Player-Created GTA Online Throwback Jobs: Inspired by Missions from Vice City & More

Last year, we shared a batch of fine GTA Online Jobs fans had created in tribute to classic Grand Theft Auto missions from back in the days. Using the hashtag #throwback when publishing them to Social Club, nostalgic players continue to make excellent gameplay experiences that pay homage to the exploits of Tommy Vercetti, CJ and more in Race, Deathmatch and Capture form. Below, check out just a few great ones we've found that are worth giving a go.

Click on the name of the Job to see it at Social Club and bookmark it to your game, and let the Social Club community know in the comments section if you've made any of your own #Throwback Jobs that you're especially proud of.

The Fastest Boat by GhostFire79 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
The description to this Capture kicks off the nostalgia: "Remember Vice City in the old days? Playing on the PS2 and having a blast!" What unfolds is a tribute to the mission "The Fastest Boat" from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where Tommy Vercetti has to steal a speedboat for Ricardo Diaz. The result here is an entertaining Capture which provides a nice mix of combat over land, air and sea - as players try to retrieve the titular boat and return it to their Capture Point.

Bikers enter stage right in Love Fist Fury

Love Fist Fury by giantnugget (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
"Love Fist is in town for one night only!" according to giantnugget's description, and Los Santos residents are going to extreme measures to be the first to the ticket booth. This is a challenging, intricate Bike Race around Vinewood Bowl, with staircase climbing sections and turns tighter than Jezz Torrent's leather trousers.

Dam and Blast by PyRo235 (PS4 & PS3)
In PyRo235's own words, this take on Dam and Blast is "Classic GTA: San Andreas but with a different spin". Here, it's the Land Act Dam in place of the Sherman Dam, and an encounter between The Lost MC and The Ballas setting the scene for an entertaining Team Deathmatch. The narrow battlefield might make for a straight-up, eyeball-to-eyeball skirmish on first inspection, but smart weapon placement opens up opportunities for the more strategic soldier. Look out for the HVY Dozer as a creative way to provide some mobile cover; just pray the other team hasn't discovered the Sticky Bomb stash by that point...

The Land Act Dam can't stop the river of bullets in Dam and Blast

High Stakes, Low Rider by reform1 (PS4 & PS3)
The race "High Stakes, Low Rider" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a popular inspiration for GTA Online tributes, and this effort by reform1 is a challenging Race with just enough intricacy and overtaking opportunities to ensure a tight pack right up to the finish line on Del Perro Pier.

Bad Cop Drop by Infernus_XS (PS4 & PS3)
A crooked cop decoy is what goes down in "Bad Cop Drop", the Lost and Damned mission this Deathmatch is based on. Here, re-contextualized as a drug deal inside an LCPD parking lot. "Real smart," as Infernus_XS notes in the description. The multi-layered setup here adds great variety and there is ample heavy firepower scattered around to ensure loud noises. Those with a penchant for a dramatic entrance might want to look out for the parachute on the roof, just below the helipad.

Hit The Pipe by tREVENGE124 (PS4 & PS3)
tREVENGE124 sets the scene nicely for this Capture based on a mission from The Lost and Damned: "Whenever a small shipment of guns or crack come to San Andreas, The Lost are all over it. A Cuban 800 carrying drugs arrived at McKenzie Fields, but The Lost seized it. They transported it in 2 Gang Burritos to their trailer park. Get the vans back to McKenzie Fields where the Cuban 800 is awaiting. Be careful, they have half of Alderney with them." This Job is a well-balanced Capture, with heavily-guarded Gang Burritos and a long drive back to the Capture Point, providing much opportunity for on-road skirmishes.

Aim for the tires to stop the shipment of drugs in Hit The Pipe

Witness Protection GTA V by 19JDTB98 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
Based on the multiplayer mode of the same name from The Lost and Damned, this Capture Job pits the LSPD against The Lost in a bid to seize control of a prison van. The locations of the Capture Points effectively reinforce the theme and restricting players to sawn-offs means you'll need real teamwork (and not just a hail of bullets) to take the van and successfully escort it to your base.

Arab Money by dfeazy (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
Though not explicitly mentioned, we're betting the "son of an Arab oil emperor" mentioned in dfeazy's description is none other than Yusuf Amir who you may remember from The Ballad of Gay Tony, given his fondness for the Busta Rhymes song “Arab Money” and the mention of his "Dangerous friends over in Liberty City". This Capture sees the LS Golf Club - quite literally - smothered with money in the form of briefcases, along with some lethal guards trying to keep control of it. First players must try to grab the cash from the fairway and return it to their respective Capture Points but, when the guards are downed, it quickly turns into a to-and-fro battle as teams attempt to steal Capture Objects from their opponents' bases while protecting their own.


If you've spotted or created an epic GTA Online Job themed around one of our games, a certain mission or even your favorite movie, be sure to tag it #throwback on Social Club and drop us a link either here in the comments or via Mouthoff, so we can check it out.

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