Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: Your Guide to Organizational Behavior

In addition to trafficking Special Cargo across Los Santos, new opportunities for graft and thievery in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony come in the form of added VIP Work and Challenges for VIPs and their Bodyguards. While CEOs enjoy all the benefits of being a VIP, including earnings from their employees and Special Cargo initiatives, Bodyguards and Associates receive a lucrative salary for employment and bonuses for participating in Work and Challenges.


For newly minted CEOs and VIPs, you’ll be able to instigate VIP Work for your Organization - a series of co-operative Jobs that are completed in Freemode. VIP Work is launched via the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interaction Menu. Bodyguards & Associates will be informed that they’re needed via text message or an invite sent to the SecuroServ App. VIP Work offers plenty of chances to make GTA$ and rack up substantial RP, along with opportunities for rival Organizations to ambush you for a slice of the pie. Here are some tips to keep your Organizational goalposts across new VIP Work within reach:

In Headhunter, consider attacking targets from a distance as opposed to alerting them to your presence.


Objective: Work alongside your Organization to take down multiple well-guarded stationary and mobile targets across the map against a time limit.

To get your hit squad moving like a well-oiled machine, assign targeting roles early on and follow these pointers.

  • All of your prospective targets and their guards have increased health and armor and can easily floor you if you approach on foot. To avoid alerting stationary targets to your presence, consider attacking from a distance and get the drop on them. Leave as soon as the kill is confirmed, as your Wanted level will go up immediately.
  • When chasing a target in a vehicle, track their movements and consider ambushing them head on; pursuing them from behind can result in a hail of incoming bullets.
  • Divide and conquer. With multiple targets on the map, sinking all of your resources into the pursuit of a single one is futile. Have your team pair off to cover more ground on moving targets and send a single competent hitman for stationary targets.
  • To prepare for any outcome, keep aerial and assault vehicles at the ready before starting the timer for this Work assignment.
  • Players can remove their wanted level via Lester or by using the VIP/CEO ability “Bribe Authorities.” Note that attacking law enforcement will still merit a wanted level even while “Bribe Authorities” is active.
  • As a Rival player, you can earn rewards for protecting the targets from the attacking Organization.


Once you have successfully delivered the package in Airfreight, make plans for a hasty exit as the Cargobob will be set to self-destruct to cover up any evidence of your illicit operation.



Objective: The Organization must collect a Cargobob and use it to extract a container and deliver it to a designated drop off point.

Assign your best pilot to this task and send the rest along as added muscle. Also a few bits of advice below to help:

  • Every moment your cargo is in transit it may be damaged and lose cash value, so don’t dawdle - make a bee-line for the delivery zone to maximize profit.
  • Scout out the well-guarded area prior to grabbing the cargo and take out not only the guards but also blow up attack vehicles before they can pursue you and put you at a disadvantage.
  • Alternatively, you can kill all guards and have one of your Organization members acquire the attack chopper so you have free air support on your way to the drop zone. 
  • Air support during transport is key, not only will you have a permanent Wanted level of 3 stars during your flight, rival Organizations will also be alerted to your operation and can be rewarded for taking you down.
  • Once you have successfully delivered the package, make plans for a hasty exit as the Cargobob will self-destruct to cover up any evidence of your illicit operation.  
  • Participating players who aren’t in an Organization or are in a Rival Organization will be rewarded with a cut of the container value if the Cargobob carrying it is destroyed.

If your truck catches on fire in Haulage be sure to release it and drive away from the trailer so backing your replacement rig back into the trailer is manageable.


Objective: The Organization must collect a large trailer and deliver it to a drop off with the aid of a semi-truck.

While your big rig is a formidable beast on the open highway, capable of barreling through most pursuing enemies, it would still be wise to follow some of the key tips here.

  • It's certainly a good idea to have armored transport on-hand to fend off pursuing enemies when coming to collect your trailer but if you're coming up short on that front keep a sharp eye out for a fully-armed Karin Technical parked somewhere near the trailer.
  • Attackers' cars may pull in front of your truck to slow you down. Be sure to adjust and tilt your camera view forward a bit to get a good grasp on where they are to better outmaneuver them from obstructing your path.
  • If your truck starts to take on too much damage and is in danger of exploding start making plans to re-route to a new replacement truck as they are marked with blue icons all over your map.
  • Furthermore, if your truck catches on fire and is definitely about to explode be sure to release and drive away from the trailer so backing the new truck into the trailer is manageable without the wreckage of the destroyed semi getting in your way.
  • Consider having an Associate or Bodyguard bring a secondary Hauler as backup in case something goes wrong.
  • If rival Organizations or Freemode players deliver the Cargo, they will receive a cut of the max reward.


VIP Challenges are found under the 'SecuroServ' option in the Interaction Menu, and are initiated by the VIP to create healthy intra-organizational competition and rewards. While the winner of the Challenge will of course receive their dues, as with VIP Work, each Bodyguard taking part receives a participation award of GTA$ and RP for every minute that they spend participating in the Challenge.

Once the Challenge is set, the VIP will have the option to spectate the competing Bodyguards or participate directly.


Objective: All players in the Organization compete to hack the most ATMs within an allotted time limit.

Take the money and run! Grab the fastest mode of transport available and note the following tips for stacking your chips.

  • Watch your back. Put some space between yourself and the other members of your Organization. While hacking you are completely vulnerable to their attacks so keep that in mind before committing to a hacking spot. This will also ensure no-one hacks your ATMs before you do.
  • To that effect, look to disrupt any Organization members you see stopping at ATMs nearby to give yourself a lead on running to the next hack location.
  • Constantly check the map not only to locate the next nearest ATM but to be fully aware of who is near you at all times and consider areas with a higher concentration of ATMs.
  • If you'd like to move about on the map undetected you can call Lester and pay him to take you off Radar, this is particularly useful once you've settled on an ATM.
  • Time is of the essence. You have 60 seconds to complete the ATM hacking sequence before a two star Wanted level is initiated so request the quickest vehicle you have and move swiftly.
  • You will drop cash if you get killed, so stay out of trouble.

In Salvage your stamina and oxygen will run out eventually. Be sure to look for additional rebreather crates to stay underwater longer.


Objective: All players in the Organization are equipped with rebreathers and compete to collect the most checkpoints in a set underwater area.

The life aquatic isn't quite as peaceful as it's made out to be. Read the helpful pointers below before diving in.

  • Using knives against your opponents to keep them from checkpoints is fair game. VIPs and CEOs be sure to turn Friendly Fire ON in your VIP Management options to keep things interesting.
  • You don't need to swim all the way out to the checkpoint area from the shoreline. Keep an eye out on your map for the Seashark icons for a faster trip over.
  • While wearing a rebreather allows you to stay underwater for a much longer period of time, your stamina and oxygen will run out eventually. Be sure to look for additional rebreather crates to stay underwater longer.
  • The checkpoints are spread out over a broad area, there's no shame in swimming to a slightly less occupied area of the circle to let your opponents fight it out as you continue to collect capture points unimpeded.
  • When diving for checkpoints in deeper waters be sure to double-check your oxygen and stamina gauge to be sure you can complete a safe trip down to your mark and back up to the surface again. Don't get greedy or you won't make it back.


Reloading at precisely the right time during a firefight can be the difference between life and death; nobody wants to be caught short with only a few bullets left in the chamber. Fortunately, Ammu-Nation has you covered with a brand new line of Drum and Box Magazine Attachments for 8 of their most potent weapons. These special magazines will increase ammo capacity, giving you more time between reloads and a decided advantage over your lesser-equipped foes.


Now that your Organization has had a few days to get to grips with Special Cargo missions, here are a few tips to keep your operation running smoothly:

  • Take note of other CEOs and Associates in your session via the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network and plan the timing of your Mission carefully.
  • Make sure that you've hired enough Associates of your own to handle the size of the shipment - delivering three Crates for example is higher risk than just one and therefore will require more bodies as far as protection and actual pickup.
  • To actually pick up a Crate, you can either walk over it or, to save time and vulnerability you may also drive your vehicle directly over it - keep in mind you can only hold one Crate at a time.
  • Be prepared for anything - a well-equipped Pegasus Vehicle like the Buzzard Attack Chopper may come in handy. If you do come across any trouble, utilize your CEO abilities in order to avoid the fuzz and hide your Organization and Crate blips to help secure your Special Cargo. 
  • Rival players cannot attack Warehouses but can ambush Special Cargo transport. 
  • The more Cargo you stockpile in a warehouse, the more profit you stand to make. Selling larger amounts will garner interest from wealthier buyers who pay higher prices but also runs a higher risk.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: How to Become a Criminal Kingpin

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