Rockstar Game Tips: Customizable Controls in Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition

On top of the thrill of experiencing the sights and sounds of Vice City on your mobile or tablet, the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game - now available for iOS and Android devices - has a wide array of control customization options to ensure your play experience is as smooth as Vercetti's wardrobe. Some of these options were introduced last year in the GTAIII 10th Anniversary mobile release and some are new or enhanced for Vice City. Here's a quick rundown of these options and beneath that you can find a full guide to the control settings that can be accessed and tailored from the Main Menu by tapping on Options > Controls:

  • Enhanced Free Look Camera Control: You can now touch the center of the screen (anywhere that isn't occupied by a button icon) and drag in any direction to rotate the camera a full 360° around Tommy.
  • Positionable Chase Camera: You can finely adjust the distance between the Camera and Tommy by pinching in and out from the center of the screen.
  • Tap to Shoot: With this activated, you can tap anywhere on the right-hand third of the screen (not just on the designated button icon) to fire off a round of your selected weapon.
  • 1st Person Auto Aim: When activated, this option gives you a subtle nudge in the right direction when using scoped weapons such as the sniper rifle or the rocket launcher.
  • Running Jump: To make Tommy jump, double tap on the 'Run' button icon.


View Controls: During gameplay, various buttons are displayed on-screen, with each triggering an action depending on the situation. Each action has its own icon, and this screen is your legend for those icons (also pictured below). They're all in one place for easy reference.

Adjust On Foot Controls: This lets you fully customize exactly where each of the button icons, and HUD elements such as the mini-map, appear on the screen when you're on foot. Simply touch and drag each item to wherever you want it to be and double tap each item to resize it. They'll appear exactly where you placed them the next time you play and don't worry: nothing is final, so feel free to experiment until you're comfortable.

Adjust Driving Controls:  Just like the above, touch and drag to position the button icons that appear while driving, and double tap icons to resize. These don't need to be consistent with your on foot controls, so feel free to mix it up completely if that's what you're comfortable with.

Adjust Flight Controls: This should be self-explanatory by now – all you need to do is touch and drag the button icons that appear while flying and double tap to resize.

Use Analog Steering: When on foot, you control movement by holding anywhere on the left-hand third of the screen that isn't occupied by a button icon. Wherever you thumb will become the center-point of a virtual digital analog stick and you can drag in all directions to move around accordingly. If you'd also like to use this method to control steering while driving (as opposed to the default method that has two button icons for left and right) then set this option to 'On'.

Accelerometer: With this option selected, you can control steering while driving by tilting the actual device left and right (provided of course your device supports this feature).

Left Handed Analog: This instantly flips your current control scheme setup (think of it as creating a mirror image) and is a great quick option for left-handed players.

Invert Look: While aiming down the scope of certain weapons like the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher, this option allows you to invert the y-axis.

Tap to Shoot: Particularly useful in gunplay-focused missions, this option allows you to tap anywhere on the right-hand third of the screen (or the left-hand third of the screen if you have 'Left Handed Analog' set to 'On')  to fire, and not just on the appropriate button icon.

1st Person Auto Aim: If you need some extra help with the sniper rifle, rocket launcher or other weapons that offer a 1st person perspective, try this feature. Note that not all weapons support this type of view.

Hopefully this guide will help you get off to the best possible start in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition; feel free to shout in comments or drop us an email directly at if you need additional guidance or have any tips of your own you'd like to share.

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