Max Payne Multiplayer: First Set of Payne Thresholds Now Live Plus Latest Weapon Tuning Updates

We've activated the first set of Payne Thresholds across all platforms - a new and diverse set of multiplayer challenges designed to reward players with bonuses for accomplishing certain feats during the course of a Max Payne 3 multiplayer match - including bonus XP for scoring Bronze, Silver, and Gold and titles for your multiplayer character when you hit Platinum. You can also check your personal bests for any Payne Threshold against your Friends, Crewmates and the rest of the world both in-game and via the Social Club site. These first three Payne Thresholds are now live and active until September 2nd - stay tuned for info here at the Newswire on the next set to come.

Adrenaline Rush
Earn the most adrenaline in a game
Take the most damage without dying
Postmaster General
Most packages delivered in a Delivery or Grab game during Gang Wars

Additionally, we have rolled out some new dynamic weapon tuning changes including some based on direct player feedback collected at Do remember to hit that address as the official place to have your voice heard for consideration in any future updates to come.

•         Auto 9mm
o   Effective range increased

•         M10
o   Damage slightly decreased

•         Micro 9mm
o   Damage slightly increased

•         Sawn-Off
o   Accuracy while dual-wielding decreased

•         M82
o   Non-headshot effective range reduced
o   Recoil increased
o   Recoil recovery speed slightly decreased

•         FMP G3S
o   Non-headshot effective range reduced

•         Resolved an issue preventing the following weapon attachments from providing the correct modifiers:
o   Barrel Upgrade
1.       Auto 9mm
2.       FAL
3.       MPK
4.       M972
5.       SAF .40

o   Suppressor
1.       MD-97L

o   Gas System Kit
1.       M10
2.       MPK
3.       SAF .40

Finally, if anyone is experiencing any technical issues whether with Payne Thresholds or any other aspect of Max Payne 3, please make sure to hit up our Support Team who can help troubleshoot and advise.

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