Rockstar Editor Contests: Enter the #DOOMSDAY Video Challenge and See the #SMUGGLERS Winner


Save the world from mass destruction, and capture your explosive footage for the #DOOMSDAY Rockstar Editor contest. Whether you’re playing The Doomsday Heist for the first time or replaying it with your crew while going for the Elite Challenge and Criminal Mastermind challenges, show off the action in cinematic fashion to compete for Rockstar Editor fame and fortune. The grand prize winner with the best Doomsday Heist video made entirely in the Rockstar Editor will receive the coveted Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director's Chair and the official GTAV Varsity Jacket with customized Director's Patch. The share of loot doesn't stop at the top, two runners-up will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse Gift Card as well as a deluxe GTAV prize pack of collectible items.

To enter, create a video using the Rockstar Editor on PC, PS4 or Xbox One and publish it to the Rockstar Games Social Club via the in-game menu with the hashtag #DOOMSDAY by Sunday February 4. In order to qualify, your video must:

  • Feature content from The Doomsday Heist
  • Be between two and five minutes in length
  • Be published to Rockstar Games Social Club, tagged with the word #DOOMSDAY, between now and 11:59pm ET on Sunday, February 4 to be eligible
  • Be made entirely using the Rockstar Editor. We know that many advanced Rockstar Editor video creators like to use additional third party editing software, but in order to keep this competition fair for all entrants, we require that you only use the Rockstar Editor in producing the video.

After viewing all qualifying entries, Rockstar Games will pick the winner by taking into consideration adherence to or interpretation of the guidelines mentioned above, entertainment and artistic value, editing quality and overall creativity. Visit here for the full list of official rules.



Strap in and get ready to feel the G's as we present the winning videos of the #SMUGGLERS Rockstar Editor Contest. Congratulations to grand prize winner Give-Me-Liberty, who will soon be in possession of the coveted Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director's Chair and the GTAV Varsity Jacket, complete with customized Director's Patch, thanks to his entry "TRYING ANYWAY."


TRYING ANYWAY by Give-Me-Liberty

In his first ever Rockstar Editor Contest entry, Give-Me-Liberty delivers a rollicking and action-packed lesson in how to smuggle in style. "Answer to Yourself" by The Softpack provides the perfect soundtrack as Liberty's squad smashes through Source and Sell Missions across the state, expertly piloting virtually every aircraft from the Smuggler's Run update — from the Alpha-Z1 to the Tula to Seabreeze — racking up cargo and laying waste to anyone foolish enough to try and share airspace.



A veteran creator from both the Rockstar Editor and Snapmatic scenes, delivers the goods once again with the vintage stylized "RED IS DEAD". The Racing Club co-Lieutenant's cinematic talents shine through with some gorgeous framing and excellent use of the Rockstar Editor's filters. Echoing vibes of the granddaddy of film contest champions, 1927's dogfight drama and first ever Best Picture winner "Wings" - a badass heroine pilot in the mold of Amelia Earhart vibe takes to the skies in Stockpile mode scoring some epic aerial takedowns.


The Vainglorious member Venzee rises to the occasion with this sentimental story-driven entry about a Grapeseed farmer who realizes his dream of becoming a pilot. After proving he's got the stones to stunt in the Howard NX-25, Venzee heads back to the training room before revealing his full fleet at Fort Zancudo. As a bonus, Venzee is all about the details, providing a thorough backstory you can read here.

And shout out to SocialOfficer, who recently recieved the Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director's Chair and GTAV Varsity Jacket for winning the #GUNRUNNING Rockstar Editor contest and shared the haul below via his Twitter account. Give-Me-Liberty can look forward to receiving their own custom versions of these prizes in the very near future as a reward for their stellar effort.


Announcing the #SMUGGLERS Rockstar Editor Contest

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