#DOOMSDAY Rockstar Editor Contest Winner & Runners-Up



It's time to celebrate the heroes of Southern San Andreas who risked life and limb to protect the LS way of life. The courageous misfits who stormed missile bases, sabotaged submarines and shot Cargo Planes out of the sky with the kind of reckless abandon that would make Solomon Richards proud. After reviewing each and every eligible entry, we're proud to present the very best from the #DOOMSDAY Rockstar Editor Contest.  


Congratulations are in order for our grand prize winner .GHOST.RIDER., who will soon be in possession of the coveted Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director's Chair and the GTAV Varsity Jacket, complete with customized Director's Patch, thanks to his entry "#DOOMSDAY."


Set to the rumbling drums of the trap hit "Work" by Young Scooter & Gucci Mane, Ghost floats the camera through the scene and slips through shadows picking off guards before storming the Server Farm in Act I of The Doomsday Heist. Alternating between high contrast colorful images and first-person night vision footage (achieved with the Game Over Man filter), Ghost brings the audience in close for a front-row seat to this thrilling Doomsday Heist showpiece.


Congrats to our two runners up, each of whom will receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse Gift Card as well as a deluxe GTAV prize pack of collectible items.

The Doomsday Scenario by KILL3RWAFFL3Z

Minute long single takes, sophisticated use of match-cut transitions and elegant dolly movements highlight KILL3RWAFFL3Z's mastery of cinematic language in his contest entry "The Doomsday Scenario." After setting the scene with an explosive opening, KILL3RWAFFL3Z winds back the clock to tell the story of how a crack team of misfits saved the state of San Andreas. Keep an eye out at the 2-minute mark for some brilliant over-the-shoulder camerawork during a tense apartment raid on the ULP Intel Prep Mission.

Feel the same by FallenDutch

Step inside a hailstorm of bullets and shrapnel in this pulse-pounding entry from FallenDutch. From stealthy shootouts in server facilities to underwater excursions in a mine-clustered ocean, Dutch puts the viewer in the center of the Doomsday Heists action.

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