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GTA Online Game Tips: Beast vs Slasher and More

Jump in to GTA Online today for a special Halloween day Double GTA$ & RP Playlist of horror themed modes: Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher and Come Out to Play. To help you get the most out of dominating that Playlist, check out some Beast vs. Slasher tips below (along with tips for two other oft-requested modes) and you can also catch up on game tips in previous articles for Slasher and Come Out to Play here at the Newswire.   Beast vs. Slasher As the Slasher, use Thermal Vision to anticipate the Beast's movements between buildings. Beast vs. Slasher sees a team of superhuman Beasts with domineering speed, outstanding jumping abilities and even temporary invisibility try to capture 15 Checkpoints before they can be taken down by a gang of Slashers eager for their capture.  The Slashers are split into three teams: Heavy, Demolition and Assault. Those on the Heavy team have an abundance of Minigun ammo which can be used to cut off the Beasts’ escape routes, allowing those in the team with less ammo to make more accurate shots. Be careful though, the Minigun ammo doesn’t restock after death! Coordinate with your team to use specialist weapons - like the Railgun - to stun the Beasts, and weapons like the Combat MG to quickly deal damage. You can regularly check for nearby Beasts using Thermal Vision (right on the d-pad), which can help you to quickly identify enemy Beasts in the immediate vicinity. Also, be sure to keep one eye on the Radar as the Beast becomes blipped whenever a Checkpoint is collected. As a Beast you will certainly be powerful but that doesn’t give you a license to be careless. When you become low on Health you won’t be able to Super Jump or become invisible, so always be sure to heal up when injured. You’ll regain up to 75% health when standing still so making a mad dash for a Health pack may not be your best choice if a better hiding spot presents itself. It's best to strategically decide on which Checkpoints to collect first. Collecting the more exposed Checkpoints initially may open you up to taking damage but will benefit your team in the long run. Use invisibility to get yourself out of a tight spot, but remember, it won’t hide you from Thermal Vision!   Till Death Do Us Part A couple that plays together, stays together - remain close to your partner to regenerate health faster. In Till Death Do Us Part, you and your partner will be up against as many as three other couples in the ultimate group date from hell – where each pair is trying to knock off the others and there’s only one life to live between the two of you. Just as with any aspect of a relationship, you'll want to work together as a team - pay attention to the needs of your better half as much as your own and communicate effectively. Be mindful of what your partner is doing rather than just acting alone - work on a plan of attack together. Don't completely abandon your partner out there as your lives are in each other's hands. In fact, remaining close to your partner will regenerate Health for you both. In some cases, it might be worth considering separating (as difficult as that may be) as a way to outflank your target. Sure, you will lose your regen bonus but while the enemy is distracted fighting off your partner, they may never see your attack coming. But don't stray too far as you don't have to die to seal your partner's fate - remember, defending your partner is just as important as defending yourself. Weapon pickups can offer a much needed advantage over your adversaries so keep an eye on the Radar for what's available (but be careful, as going for an exposed Weapon leaves you vulnerable). Speaking of which, you will show up on your opponents' Radars by standing still for too long, firing off your Weapon or being in their line of sight, so move quickly but with both caution and purpose. When it comes down to actually making the move against your opponents, you have a couple of different options. Running straight up towards your opponent for a melee attack is a viable strategy. While it may not outright kill them, they will be knocked to the ground, making it impossible for them to do any damage to you. Take this valuable time to unload your clip while your opponent is vulnerable, but don’t forget to watch your back! If you opt for bullets over bludgeons, keep in mind headshots don't cause any extra damage in this mode. So rather than move your reticle up, keep your focus on body shots. While it will be very exciting to break up a team with a kill, stay on your toes and don't get too caught up in the celebration; if you die in the time it takes your victim's partner to off themselves, you won't win. Once you do break up a team, you and your lover will both get a third of your Health back. If you find yourselves in a Sudden Death situation keep on your toes, as all it takes is one hit to give your date a premature ending.   Extraction Use your Flare Gun to signal your Bodyguards for extraction but be wary of the Hit Squad. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, the Target must live by his wits and communicate effectively with his Bodyguards to ensure that they find him before the opposing Hit Squad does. As the Target, finding a hiding place as soon as possible is imperative. The Hit Squad will most likely start their search in the immediate area around the downed jet so staying in that area is not advisable. Your Flare Gun can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Using it will highlight your position to your Bodyguards but can of course be seen by the Hit Squad as well. As with many Adversary Modes, communication is the key to success. When communicating with your Bodyguards call out landmarks around you to guide them to your location and keep an eye out for the rescue chopper while keeping your head down. If you find yourself on the Bodyguard team, consider the vehicle you select. A Helicopter may allow a fast extraction but is a visibly large target and can easily be taken out. Bikes are nimble and discreet but a Target can easily be picked off by enemy fire. Choosing a weaponized ground vehicle, such as the Insurgent Pick-Up, may be the slower option but will provide the best protection for your special cargo. As a member of the Hit Squad, keep your eyes peeled for any indication of the opposing team in the form of Flares or Helicopters. If you spot a Bodyguard en route to their Executive, firing on them right away may not be the best course of action. Instead, stealthily following your enemy in hopes that they’ll lead you to the location of the Target may be your best bet, as an exploding vehicle containing the Target makes for a guaranteed fiery demise.   Previously:Rockstar Game Tips: Adversary Modes incl. Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, Slasher, Relay & Keep the Pace  

Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part Two: Props, Tracks, Courses & Terrain)

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out Part One of this Stunt Race Creator tips series with a lot of guidance straight from the Rockstar dev team on planning and designing your stuntastic masterpiece. And read on for Part Two, where we delve into the finer points of getting the most out of your Props, tracks, courses and the Los Santos and Blaine County terrain.PROPS PRO-TIPS: Strategically placed Boosts can be helpful at moving the player through difficult terrain, such as shallow water. There’s no shortage of new Stunt Props to play with in the Stunt Race Creator and with hundreds of options to choose from, you can supply GTA Online racing enthusiasts with an infinite supply of inspired tracks. Here’s some fine points on just a few of the varied Prop options awaiting you: Templates (found in the Props categories) are useful for building set pieces of combined Props that you can duplicate and reuse in your Race. This is useful if you want to repeat a particularly awesome section of your course. When you have a Prop selected, you can still use Fast Zoom to adjust the height of the Prop in quicker fashion. Fast Zoom is the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One) button or L Ctrl and mouse wheel zooming (PC). Stunt Props don’t just have to be used for their most obvious and originally designed purpose. Experiment by rotating them in different ways and try them out for decorations, barriers, even bigger set pieces – whatever you can dream up! Where possible, use larger Props instead of several smaller ones to save on Prop count. For example, the Prop piece ‘Tube Extra Long’ is the longest track available so use it for long straight sections. Smaller Props such as some of the Building Blocks are helpful in making the move between track pieces much easier. Stunt Tubes provide a great way to transition from one section of the course to the next as they’re very malleable. They can be made to spiral upwards, downwards, over terrain and buildings, and even submerge into the ground. Line up your Stunt Tubes carefully and with precision. Uneven placement means you could come across unwanted elevation change or speed-stopping bumps - unless you're into that sort of thing. Circular checkpoints are the perfect size for Stunt Tubes. Building Blocks are handy for filling in unwanted gaps on your course. When put together and rotated/angled, some also make for excellent ramps. Ramps aren't just for jumping – they can provide smooth transitions when driving onto steep, vertical track pieces. Stunt Specials, such as Boost and Slow Down can change the dynamic of a Race dramatically. Boosts can be helpful at moving players through difficult terrain, such as shallow water or steep inclines. Multiple boosts can also drastically change how much velocity a player can get to achieve that perfect jump. Slow Down, on the other hand, set at the top of a steep downward slope can potentially stop racers from driving clean over the top. TRACKS AND COURSES: If you really want to stand out and impress with your Stunt Races – the wilder, bolder and bigger the better. While you’re mapping out your madcap, challenging tracks, it’s worth bearing these strategies in mind: Testing tracks as you go along will help resolve any problems that pop up early on. To quickly test your Race, press the Touch Pad (PS4), View Button (Xbox One) or Tab key (PC) and you’ll be transported onto the track in whichever vehicle you’ve chosen as the default. Roughly laying out the Prop pieces before fine tuning their positioning will help you determine how many Props the track will require. When attempting more than one track type in your Race, use Blends. There are a couple of Tube Blend Props that are of great use, especially when starting off a section of track made from the Tube Props. Use the Track Link Prop in Stunt Tracks when moving between Stunt Track and Stunt Raised Track pieces in order to keep a tidy course. With one of the new features of the Stunt Creator being Secondary Checkpoints, you can now create a second route for players to take in Races. It may be easier to visualize where you want the track to split off when you have a Primary set of checkpoints down from start to finish. Be sure to set the new Stunt Grid layout option on the initial Checkpoint when using a Start Grid track piece. Make sure Checkpoints are placed in a way that will allow players to complete a set piece on a respawn. You can try this yourself in Test mode by manually respawning at a Checkpoint before your set piece. Don’t like your Checkpoint placements? The Delete All option now takes Secondary Checkpoints into account, just in case you want to redesign your Checkpoint layouts again. Remember when putting down Checkpoints that there’s a limit of 68. Building a Race with the intent to perform flips and tricks? Turn on the Award Stunt RP Bonus in Race Details to reward players for landing stunts during your Race. However, consider where and how players will land after big jumps. To give your Races a bit of extra flair during set pieces, place down fireworks, flares, alarms and sounds that can be triggered by players. You have control not only over who can trigger them and when – first place or everybody and every lap or just the last lap – but also how often. The distance at which they're triggered can also be changed. MAKING THE MOST OF SOUTHERN SAN ANDREAS: Existing roads provide a great way to link your track when making lap races, as well as reducing your Prop count. Sometimes, the most surprising Stunts elements will be right before your eyes. When planning and preparing your ideal Race course, let the surrounding environment and landscape of Southern San Andreas lend a hand: Make use of present landmarks and buildings. These can be massively useful in joining your track pieces together, as well as making it feel more memorable and unique. Finding places to combine with your Race Props around the already available map, such as existing roads and bridges, will not only aid you in creating longer Races but also help reduce Prop count. Use the straight lines of road structures to help you measure your straight tracks. For better or for worse, elements such as water can provide a great hazard - take notice! Remember that you can submerge Props, but think of the shifting tides and the effect it might have on the pace and speed of your racers. All the above just scratches the surface on the vast possibilities available with the Stunt Race Creator. There’s plenty more to discover for those champing at the bit to get started. We’re anticipating some spectacular player-made Races to come from you imaginative Creator folk and look forward to seeing and playing those that are most inventive and brilliant and sharing them here on the Newswire. If any keen creators out there have some Stunt Race track making tips of their own to share, definitely share them in comments here for others – or share your personal Stunt Race creations so that other Social Club members can help playtest them with you.Previously:Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part One)GTA Online Stunt Race Creator and Entourage Mode Now Available

Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part One)

With the Stunt Race Creator, the sky - and your imagination - is the limit. This week's just-released Stunt Race Creator has unleashed hundreds of unique Stunt Props and new features for the mad scientists of the amazing Job Creator community to hit the lab with. Ahead of diving in to begin constructing your Stunt Race masterworks, consult the official Stunt Race Creator Guide, which provides a proper tutorial of the new Creator tools, to get you started on creating and sharing your own Stunt Races. And for those either experimenting with the Creator tool for the first time, or wanting a primer on the overall GTA Online Creator suite, we encourage you to peruse all of the official tutorials available at the Rockstar Games Social Club website - including the original Race Creator Guide. In this special two-part edition of Rockstar Game Tips here at the Newswire, we present sage advice from our dev team that will help you make the most out of all the new features of the Stunt Race Creator. If you're especially aiming to get your original Stunt Race Job featured at the Newswire in the future, or to make it a fierce contender in the upcoming Verified Creator Stunt Races contest, the pointers below may prove to be especially helpful.GETTING STARTED Stunt Props don’t just have to be used for their original purpose; experiment by rotating them in different ways, to see if they can be used to create something wholly unique and unexpected for your track. As inspiration strikes and you flex your fingers to create the Stunt Race track of your wildest dreams, here are a few important starting points to consider. With hundreds of Stunt Props to choose from, it’s worth going through the list and familiarizing yourself with them before you start designing a Race; by planning your track prior to laying down the pieces, you'll save yourself the headache of having to resolve problems later on. Keep in mind that while you can use up to 150 Props in a single Race, there are also 20 Dynamic Props such as the Giant Bowling Pins and Soccer Balls. If your Model Memory tops out before you reach your Prop limit, you will no longer be able to place any additional ones; in other words, use them wisely! Once you’ve given the Props a thorough inspection, make sure to choose the appropriate car or bike for your course; you don't want to wait to discover during play-testing that the vehicle class you selected is entirely inappropriate for the track you laid out. This goes the same for choosing a color scheme for your Stunt Race Props; it’s best to decide this early on, rather than having to change the color of individual Props down the line. You can look through the color options of any of the new Stunt Props at any point when creating your Race. Last, but by no means least, remember that Rockstar-Created Stunt Races are locked to Standard. However, by creating a Stunt Race in the Creator, you can choose to make it Standard, GTA, Rally or Non-Contact. Additionally, if you pop a Stunt Prop into a regular Land Race, it will automatically convert to a Stunt Race.NEW TO THE STUNT RACE CREATOR: Tube tracks provide a great way to transition from one section of the course to the next, since they can be quite malleable. They can be made into a spiral upwards or downwards, or to go over terrain and buildings. Alongside the hundreds of new Props come some very nifty tools to literally take your Races to new levels – the Prop Snapping, Stacking and Override options. Here’s some pro-tips to master using them:Prop Snapping: Prop Snapping is a quick and easy way to place one track piece next to another, thereby speedily building up your Race. Look to see that you have this option turned on, and when you’re snapping away, use the shoulder buttons to adjust the angle of your next piece of track. For more control over when Stunt Props snap together, tweak the options to Triggered Snapping. This allows you to click Props together at the press of the Square (PS4), X (Xbox One) or Space Bar (PC). Prop categories with snapping abilities can snap to other Prop categories as well; this means that snapping together Stunt Tracks, Stunt Raised Tracks, Stunt Tubes and Stunt Building Blocks will be a breeze. Chain Snapping repeats the last Prop you used, and snaps it into place, easily creating multiple builds of the same Prop. It’s worth remembering that when turning Prop Snapping on, Chain Snapping will also be on by default; switch this off in the Advanced Options of Props to snap without chaining Props together. Prop Stacking: Want flexibility with Prop placement? Always check that you have Prop Stacking turned on! HOWEVER, when attempting to edit a Prop, it’s best to turn Prop Stacking off, otherwise when you press the X (PS4), A (Xbox One) or Enter (PC) button to edit, another Prop will be placed on top of what you’re trying to edit – rather than the one you’ve highlighted. Observing the name of the Prop in the Tool Tip to make sure you have the correct one selected will also help; with Prop Stacking turning on, you don't want to lose track of what you’ve highlighted. Override Rotation and Override Position: If you’re having trouble placing Props, Override Rotation and Override Position are your go-to choices. Enter the Position and Rotation Override options to maneuver the Prop until it’s perfectly placed, by changing the X, Y and Z axes. HOWEVER, remember that once the Prop is placed, you can no longer change the Position and Rotation without editing it. Make Override Position your best friend – it will help when making those final flourishes and tweaks to your Race. Use the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One) or L Ctrl (PC) button for Fast Zoom, speeding up your movement when you’re adjusting Props. For perfectionists with a discerning eye, when using the Override Position menu on Props, change the Prop’s alignment to ‘Local’; this will allow you to fine-tune the Prop, moving it based on its orientation rather than where it is in the world. Look for Part 2 of this special Stunt Race Creator tips series, coming to the Newswire very soon, with a focus on Props, tracks, courses and terrain.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: Your Guide to Organizational Behavior

In addition to trafficking Special Cargo across Los Santos, new opportunities for graft and thievery in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony come in the form of added VIP Work and Challenges for VIPs and their Bodyguards. While CEOs enjoy all the benefits of being a VIP, including earnings from their employees and Special Cargo initiatives, Bodyguards and Associates receive a lucrative salary for employment and bonuses for participating in Work and Challenges. VIP WORK For newly minted CEOs and VIPs, you’ll be able to instigate VIP Work for your Organization - a series of co-operative Jobs that are completed in Freemode. VIP Work is launched via the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interaction Menu. Bodyguards & Associates will be informed that they’re needed via text message or an invite sent to the SecuroServ App. VIP Work offers plenty of chances to make GTA$ and rack up substantial RP, along with opportunities for rival Organizations to ambush you for a slice of the pie. Here are some tips to keep your Organizational goalposts across new VIP Work within reach: In Headhunter, consider attacking targets from a distance as opposed to alerting them to your presence. HEADHUNTER: Objective: Work alongside your Organization to take down multiple well-guarded stationary and mobile targets across the map against a time limit. To get your hit squad moving like a well-oiled machine, assign targeting roles early on and follow these pointers. All of your prospective targets and their guards have increased health and armor and can easily floor you if you approach on foot. To avoid alerting stationary targets to your presence, consider attacking from a distance and get the drop on them. Leave as soon as the kill is confirmed, as your Wanted level will go up immediately. When chasing a target in a vehicle, track their movements and consider ambushing them head on; pursuing them from behind can result in a hail of incoming bullets. Divide and conquer. With multiple targets on the map, sinking all of your resources into the pursuit of a single one is futile. Have your team pair off to cover more ground on moving targets and send a single competent hitman for stationary targets. To prepare for any outcome, keep aerial and assault vehicles at the ready before starting the timer for this Work assignment. Players can remove their wanted level via Lester or by using the VIP/CEO ability “Bribe Authorities.” Note that attacking law enforcement will still merit a wanted level even while “Bribe Authorities” is active. As a Rival player, you can earn rewards for protecting the targets from the attacking Organization.   Once you have successfully delivered the package in Airfreight, make plans for a hasty exit as the Cargobob will be set to self-destruct to cover up any evidence of your illicit operation.   AIRFREIGHT: Objective: The Organization must collect a Cargobob and use it to extract a container and deliver it to a designated drop off point. Assign your best pilot to this task and send the rest along as added muscle. Also a few bits of advice below to help: Every moment your cargo is in transit it may be damaged and lose cash value, so don’t dawdle - make a bee-line for the delivery zone to maximize profit. Scout out the well-guarded area prior to grabbing the cargo and take out not only the guards but also blow up attack vehicles before they can pursue you and put you at a disadvantage. Alternatively, you can kill all guards and have one of your Organization members acquire the attack chopper so you have free air support on your way to the drop zone.  Air support during transport is key, not only will you have a permanent Wanted level of 3 stars during your flight, rival Organizations will also be alerted to your operation and can be rewarded for taking you down. Once you have successfully delivered the package, make plans for a hasty exit as the Cargobob will self-destruct to cover up any evidence of your illicit operation.   Participating players who aren’t in an Organization or are in a Rival Organization will be rewarded with a cut of the container value if the Cargobob carrying it is destroyed. If your truck catches on fire in Haulage be sure to release it and drive away from the trailer so backing your replacement rig back into the trailer is manageable. HAULAGE: Objective: The Organization must collect a large trailer and deliver it to a drop off with the aid of a semi-truck. While your big rig is a formidable beast on the open highway, capable of barreling through most pursuing enemies, it would still be wise to follow some of the key tips here. It's certainly a good idea to have armored transport on-hand to fend off pursuing enemies when coming to collect your trailer but if you're coming up short on that front keep a sharp eye out for a fully-armed Karin Technical parked somewhere near the trailer. Attackers' cars may pull in front of your truck to slow you down. Be sure to adjust and tilt your camera view forward a bit to get a good grasp on where they are to better outmaneuver them from obstructing your path. If your truck starts to take on too much damage and is in danger of exploding start making plans to re-route to a new replacement truck as they are marked with blue icons all over your map. Furthermore, if your truck catches on fire and is definitely about to explode be sure to release and drive away from the trailer so backing the new truck into the trailer is manageable without the wreckage of the destroyed semi getting in your way. Consider having an Associate or Bodyguard bring a secondary Hauler as backup in case something goes wrong. If rival Organizations or Freemode players deliver the Cargo, they will receive a cut of the max reward. VIP CHALLENGES VIP Challenges are found under the 'SecuroServ' option in the Interaction Menu, and are initiated by the VIP to create healthy intra-organizational competition and rewards. While the winner of the Challenge will of course receive their dues, as with VIP Work, each Bodyguard taking part receives a participation award of GTA$ and RP for every minute that they spend participating in the Challenge. Once the Challenge is set, the VIP will have the option to spectate the competing Bodyguards or participate directly. CASHING OUT Objective: All players in the Organization compete to hack the most ATMs within an allotted time limit. Take the money and run! Grab the fastest mode of transport available and note the following tips for stacking your chips. Watch your back. Put some space between yourself and the other members of your Organization. While hacking you are completely vulnerable to their attacks so keep that in mind before committing to a hacking spot. This will also ensure no-one hacks your ATMs before you do. To that effect, look to disrupt any Organization members you see stopping at ATMs nearby to give yourself a lead on running to the next hack location. Constantly check the map not only to locate the next nearest ATM but to be fully aware of who is near you at all times and consider areas with a higher concentration of ATMs. If you'd like to move about on the map undetected you can call Lester and pay him to take you off Radar, this is particularly useful once you've settled on an ATM. Time is of the essence. You have 60 seconds to complete the ATM hacking sequence before a two star Wanted level is initiated so request the quickest vehicle you have and move swiftly. You will drop cash if you get killed, so stay out of trouble. In Salvage your stamina and oxygen will run out eventually. Be sure to look for additional rebreather crates to stay underwater longer. SALVAGE: Objective: All players in the Organization are equipped with rebreathers and compete to collect the most checkpoints in a set underwater area. The life aquatic isn't quite as peaceful as it's made out to be. Read the helpful pointers below before diving in. Using knives against your opponents to keep them from checkpoints is fair game. VIPs and CEOs be sure to turn Friendly Fire ON in your VIP Management options to keep things interesting. You don't need to swim all the way out to the checkpoint area from the shoreline. Keep an eye out on your map for the Seashark icons for a faster trip over. While wearing a rebreather allows you to stay underwater for a much longer period of time, your stamina and oxygen will run out eventually. Be sure to look for additional rebreather crates to stay underwater longer. The checkpoints are spread out over a broad area, there's no shame in swimming to a slightly less occupied area of the circle to let your opponents fight it out as you continue to collect capture points unimpeded. When diving for checkpoints in deeper waters be sure to double-check your oxygen and stamina gauge to be sure you can complete a safe trip down to your mark and back up to the surface again. Don't get greedy or you won't make it back. WEAPONS UPGRADES Reloading at precisely the right time during a firefight can be the difference between life and death; nobody wants to be caught short with only a few bullets left in the chamber. Fortunately, Ammu-Nation has you covered with a brand new line of Drum and Box Magazine Attachments for 8 of their most potent weapons. These special magazines will increase ammo capacity, giving you more time between reloads and a decided advantage over your lesser-equipped foes. SPECIAL CARGO TIPS AND TRICKS Now that your Organization has had a few days to get to grips with Special Cargo missions, here are a few tips to keep your operation running smoothly: Take note of other CEOs and Associates in your session via the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network and plan the timing of your Mission carefully. Make sure that you've hired enough Associates of your own to handle the size of the shipment - delivering three Crates for example is higher risk than just one and therefore will require more bodies as far as protection and actual pickup. To actually pick up a Crate, you can either walk over it or, to save time and vulnerability you may also drive your vehicle directly over it - keep in mind you can only hold one Crate at a time. Be prepared for anything - a well-equipped Pegasus Vehicle like the Buzzard Attack Chopper may come in handy. If you do come across any trouble, utilize your CEO abilities in order to avoid the fuzz and hide your Organization and Crate blips to help secure your Special Cargo.  Rival players cannot attack Warehouses but can ambush Special Cargo transport.  The more Cargo you stockpile in a warehouse, the more profit you stand to make. Selling larger amounts will garner interest from wealthier buyers who pay higher prices but also runs a higher risk. Previously:Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: How to Become a Criminal Kingpin

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: How to Become a Criminal Kingpin

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony adds a whole new level of gameplay to the world of GTA Online, as you buy and sell contraband to expand your empire across Los Santos. This two-part series will dive into the finer points, to help you become the ultimate criminal kingpin and unstoppable CEO. Choose from four different office buildings, each with a range of interchangeable décor.  OFFICE SPACE You’ll need to cover the basics before you can start rolling in the profit - most important of all is buying an Office, which gives access to CEO status and acts as the center of all your illicit operations. Access the Dynasty 8 Executive site on your iFruit phone and purchase one of four variously priced Office spaces across Los Santos. Personalize with a range of décor options and your own Organization name, and select from optional amenities including: a Safe to watch your cash grow, an Accommodation Area (for naps and a change of clothes if you’re working late), and a Gun Locker to allow you to customize your weapon loadout before you go on the job.  Inside your office, you'll also find a few extra amenities to help you with your business: a Boardroom Table equipped with a 3D map of all potential Warehouse locations (green markers indicate owned warehouses, red markers for those still for sale); a big screen entertainment system featuring the Degenatron multiplayer classic, "Don't Cross The Line", and the SecuroServ computer from which you’ll run new business ventures. Your office also comes with an Executive Assistant – they’ll keep you up-to-date with Organization business as well as taking care of logistics for you, like arranging for your personal or Pegasus vehicles to be ready and waiting outside, recovering an impounded car, arranging a heli pickup for fast travel back to the office, or even refilling your snacks for free. Select Warehouse size and location based on your strategy – larger Warehouses suit rapid growth, while smaller Warehouses help build Organizations from the ground up. BECOMING CEO & WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS Once you own an Office, register as CEO in the SecuroServ menu via your Player Interaction menu, or simply walk on over to your desktop and register at login. Unlike VIPs, there are zero bank balance requirements and no time limits or restrictions on how long you can be CEO, or how long you can wait before becoming CEO again. Running a criminal enterprise takes a network of resources, not the least of which includes Warehouses for storing ill-gotten goods. Warehouses come in small, medium and large sizes, and you can own up to five at a time; neither Warehouses nor Offices count towards your limit on personal Property ownership. Before purchasing a Warehouse, try to select one that best suits your needs, including location and size. As with Offices, you can trade in Warehouses at any time for new ones of equal or larger size.  Warehouses also include Workbenches, to upgrade designated vehicles used during Special Cargo missions with enhancements such as armor and homing missile jammers. Approach Buy missions carefully – not every deal will go according to plan. BUYING SPECIAL CARGO  Special Cargo Buy missions are dangerous, multi-part missions that call for a coordinated team of Associates to complete successfully. Buy missions range in scope and size, from police stings to high-speed pursuits, helicopter ambushes and more. There are three sizes of shipment that can be purchased: 1 crate, 2 crates, or 3 crates. Larger shipments have increased difficulty and may require more Associates. More crates means greater risk and more money on the line, but allows you to fill your warehouse quickly, receiving better offers from potential buyers sooner.   Not every deal will go according to plan; you will be exposed to Los Santos gangs, the LSPD, rival player Organizations, and other threats.  Plan your mission timing carefully, know your Warehouse locations, make sure that you've hired skilled Associates to handle the size of the shipment (remember, one player can carry one crate at a time), keep your phone contacts and CEO abilities on-hand, and perhaps most of all, understand risk-reward scenarios. Once you take hold of a crate, be prepared for anything - pay close attention to your Assistant, as you'll get notified of anything that goes sideways. You'll only have a finite amount of time to complete delivery, and the time before you are blipped to the session is shorter when buying more crates. So like any streamlined organization: efficiency is your friend. After completing several Buy missions, CEOs may be given the option to attempt a Special Item mission; Special Items are extremely valuable merchandise that sells for more than traditional cargo. These missions feature only 1 crate that must be secured against extreme resistance... Use the Gun Locker to drop and add the necessary tools before going on a Buy or Sell job. SELLING SPECIAL CARGO  When the time comes to sell, you can do so via the laptop located in the relevant Warehouse. You'll have up to three offers to choose from based on your current inventory level, and a fourth Special item buyer will also be in the mix if you own any Special items. Sell missions are a CEO’s opportunity to cash-in on their hard-earned supply, but also come with risk-reward considerations; selling larger amounts will garner interest from wealthier buyers, but also runs a higher risk. Deliveries are exposed to threats throughout Los Santos, and failure to safely deliver cargo can eat into your profits.  Maximize your Special Cargo value by timing the sale of your inventory. Stockpiling cargo can result in interest from wealthier buyers, however, Warehouses stocked with valuable cargo won’t stay a secret for long – beware of attacks from resident gangs of Los Santos attempting to steal a slice of your pie. Slowly filing up a large Warehouse one crate at a time is the most profitable method as your initial outlay is lower, but it is not the most time-efficient. Buying large shipments will fill your Warehouse three times faster, but at a higher cost; make an executive decision based on whichever method suits your leadership. Also of note: the more players in session, the higher the risk, but the greater the delivery bonus will be when selling your goods. You will receive your cash payout once all crates arrive at their destination.   FAQ I just want to be CEO; why should I become an Associate? In addition to a periodically paid base salary, Associates will receive benefits such as wage bonuses for consecutive successful Cargo Missions, increased RP and health regeneration when inside the radius of a CEO. How do other players disrupt my business operations? After an Organization collects Special Cargo in a Buy mission, or embarks to sell it on a Sell mission, a global signal revealing your Special Cargo’s location will be sent out to all rival Organizations and players in the session. The size of shipment will affect the delay on this timer. Rival Organizations and other players have something to gain from destroying your Special Cargo, watch out for them at all times. Can I still be involved in Special Cargo Missions if I’m not part of an Organization? Players not part of an Organization who are in Freemode can get involved in Special Cargo Missions; these players will be notified of an Organizations’ ongoing Special Cargo Mission by a red crate blip appearing on their map. Once this blip has appeared, this means that an Organization has collected a Special Cargo crate, and is attempting to deliver it to their Warehouse or sell it to a buyer. Other players and rival Organizations off-mission can then choose to attack the crate holders and be rewarded with ammo, cash and RP for destroying the Special Cargo. Why can’t we do Buy/Sell missions in a private session? Succeeding as a CEO requires navigating the risks and rewards of the ruthless Los Santos free market – where everyone is out to snipe at your latest venture – so Buy and Sell missions were designed specifically for trade in public sessions. Keep in mind that more players in your session means a bigger bonus for successful sale of Special Cargo, while Associates receive wage increases for completing consecutive Buy or Sell missions with the same CEO. If you're concerned other players are hanging about your Warehouse or Office – pick the right time to sell, make sure you have Associates and get them to clear out players who are stalking you or waiting for you to execute a deal. Taking your team off the grid with the Ghost Organization ability and exiting via the rooftop helipad where possible are also solid strategies. Why can’t I start another Buy / Sell Cargo Mission? There is a 5-minute cooldown on completing a Buy Cargo Mission, and a 30-minute cooldown after completing a Sell Cargo Mission per Warehouse; if one Warehouse has been sold from recently, you can still choose to sell from another. What can I do if an Organization member is causing me trouble? CEOs can dismiss members through the management section of the Personal Interactions Menu. Unfortunately, CEOs cannot dismiss members during Special Cargo Missions; if an Associate has deliberately destroyed the Special Cargo during a Sell Mission, the CEO has an option to punish the Associate by terminating them from the Organization, and blocking them from being a CEO or Associate for 30 mins.

GTA Online Game Tips: Sumo, Rhino Hunt & Drop Zone

Sumo-style derbies have long been a GTA Online fan favorite, with many Community creators taking it upon themselves to create their own interpretation of the heavyweight sport. Now, we’ve added a bit of method to the madness with the introduction of Sumo, one of our latest Adversary Modes. And the recently released Rhino Hunt introduces some new and fun challenges for those who truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt, while Drop Zone features teams airdropping to battle over a contested area. Whether you’re a big game hunter seeking out a well-armored challenger, a mighty behemoth crushing your adversaries via tank tread, or a vengeful skydiver looking to rain down death from above – we’ve put together the latest series of tips to help you establish dominance in the wild kingdom otherwise known as Los Santos. Take note especially of the Rhino Hunt tips today, as they'll certainly come in handy as you capitalize on today's Double GTA$ and Double RP Adversary Mode Playlist.   Using reverse and sharply turning can trick your opponent into driving out of the area completely.   Sumo While the sport of Sumo is typically a mano-a-mano match up, this Adversary Mode is all about how you perform, not only solo, but as a team (depending on which variation you find yourself playing). In either case, you must first choose your vehicle carefully: each has its advantages and weaknesses. Large, heavy vehicles have ramming power, but their higher center of gravity may leave them more vulnerable to being scooped by vehicles with a low hood. Smaller cars are more easily able to squeeze out of tight spots, but can be overwhelmed.   If you're playing on a team, you may choose a combination of vehicles. You could use the smaller, quicker vehicles to lure opponents to the edge of the map before more robust teammates deliver the killer blow. You may often see two cars deadlocked against each other in a war of attrition; supporting your teammate with a nudge from behind can tip the scales, but runs the risk of seeing them go over the edge as well as your enemy. Of course, if you have the players to spare, sacrificing a team mate could be the smart decision. If you’ve found yourself in one of these face-to-face (or bumper-to-bumper) pushing matches – using reverse and sharply turning can trick your opponent into driving out of the area completely. Alternatively, if you’re determined to win the push war, remember to properly manage your power; coming off the throttle ever so slightly to allow your tires to find traction provides much more pushing power than going pedal-to-the-metal and wheel spinning.   Sacrificing a team mate can be a clever way of taking out an opponent if you have the players to spare.   If you're playing solo, don’t always drive at full speed when trying to push your opponent out. Vehicles in Sumo have the handbrake disabled, so it takes a lot longer to stop your charge if you miss them. Try to think strategically instead of relying strictly on brute force; watch your opponent's patterns of movement so that you can anticipate where they are headed next. By the same token, try to be unpredictable!   Make use of the terrain around you; some parts of the arena will see more casualties than others. Establish the safest point in the arena and keep close to it to stay out of trouble. On larger maps, the center of the area is best to reduce your chances of being knocked off.   If it’s looking like a stalemate, there is a sudden death area that will appear after normal game time. Try to control the center of the play area as quickly as possible, as the area will become smaller and smaller as time ticks down. Last player left in the center wins! Rhino Hunt As the nimble Hunters, your lives are dispensable but your time to bring down your prey is limited. The lumbering Rhinos are afforded no such luxury, as they are granted a single life to survive the duration of the 3 minute round. Powerful, but slow to aim and maneuver, savvy Hunters will use their superior speed to get around the Rhino's cannons in a nuanced dance of death and destruction.   The Rhino will suffer a greater amount of damage when attacked from behind.   MESS WITH THE BULL - Hunter Tips Depending on Sticky Bomb placement, Rhinos can be destroyed with 7 to 10 well thrown detonations. The Rhinos take more structural damage from the rear so exhibit patience when aiming if you have the time and the means to land a calculated shot.   Hunters have strength in numbers, so use this to your advantage. Coordinate your attacks to come from all directions; someone is bound to breach the Rhino's defenses and hit the target. Sacrifice equals victory.   To the point above: the Rhinos have strict area bounds, but the Hunters don't. Consider taking the scenic route to surprise them.   Sticky Bombs can be detonated at any time (as long as you're alive); consider luring the Rhino into a trap or placing down Sticky Bombs in high traffic areas ahead of time.   Similar to Adversary Mode Come Out To Play, make sure to cut off your lights when playing at night, as the Rhinos will have more trouble getting a bead on you in the darkness.   Hunters, use your environment to your advantage: make full use of obstacles and small structures in order to hinder the Rhinos or better, to get them hung up and stuck, making them stationary targets.   Multiple Sticky Bombs can be placed and detonated at once, so a Hunter can deal massive amounts of damage to a Rhino with one detonation, given the chance. Load one of your fellow Hunters up with Sticky Bombs and send them kamikaze-style towards the target. Holding your ground and digging in with a fellow Rhino may be your best bet when squaring off against multiple enemies. YOU GET THE HORNS - Rhino Tips When there are two Rhinos (six or more players in the mode), you need to work in tandem to cover a wider firing area. This can be carried out as a two man patrol in a set area, where both Rhino drivers circle about looking for prospective targets, or you can take the opposite approach and fortify your position by parking side-by-side and covering each other's backs. The latter approach requires a bit of trust in your partner's aiming abilities to ensure victory.   Want to play as the Rhino in the next round? Make sure that you deal the killing blow and the victorious Hunter will become the Hunted.   The Rhino doesn't merely have a cannon as its only means of defense; try running over your opponents if you're cornered. You can also use the ramps in the play area to gain a momentary aerial advantage. A Rhino launching off a ramp and crashing down is not something a Hunter wants to see above them. That said, you can sustain damage from direct vehicle impacts or explosions, so be cautious when your vehicle damage bar is low.   Be constantly on guard, checking all sides as the Hunters will be trying to approach you from every angle. Staying out in the open gives you a full 360 degree view but backing against a wall or into an enclosure funnels the Hunters into a guaranteed approach, putting them at a disadvantage.   Beware of going out of bounds, as you will only have 15 seconds to return to the battlefield.   If you are riding solo, don't get cornered or remain stationary, staying mobile makes you a tougher target to hit. Drop Zone   If incoming enemy paratroopers are too far away to shoot, aim for their canopy to send them off course.   Adrenaline junkies will enjoy one of our faster-paced Adversary Modes, Drop Zone. Barrel through the air at top speed with your team towards the demarcated area and lock it down for as long as you can. While holding down the fort, keep on the move as a strategically placed Sniper bullet to the head could be just around the corner.   Although your bar increases quicker if you have more team members inside the smoke, there are plenty of tactical opportunities to be had by staying just out of sight with a long-range weapon so you can better provide cover fire and draw away the enemy from your team.   To the point above, this also enables you to cover for fallen comrades and make a dash for the smoke, to keep the bar filling whilst waiting for their return to the battlefield.   You'll be taking a lot of hits when you're out in the open, so make strategic runs to pick up health and armor in between attacks.   Players within the zone can also stave off incoming enemies by shooting their Parachutes and thus turning them around or pushing them away from their intended target.   For those unlucky enough to have their chute gunned down, quickly detach and open your reserve to save you time trying to run back to the area.   Looking to up your game in all Adversary Modes? See below for a list of tips for other modes and stay tuned here at the Newswire for strategies on more to come. Previous Adversary Mode Game Tips:Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, Slasher, Relay & Keep the PaceOffense Defense, Cross the Line & Hunting PackHasta La Vista, Siege Mentality & Come Out to Play

GTA Online Game Tips: Taking on VIP Challenges

Following on from our Game Tips article on VIP Work, we now turn the spotlight on contests fought by fellow Bodyguards to prove their worth to their Organization's VIP, like Gladiators fighting for the entertainment of Emperors. In VIP Challenges, it's down to each Bodyguard to rely on their honed training, wits and the arsenal of weaponry at their disposal to emerge victorious. If you're ready for another bite of the VIP and Bodyguard lifestyle, read on for our latest VIP Challenges game tips to best outsmart your opponents:VIP CHALLENGES: VIP Challenges are found under the 'SecuroServ' option in the Interaction Menu, and are initiated by the VIP to offer out trials to those in their Organizations. While the winner of the Challenge will of course receive their dues, as with VIP Work, each Bodyguard taking part receives a participation award of GTA$ and RP for every minute (rounding incomplete minutes down) that they spend participating in the Challenge. Once the Challenge is set, the VIP will have the option to spectate the competing Bodyguards. Use a nimble vehicle and a well-timed sticky bomb to take out your opponents in Due Diligence. Due Diligence: Objective: Find and collect packages marked with a Flare. While each one collected is worth GTA$100, the player with the most collected Packages wins. We recommend the following tips:  Look out for trails of smoke to find the packages; if a package isn't found in a certain amount of time, a second Flare will be fired to light your way.  Using the 'Trackify' app will help hugely during this mode to find each location, but remember that the app can’t detect elevated items. Think about nabbing a nimble vehicle to navigate tight spaces, and stay ahead of the competition. If it's neck-and-neck with another member of your Organization on the way to a Package, nothing in the rules say that you can’t destroy their vehicle... If you’ve found a package but know you won’t get there first, don't waste time racing to collect it; instead, use the time to prepare for finding the next one that appears, before the competition. Auto Buyout: Objective: Steal and deliver the highest value of vehicles you can to a specific drop-off point within the allotted time. It is important to remember that it's not the number of vehicles delivered, but the combined value. With that in mind, take the following steps: Consider the area you’re in; different areas across Los Santos and Blaine County will yield higher quality vehicles to steal. It’s worthwhile taking longer to search for higher value vehicles than simply loading up on lower value vehicles. Don’t be afraid to switch vehicles when en route to a drop-off, if you see one with a higher value. Other Player's personal vehicles can be dropped off Try not to damage the vehicles on the way to the drop-off, as this will lower their value. Race against other members of your Organization to fill that last spot at a drop-off to delay their delivery. In Auto Buyout, consider the area you’re in; different areas across Southern San Andreas will yield higher quality vehicles to steal. Courier Service: Objective: Find and deliver a designated cash bag to a drop-off point while avoiding being hit. Any remaining cash left in the bag at the end becomes the winning score: Armor up to help avoid damage to yourself at all costs, as each bullet wound will cause you to bleed precious cash. Even if you only make it back to the drop-off with $1, you can still beat the other members of your Organization who don’t make it back in time. Completing your delivery is your primary objective! Undelivered cash held at the end of the round will not count towards your score. Be ready to move as soon as you collect the package; the Cops are also eagerly watching. It may be quicker to deliver in an air vehicle, but you will gradually lose cash along the way.  Most Wanted: Objective: All players in the Organization will be hit with a 5-star Wanted Level. From there, last player alive wins. With danger all around, the following tips may help you avoid the heat: If you find yourself cornered, put up a valiant last stand and go out fighting. Other members of your Organization may be in a similar situation and unable to hold out for as long as you. The Cops are relentless during this time and you won't be able to lose them until the timer is up. Therefore, plan your movements carefully to survive and pick your ideal spot for evading them; you're going to need all the help you can get. Stay away from aircraft, interiors and the underground tunnels, as these will knock you out of the Challenge. If there’s more than one player alive after 10 minutes, the reward will be split between those still standing. Take note of your surroundings to avoid getting ambushed in Market Manipulation. Market Manipulation: Objective: With all open convenience Stores blipped on the map, race from Store to Store to hold up cashiers and collect as much cash as possible. The player with the most GTA$ when the timer is up takes home the loot. The following tips should come in handy: After a Store is robbed, it will be unavailable for a time; observe other players and plan your route to avoid getting cut off. Killing the shop attendants is a risky strategy; it offers a quicker, but smaller payout than holding up the Store, and leads to more heat from the Cops. Strike a balance between speed and efficiency. Be aware of your surroundings; it’s easy to get ambushed by the cops when exiting a Store. If you die, you will drop a percentage of the cash you have already collected. The more cash you are holding, the larger the amount dropped will be.  Feeling brave? If you’re bold enough, you can risk multiple Stores before losing your Wanted Level. If you pass an opponent making a robbery, try blowing up any getaway vehicles they may have parked outside the Store to slow them down. A fast, armored vehicle is indispensable for this mission; a good opportunity to try out one of the armored models of the Baller, Schafter and Cognoscenti. Point to Point:Objective: A point-to-point race, set by the VIP. Once the destination marker has been set down by your Executive, get ready to win the race: The GPS route is not always the fastest route to the race destination, so plan ahead, if you know the area well. Grab a vehicle as quickly as possible; anything is better than running! Watch the VIP’s movements at the start of the race; they've set the race destination, so they'll likely know where they are going. Take out the vehicles of other members of your Organization with a drive-by attack or a well-placed sticky bomb to help guarantee first place.   Feel free to share any tips or questions you may have in the comments section below. Previously:GTA Online Game Tips: Putting in VIP WorkGame Tips: Becoming a Successful VIP and Bodyguard GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available

GTA Online Game Tips: Putting in VIP Work

Over the past couple months, Executives and their dutiful Bodyguards have been taking on VIP Work to reap RP fame and GTA$ fortune. While our previous Game Tips post walked through key pointers on the roles of the VIP and the Bodyguard, in this edition we'll be taking a closer look at the various lucrative opportunities in VIP Work that are awaiting a sharp, resourceful boss and their Organization. VIP WORK: Once you’re a VIP, you’ll be able to instigate VIP Work for your Organization - a series of co-op jobs that are completed in Freemode. VIP Work is launched via the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interaction Menu. Bodyguards will be notified that they’re needed via text or a pop-up message, regardless of their proximity to the VIP. VIP Work offers up plenty of chances to make some cold, hard GTA$ and rack up substantial RP. Each VIP Work job rewards a default amount of GTA$ and RP depending on how the Work ended: If the Key Organization successfully completes the Work, they will earn the full GTA$ and RP rewards. If a rival Organization steals the glory and successfully completes the job themselves, they will win 70% of the GTA$ and 70% of the RP. However, this is only paid to the member who actually ends the mode. This, in turn, goes to their VIP if they are a Bodyguard, minus a 10% cut to SecuroServ. If you're up against another Organization in any Job or Challenge, it is well worth remembering these prospective rewards if you're thinking of impeding the opposition. As well as the completion rewards (more of which below), everyone who meets the participation threshold during a given Work event will be paid participation GTA$ and RP, with each minute spent participating worth GTA$500 and 100RP. For Bodyguards, it’s also nice to know that the Participation GTA$ doesn’t transfer to your VIP when earned and is 100% yours for the keeping. Watch and learn as iTwisterr takes out an entire Organization himself in Piracy Prevention. Here's the rundown on the best way to prosper in each of the 6 VIP Work variants: Piracy Prevention: Objective: Attack and defend your way to a successful capture of the decks on the Super Yacht. With boats, helis and Seasharks all a part of the onslaught, here’s how to handle the situation: The pirates must take the upper deck of the Yacht, denoted by a yellow marker. As the defending Organization, don't forget to have one person guarding this area at all times. The defending team should plant proximity mines on all of the entrances of the upper deck to catch out an unsuspecting attacker – but be careful of detonating them yourself. Use your VIP Abilities to order a Buzzard for your defending Bodyguards. They can patrol the skies for any incoming enemies, including players parachuting in from all angles and therefore helping to take out the opposition as early as possible. Also keep an eye out for any figures swimming underwater to sneak aboard. When attacking the Yacht as part of an Organization, use the Ghost Organization ability to render your Organization invisible on the radar. This will allow you to sneak aboard undetected. Sightseer:  Objective: Complete various hacking challenges to reveal packages, collecting them before the competition does. Here are our tips to help you pip your rivals to the post: VIPs - only you can use the 'Sightseer' app but you're most vulnerable when hacking it to locate the next package. By the same token, Bodyguards - you'll need to be on high alert at all costs. If your VIP dies, the job is over. As the VIP, have your bodyguards chauffeur you around while you hack for the next package location. The additional vehicle cover may give you that extra safety buffer. Bodyguards can't see the package locations but as the VIP, you can place a custom waypoint on the map to display a GPS for your Bodyguards to follow to each package. Helicopters are a fast way to travel between packages, but they’re very vulnerable to missile attack. The Turreted Limo is the slowest option but does provide substantial offensive and defensive protection. Choose your vehicles wisely. You’re not just trying to escape rival Organizations and other players in Hostile Takeover, the cops will also turn their attentions to you once you have the package. Hostile TakeoverObjective: Deliver a 'package' to a set location. With the sizeable challenges the package may pose, take the following tips to tackle the situation deftly: Preparation, preparation, preparation. You have a generous time limit to complete the drop off so use it to plan your approach and exit carefully. You’re not just trying to escape rival Organizations and other players in this mode, the Cops will also turn their attentions to you once you have the package. Once the package is collected, you’ll become visible to everyone across Los Santos and Blaine County so have an escape plan ready. Consider taking multiple vehicles in case something happens to one of them. If you’ve got one available, the Turreted Limo can be a powerful tool for your Organization. Consider bringing it along to aid your escape. Executive Search:Objective: Keep your VIP alive for 10 minutes while everyone else in Freemode attempts to track down and annihilate the VIP-in-hiding for cash rewards. Whether you’re the hunters or the hunted, we’d suggest the following approaches: If you’re the hunter, the VIP will be confined to a small area; fan out to cover more ground when tracking them down. As the hunted VIP, keep on the move. If you stay in the same spot for too long you will become visible on the radar to the hunters searching for you. To throw the pursuers off the track, as the VIP, try blending in with the regular citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County. You could be pleasantly surprised at how effective this can be. In Asset Recovery, think about splitting up to avoid any attacking cops and to confuse rival Organizations and other players trying to take your vehicles out.   Asset RecoveryObjective: Recover impounded vehicles at LSPD stations around the city and return the freed assets to a designated location. To avoid the clutches of other players and the cops, we recommend:  Co-ordinate your Organization so that you steal the vehicles at the exact same time. All members of your Organization will become wanted by the cops as soon as a target vehicle is stolen, so line up before you fire up. Let those bullets bounce off you. The target vehicles have bullet proof tires, so don’t panic if you’re being shot at. Get creative with your escape route! The GPS is not always the fastest or safest route to the drop-off location so get off the beaten track if you need to. Think about splitting up to avoid any attacking cops and to confuse rival Organizations and other players trying to take your vehicles out. Executive Deathmatch: Objective: Rival Organizations go head-to-head in a Deathmatch-style clash in Freemode, with each VIP battling to survive with their 10 allotted lives. To keep your VIP ahead of the competition, our pro tips are: Stick as close to your VIP as possible to take advantage of the health regen and stat boost bonuses your VIP provides. Bodyguards, don’t be afraid to sacrifice yourself to help your VIP escape death. They’re the target here, not you; if they lose, so do you. As a VIP, remember to utilize your VIP Abilities. Drop armor, ammo and Bullshark Testosterone for your Bodyguards if they need them. In a pinch, you can use the Interaction Menu to stock up on ammo mid-fight, which could well mean the difference between failure and success.  Rewards are a bit different in this Job. All members of the winning team will receive a reward and if it’s a Rival Organization that wins, the reward will not be passed to the VIP. Ensure your bodyguards are equipped with ranged weapons, such as snipers and RPGs, to keep any threats at a distance. If you're hankering for more Executive and Bodyguard action, stay tuned for more upcoming Game Tips to help you take on VIP Challenges. Previously:Game Tips: Becoming a Successful VIP and Bodyguard GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now AvailableGTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Trailer


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