New Max Payne 3 Hands-On Features from Polygon and CVG

Last week, we invited the guys from Polygon and CVG to experience three of the early levels in Max Payne 3. Here's a small preview from each of these features.

Playing through these levels, CVG remarked that the game is "the perfect marriage of stylish action and hard-boiled noir" and came away summarily impressed at the levels of action, ambience and authenticity:

"In a sequence worthy of a Ringo Lam film, Max hurtles through corridors avoiding sniper fire, cuts through several rooftops while dropping bad guys en route and drops down on a crew of thugs through the roof of a chopshop. The environments he blazes through - the dilapidated apartments, the slush-covered roofs and a booze-slick bar - look disgustingly seedy. It's almost as though someone took the interior of Club Ragnarok from the first Max Payne game, and expanded it to the length of three city blocks."

Read CVG's preview at

Polygon also came away awestruck at the way "narrative and gunplay wrap so neatly together", not to mention the ways Max Payne 3 looks to redefine the conventions of a 3rd person action shooter:

"Cover, when it's available, is just a place to wait to die. These hiding spots are invariably chewed away by gun shots and almost always give your enemies time to regroup and flank you. The only way to succeed in Max Payne 3 is to scramble and dive, to bullet time and clear a room."

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Additionally, Max Payne 3 is the focus of Brian Crecente's 'Good Game' column for Polygon. Check out his interview that delves into the narrative aspects of the game and how they shape Max's journey in Max Payne 3:

"'In this game ... we are not tackling the issue of addiction, but we are looking at the character and actions of a man who has problems with substances, but also a lot of other problems," he said. "There is a subtle but important difference. It's a shooter about a drunk, somewhat morose, widowed ex-cop, trying to find some kind of peace with himself. It is not a game about the realities of being a drunk in terms of the need to drink. It is a game about being Max Payne.'

In layering a character study about a man warped by the violence he has both witnessed and inflicted, onto a violent video game, Rockstar has created something surprisingly complex."

Read the full interview at

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