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Get Double GTA$ & Double RP Fri & Sat May 2-3 in GTA Online


Beef up your bank balance and boost your notoriety in Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend to prepare for the new apartments, lavish cars and amenities coming in the High Life Update coming this month. Starting today and ending tomorrow night at midnight Eastern, all Jobs and activities in GTA Online will earn you twice as much GTA$ and RP including:

Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch
Last Team Standing
Gang Attacks
Hold Ups
Import Export
Losing Wanted Level

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R* Y May 7, 2014

Hello everyone, we hope you all got a chance to soak up some good Double RP and GTA$ last weekend during the bonus period – if not, stay tuned as there will certainly be more bonus RP and GTA$ opportunities in the future!

For those asking about the next GTA Online update, we’ve just this morning announced that The High Life Update is coming next week, Tuesday May 13th with new high-end apartments, multi-property ownership, 4 new vehicles, the powerful Bullpup Rifle and more. It will also be accompanied by a new Title Update with new improvements and fixes. Read all about it here:

A reminder also that for any technical issues you may have, the place to get help is or hit up And if you’d like to report a cheater, please submit concrete proof (video tutorials, guides, links to mod files, etc.) to and our Support team will investigate.

Thanks all


rems54500 August 30, 2014

Quand les double RP gta$


dani007shame July 2, 2014

eu gotaria de receber meu dinhero 500.000


smartypants200 May 21, 2014

i think you should do a minssion like the itaian job


adj1981 May 20, 2014

That was an awesome 2 days.


RobodestructMC May 18, 2014

Join DominoX today! We are new, active, and we get new logos! Join now and become the best player in GTA


phan817 May 17, 2014

Its not giving out double I'm playing right know


Random_Gamer478 May 23, 2014

@phan817 Not sure if serious or just being stupid...


Lenny1703 May 17, 2014

This was great but this is my wish list and could we have it for next week? Wish list: skateboards, gloves, pets, colour for bmxs, gun attachments for cars, more cheats for story and weapons like Aug, M16 and L115/L96A1


lspd-unit27 May 16, 2014

okay not to get off topic, but what is this rockstar we wanted more stuff like police and firefighter outfits


ImNotThatAsian May 16, 2014

I lost all of my DLC guns...again

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