Rockstar Editor Fan Vids: An Epic Rescue Mission, BMX Stunting Brilliance & More

Now that the Rockstar Editor has made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One via the Freemode Events Update, console and PC players alike have been getting in on the action and making the most of Director Mode. In this round-up of Rockstar Editor videos and more we have some incredibly slick BMX stunts, a hilarious password protection parody and some seriously impressive short cinematics.

GTA V - Targets - Cinematic Movie by The Two Scotsmen - Hoodoo_Operator

With stunning production values and heart-in-mouth action from start to finish, this wonderfully shot video from The Two Scotsmen tells the tale of an epic rescue mission carried out by an elite marksman.

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GTA 5 BMX - Street Level Episode 28 (PS4 BMX) by Fishy Dizzle

Evolve Stunting veteran Fishy Dizzle shows us why the Rockstar Editor and his jaw-dropping stunting skills are a match made in Heaven with his latest BMX montage.

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Password Protected (Grand Theft Auto V Machinima Short) by TheLoneFew

This riotous parody of modern-day password requirements from The Lone Few showcases some brilliant editing skills as our would-be protagonists riff off of each other in an effort to beat the clock.

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Rubbers by choice - Drifting by Eybass Teip

Eybass Teip knocks it out of the park with a drifting montage for the ages. Showcasing some supreme drifting talent, this video will have you itching to jump in your Comet and hit the streets of downtown Los Santos.

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True Detective Intro in GTA V by llachlann

This recreation of the "True Detective" intro is spot on in recreating the haunting visuals of the original, combined with T Bone Burnett's iconic score.

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Max Payne Theme Cover by Squid Physics

The One Man Orchestra Squid Physics pulls out the cello and expands his Rockstar Games theme tune repertoire with a spine-tingling homage to the original theme from the Max Payne series.

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