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Presenting Social Club Features for L.A. Noire: Exclusive Outfit, Case Tracking & Much More


Today, we're happy to present the L. A. Noire features, both in-game and on the web, created especially for members of the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Only Social Club members will gain access to the unlockable Chicago Lightning Suit - a stylish, exclusive outfit that enhances Cole Phelps' accuracy when using a shotgun or machine gun. Players connected online will also be able to access the Social Club "Ask the Community" feature to consult the community for aid in finding the truth. And the Social Club website will offer players a wealth of robust game progress stat tracking and friend comparison features that members have come to expect, including enhanced versions of the checklists that everyone loved with Red Dead Redemption.

For much more information on these features and more, check out and also check out screens below of some L.A. Noire Social Club features in action. If you're not yet a registered member of the Social Club, signing up as always is easy and free - get to it at

Phelps brandishes the submachine gun, outfitted in the accuracy-enhancing Social Club exclusive Chicago Lightning suit.

Your detective's notebook stores not only reminders of vital clues, but also valuable extra tips you can get by spending limited-supply Intuition Points. 

Should you trust this bird? The "Ask the Community" lifeline-type Social Club feature consults the community to see what they chose.

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SuelaShari April 18, 2012

I'm playing Midnight Club Los Angelos, do anybody know where to go to customize rims?


gtaman95 April 15, 2012

I need the code!!!!


R* Z March 12, 2012

@thrasherw Sorry to hear you're having technical difficulties with L.A. Noire. Please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help:


thrasherw March 12, 2012

I don't have anything good to say because I can't get the damn game to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taladre March 11, 2012

A mi no me funciona el juego,lo tengo original y no lo puedo ejecutar en el PC


xInsomniax89 March 9, 2012

Loved L.A Noire.


lukasjagrik March 8, 2012



dogchain March 7, 2012

so sick


walker35 March 6, 2012



Romario-17 March 5, 2012

i want to no how to download L.A. Noire

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