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A Totally Rad Roundup of 80s Flicks in Honor of Vice City


Looking back on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the occasion of its recent mobile release is a pretty powerful double-hit of nostalgia for us. Not only are we here at Rockstar taken back to that wild year of 2002 when we labored to take the groundbreaking 3D GTA experience pio...

10 of Our Favorite Music Videos from the Vice City Soundtrack


In our continuing nostalgic ruminations in this 10th Anniversary year since the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, today we take a look back at the game’s soundtrack and think back to those halcyon early years of MTV when it actually was all about music + television. In between the ch...

Rockstar Recommends: Jamaican Noir (The Cinema of Dread) at Cinefamily LA


For a taste of International Noir, particularly in subtropical climates with a pressure-cooker of desperate downtrodden masses and ruthless crime syndicates, we’re happy to recommend our LA-area fans (or those who will be there over the next week) pay a visit to the renown...

Rockstar Recommends: “Point Blank”


Point Blank (1967; Dir. John Boorman) An aging, greying gunman single-mindedly out to reclaim what was taken from him must infiltrate a building teeming with armed enemy goons – get in, reach the man in charge at the top, and get out unscathed by cannily outwitting and outmanning them all...

Rockstar Recommends: A Chronology of Favorite Movie Shootouts and Standoffs


As we highlight the varied cinematic influences of Max Payne 3, from the franchise's nod to Hong Kong action cinema and film noir and neo-noir, to the specific reference points of Brazilian elite police forces and dangerous underworld criminals you'll encounter in the game - today, we h...

Rockstar Recommends: "The Killer"


The Killer (1989; Dir. John Woo) "He looks determined without being ruthless. Something heroic in his manner. There's a courage about him, doesn't look like a killer. Comes across so calm..." So describes Hong Kong detective Li to a police sketch artist the mysterious lone assa...

Rockstar Recommends: "Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite)"


Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (2007) As we prepare for our first game set in the fascinating, beautiful and often very volatile land of Brazil, we present the first film in a new series of Rockstar Recommended movies to help prime you for the atmosphere and setting in which Max Payne will f...

Rockstar Recommends: "Scene of the Crime"


Scene of the Crime (1949; Dir. Roy Rowland) For those wrapped up in the allure of 1940s Los Angeles and the hardboiled detectives, conniving criminals and glamorous femme fatales that inhabit it - and for those PC gamers out there getting ready for L.A. Noire's release in just a few we...


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