Fan Art: Maze Bank Logo Sculpture, Tommy Vercetti as a Plushie & More

The latest gallery of excellent fan art creations features some impressive sculpture work, a custom PS4 skin inspired by an illustration previously here at the Newswire, stylish renditions of all manner of Los Santos residents, Tommy Vercetti in the plush and more. Make sure you're following us on Twitter and Instagram where we share great fan creations regularly, and of course if you've got something of your own that you'd like to share, feel free to drop it in comments below for the entire Social Club community to check out.

bongon_69, who is a proud GTA Online Rockstar Verified Job alumnus, created this impressive original sculptured replica of the Maze Bank logo that would fit in well next to the fake plants at the Downtown Los Santos branch lobby.

RobxDyNaMiTe of the GTA Heists PS4 Crew has apparently been pulling off those scores in style – with this slick PS4 skin appropriating Shawn Sepehry's "Rockstar Games Legacy" collage that was featured here at the Newswire last year.

Calum Sutherland aka TheSudz has upped the ante with "GTAV: Redux" - a new generation redraw of a piece he illustrated last year that turns up the carnage.

Gemini AKA zillymee.tumblr extends an open invitation for players to pull off Heists with his Crew: The Bad Wolfs Fury via this stylish original artwork.


DeviantARTist Emil Goska's work throws it back to CJ and the Grove Street Families from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Spanish illustrator Jose Augusto Cano aka jocachi on deviantART specializes in custom pin-up art, and these are just two from his striking 'Rockstar Life' series inspired by the gritty and glamorous ladies of Los Santos.

Savedraw from Mexico imagines a GTA-style car trip with him and his friends around Monterrey, Mexico in a unique cartoon style.

Michael-babe's latest illustration dials up the adorableness. Like for Chop!

Marissa Helmick aka UltraPancake shows off the Harwood Butcher's softer side with this hand sewn custom Vercetti plushie.


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