Rockstar Game Tips: Going for Guts and Glory in Manhunt

Now that Manhunt is available to download from the PS2 Classic collection at the PlayStation Store on its 10th anniversary since release, it's time to step back into this dark tale of James Earl Cash and try to survive the hordes of bloodthirsty killers in Carcer City. This is a brutal blood sport and it's not going to be easy, so here are our tips for prevailing in this most dangerous game:

Heart of Darkness: Surrounded by danger and depravity, the shadows are your sanctuary. Move into the darkness and the figure of Cash on the bottom right of the screen will turn blue to indicate that you cannot be seen in plain sight. Don't get too comfortable though - if you're in an enemy's path and he walks into you, he'll attack.

Sick sense: The radar at the bottom-right of the screen shows the location of nearby enemies and the direction in which they are facing, as well as key locations such as objective points. It uses a color system to indicate each enemy's state: yellow means they are blissfully unaware that you're about to sneak up and butcher them; orange shows that they have heard something and are heading over to investigate; and red indicates that they can see you and are coming to kill you. Use this information to plan when to stalk and when to run, but don't get too dependent - in Hardcore difficulty, there's no radar.

Silence is crimson: Noise can be your friend or your foe, so keep an eye on the red circle on your radar to know how discreet you're being (or not being) at any given time. When the time is right, hit walls or kick barrels to lure your enemy to their sticky fate.

Ear to the ground: Keep one eye on the ground at all times, as some floor surfaces will make a sound when you walk on them. Don't make the amateur mistake of stepping onto a metal grate and giving yourself away while lining up an execution.

Divide and conquer: The odds of surviving are already stacked against you, so don't be tempted to take on the world. Isolate enemies and take them out one-by-one. If you find two or more of them sticking together, use noise to lure one of them away.

Cash and carry: If you execute an enemy out in the open, press Triangle to pick up their corpse, and then hide it in the shadows or somewhere you might want to lure a curious guard.

Cash out: If you are spotted, then almost always the best course of action is to run. Make as many smooth turns as you can and try to get walls and other objects between you and your enemies' lines of sight. When their radar icons turn orange, dart into the shadows and wait for the right time to strike again.

Trouble and strafe: The L2 and R2 buttons allow you to strafe left and right respectively. Get into the habit of using them all the time, as not only do they give you finer control over Cash's movement, you can use them to make subtle adjustments to the camera.

Several moments in the game require you to take out security cameras, so have your weapon at the ready.

On a sixpence: Push the L2 and R2 buttons together at any point to make Cash turn 180° - very useful later on if you're being chased and want to greet them with a quick shotgun blast.

Beer goggles: You can throw bottles to distract and lure enemies, but they can also be useful in a pinch. If you've been spotted and find yourself cornered, throw one into your enemy's face to temporarily stun them, then make your escape or finish them off.

It's bullet time: Guns may not be subtle, and they're not going to get you many Style Points, but in face-to-face combat they can be decisive.

Pick your poison: There are two levels of difficulty in the game: Fetish and Hardcore. The main differences are that, in Hardcore, enemy attacks will deal more damage and you don't have radar to indicate their positions. Our best advice is to play through on Fetish first to get a feel for each scene and then take on Hardcore to unlock the Bonus Features.

Unlockables:  At the end of each scene, your performance is graded out of five stars. You're given 1-3 stars based on Style and to earn all three, you'll want to perform as many gruesome executions as you can through the scene. There is a star available for beating the scene within a certain time and a final star awarded for beating the scene on Hardcore difficulty. Go to Bonus Features on the main menu to see the artworks, cheats and bonus games you've unlocked so far.


Let us know in the comments if you have your own stealthy strategies, and shout out if you need help with any scene in particular.



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