†as they make their way across the countryside to the promised land of the Del Perro Pier amusement park - which is never closed for repairs. For more great vids from CFAL, including a chaotic car plant courtesy of that very same wagon, take a gander at their official YouTube channel. ¬† ¬† You have to respect a Crew brave enough to admit their shortcomings - and¬†the Shaolin Riders (GONG) do so in appropriately self-deprecating fashion with this charming low-lights reel, "Loser" that is essentially Crew Leader Oracle13 getting waxed again and again. GONG have other awesome videos to choose from as well including this shoot 'em up with a side of Wu. ¬† Previously:Crew Cut: Latest Live-Stream Battles, Return of the Homage and More...Crew Cut: Film Crews Remake Fave Action Sequences, Plus Live Battle Recaps feat TRFK, KOPS, Freddie Gibbs & Hip Hop Gamer

Crew Cut: Film Crews Remake Fave Action Sequences, Plus Live Battle Recaps feat TRFK, KOPS, Freddie Gibbs & Hip Hop Gamer

The latest edition of the Cut features a Crew who nailed a challenge to re-enact one of their favorite action movie sequences¬†in GTA Online, a recap of the latest Crew vs. Crew Battle¬†challenges that featured renowned stunters, accomplished Snapmatic¬†photogs, Freddie Gibbs of the GTAV soundtrack and Hip Hop Gamer of Hot 97 -¬†plus¬†some exceptional Crew snaps and video creations as well. GOIN' VINEWOOD In the most recent fan pictorial here at the Newswire,¬†we featured some inspired pop culture recreations, including this scene from Pulp Fiction, courtesy of a member of the GTAAdventures (GTAA) Crew. Folks from the GTAA and the Brass Ballas (BRSS) Crew have now officially taken it to the next level by faithfully re-creating the intense opening scene from Skyfall¬†with GTA Online gameplay. There's awesome attention to detail on display here - nailing the sniper scope shot and creating an impressive rendition of the modern 007's look. To see more of what GTAA are up to, you can check out their Crew page or their subreddit. Also from the world of Social Club Crews on reddit, the GTAVadventures (RDIT) Crew put together this four-minute-plus stacked highlight vid of stunts, jumps and a little bit of the lighter side of Los Santos. LIVE BATTLES: TRFK VS. KOPS Last Friday, two renowned Crews, the Traffickers (TRFK) and Le Kops (KOPS), did¬†battle live on our Twitch channel in an action-packed Crew vs. Crew Battle which you can see a one-hour excerpt from above (see more clips at our Twitch archive).¬†In between the 10 hand-picked Jobs that were played through, we had the opportunity to speak with TRFK Leader Anonamix, who broke down some of their excellent Snapmatic photos¬†(including this award-winning Valentine's¬†shot),¬†and KOPS Leader and stunting connoisseur kwebbelkop. Despite great hustle from Le Kops (and member FeymHD missing second on the overall leaderboard by just one point), the battle was mostly one way traffic as TRFK took the win 945 - 822. We've got lots more Crew vs. Crew battles lined up for the weeks ahead, including potential ones with the¬†Killer Smoking Aces (XKSA),¬†Killers On A Rampage (KOAR),¬†The Legion GTA (TLGN),¬†LS Mafia Family (LSMF)¬†and¬†Ganja Outlaws (WEED)¬†Crews.¬†Think your outfit has what it takes to face off in front of a Rockstar audience? Hit us up at¬†¬†and be sure to include a link to your Crew page, your preferred platform and some details on why you think your Crew should bring it to a live stream audience. FREDDIE GIBBS' ESGN CREW VS HIP HOP GAMER's OF HOT 97'S HHG¬†SHOTS FIRED Clockwise from Top Left:¬†Freddie Gibbs¬†deep in focus during a Deathmatch,¬†HipHopGamer¬†looks¬†pleased with his¬†performance in a Capture Job, Freddie taking on a car. In town for a show highlighting Pi√Īata, his new album with Madlib, GTAV soundtrack's Freddie Gibbs dropped by Rockstar NYC with some other members of his ESGN (ESGN) Crew to take on Hot 97's HipHopGamer and some of his mates in the HHGShotsFired (HHGS) Crew. Facing off in some recently Verified¬†GTA Online Jobs and more, the afternoon was chock full of spirited battle and smack talk. Despite a valiant effort from Freddie and his Crew (including a special assist cameo from producer and GTA soundtrack alumnus Statik Selektah), ESGN fell short of HHGS' strong showing and the latter claimed victory. As HHG said himself during the bout, his reputation and namesake was on the line. If you missed the live stream, you can check out an archive of the match in its entirety. Stay tuned as we‚Äôre lining up more GTAV soundtrack artists and other notable GTA players to come do battle with their Crews live throughout the spring and summer, and later today we'll be live-streaming a standoff between the Australia Illuminati and Shine Thugz Crews - keep an eye on our Twitter feed or follow our TwitchTV channel to be notified when the broadcast begins. THE MAILBAG One of the Street Seals (DCSS) Crew's dramatic Snapmatic shots. The Street Seals (DCSS) Crew Mouthed Off recently to let us know about their squad and latest escapades. Describing their Crew as "not your normal MC," DCSS has a 21 person cap and will move out any meandering Muscle in favor of new members who pledge to be loyal. In order to even get in, you have to be unanimously (!) voted in by all members. Their Snapmatic gallery features some damn cool shots - their re-creation of the legendary Abbey Road album cover is superb. Also check out their most recent video, set to the familiar pulse pounding sounds of HEALTH's "TEARS" from the Max Payne 3 Soundtrack. C√īte d‚ÄôAzur: The Domestic Battery (XDBX) Crew line 'em up in Crew blue for this group shot. ¬† JustHatched, Leader of the Domestic Battery (XDBX) Crew, hit us up to boast about the work of his relatively new squad on the scene. Just two months old, the XDBX are already¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†80 ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 80 deep and have an official forum and a schedule of weekly events including meetups where they play each other's created Jobs and compete in contests for bragging rights (like the upcoming Crew Member of the Month designation).Anchor ¬† Ron Paul Warned Us (RPWU) Crew Leader hairybones1997 reached out to let us know RPWS are all about upholding a gold standard when it comes to GTA Online behavior, encouraging proper etiquette both in and out of free roam. In addition to maintaining their own website, RPWS are also holding monthly events live on Twitch including a scheduled "Deathmatch-a-thon" session that went down this past Saturday night. CREWS ON FILM The best Crew videos invariably feature a healthy mix of hardcore action and true camaraderie - and lately, the GTA Genocide (GAGE) Crew have been killing it with their hip-hop fueled vids. Their frantic debut production seen above features intentionally sped-up gameplay to hectic effect, tons of stunting and gun fire plus a menacing looking shot of members in their Crew colors brandishing RPGs - all set to the gritty sounds of Vinny Paz. You can catch more of their Crew antics in their Day of Genocide and Crew Video #2 clips. ¬† Meanwhile, CAP PILLAS (BANG) Crew Leader HOT_KIMERA is at it again... This time around, we see the group waging an epic battle against rivals the FVCK A NAME GANG (FANG) Crew. Though the feisty and fearless Leader claims they BANG'd FANG up, see the results for yourself in this fast-paced highlight clip: Previously: Crew Cut: Crew Business and Killer Squads Large and Small Crew Cut: Mega Crews Hit 1,000 Members, The AGNT vs UFAV Battle Recap and More


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