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Grand Theft Auto Online Launch Updates


Update: The latest title update for GTA Online is live for PlayStation 3. We're working to have this up for Xbox 360 as soon as possible today.
Thank you everyone for continuing to bear with us since yesterday’s initial roll out of Grand Theft Auto Online – we’re aware that a variety of technical difficulties have made it difficult to get access and that the experience has been a bit less than smooth for many of you who jumped in straight away, so here are a few updates as of this afternoon to keep you all apprised.
At the Rockstar Games Support site, there is a dedicated article listing out the most common technical issues being reported. Things are changing and developing frequently but here are some latest updates as of this afternoon:
  • For PlayStation 3 users, a PlayStation Network server issue was detected that was limiting the amount of possible concurrent users. This was preventing most players from accessing GTA Online altogether and as of this morning, that problem was resolved.
  • There is an issue that is preventing some players from getting through the first tutorial mission across both platforms. Many players have been able to get through this with repeated retries, and we are working on unblocking this for everyone as soon as possible.
  • This morning, we experienced some instability across the GTA Online services which is affecting even people who have progressed beyond the tutorial mission. We are identifying these issues now and are working to restore stability for users as soon as possible.
  • For the time being and until we have been able to get everybody access to GTA Online and things are running smoothly, we have disabled the option of purchasable GTA$ cash packs. Players can however keep on earning GTA$ by pulling off Jobs and other profitable gameplay activities rather than purchasing cash packs. 
You can keep updated on these and other common issues by subscribing to the GTA Online Launch Status Rockstar Support article at Subscribers will be sent an automatic notification as updates happen. 
All of these initial technical issues will be ironed out as soon as we can. Please know that the entire team here at Rockstar and all of our relevant partners are and will continue to be working around the clock to get the experience to be as smooth as possible, as soon as possible.
In the meantime, for anyone experiencing technical problems, we encourage you to report them to our dedicated Support Team at and at This is the best place to get direct technical help and we are constantly looking at the most commonly reported issues there to resolve.
For those of you who have been getting into and playing GTA Online, we also encourage you to please share your gameplay experience feedback with us at so that we may know what aspects you’re liking and disliking to help guide how the game will grow and evolve past this initial period.
Thanks again everyone for your patience and your support – we will continue to keep you updated.


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R* Y October 2, 2013

Hi everyone, just a reminder that if you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned above or any other technical problems, please report them to:

And if you have any non-technical related feedback or suggestions to make about GTA Online, please send us a note at and we’ll have a look. Thanks.

Update: We're currently working on a title update for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to address commonly reported issues with GTA Online. We hope to have it out for download as soon as tomorrow.


Exx_plicit September 15, 2014

25 things that fans would love to see added:

1. Vice city in game clothing

2. Arcade Games being brought back

3. Playing pool

4. Being able to visit more than 1 strip club

5. Regular clubs

6. Throwback weapons like the flamethrower

7. Night vision goggles

8. Being able to destroy cars at the scrapyard

9. 8 balls bomb shop

10. Pet Dogs Online

11. Basketball

13. Rims with spikes that can pop tires

14. The Hermes & Kumara

15. Being able to customize the interior of vehicles

16. Animal Control

17. snakes squirrels bird nests with eggs beavers raccoon's jellyfish turtles frogs fish in rivers

18. Rockstar in game clothing

19. Being able to smoke marijuana in your vehicle

20. Three wheeler

21. Having to eat

22. Being able order food to your house

23. lift kits for vehicles

24. bulletproof windows for vehicles

25. Paint ball guns


Exx_plicit September 15, 2014

Yo.. Yo ROCKSTAR. I think the Kumara from Gta III would be a nice addition to the Throwback vehicles being added to Gta 5 <--n also seeing a squirrel or raccoon even the trash man picking up trash would be nice don't forget i haven't even seen a mail man yet Cars running out of gas n having to be refilled at gas stations might be a long stretch but at least have some simple realistic add in's like animals online or hydraulics maybe a duffle bag you can purchase and carry online you can get Molotov's from ammo drops but not buy them from AMU? no chainsaw meat cleaver there are plenty of small things your layers would really enjoy to see make a comeback like being able to play your own music threw the radio on gta


xSuperior77 September 8, 2014



NerdySwaGamer September 6, 2014

rockstar say to micheal tudemius that i ad my brothr playza from want the new update and a First pirson thing in it and cool cars and new planes old new planes and a jetpack or? anathor thing


Kevinleal September 6, 2014

Cartel de santa- los cachorros de juan villareal- el komander- calibre 50- los tucanes de tijuana- mi pasado y mi presente- el kariñoso- voz de mando. Thy should be aded to East Los FM, bet you a lot of people will love these songs. ;)


xSuperior77 September 8, 2014

@Kevinleal hahahaha same idea xD


GuruCarter September 5, 2014

Hi Rockstar, I hope that you add road tires for the sanchez, so we can make it into a Supermoto. Also, it would be good if you made certain bikes have the ability to have stunt parts on them, like 12'o clock bars and stunt cages. If you added a stunt motorbike, that would be cool! Lastly, I do hope that you edit the physics for some of the bikes, so we can wheelie, stoppie and rolling burnout properly :) I do hope you see this and take some of my suggestions into consideration..



GweeGwee123 September 3, 2014

You guys should make a new make and model of a dominator and put some new super cars, also you should put truck parts such as truck rims and truck exhaust for the 6x6


cjswaggedout7 August 28, 2014

I think you should add the saleen s7 very nice car and it'll be fun to drive


Agentm49 August 25, 2014

R* i have heard news that Heist is only going to be on the next gen consoles and pc? i really hope that is not true

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