#GTAVines, GIFs & More: Epic Sumo Wins, Sabre Turbo Parkour & The Legend of Donkzilla

With a thriving scene of #GTAVine creations, hilarious Instagram videos, and jaw-dropping stunts always blowing up reddit – check out a roundup of some of the latest and greatest short-form vids and GIFs that keep on giving.

Make sure to hover your mouse over each GIFv to watch and to click on the audio icon in the bottom-right corner to toggle the audio on the Vines.

Parkour as you've never seen it before: 8-Bit Bastard's Sonny Evans bounces across the rooftops of LS in his new ride before gracefully sticking his landing.


An intense round of Sumo played by reddit's /r/GTAA crew sees cyclingwarrior's acrobatics get him out of a tight spot to take the win in spectacular fashion.



Dirty_Worka is one of the leaders of the #GTAVines scene (congrats to Dirty on over 1 million Vine loops!) – and here, he has the sunbathers at Vespucci Beach running for their lives at the sight of the mythical Willard Faction "Donkzilla"; don't forget to turn on the sound for maximum effect.



An ingenious Sumo moment sees TheAdmiester's quick thinking turn the tables on not one, but two opponents, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.



Like a glove! Nox Official gives a Driver's Ed class and shows us exactly how to park with a perfect ending to this epic jump.



Forever raising the bar with bigger and badder stunts, N&B Gaming's meticulously elaborate setup pays off with this challenging "Hydra Bridge Stunt.



TheGTAGodfather dives from his Motorcycle mid-air, to skillfully thread the needle of a pylon in a stunt for the ages.



Redditor MouseofDead's day goes from bad to worse as a STOP sign lives up to its name before their Turismo R returns to twist the knife.



LoBowlin takes no prisoners as a would-be pirate gets their comeuppance during an intense round of Piracy Prevention.



beanbag1992 shows us how a soccer penalty is taken, GTA Online style.



Though not quite what was intended, KurpCobang's attempt at this Stunt Jump impresses on another level.

If you've got any awesome gameplay gifs or Rockstar Editor clips you'd like to send us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff, or share them in the comments below.

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