#AFTERHOURS Snapmatic Event Winners

From the darkened corners of clubland, underground partygoers have been busy documenting the highs of club life in the #AFTERHOURS Snapmatic Event. From staging immaculately-lit shots of new vehicles tripping the light fantastic on the dance floor, these talented photogs – including 4 first time Snapmatic contest winners along with returning champion Six-Face – will each be taking home a GTA$5,000,000 reward for their hard work:


"Nightlife" by Braydenator73

A dance music paradise: The geometric shapes of Braydenator73's Lightning Storm rig prime the crowd as Solomun prepares the drop.

"Del Perro Beach" by Six-Face

Spreading the good word down at Del Perro Pier, Six-Face lets beach-goers know that Galaxy is open for business during a Nightclub Promotion mission.

"Dancing the Night Away" by swift_22

Attracting attention on the dance floor, Sand im Schritt Commissioner swift_22 schools the crowd by way of the "Getting Down" dance style.

"Los Santos International Airport" by KinGZubRoWkA15

Leader of the kings cruisers Crew, KinGZubRoWkA15 stages a beautifully lit shot of a legendary British export in the Ocelot Swinger.

"Lit" by J_Cnotez

Through the looking glass: From on high in the VIP section, Snapmatic Crew member J_Cnotez peers through the Privacy Glass as the Cathedral lighting rig pulses above the crowd.


  • "The Life of the Party" by MS_LOC: Party-goers show off a full spectrum of dance moves against a brilliant backdrop in this clever silhouette.
  • "Disco," by Lotus_0506: A goggled raver bathes in pink light while Solomun spins from the glowing DJ booth.
  • "Dance Until We Die" by Dande_Lion: Companions in matching ensembles and skull masks bust a synchronized move to die for.
  • "Del Perro" by BOGUS_LIGR: A crisply-detailed Festival Bus skull rises from the haze in this minimalist Snapmatic.
  • "With Herself" by XermZander: A mysterious dancer cuts through the fog, enjoying a solitary moment to dance among the crowd of a packed Nightclub.
  • "Paradise" by R1CHIEC: An array of lights pierces the dimensions of this stripped-down silhouette, framing the booth where Solomun powers the party.

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