Max Payne 3 Press Recap: Interview and Hands-On Preview from GamesRadar Plus First Looks from Mashable and NY Daily News

Check out a roundup of some of the latest previews and interviews covering Max Payne 3, including a pair of special features at GamesRadar, a first look from our hometown's NY Daily News and more...

In a new preview, the guys at GamesRadar dove deep into their recent hands-on experience with the game, with a detailed depiction of the sniping sequence that takes place during the 'Stadium' level:

"The joy of sailing through the air with bullet-time engaged and pumping bad dudes full of hot smoking lead is an undeniably joyful experience. It's a fast-paced slow-motion massacre that leaves you with a thumping heart and a pile of elegantly dispatched enemies in your bloody wake. Which is, of course, great. But the frenetic nature is not always conducive to sitting back and admiring the carnage in all its glory. That's where the sniper section comes in. By offering the closest thing to respite the two levels I played had to offer, the sniper-based interruption to the fairly relentless man-slaying afforded me the opportunity to really savour and appreciate the grisly, artful beauty of Max Payne 3's killing."

And in an exclusive interview with one of our lead designers about Max Payne 3's multiplayer details are divulged on Bursts and Items and how they're incorporated into your Loadout, how Bullet Time® works in multiplayer and how the Payne Killer and Gang Wars modes integrate elements of the single player experience into multiplayer. An excerpt:

In addition to Bursts, are there any other rewards players can unlock through leveling up? Are there passive abilities, killstreaks, and so on?

"We always want to reward and encourage players for playing multiplayer. Progressing through the ranks will consistently unlock new weapons, gear, bursts and projectiles. Excluding weapons and projectiles, players can equip a total of five items – three unique pieces of gear, along with varying degrees of body armor and tactical helmets. We have several dozen pieces of gear in the game, all of which bestow passive advantages to give players a boost in the heat of battle. They can range from things like sutures to decrease the time it takes to replenish health, to ammo pouches that increase maximum ammo. Rest assured that we’ll have a ton of unlocks."

One of our hometown papers and one of the largest dailies in the US, the NY Daily News, got their first look at the game and had this to say:

"After the level, I was literally out of breath, and close to breaking a sweat. The lack of load times creates a truly intense playing experience unlike any third-person shooter you've ever played. Typically, we play a shooter and take a breather during a load screen or a cutscene, briefly putting the controller down to collect our thoughts. But that never happened in the demo level, and it dramatically changes the gameplay experience."

And leading tech and social media blog Mashable also got their first hands-on look at Max Payne 3 recently:

"From what we saw, the game will truly impress old fans of the franchise, become a staple for fans of Rockstar’s games, and bring in those unfamiliar to series... It feels very much like a movie. There is hardly a heads-up display to speak of, leaving you to focus on the action. The use of color, tight edits and dramatic lighting made it feel like an experienced cinematographer had their hands all over the game."

Stay tuned for more Max Payne 3 previews, interviews and special features hitting in the weeks ahead...

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