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Grand Theft Auto Recognized at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London


We're honored to announce that the Grand Theft Auto series has been selected for inclusion in the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition - British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age. A celebration of UK contributions to the world of art and design in the post-war era, spanning the time period from the 1948 ‘Austerity Games' to this summer's Olympic Games in London, the exhibit is running now through August 12th. Representing each Grand Theft Auto title in the franchise and showcasing the innovation of living metropolises and open world gameplay, the exhibit features a commemorative video chronicling the history of the Grand Theft Auto series - and more.

For details and exhibition schedules, visit

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D.E.L.B June 29, 2013

Were there any pictures of this exhibit or any release of the video that was shown there?


LazlowFanSinceSA May 16, 2012

Does this mean that you'll be featured in the new V&A museum in Dundee, Scotland when it is eventually built too? P.S. Well done Rockstar!


R* Y August 7, 2012

@LazlowFanSinceSA Not sure, we'll let you guys know if we get recognized on other occasions


DwarfShortages April 18, 2012

Congratulations Rockstar. It goes to show that work you are doing is as important as any of the great designers of music (Bowie), architects or inventors are doing.

Be proud. I know you don't need this exhibition to validate the work you have done but it's nice for the recognition, I bet?


MetalBoxFan April 12, 2012



R* Y April 7, 2012

@MarkC9 Please contact our Support team, they may be able to help get our games running smoother on your PC:


mattiejs April 7, 2012

CJ still is and will always be my favorite GTA character. Niko Bellic is second, Tommy Vercetti 3rd. But CJ is the undisputed Grove Street gangsta!


badbrains420 April 7, 2012

This message has been deleted for being off-topic.


MarkC9 April 6, 2012

Congrats. Too bad your game for PC still has a dozen lingering issues that make it completely unplayable. I wonder if they are okay accepting broken art into their museum. I don't see how you can consider something art when the textures wont even load properly on most $2000 computers. You guys have failed, thank you Razor1911 :).


R* Y April 6, 2012

@Sprunk95 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was only released for PSP and PS2


AhsanRaza007 April 6, 2012

sorry R* . I'll not do that again

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