GTA Online Player-Created Throwback Jobs: The Warriors Anniversary Special

Can you count, suckers? This fall season marks 10 years since the release of The Warriors on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All you boppers who want to pay tribute to the Warriors' mad dash for Coney, we've been digging through Social Club for GTA Online Jobs inspired by the game and collected a gang of Team Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Captures for all you street people with an ear for the action. If you can dig it, bookmark these jobs on Social Club and try not to get wrecked

The Warriors 2014 by CBudda-Money (PS3)
"Present Day Coney Island. You are the new day Warriors. Do you have what it takes to survive this showdown?"

Leader of the ColdHeartSaintsMafia, CBudda-Money, sets this TDM in "present day Coney Island" at Lake Vinewood Estates. With artillery ranging from AP Pistols and Sticky Bombs to Miniguns and Heavy Sniper rifles, there is something for everyone on this map. Spawn points are spread throughout the board so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to properly cover your Team lest you meet a sticky(bomb) end.

The Warriors did it... by sylverskye (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"Fight your way around the city along the rails to get home to the pier."

This four-team Capture created by the Leader of the Elite Gamers Club is set throughout the city of Los Santos. All Teams must gather and deliver their packages to their home base on Del Perro Pier. Proceed with caution, however, as this match allows for you to gather multiple packages before heading to your home base – if you are killed before making it to the pier, your enemy can gather up spoils and deliver them for the win.

Find the lone RPG and make your way for the bridge to annihilate the opposing Team in "The Warriors Bus Scene"

The Warriors Bus Scene by CRIMECOMMANDO (PC & Xbox 360)
"In this recreation of a famous scene from The Warriors, the Turnbull ACs try to steal The Warriors' spray paint and deliver back to their hangout. The Warriors try to stop them but a battered Prison Bus stands in their way."

Commissioner of the I Kill For Green Crew, CRIMECOMMANDO, lays this Capture on the straightaway of Little Bighorn Ave to mimic driving the Turnbull AC’s bus back and forth in the The Warriors videogame's mission ‘Desperate Dudes.’ Grab up the few Pistols scattered about the map and make your way to the other Team’s base to steal the spray paint. If you're more of a camper than fighter, there's an RPG hidden on the map near the bridge (which makes for a great vantage point to blow up the opposing Team’s Bus).

THE WARRIORS transit by True-Killa-666 (PS3 & PS4)
"Picture perfect Deathmatch in a subway straight from the movie scene itself"

Appropriately set in the LSIA Parking Station in Los Santos International Airport, this TDM created by a Lieutenant of the Meads Familia Crew makes you feel like you are fighting it out in the NYC subways. Each team starts on a separate platform before meeting each other in the narrow corridor between. Sticky Bombs are your friend on this map as the corridor is prime real-estate for a strategically placed explosive.

The Warriors by TheANDALUZ (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
Homenaje a la pelicula y juego The warriors"
Translation: Tribute to the film and game of ‘The Warriors’

This Warriors tribute TDM created by the Leader of the DistrisctAndaluz Crew allows for some serious melee combat. Make a mad dash for the Knives - the best Damage/Speed combo to make quick work of your enemies as you duke it out near Vespucci Beach.

Square off and join the melee mayhem in FeHaden's "The Warriors, Gang Brawl"

The Warriors, Gang Brawl by FeHaden (PC)
"Its sometime in the future and the gangs run the streets now. Fight for the pier and take what is yours! CAN YOU DIG IT?!!"

VALcrew member FeHaden has created only one job on PC, but it's a killer gang brawl TDM set at Del Perro Pier to mimic the iconic Coney Island home of The Warriors. Fill this one up to the 20 player limit and watch the melee mayhem unfold as you defeat your foes with Knives, Crowbars, Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs and Nightsticks.

THE WARRIORS LS CHAPTER by oktellmemyname (PS3 & PS4)
Leader of The Society We Trust Crew, oktellmemyname, has clearly put some thought into this Warriors-inspired Team Deathmatch. Del Perro Pier's plethora of cover options require teams to strategically plan their attack - runners 'n' gunners may be picked off pretty quick. Head for higher ground in order to more easily attack those taking cover, but be warned that once you've been spotted, there's nowhere to hide. 

The Warriors: ending by crayzesteve (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"After a long trek to the Bronx, you and your crew are glad to be home...only to be hunted by an unwelcoming outfit. Settle the score and put the night behind you. Large scale hand to hand LTS, strut to the fight like gentlemen and back up your pals. Only dirty Luthers pick up the gun. Hardcore Swans pick up the knife."

Crayzesteve has recreated The Warriors videogame's final mission ‘Come Out To Play’ as an LTS on the beach east of Del Perro Pier. As Steve says in the description - if you’re a true Warrior like Swan, you’ll go for the Knives – if you’re a ‘dirty Luther’ head for the Pistol at the center of the map.

The Warriors by Tetrahedron999 (PC)
"(clink, clink, clink) Warriors, come out to play. Warriors, come out to play-ay!"

In a similar vein to FeHaden's awesome The Warriors, Gang Brawl TDM above, this LTS by Tetrahedron999 finds itself on the familiar boardwalk of Del Perro Pier. You and your team must scramble to one of the scarce spread out weapons. Teams spawning closer to the north side of the pier have a slight advantage as they are closer to the Micro SMG, so players spawning to the south should focus on taking cover and making their way to the Assault Rifles, AP Pistols and Armor located on the west side of the Pier.

And to help you get in the nostalgic The Warriors x GTA Online mashup mood, make sure to check out this awesome Warriors tribute video done by our friends over at GTA Series Videos a few months back. This homage to the cult classic took a whopping three weeks to record and edit more than ten hours of raw footage. It also featured a number of dedicated Crews, twelve maps, ten characters and involved more than 40 players including familiar faces from the GTA community scene PrE233GtamenYan2295 and many more.

If you've spotted or created any epic GTA Online Jobs with a classic Rockstar game theme, drop the link either here in Newswire comments for others to enjoy or send it to us via Mouthoff so we can check it out too. Stay tuned for a next edition of Throwback Jobs featuring GTA Liberty City Stories themed creations - a game that is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall season. Stay tuned as well for upcoming livestreams on Twitch and YouTube Gaming where we will be playing these Throwback Jobs with special guests.

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