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“Bullet Time in Multiplayer Is Freakin’ Awesome” - More Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Previews from Destructoid, GamesRadar, 1UP and More


Check out more hands-on impressions of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer that have hit since the debut Multiplayer Gameplay Video (also posted below if you missed it) and previews round last week. Read on for excerpts and links to GamesRadar, 1Up, Destructoid and Sixth Axis from their in-depth look at Gang Wars, Crews, Payne Killer and of course the advent of online Bullet Time®...

“Bullet Time works beautifully, and it turns out that Shootdodging off a high platform in slow motion is a lot more fun when the guys you’re getting the drop on are other players… it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into making Max Payne 3’s multiplayer work well while retaining the series’ flavor.”

“Simply put, Bullet Time in multiplayer is freakin' awesome...“I have to give credit where it's due: Max Payne 3 certainly does not feature your run-of-the-mill multiplayer. Its modes are fun and varied, it features more depth and variety than most people will probably anticipate, and its gunplay is fast, frantic, and incredibly fun.”

“Fresh ideas may pave the way for the online experience of the summer... Max Payne's inability to trust his own friends in the story transfers over onto the player when they're in an online match, creating an interesting bridge across all facets of the game... Another theme that carries over between modes is that of revenge and vendettas… Vendettas occur when one player has been killed frequently by another. Once this happens, the Vendetta will form, and bonus XP perks will be rewarded to the victim if they get revenge, or on the killer if they manage to survive the Vendetta. This neat mechanic doesn't overpower the experience, but instead provides an interesting little metagame that players can engage in while still in a larger multiplayer affair."

“Max Payne 3's multiplayer already looks like it has the foundations to be a major contender for your free-time this summer. Rockstar hopes that the clan-like Gangs that players form throughout the multiplayer mode provide users with a more pronounced connection to their fellow players. And given the recent news that these Gangs will seamlessly transfer over to Grand Theft Auto V via the Rockstar Games Social Club proves that they're serious when they say that they want to create a premier, community-based online arena.”

“(Gang Wars) was, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite game mode of the pack we played. Some rounds lasted 15 minutes and some lasted under two. No one player on either team ever seemed to be the true champion, including experienced Rockstar players, and every round was as ridiculously enjoyable as the next… Every single mode was stunning though, I just think Gang Wars won my recommendation because of the sheer variety being put forward. Rockstar have definitely put their best foot forward with this flagship multiplayer mode.”

We've also added the screens that accompanied these hands-on Max Payne 3 multiplayer previews to, available for viewing in full high def as always.

“Welcome to the Delightfully Chaotic World of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer”: Hands-On Impressions from GameSpot, Vox Games, CVG and More...

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Wippie April 7, 2012

I've Noticed there is Water in the Maps, Can you Swim in it? Or does it Kill you?


R* Y April 4, 2012

Thanks guys, should have plenty more hands-on impressions of Max Payne 3 coming this weekend and early next week from PAX East in Boston


rafael470 April 4, 2012

Wow good previews I cant wit


SlimFreakinShady April 4, 2012

I must say every R* release(unlike other release) is a celebration...loads of brilliant artwork(L.A. Noire was over the top, the best ever), FANTASTIC storylines , a new feel and perspective approach to each game and it's histories..everything is brand new and engaging which always are made keeping the gamers in mind...very very excited about Max Payne 3!


The-Dark-Night April 4, 2012

why has max payne got brown hair on the boxart?


JonasREJCS April 4, 2012

I am a big fan of R*, I love all their games like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt 1, 2, Bully, The Warriors, Max Payne 1, 2 ,3, L.A. Noire, Midnight Club, these games are fantastics, brilliant, funny, R* knows how to do a great game and it will be shown better when Grand Theft auto V got released! My admiration for Rockstar is so big and as gamer I trust 100% on their job and their capability to make us happy when playing their games. I made friends by playing GTA IV on Xbox LIVE and like I say in every message for Rockstar: Thank you for all !!!


R* Y April 3, 2012

@MaxPayne1983 Look for more Max Payne 3 news coming this week

@daangryblonde Sit tight, we should have some more PC details soon!

@FeelThePayne Additional artwork is coming over the course of the next few weeks, we don't usually pre-announce details


The-Dark-Night April 3, 2012

yo guys heres a multiplayer video interview of MAX PAYNE 3 check it out if you havent seen it


MaxPayne1983 April 3, 2012

@DGSimo great job dude!, looks pretty nice :D


DGSimo April 3, 2012

Hey guys, I made a quick attempt at a HD wallpaper of the final box art that might suffice until *R officially releases there version!

The source comes from a nice 2 page ad featured in the latest issue of PLAY magazine that I just cropped, pasted together, resized and tweaked the contrast and watermark to hide the watermark of the source as best I could. Hope you guys enjoy until the official version!

Here you will find the latest news from the Social Club.

For news and updates on all things Rockstar head over to the Rockstar Games Newswire

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