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10 New Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs, Including the #CreatorWeekend Selections


Recently, we challenged the GTA Online community to show us their best Races and Deathmatches during our Social Club #CreatorWeekend for a chance at GTA$1M and an exclusive GTA Online license plate. Read on for a look at the Creator Weekend selections, along with five more Jobs that will also join the ranks of Rockstar Verified.

Please note, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session.


Twists and Twirls

A complex but beautifully constructed point-to-point through some of Blaine County's iconic countryside. Follow the winding roads of Vinewood Hills as you race from Galileo Observatory through to Tongva Valley. Car selection from the Sports class is key here - steer clear of the Comet's twitchy back end or risk a fishtail festival. Tight turns and unforgiving cliff edges require deft use of the brake pedal, but don't be afraid to go for broke when the opportunity arises.

Stars In Your Eyes

As the description so eloquently explains, this is "a tribute to the legendary track 'Stars in Your Eyes' in GTA IV". Pick the fastest car in the garage for the long straightaways on one of the busiest highways in Los Santos. Although Creator blueeyedbarbi advises that "you might want to turn traffic off if your reactions aren't quick enough", we think it's better to leave them on for a hair-raising drive into oncoming traffic that could leave the asphalt stained red.

Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed.

Another recreation of a famous real-world track, the Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. contains all the features of Southern Europe's iconic Grand Prix race track: empty urban streets, a seafront setting, high end cars, a tricky hairpin, and two unforgiving chicanes that will slingshot you into the race lead, or through your own windshield.

Casal Dos Ferros Race

A track for the Online racing purist. No novelty factors, no sneaky tricks, no unwelcome distractions - this is raw and unadulterated driving where timing is everything and winning is decided on milliseconds and inches. Use slipstreams to push yourself into the lead and don't look back, particularly as you hurtle towards the water on the final straight down Del Perro Pier... and definitely don't blink.

Classy Construction

Amongst the mansions of Vinewood Hills, a new build is going up bringing downtown construction workers into uptown 'hoods. Tensions arise between these two tribes, and isolated firefights break out across the elevated terrain. High walls and high end cars allow for a variety of maneuvers in this tricky Deathmatch. We recommend taking the sniper rifle to the top of the mansion turrets or seek out the minigun and own the streets.



4 Way Madness

This tight Downtown track is spread over four blocks and built for aerial mayhem. 4 Way Madness forces players to jump cross each others paths through a central airborne death zone, flying through mid-air in four different directions. Creator gangsterpdp has placed gas tanks beneath the airspace to ensure that any collision results in instant death. Be sure to max out the starting grid, and then wait until the pack thins out for the carnage to begin. So deliciously cruel and marvelously cunning we couldn't help but select gangsterpdp for the GTA$1M as well as an exclusive CRE8R license plate.

Crastenburg Drifting Race

French-Canadian Creator WoriedNiko recommends turning the rain on to get the full experience from this tight, twisting race constructed across several parking lots near Los Santos International. Barrels and containers have been carefully positioned to create a series of on-a-dime turns and unforgiving chicanes best navigated via finessed tapping of the handbrake to throw out the back end of your ride into a controlled, smooth drift. For designing a race that brilliantly focuses on a specific racing technique, WoriedNiko gets the TOPCRE8R license plate and GTA$1M. Trés bien!

Laguna Seca Remake

Previously featured on the Rockstar Newswire as a Job that caught our eye, we gave GTAVDriver a Rockstar Verified stamp of approval this week so that players on both platforms can enjoy this painstakingly detailed recreation of Southern California's famous Laguna Seca raceway. Bookmark it now for long straights and tight 270 degree turns that will challenge all your skills as a driver. The aptly named GTAVDriver also lands himself a NO1CRE8R License Plate and GTA$1M to spend on high end cars to throw around the track.

Paradise Ally

unseenchaos26, recipient of a THECRE8R license plate, warns that the law of the urban jungle reigns supreme in his well-crafted Deathmatch amongst the warehouses at the end of Del Perro pier. A high-walled street alley littered with heavy weapons, heavy armor and multiple entry points force you to keep moving, so campers be warned! The audacious play is to snag an ATV from the perimeter, and charge through the burnt out cars and buses into the central corridor to try and spring a surprise attack. When the coast is clear climb the ladder to the top of the warehouse overlooking the old motel and pick off your respawned enemies from above.

Terry's Hangout

The only #CreatorWeekend selection set outside of Los Santos, eponymous creator terrynut6969 scoured the Blaine County landscape to find this cluster of buildings set around a small airport hangar. terrynut6969 has earned his I CRE8 license plate by cleverly splitting the space using wrecked buses that not only fit the derelict environment but create dynamic pathways and cover areas that set up brutal head-to-head showdowns. The added cover allows for surprise attacks using assault shotguns spread throughout the map, while isolated king-of-the-hill skirmishes will decide who owns the coveted positions atop the hangar and the air traffic control tower. Best enjoyed beneath the cold blue desert moonlight.


Feel free to share some details and links for your Created Jobs in the comments below (being careful not to spam, natch) and see if you can gather some folks to test it out on a grand scale. We're always scouring Social Club for new Jobs to Verify, so keep testing, tweaking, improving and playing for your chance to become Rockstar Verified. And if you missed it when it aired live, our Creator Weekend stream also featured a few tips from the Rockstar Commentary team on how to get the most out of Creator. You can view an archived version at our past Events page.



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R* Y January 22, 2014

Hello everyone, just a friendly reminder to please keep your comment strictly on-topic to the article above – and also a reminder that Newswire comments are a place to discuss the content of the article at hand with the rest of the Social Club community, not a place to expect answers to various questions from Rockstar.
If you have an unrelated suggestion or request for something you’d like to see in GTA Online, please send it to where our dev team is still actively reviewing direct player feedback. Thanks all for understanding!


lVector May 31, 2014


AyyeKayy May 18, 2014

My version of monaco gp is the real deal..that other guys is all over the place...its caled super monaco gp..r.i.p ayrton senna


pat5cinco May 5, 2014

Hey check out Hole In One (not to be confused with the desert airport one jump race) by Pat5cinco. You jump in and out on the Los Santos Golf Course perpendicular to other racers. Enjoy! sms xbox gt pat5cinco for any suggestions or improvements!


DrDragonballz April 2, 2014

Yo. ---------- Try my races

use searchtag " dragonballz " in the social club job finder, add me on socialclub too if you want, Dragonballz

Try Sky High that race is fun.... I would never let Rockstar verify that one, its MINE ! You start on the highest building downtown , and hit the biggest jumps to the next buildings where the next Checkpoints are, you need to hit boost and go straight so be careful ! And for the love of Jeebus, dont ask me how long it took to make that race...and if u think ur good my record in the Bifta is 2 minutes, 30 seconds

also try my Pool Party Deathmatches 1 thru 4

and try any of my other races or deathmatches that catch your eye!! THEYRE ALLLL FUN !!


SiNeRoNe March 15, 2014

BaTTLeKinGmAFiA-CLiKk sucht Member!!! Wir sind eine deutsche Crew und grade erst gegründet... Also, Lust GTA zu rocken? Dann bist du hier richtig...


Hurricanebrown March 5, 2014

hi can anyone help me find fib office shootout job team death match


Dead-Knight March 5, 2014

Has anyone checked out that MI-6 high tide or exscape from Los Santos death matchs yet...????


thespacecowboy73 February 26, 2014

Hey,please try out my race,The Airport Run,from Fort Zancudo to LSIA


ShadowSpirit6690 February 25, 2014

If you have a need for speed, a love for super cars and an obsession for 16 player races, Mar Vista Dragsters is the race for you!

Check it out! It's simply a drag race down the western coasts of San Andreas. Start off on the highway near Mount Chiliad and be the first to get to Del Perro Pier while pushing your favorite super car through to its limits. Did I also mention the spectacular view of the ocean while racing in the sunset?

It's been played over 300 times online and players agree: They love this race!

Hope you enjoy! I sure hope I get the honor of becoming Rockstar Verified. :)

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