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Coming this Friday: The GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special


The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special, the latest free update to GTA Online that’s coming this Friday features a variety of fun Valentine's themed extras for Story Mode and GTA Online.
Nothing says “I love you” quite like the warm wooden grip and cold steel barrel of a Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun. Get it from any Ammu-Nation location in GTA Online (in Story Mode, the Sweeper is automatically deposited into each character's weapon inventory with two full clips and additional ammo can be purchased at Ammu-Nation).
Paint the town red in the classically-inspired Albany Roosevelt. This armored 1920s limousine is perfect for gangsters and their molls. To properly run amok with the new Roosevelt, get in the driver’s seat and let your friends or Crewmates hang off the side, firing and taking out your rivals as you pass them by. The Roosevelt can be accessed from any garage property in Story Mode and is available in GTA Online from the in-game website.
Dress to the nines in a host of new double breasted suits and 1920s flapper dresses, or bare it all in sexy undergarments while going incognito with a selection of new masquerade masks. There are also new novelty t-shirts, hats and more available in stores throughout Los Santos, plus a new Flapper Bob hairstyle exclusively for the ladies.
The Valentine’s Day Massacre also includes 10 new Jobs scattered like the remnants of a broken heart throughout the world of GTA Online, including Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump and new land, sea and cycling Races.
Everything in the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will be available for a limited time starting this Friday, but once acquired you will be able to keep them in your inventory for good. We will also have more information soon for other forthcoming GTA Online content updates including the Dangerous Business Pack, Online Heists, an expansion to the Creator tool and lots more.

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R* Y February 13, 2014

Hey all, as some of you have spotted already, Valentine’s Day Massacre Special in-game items are now available in both GTA Online and GTAV’s Story Mode. Look out for an update here on the Newswire very soon, including info on a few other fixes and additions included in this latest Title Update (1.10).


HSH-123 December 18, 2014

please bring back the pinstripe suits??

psn: HSH-123


Justanotherguy44 November 24, 2014

Please bring the Roosevelt back I never had the chance to get it please bring it back next Valentine's Day

My PSN is tbag4562


TheTruthXsX October 4, 2014



viktumizd1 September 27, 2014

we want it!!


Gundalf28 September 5, 2014

Bring this content back in Game All People wan't That


polybiusdk01 August 30, 2014

rockstar please many people are asking you what, put the content again or for download Store


bugturkus August 26, 2014

Make limited time dlcs available in same says once year then make them available to purchase.(from PSN and XGS)
Then when one year passed we celebrate them again!


bugturkus August 25, 2014

Hello rockstar i write some wrong things on my comment.i write kitle in a sentence it's going to be little and in the first sentence i mean make limited time content dlcs available once a year then complete our deficiencies like clothes... then you make them available to purchase from PSN and XGS.

Thamk you rockstar you made super games


bugturkus August 25, 2014

Make these updates like valentine's day, independence day and christmas available once a year then we can full our deficencies if we didn't we wait one year again and the special day. Finally then some years passed you make these DLCs to PSN and XGS. Some of the GTA players want Collectors Edition and/or Special Edition, Atomic Blimp Bonus too. Make them to PSN and XGS too if it's unfair to pre-orderers then make them more bonuses but it's kitle bit crazy.
It's very profitable too!

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