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Rockstar Game Tips: Mastering Multiplayer in Episodes from Liberty City

  These tips should help you master the new multiplayer modes in Episodes from Liberty City for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360... During the wild official Episodes from Liberty City multiplayer sessions we’ve been having, we’ve gotten lots of questions and requests for inside tips on ways to get the edge up to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders when playing online. With no further ado, today we've put together some tips based on what we've seen asked during and after our community events. Gameplay Tips – Feel free to use these dollops of gameplay advice to stay ahead of the multiplayer competition in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony:  Land on a building and take the advantage of using the high ground.  This will give you a good view of the action. Use NOS wisely in The Ballad of Gay Tony when we start GTA Races.  Watch your map on your radar and be prepared for every turn, especially with the APC!   Master the art of tossing sticky bombs from vehicles.  This gives you the armor of a car plus plenty of speed.  Practice by throwing sticky bombs onto parked cars.   During our events, find and defend a spot in Deathmatch between a health spawn and a weapon spawn.  This will give you the opportunity to gather health and ammunition each time you take down an enemy.   Set waypoints for other teammates when in vehicles.  This is especially helpful in modes like Witness Protection.  This will allow the driver to concentrate on the road.   Use your parachute to your advantage during our matches.  Land on the roof of a building to take the high ground.  This not only gives you a better view of the action but also makes it more difficult for enemies to use any kind of weaponry against you. If you're being followed by an enemy and blips are set to Shooting, Team, Far or Off, crouch behind cover.  Your player name will disappear and you'll gain the advantage. Blips Guide - When in a multiplayer lobby before one of our matches of Episodes from Liberty City, we sometimes get a few questions asking the functions of specific blips settings.  The host player has several options to choose from for blips that will appear on the radar. Might be best to head to that sniper rifle to pick off the enemies on the ground. All - All players are shown on the radar, regardless of team or side. Near - Only those close to where you are will appear on your radar.   Far - Only those far away from where you are will appear on your radar.   Leader - Only the current leader's blip is shown.  No mercy!  Take the player down.   None - No blips are shown.  Watch your back.   Team - Only blips for the players on your team show up on your radar.  Not available in all modes.   Shooting - Introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, this selection will show a blip for a moment after a player uses a weapon. Preferences Guide – For the best bet of finding us during a match, we recommend loading up Party Mode and following the instructions on the multiplayer event page, it's also possible to find us through Quick Match.  To maximize the possibility of finding a lobby with a Rockstar, set the three Preferences to Don't Care.  To do this in the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version, start single player and open the in-game phone.  Navigate Multiplayer > Preferences.  Here you can select your specific preferences on the kinds of matches you want the game to find for you. Auto-Aim - As you may be aware, allowing Auto-Aim usually creates more on-foot action and intense cover-based gunfights.  Disallowing Auto-Aim often provides more vehicle-based action.  Matches with Auto-Aim may not be necessarily easier because all players receive the same advantage.  Settings include Allow, Disallow and Don't Care.   Police - Turn this on and the cops will act as they would in the single player mode.  Break the law and the cops are going to crack down on you.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care.   Friendly Fire - In team matches and co-operative missions, you can increase the level of realism and difficulty by turning Friendly Fire on.  Your bullets will now cause damage to your teammates and vice versa.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care. When Friendly Fire is on, take extra care when using projectiles such as molotov cocktails... Once again, setting all three of the Preferences to Don't Care will ensure you'll have the best chance of finding a lobby with a Rockstar. The PC version of the game has a larger set of parameters to customize the multiplayer experience for Custom Matches.  Open the in-game phone and navigate Multiplayer > Player Match > LIVE > Custom Match > Yes.  Here you can filter to the exact game match you want with these options: Race Class, Location, Duration, Track, Laps, Auto-Aim, Weapons, Friendly Fire, Gamertag Display, Respawn Distance, Respawn Time, Police, Traffic, Blips, Voice Chat, Join In Progress, Time of Day and Weather. Make sure to get lots of practice for our next multiplayer event on Thursday, May 13th for Episodes from Liberty City on Xbox 360 from 4-7PM.  Also remember we often hop on and play at a moment’s notice, giving a quick heads up that we're playing via Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow closely if you’re on either or both networks.  If you have any tips or questions to add on to this post, give us a shout. Previously:Rockstar Game Tips: Jumping to the Top of the BASE Jump LeaderboardsRockstar Game Tips: Burning off the Line in Multiplayer RacesRockstar Game Tips: Beating the Competition in “Witness Protection” MultiplayerRockstar Game Tips: Getting the Edge in “Chopper vs Chopper” MultiplayerRockstar Game Tips: How to “Own the City” in MultiplayerRockstar Game Tips: Handling Your “Club Business” in Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Title Update Five Available Now on Games for Windows LIVE

Title update five (version number for Grand Theft Auto IV PC is currently available on Games for Windows LIVE. This update addresses the following: GENERAL: Converts all region SKUs into the same SKU Includes support for all languages within single .exe CONTROLS: Allows controls to be double mapped on keyboard Adds option in controls menu to disable mouse controls in helicopters Adjusts keyboard control sensitivity in hood cam view in vehicles MULTIPLAYER: Security Updates to deter cheating in multiplayer Hosts can now immediately Kick users from their games in Lobby and in game via Cell phone without having to rely on peer voting Fixes a bug in Cops 'n Crooks mode where Host would drop out and prevent remaining players from leaving game You will be prompted to download and install the update when signing into LIVE.  The update can also be downloaded at and then manually installed. 

Rockstar Game Tips: Becoming the “One Man Army” (Grand Theft Auto IV / Episodes from Liberty City)

  As anyone who's caused enough wanton havoc in Liberty City can attest, surviving and escaping the long arm of the law when you've racked up a top wanted level is a bitch. Grand Theft Auto IV's "One Man Army" achievement/trophy rewards players for doing just that - evading the LCPD and surviving a six-star wanted level for a total of six minutes.  Probably one of the game's toughest challenges. Here are some tips - the first in an ongoing series of game hints we'll be dropping here at Rockstar News... First, you are going to want to stock up on weapons and armor. It would be a good idea to stock up on the heavy artillery. A rocket launcher, shotgun, and an automatic rifle - either the Carbine or Assault Rifle - should do the trick.  To quickly get yourself up to five stars, you can always head to the nearest  Tw@ Internet cafe location and visit the website on the in-game Internet.  This will immediately earn you a five star wanted level.  From this point, you'll have to get a bit creative and cause enough mayhem to get the final sixth star; note that the LCPD and N.O.O.S.E will be all over you from the moment you step outside of the Internet cafe. Make sure you have scouted out a defense point beforehand and make your way towards it using the back alleys to choke off pursuit.  If you are playing Grand Theft Auto IV, we recommend going to Playboy X's apartment or one of your safe houses (we're partial to the apartment in Hove Beach).  In The Lost and Damned, things get a bit trickier as your one safe house isn't secure enough to mount a great offensive.  Instead of your biker hang out, we suggest heading for the Booth Tunnel and barricading yourself in with a bunch of vehicles for cover (a plus is that you don't have to deal with LCPD helicopters).  If you're running low on health while trying to get to your preferred destination, stop by a hospital for a health pack (usually located on the façade near the main entrance) or look for a snack machine. Finally, if you need to refill your armor, try hopping into a N.O.O.S.E truck. If you have another method that is a surefire way to get the “One Man Army” achievement/trophy, let us know, bigshot.  *** Are there tough missions in a particular Rockstar game that you’d like some hints or help with?  Let us know via comments here on the Rockstar Newswire, or send us an email and we’ll try and give you our best tips and strategies.

Grand Theft Auto IV Title Update for Xbox 360

  An automatic title update is currently available on Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. The Xbox 360 update fixes the invisible player issue and prevents the use of cheat code exploits in multiplayer games.

Episodes from Liberty City vs. The Ballad of Gay Tony: What You Need to Know

Recently, we've received some questions from fans about the simultaneous launch of episode 2, The Ballad Of Gay Tony and its disc-based counterpart, Episodes From Liberty City.  Here's a breakdown of what you need to be up and running on launch day:The Ballad of Gay Tony is the second downloadable episode in the Grand Theft Auto IV saga, completing the epic story and gameplay arc that began with Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV and continued with the first downloadable episode The Lost and Damned, which is already available for download on Xbox LIVE. There will not be a retail version of The Ballad of Gay Tony, and you will need a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 in order to play the downloadable episode from Xbox LIVE. Just like The Lost and Damned, it will be available for just $19.99 or 1600 MS Points on October 29th, the same day that Episodes from Liberty City hits retail stores worldwide. If you did not get the first episode, or if you just like to buy physical copies of your games: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City includes both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony together in one package for $39.99, as a stand-alone game on disc for Xbox 360.  No need for a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, no hard drive or downloads required.  Just a trip to a store. Available in all game stores, everywhere, we hope... Now if you’re still unclear, please post a comment and we will try to address it as best we can.  


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