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“Welcome to the Delightfully Chaotic World of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer”: Hands-On Impressions from GameSpot, Vox Games, CVG and More...


As promised yesterday, here's a barrage of hands-on previews of Max Payne 3's multiplayer that have hit the web today...

"You're pinned behind a bus in a São Paulo transit depot, with a half-dozen mercenaries ready to wipe you from the face of the Earth the second you peek your head past the headlights. You keep still, planning your next move, when out of nowhere some lunatic flings himself from a second-story window and manages to shoot every single one of those armed thugs before he even hits the ground. Immediately upon impact, he pops up as if to say, "I'm good!" and then proceeds to loot each of his victims like a ravenous hobo. Right now that guy might look like the craziest man on the planet, but he's also your teammate. And he just saved your life. Welcome to the delightfully chaotic world of Max Payne 3 multiplayer." - GameSpot

"I had gone into my multiplayer hands-on session expecting an amusing ancillary mode to Max Payne 3's single-player campaign, but what I found was something as robust as any other multiplayer shooter in the genre. If Max's return was a big deal before, it should now be a lot bigger." - Vox Games

"The battles in Gang Wars are tied to key story moments, offering additional color to plot points in Max Payne 3's story, fleshing out what might have happened before or after Max Payne visited the favelas or docks in the game's version São Paulo. There's fiction and even voiceover woven into this multiplayer pillar of Max Payne 3, which may be enlightening to those who get sucked into the drama of the campaign." - GameTrailers

"When it comes to Rockstar - kings of the story game - there's never any compromise. Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV - these were two of the biggest, best story games of a generation and they're both complemented by genuinely innovative, genuinely different multiplayer modes. So it is with Max Payne 3." - CVG

"Rockstar is on to something truly interesting here... you’ll almost certainly be shoot-dodging across your couch to get into a Payne Killer or Gang Wars match as quickly as possible." - Official Xbox Magazine

Of course, we'll keep you updated on more previews as they hit.

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gurkirat9 September 22, 2012

heyo R*

wassup? i was wondering dat when r u launching Grand theft auto 5
i'm waiting for it.
and i missed the yesterday's event




Teimurazor May 29, 2012

Can you dive without using bullet-time in MP?


themp3king May 14, 2012

i love max payne 3, just diving and shooting each other but out of all this i got a ? andswer if you could if not i wont feel bad of course you are a busy company so i went to say is can we change the whole character from the head to the toe


OldmanLogan May 2, 2012

Multiplayer sounds and looks very fun and i can't wait to play it in two weeks! I hope you get to customize your self entirely and not just pick named faces though.Hopefully R* keeps the exclusive pre-order offers exclusive.Can't wait for max payne 3!


xXxlinusxXx May 1, 2012

Dear R*,
I'm really looking forward to playing Max Payne 3's multi-player, it looks sick. One question I have is, will we be able to customize our characters like in GTAIV or will they be set characters with names like in RDR. I understand it would be difficult to animate all the different combinations of clothing and such, but that was one thing that i felt was missing from RDR. I know i will enjoy the game either way. Thanks!


funfarm April 23, 2012

Ha lol at the gamestop thing thats how me and my friend reffered to lotting as crazy hobos with guns in slomo 2 a film by john woo Rofl bsst (but still somehow texting)


Kayceejw April 12, 2012

Hi R*,

I was just wonder because I'm a girl, will there be any playable women in the Max Payne Multiplayer? Because I havent seen any in videos, screenshots.. things like that.
Shame if you havent made any playable women..

Thanks, Kayceejw.


TWOxACROSS April 8, 2012

Hey there! I had some questions and I wasn't quite sure where to ask them. This seemed like a good as place as any, but I apologize if there's a better place I could have asked them.

I'm really excited to see the multiplayer shaping up to be something unique and as frenetic as the Hong Kong flicks I love, and was even more excited when it was mentioned that you get to customize your character for the multiplayer. My question is - is it just their weapons, gear, and Burst that can be customized? Or can you also customize the look of your character as well? I hope it's the latter, and if so, does that mean that you customize them across all five(?) of the different Factions, too?

Also - will you be able to change the button configuration to your liking on consoles, or will there be preset configurations?

Thank you if you can get to my questions, and I can't wait to play! Been keeping myself busy with the first two Max Paynes and Stranglehold in preparation for Max's third outing!


T-tapout April 2, 2012

@sshers1 what is this kids problem, all he does is ask about gta v, how many times does R* have to delete your msgs for you to get the damn memo.


AndreiGal14 April 2, 2012

This message has been deleted for being off-topic.

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