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The First Snapmatic Photo Contest: #EpicPhotobomb


Snapmatic photo-sharing from your in-game iFruit phone in GTAV and GTA Online makes it a cinch to snap and share that picturesque view from the peak of Mount Chiliad, the fifty car pile-up you engineered on the road to Fort Zancudo or that wild fistfight you stumbled into between Piswasser'ed derelicts at the local 24-7. Of course, all it takes is the work of one photobomber to drastically alter the outcome of whatever you were trying to capture - this shark interrupting Franklin's peaceful moment at sea being the perfect example.

For all you compulsive shutterbugs out there, entrance into our very first Snapmatic photo contest will run from right now through till end of day Monday, November 4th. With this inaugural contest theme of #EpicPhotobomb – we want to see the best photobombs you can come up with. Whether it be a unexpectedly volatile pedestrian coming to clobber you, a scantily clad Trevor running amok in the middle of your self-satisfied selfie or a rival player causing an explosive disturbance while you calmly attempt to snap your sweet Los Santos Custom-ized hot rod – we’ll pick out five of our favorite awesomely amusing and artfully composed iFruit camera pics that fit the bill and will share the winning shots here at the Newswire. The five winning photos will also each score a sweet Grand Theft Auto V prize pack, including an iFruit phone case and phone decals plus an official GTAV tee and the sought-after Chop stash stuffed animal. Originality and inspiration will be rewarded, surprise us.
To enter, Social Club members can upload photos from the in-game iFruit phone to the Snapmatic page at When logged in at the Snapmatic page, you can go to “My Photos”, to find your photo and add the hashtag #EpicPhotobomb to automatically have it considered for entry. We'd also like to remind all hopefuls to make sure your contact email information is up to date in your Social Club account settings and also encourage you to link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Social Club profile so that we can easily contact you to send prizes should your picture be chosen.
Contest is void in certain countries and where prohibited. See for official rules and eligibility details.

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ReZaDeviL February 13, 2014

I still have problems with the snapmatic, everytime i try to save a picture it says online service is disabled on your account. :( please help.


snapjaw420 December 9, 2013

sure would be awesome if they notified the winners about the prize pack.


xx_dice_xx December 3, 2013

I hope in the future rock star will allow us to record short videos on snapmatic. I also hope that they make a mobster dlc and give us the tommy gun as a weapon that would be so awesome .


Liamisbauss14 November 20, 2013

Dear Rockstar,
Could you please fix the snapamatic bug where it wont allow me and most of the people who play to take photos, it just comes up saying this is disabled? Please fix!!


TooMuchBoostBruh November 19, 2013

When is the next contest?


KNITEpanda November 18, 2013

App just opens then closes instantly on my phone. No matter how many times I redownload it or delete photos to make more room. Fix the APP then hold a damn contest...


D4ft5kull November 18, 2013

some of us cant even use snapmatic app why ar


Rick_Slick November 18, 2013

Winners announced yet? :)


DonKromatic November 17, 2013


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ClashWorkOrange November 16, 2013

Maybe allow all players to be able to use snapmatic I.e. Make a patch, then I suggest you make a competition. Because otherwise it is extremely unfair.

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