Rockstar Editor Powered Videos: "GTA Z", "The Raid", "Jumpers" Drop Zone Tribute & More

Sit back and enjoy this latest Newswire film festival of creative and fun videos recently made by creators with footage captured using the Rockstar Editor.

The Raid by Lu Iggy

Known for a consistent body of work producing short films and music videos of ever increasing ambition using the Rockstar Editor over the past few months, Lu Iggy's twelfth short form narrative project may be his best work to date. With some truly impressive stunts, subtle but effective use of filters and even a few sly bits of comic relief, Lu showcases an audacious raid on Fort Zancudo that he took on with his partner Sgt Wadsworth. The story twists and turns right until the end, and leaves you on a brilliant cliffhanger. We can't wait for the sequel...

Flashback by ChaosZake

ChaosZake shows that he's more than just an accomplished Snapmatic photographer and takes us all the way back to the early 80's in this mesmerizing early MTV styled music video set to the toe-tapping classic "Flashback" by Imagination which may sound familiar from afternoons spent cruising to Space 103.2. With help from GTA community stalwarts CaPn-BOnEs, missNxkolette, Sariska and others, he perfectly captures the aesthetic of those halcyon days - dubious moustaches and all.

Zombie Apocalypse Ep.4 - S.O.S by Duggy

Duggy presents the fourth installment of his amazing series "Zombie Apocalypse". Parlaying clever Story Mode and Director Mode mods such as elsewhat's Scene Director and HippieCommunist's ZombieZ, Duggy's harrowing portrait of a city gripped by a zombie epidemic is told through a series of incredible set-pieces. As Duggy explains, the video employs innnovative editing techniques to immerse the viewer: "the end sequence is actually 5 different recordings stitched together to create the illusion of one continuous scene".

Sultan RS Showcase by Logic-Films

DeejayJeanP and INKAKU offer some visual adoration for the recently released Karin Sultan RS in this slick presentation befitting the sharp, clean lines of the Sultan's contours. Logic-Films have a strong history of showcasing their favorite vehicles from GTA Online: check out more montages featuring the Custom Classic Slamvan, Declasse Mamba, Galaxy Super Yacht and the Albany Primo.

Grand Theft Auto V - JUMPERS - MrSrdaro

MrSrdaro's hypnotic Rockstar Editor video poetically portrays the perilous battle over contested land in the Drop Zone Adversary Mode. MrSrdaro hopes you appreciate the "beauty of skydiving and shooting, everything you need to know about Dropzone".

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If you've been working on your latest Vinewood blockbuster and want to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at


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