Rockstar Sale on Xbox LIVE this Week

Now through Labor Day Monday, September 3rd - Xbox LIVE Marketplace is running a special limited-time Rockstar sale offering some great deals on DLC content and select full Games on Demand. So if you're tempted to get back on the job to crack one more case in L.A. Noire, have been meaning to get yourself that Explosive Rifle for Red Dead Multiplayer, never did get a chance to try Undead Nightmare, or have been holding out on obtaining those new Max Payne 3 Local Justice maps - now's a good time. There's also sales on both of Grand Theft Auto IV's DLC Episodes, and on Bully and Midnight Club L.A. as Games on Demand. Check the full list of deals below:

• Max Payne 3 Local Justice at 38% off

• L.A. Noire DLC at 50% off
 o The Naked City
 o A Slip of the Tongue
 o Nicholson Electroplating
 o Reefer Madness

• Red Dead Redemption DLC at 50% off
 o Liars and Cheats
 o Legends and Killers
 o Undead Nightmare Pack
 o Undead Nightmare Collection
 o Lasso Avatar Item
 o Undead Mask

• GTAIV DLC at 50% off
 o The Lost and Damned
 o The Ballad of Gay Tony

• Midnight Club L.A. Games on Demand for 25% off

• Midnight Club L.A. South Central Ultimate Content Pack at 52% off

• Bully: Scholarship Edition Games on Demand for 25% off

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